Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 686: Promise (3)


The White Star could not stop the power that was pulling him in.

‘How could a power like this exist?’

It seemed to be some kind of power that stored or sealed something in a designated spot.
The White Star was not shocked at the power itself.

‘…This is not magic.’

This power was not a magic spell.
It obviously wasn’t aura either.
But it also wasn’t an ancient power.

He had never felt a power like this before.
After living numerous lives, the White Star was sensing a power like this for the first time.
It was as if it didn’t exist in this world before.

‘Hold on. It didn’t exist in this world?’

The White Star recalled the scene he saw thanks to Bear King Sayeru, of a bloodied Cale moving to the sculptures and destroying them as if he had transcended time.
That had not seemed like an ancient power either.

‘2 years.’

Cale Henituse had said that he had done all of these things in just two years.
Then who was Cale Henituse before he possessed this body?
Where had he come from?

The aura with the fear of death was surrounding the White Star’s entire body, but he was feeling a different kind of fear.
An alarm went off in his mind.

‘The Divine World? The Demon World?’

Cale Henituse was different from those existences.
Then there was only one answer.

“…A different dimension?”

He looked at Cale Henituse’s response to his hypothesis.
Over half of the White Star’s arm had already been sucked in. Cale walked forward to close the gap, now that everything up to the White Star’s shoulder was being sucked in, raised his hand, and whispered.

“You finally figured it out.”

Cale’s eyes moved at that moment. The White Star’s other arm that had not been sucked in yet… A fire sword appeared in that hand once again.
What Cale had stored in the button was the released power of the wind-fire mixture; it was not the White Star’s ability itself.
The fire sword was swung again immediately.
The White Star’s gaze was still focused on Cale.


There was another loud explosion.

“My my.”

Cale quietly spoke.

“I can’t let you do that.”


The White Star lowered his gaze.
The fire sword had not aimed for Cale; it had aimed for the White Star’s own arm.
His arm was being sucked into the golden plaque. The White Star had planned on cutting it off.


However, a silver shield was surrounding that arm.

“Look, there’s actually a time where I protect you.”

Cale had protected the White Star’s arm.


The White Star could not hide his raging emotions. Too many things that destroyed his mind were happening all at once.
Cale focused on his heart.

Boom. Boom.

His beating heart pushed forth power into a certain location even stronger.
It was his hand that was holding the golden plaque.


The golden plaque roared and the White Star had to push off with his leg and pull his body back.


However, he could not move back.


He felt something cold on his back.
The rock wall that was as red as blood was surrounding him.

“This is my domain.”

Cale slowly said that as he reached his hand toward the White Star, whose clothes were drenched with sweat.

Tap, tap.

He patted the White Star on the shoulder with the hand that was not holding the golden plaque.

“I will take you to the temple. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

The hand holding the golden plaque then ruthlessly reached toward the White Star.
The White Star’s body continued to get sucked into the golden plaque.

“Cale Henituse……!”

The White Star shouted Cale’s name, but his mind was in quite the chaotic state unlike before.
Cale looked away from the White Star and looked at the ceiling.


Cale became certain after his heartbeat wildly once more.

“See you later.”

Cale grabbed the wrist of his hand that was holding the golden plaque with his other hand.


The White Star screamed and both of Cale’s hands started shaking intensely.


Cold sweat instantly appeared on his back and wet his body. Both of his arms started shaking as well. However, Cale did not decrease the amount of strength in the hand holding the golden plaque.


He tightened his grip on the golden plaque and focused his gaze on the White Star.


The two of them made eye contact.
The White Star and Cale… The two of them observed each other and that was it.
The White Star did not exist there any longer.



Cale subconsciously released his grip.
The golden plaque fell to the floor and settled on the ground as if nothing had happened.

Cale looked down at the hand that had been holding the golden plaque.

“…This is bad.”

His palm was cracked all over and was bleeding.

“It really is different.’

The fake World Tree, the sculptures, the Blood-Drenched Rock… Embracing the White Star was different from every other time he had used Embrace.
The fake World Tree was alive as well, but it must be different from the White Star as it was Embraced easily without any problems.

‘Embracing people really is different.’

