Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 687: Promise (4)


“Everybody duck!”

The explosion in the middle of the night accurately struck the Lion Dragon. However, the aftershock from it was affecting the surrounding area as well.

Flap. Flap.

The gust of wind that came with the explosion made people’s clothes flutter. The soldiers and knights had to flatten themselves and hug the ground.

Crack, crack.

“Watch out!”

A building that had cracked from the numerous battles until now and looked terrible finally crumbled.
That wind that had compressed and compressed some more… The explosion caused by the pressure from the compression held quite the force.


But the people kept their eyes wide open despite the wind as they couldn’t help but stare at the wildly burning fire.
This red fire that reminded them of magma even though it was not in liquid form, covered the Lion Dragon’s entire body as it burned viciously.

“It’s not doing a thing.”

The monster’s scales and shield did not burn at all.

“Ah, should I have aimed for its face?”

Cale mumbled to himself, seeming to be disappointed.
The Lion Dragon had covered its face with its shield the moment that the button Cale threw was about to explode.
The monster with the Lion’s face was able to dodge the fire by hiding its mane behind the shield.

‘Its scales are even stronger than Dragon scales.’

The white scales maintained their serene appearance even within the red fire. The white shield didn’t seem to have a single scratch on it either.
It was quite interesting, as this was the first time Cale was looking at the Lion Dragon face to face like this.

On the other hand, the Lion Dragon, which had been observing Cale for a while, soon turned away without any hesitation.
The monster was just waiting for the fire to burn out, as it had nothing left to burn.
The fact that it was acting as if nothing had happened was quite painful for people to watch.

Cale looked disgusted as well as he got up. It wasn’t hard to do, as the aftershock had already passed.

“Cale Henituse.”

“Your highness.”

He smiled and turned around. Alberu Crossman’s head was tilted to one side as he stared at Cale.
Cale nonchalantly commented, with an extremely satisfied expression on his face.

“Wasn’t that quite a decent attack despite having no effect?”

Alberu’s head tilted even more to the side. That made Alberu’s face look quite crooked.
Alberu slowly started speaking.

“…Decent? …Quite a decent attack?”

“Yes, sir.”

“…Are you joking?”

“I am not joking, your highness.”

Cale wondered why this guy was acting like this after hearing Alberu’s extremely low voice. Alberu sighed. This disrespectful bastard didn’t even flinch at his low voice.

‘Both this bastard and the Lion Dragon…’

Alberu, who had grouped Cale and the Lion Dragon together because neither of them flinched against him, walked over to Cale.


Choi Han had jumped off Mila’s back at some point to walk over as well.

“Didn’t you promise Raon-nim that you won’t get hurt- mm?”

“Did you get hur…ah.”

Both Choi Han and Alberu stopped moving. Eruhaben could not see because this was all happening on his back, but Mila, who was close enough to see, quietly commented as if what she saw was completely unexpected.

“Teacher, it is not your blood.”

“…Mila-nim, I would die if I bled this much.”

“Didn’t you bleed like that before though?”

Cale shut his mouth after the Dragon called him out for his past actions. He raised both hands instead.

“Over here. I am not hurt other than this palm over here. I am fine and still full of energy.”

Pat pat.

He brushed his clothes off with his hands.

“This is all dirt. It is no big deal.”

“That is a relief, Cale-nim.”

Choi Han had an innocent smile on his face. Cale was thinking that Choi Han really was as pure as snow before turning toward Alberu.

“And the White Star?”

The way Alberu immediately asked about the White Star without talking about how relieved he was seemed right on character as well.
Cale had that thought as he patted the left side of his chest, just above his heart.

“He is over here.”

“Are you crazy?”

Both Alberu and Cale flinched for a moment at Alberu’s immediate response.
Alberu was only shocked at the words that subconsciously came out before smiling brightly. He then restructured his question.

“…You haven’t gone crazy, right?”

It still meant the same thing.
Cale put on his uniquely relaxed smile as he leisurely put his hand into his inner pocket.
He then pulled out the golden plaque.

“You- seriously.”

Alberu Crossman looked at him, wondering how the hell he could take this thing out in such a situation, and thought that this bastard was quite amazing as he looked at the golden plaque.