The difference between using Embrace on humans versus other beings or things was very clear.

– Cale, are you okay?

The Scary Giant Cobblestone that had been quiet cautiously asked.
Cale’s skin was red as if he had been burnt, and the blood pouring out of the cracks in his skin seemed quite painful.

“If this is the only injury I got, then I call this a win.”

Cale confidently responded before casually continuing to speak.

“But I think there is a big issue.”

– What?

The Super Rock became anxious after hearing Cale say that there was a big issue.

– Is it because of your promise to that young Dragon? Is it because you hurt your palm?

“That is a problem too.”

Cale seemed extremely relaxed and chill for someone who was saying that there was a big issue.
He picked up the golden plaque and inspected it before putting it back in his inner pocket. He then pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped his injured hand.
Two of the children averaging nine-years-old frequently got cookie crumbs on their mouths. This handkerchief was very clean as it was frequently used on Hong and Raon.
The Super Rock questioned what the big issue was right now.

– …Then what is the issue?

Cale looked at the hand that was not wrapped in a handkerchief.
He was looking at the button on top of his palm.

“It’s starting to crack.”


Although it was very faint… The button was slowly starting to crack.

– Hmm? What is the big issue about that?

“That means that it is about to blow.”

There was a moment of silence before the Super Rock said a single word.

– Eek!

The other ancient powers gasped and could not say anything.
The Super Rock finally managed to say something else.

– H, hurry-! Shouldn’t you do something before it explodes?!

The Super Rock had seen how strong the White Star’s power had been, as he resides inside Cale.

It had been a burning sword that was full of magma and other types of fire-related natural disasters. The White Star’s wind power had wrapped around it and amplified its destructive nature as well. The wind that resembled a wall had the power to push anything back.
This power had been released by the White Star, who could now use his powers as he pleased since his plate was balanced.


The button that was storing that power was breaking.

– You need to hurry!

– Cale, let’s take care of it quickly!

Cale nodded his head. He needed to quickly take care of it as the ancient powers mentioned.

‘I guess I really can’t use the Embrace ability as well as the team leader did.’

Team leader Lee Soo Hyuk had been able to Embrace a moving power like this for at least 10 minutes. As for Cale, the button was already breaking even though it had not been that long.


There was a smirk on Cale’s face.

“It’s pretty omnipotent if it can do this.”

Lee Soo Hyuk had said it was not, but Cale thought that the Embrace ability was omnipotent. Of course, there were a few minute warnings to keep in mind, but… They were things that he should easily be able to do.

Cale observed himself while holding the button in his hand.
There were no other injuries other than his palm. He had received small injuries, but they had already been healed by the Vitality of the Heart that resided within the Indestructible Shield.

“Not bad.”

He confirmed that he looked fine before smiling with satisfaction.
He had pretty much kept his promise to Raon.

– …Do you……

Of course, the Super Rock could not agree with him.
The other ancient powers felt the same way.

The Super Rock wanted to ask a question.

‘You…are red right now. How do you think that would look to the others?’

Cale’s current appearance, which was the result of the red rocks breaking and mixing with water…
The Super Rock was getting a headache just thinking about how people would react to that, but he just kept his mouth shut as he didn’t want to say anything to Cale since he was in a rush.

“It will break in about two minutes.”


The button was slowly breaking at an unchanging speed, making it possible for Cale to predict how long it would take before it broke completely.

Cale put the badge with the Blood-drenched Rock back in his inner pocket before calmly starting to walk.

Step step.

The red wall surrounding the room slowly turned to mud and washed away with his every step.
The aura of fear surrounding Cale slowly subsided as well. It was to be expected, since he put the ability he took out of the badge back into the badge.

‘That’s odd.’

The Blood-Drenched Rock had not said anything when he used it.

‘How dare you do this to a great being like me,’ nor ‘let’s rule the world!’ It was relaxing since it didn’t say things like that this time, but it did feel iffy.



Cale stopped walking and looked down.


His pupils shook slightly.

– Cale! The button, the button looks like it will break soon!

The button suddenly started to break rapidly, as the Super Rock mentioned.


Cale frowned.
He started walking faster. Cale urgently headed toward the red wall that was crumbling. He could see the window that was destroyed from the battle with the White Star.


The button looked ready to break at any moment.

“Son of a…!”

He could feel the aura of fire and wind through the cracks. It would not surprise him if the button exploded right now.

– Cale! Wouldn’t the City Hall be in danger if this goes off here?!

“I know!”

The aura around him was subsiding because he had put the Blood-Drenched Rock away.
If the power in this button exploded in his current state, he would need to use the Indestructible Shield to block it. This City Hall building would receive quite the damage if he was even a little late about activating the shield.
There were many people, including Duchess Violan, who was in the City Hall basement, within the building right now.

– You need to hurry!

‘I know!’

Cale’s gaze headed toward a spot. He selected the target to use this button against.

“Y, young master Cale!”

Cale moved his body out of the crumbling red wall. Someone called out to him from below, but Cale did not have the time to look.

“My goodness!”

“The Commander-nim is in critical condition! Call the Saint-nim immediately!”

“…Blood, look at all of the blood–!”

People seemed to be shouting down below, but Cale could not pay any attention to them.


Wind gathered at his ankles.

– I don’t care where you go, but let’s go!

The Sound of the Wind urged him on in her husky voice and Cale flew out of the room and into the night sky.
His body was quickly headed somewhere.

‘If I use the button-!’

If he had to use the White Star’s power…
Cale already knew where he would use it.
He had no plans on using his ancient power to defend against this power.

“Cale Henituse!”

There was a large Gold Dragon in the direction he was flying. Eruhaben gasped after turning around and looking at Cale.


The buzzcut Dragon Rasheel was shocked at the aura of fear that had yet to completely subside from Cale.
This bastard, whom Rasheel couldn’t tell whether he was covered in blood or turned dark red, was charging toward them while releasing a scary aura.
It was so vicious that Rasheel couldn’t help but think of the term, ‘Demon King.’


Cale’s feet then landed on Eruhaben’s back.

“…I shouldn’t have trusted such a promise!”

The crown prince had a look of disbelief while standing there in his pajamas, but Cale completely ignored him.

He was in a rush.

“Hey! Did you get hurt again?”

The crown prince didn’t even call him by name and just addressed him with a, ‘hey!’ but Cale still ignored him.


Cale was feeling anxious because of the breaking button.

“…What the hell?”

Alberu anxiously looked at Cale, who suddenly rushed out and completely ignored him before running toward Eruhaben’s head.

– Large amount of power detected.

Alberu heard Taerang’s voice and finally felt the aura that was left behind once Cale passed by.
No, he felt the presence of the fire and wind.


It felt oddly familiar.
However, the moment he realized it was from the White Star and not from one of his allies…


“Choi Han, move! Everybody move!”

Cale shouted toward Choi Han, who was approaching him with Mila. Choi Han flinched only for a moment before he and Mila instantly stepped aside for Cale.
Cale could finally see the Lion Dragon properly now.

“It’s my first time seeing it up close.”

Cale then gathered a whirlwind in his hand.

“…Master’s… aura……”

The Lion Dragon was mumbling something while looking at him, but that was none of Cale’s business.

– Cale, Cale! I, it’s going to blow!

‘I know. I know!’

Cale used his whirlwind to chuck the button as far as possible.

“… Just what-”

Alberu couldn’t finish his question about what was going on.
The button that left Cale’s hand was pushed forward by the wind to accurately aim for the Lion Dragon.


The intense fire, the fire that seemed like magma and looked as if it would melt everything away, struck the Lion Dragon along with the wind.
A hot gust of wind spread out in all directions.


Alberu subconsciously crouched down at the intensity of the impact.
Ancient Dragon Eruhaben had retreated the moment Cale said to move away. Alberu could see Cale, who was plopped down on Eruhaben’s back as if he had used all of his strength to do that.

“Wow. That was a pretty decent attack.”

Cale Henituse was calmly mumbling to himself while his entire body was red.

“…I’m going to go crazy.”

Alberu was flabbergasted.

On the other hand, the people watching this down below just blankly stared at the large explosion.
The return of their Commander had come with an extremely scary explosion.


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