“He is here. I captured the White Star in here.”


Alberu’s expression slowly changed.
It started with questioning, turned into understanding, before it ended in utter disbelief. The crown prince put on a bright smile after going through those three changes of expression.

“You captured a motherfucking shithead in a precious item given to you by the Roan royal family. My dear dongsaeng, did you like this golden plaque?”

Cale responded with a serious expression.

“Yes, your highness. I needed to quickly grab something and this ended up right in my hand. It is round and the perfect size to grab with my hand.”

“…I see.”

They then heard cheers from the ground now that the aftershock had passed.


It was obvious who the people were cheering for.
Cale Henituse was covered in something red that resembled blood, but he had launched an unbelievable attack as soon as he appeared and was currently standing on a Dragon. The Roan Kingdom’s soldiers couldn’t hold back their cheers for their former Commander, the symbol of victory for the Roan Kingdom.


Mila suddenly shouted and both she and Eruhaben moved.
Cale’s gaze moved away from Alberu and he looked at the white shield. The fire was still burning on the shield.

“I will be on my way now.”

Choi Han moved past Cale.


A black Yong crashed into the shield and let out a loud noise.


Cale turned his head after hearing a quiet noise. Alberu was taking some deep breaths while touching the barrel of his gun.
In this battle without magic… The only things Alberu could rely on were this weapon in his hand, his physical abilities, and his weapon arts. Cale still asked this question, despite knowing that was the case.

“Your highness. You don’t need me here, right?”

“We were planning to do it without you anyway.”

“That is great, your highness. Then I will stay out of it.”

Alberu nodded his head and closed his eyes. His mind was going through the best strategy for this Lion Dragon raid.

‘The White Star is not here.’

The White Star would not be a variable in this battle.
He was much more relaxed at this one fact.

‘…Amazing bastard.’

Alberu opened his eyes again and looked toward Cale, who told them that he had captured the White Star in the golden plaque.
The aura that gave him the chills was gone and he looked like his usual feeble and pale self.

“Get some rest.”

Alberu brushed past Cale’s side and walked forward.
Cale heard Eruhaben’s voice at that moment.

“It feels like I haven’t seen you in a long time, you little punk.”

“It does seem that way, Eruhaben-nim.”

“But this is quite surprising. I’m not used to you saying that you are going to sit out, you unlucky bastard.”

The Cale that Eruhaben knew would not sit out of a battle so easily. Cale had continued to participate in battles until now, despite his allies telling him to sit out, and put his life in quite the danger over and over.
That was why Eruhaben held his thoughts to himself, thinking that Cale might be injured internally despite not looking injured on the outside, or extremely fatigued after the battle.
Cale nonchalantly replied back.

“I finally think that my life is a bit precious.”

Both Eruhaben and Alberu flinched for a moment.
The ancient Dragon kept his mouth shut while Cale continued to speak, as if he had no idea about their reaction.

“I wish to live on this ground for a long time. There are too many things I would be disappointed to leave behind.”


“The jar is completely fixed.”

The ancient Dragon sighed.

“Eruhaben-nim, you need to live long as well.”

“Haaaaaaaaa. You persistent bastard.”

“That is probably why I can keep chugging forward despite being so unlucky.”

Of course, Cale did not think that he was that unlucky.

‘The slacker life is not far now.’


Whirlwinds gathered at Cale’s ankles.

“I will make my leave now.”

Cale jumped off Eruhaben’s back without any hesitation and slowly descended to the ground.
Eruhaben looked at him for a moment before opening his large wings.

“I guess I will think about it after taking this guy down.”

His target was the Lion Dragon.
Eruhaben and Alberu… The only two individuals who managed to get the monster’s attention and make it attack in the past headed toward the monster.
The fire was now gone. The monster that was still completely white to the point it looked holy, took a step forward.


The monster was charging toward Eruhaben and Alberu as well.


Cale could hear the loud noises of the battle behind him, but didn’t turn around. He just landed on the ground and looked around.

“Young master Cale.”

Queen Litana walked over to Cale without being able to hide her shock. Her eyes took in Cale, who had dried blood or something that was similarly dark red in color in different spots around his body, as well as his pale and tired face.

Ironically, Cale’s condition was quite good right now.
He had used less of his power than he had expected while going up against the White Star.
He smiled as soon as he made eye contact with Litana.

“Ah, it’s been a very long time, Queen Litana.”

“Young master Cale-nim.”

Someone quietly addressed him and moved in front of Litana to walk toward Cale.

‘…What’s up with this son of a bitch?’

It was Guardian Knight Clopeh Sekka.
Clopeh Sekka was walking toward him with numerous video recording devices in his arms. Cale couldn’t help but flinch after looking at his eyes.

‘He looks like he’s got a few screws loose in his head.’

He actually looked as if he had quite a lot of screws loose. (TL Note: In Korean, to say someone is crazy is the same as saying someone has spun around. So the author says that he looks like a bastard who has spun 540 degrees. English doesn’t have such a saying so some changes were made to make the ‘joke’ work.)

It was because this moment was so amazing that Clopeh Sekka had no way of remaining sane.

“Finally, the legend-”

“Sir Clopeh Sekka.”


Cale squeezed Clopeh’s shoulder and quickly stopped him from speaking. He had a feeling that he shouldn’t hear what Clopeh was going to say after that.

“Sir Clopeh Sekka, I heard that his highness left the issue of the rumors that were spread throughout the Western continent to you.”

Cale was speaking respectfully to Clopeh because Litana, the leaders of other kingdoms, the Roan Kingdom’s chief executives, and numerous soldiers were surrounding them.


But Cale couldn’t help but frown after hearing Clopeh laugh.
He had a bad feeling about this.

‘What is this bastard doing right now?’

“Please don’t worry. Young master Cale-nim, I will flip everything over. The world will soon see the truth, the great record of what really happened.”

“…Umm, I guess that means that it is going well?”

“Yes, sir. Of course it is.”

Cale felt that something was fishy. However, he could not grab Clopeh and ask what kind of bullshit he was doing in the current situation. He didn’t have the time to do that.
Cale whispered to him instead.

“Then let me ask you to take care of one more thing. Would that be okay?”

Although he was asking like that, Cale’s gaze was saying…

‘It is possible. That is what you are going to say.’

It was more of an order than a request.

“Yes, sir. Of course.”

Clopeh Sekka was willing to put everything on the line if he could be a part and help out in this great legend, no, this divine myth-like story.
He then focused on what Cale would say next. Litana and the others all perked their ears as well.

Cale had come here in the middle of fighting against the Lion Dragon.
What would someone like that ask for?
It would definitely not be something easy.

Cale noticed that all gazes were focused on him as he slowly started speaking.

“I have captured the White Star alive.”


People were so shocked that they gasped in silence.
They wondered if they had heard correctly.
Litana’s hands were shaking and she subconsciously clasped them together.

‘I remember hearing that young master Cale was fighting with the White Star. But he captured him alive?’

It was much harder to capture an enemy alive than dead.

‘Is this why he looks so terrible?’

The shock was replaced by amazement and gratitude.
Cale could feel everybody focusing on him, but feigned ignorance on purpose and only addressed Clopeh.

“Please share this fact. Share it all around the Western continent.”


Clopeh’s eyes clouded over for a moment before returning to normal.

“Kekeke. I understand.”

‘…Why is he laughing like this?’

Cale was thinking that bastards like Clopeh Sekka were truly the scary ones.

Pat, pat.

But Cale just gently patted Clopeh’s shoulder and started walking.

“Please take care of it.”

Nobody dared to stop him. However, the different representatives of the other kingdoms, who chose to remain on this battlefield, approached Cale.
Cale spoke to them before they could say anything.

“I’m sure you all have something you have been tasked to do. I leave it in your hands.”

They stopped walking toward him after hearing that.
They had many things they wanted to ask him. Unfortunately, this person, the one who seemed to be the most tired, was not stopping and still moving somewhere.

“I will thank you all for coming here to help the Roan Kingdom with a smile on my face once this is all over.”

Litana couldn’t help but say something after hearing that.

“The help we received from you is greater.”

“I agree.”

Crown prince Valentino shared the same sentiments. Cale smiled toward them.
It was a resolute smile, one that made it seem as if he would never fall down.
How could he have such a flawless smile like this despite going through such a difficult time?
The people from the other kingdoms were amazed at Cale while the Roan Kingdom’s soldiers, who did not dare to approach Cale, felt completely revitalized.
His existence alone made them feel as if they could not lose.
Cale truly had a flawless and extremely happy smile on his face.

‘Hehe. I wonder where they are hiding.’

Cale’s eyes sparkled.

‘There were three people who disappeared from the group of people my father hired. If one was the White Star, where are the other two?’

At least one of them must be involved in his father, Duke Deruth’s abduction.

‘And Sayeru. I’m sure that bastard is around here as well.’

The Bear King Sayeru. That bastard, whom he had not seen since the summoning ritual at the Endable Kingdom, must be hiding somewhere observing Puzzle City right now.

‘The Bear King might even be where my father has been abducted.’

Cale was sure that the Bear King would hear about how the White Star had been captured alive soon enough.


Cale was organizing his thoughts as he walked without any hesitation. Many people greeted him or sent looks of envy or concern toward him, but Cale just silently walked forward.

Drip. Drip.

The dried dark red dirt fell to the ground with every step, leaving what looked like a trail of blood.
However, Cale’s mind was too preoccupied to think about those things.

‘I’m sure that Sayeru…’

Sayeru or the White Star’s other subordinate would learn of the White Star’s absence.

“Then they will ask for a hostage exchange.”

They could not cast the White Star away.
The White Star was at the center of all of their goals.
That was why the enemies would contact Cale to exchange Duke Deruth with the White Star.
Whether it was stealthily or openly, they would make their desire known in some way.
And at that time…

‘We will capture them all.’

Cale was thinking about destroying every single person on the White Star’s side.
Now that they messed with his family, this was Cale’s only decision.


Cale opened a door and walked in.

“Human! You’re hur…no! It’s not your blood!”

“I missed you, nya!”

“I guess you don’t look hurt, nya.”

The children averaging nine-years-old ran over toward Cale, as if they wanted to hug him.
Cale gently sidestepped the children averaging nine-years-old who were stronger than him and immediately headed for the window.
This was the only place magic could be used right now. Cale touched an orb that was on one side of the window.

“Can you hear me?”

– Hey, Rok Soo, we can hear you well.

The orb that was a cintamani and also served as a video communication device showed Lee Soo Hyuk, who was looking back and forth at Cale and the view outside the window with an odd expression on his face.
Cale, who was looking at Lee Soo Hyuk’s tired face, finally looked away after a while.
He saw a man who was tied down to the chair but smiling brightly.
He currently looked like Sir Hilsman, but he was someone completely different.

“I have a pretty good idea about who you are. Do you think that I am right?”

“Who knows?”

The man smiled mysteriously at Cale’s question.
However, Cale ignored it and took something out of his pocket.

“I thought about it for a bit. You are not the White Star and you don’t seem like someone I’ve met. But you were talking about my father and me in such a familiar way. I also can’t think of someone who can disguise themselves so well like this. You also got caught so easily and show no signs of attacking.”

Tap, tap.

Cale slowly tapped his biological mother, Drew Thames’s diary.
The smiling man’s eyes were staring at the diary with a piercing gaze. His gaze then headed toward Cale.

At that moment…


A sharp gunshot cut through the night sky and then the monster’s roar covered that noise.
In this silent area that was a bit away from the battlefield… Cale started speaking to the man who looked like Hilsman.
He needed to ask this one question to confirm something and prevent a variable from getting in his way, despite being in a busy and dire situation.

“Is your family name Thames?”


That was Cale’s birth mother’s family name.


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      I think communication would be no problem. It’s kind of like different time zones but three times faster/slower. For example, on Cale-nim’s side, is a Friday night. That would mean on Team Leader Lee’s side would be Tuesday morning. They have different time-space but are in the same space. Think of it as two cookies in one platter. The both of them is in the same space but have different world thus having its different time-space and dimension but when those two cookies are put together, they are able to communicate. I hope it made you understand. ^^

  27. I Seriously Need To Sleep

    Aigoo. His slacker dream is getting farther and farther. HAHAHAHAHAHA Also, I can’t wait for their reaction when he stabs himself with the wooden dagger. HAHAHAHAHA Cale-nim, hwaiting!


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