Raison d’êtres: Beyond the Light

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Everyone meets their God once in their life.
“I can give you a gift, a special gift,” They said.
They visit you only once to grant you a gift,
“But whatever you want, remember this…”
Our gods are animals.

But, what would happen to those who never had a contract with God?

The only heir to the Kryfi Empire’s throne, Princess Keisha Amarantha Elaine, is a special child even though she is born without having a contract with a god. Once had a bad relationship with her father, was considered a bad omen and a curse by the people of the empire.
However, the moment when her dreams come true one by one, she is caught in the crossroads between reality and illusion, life and death.

“In your sweetest moment, I will give you Hell. With your death, I’ll be back. I’m inevitable.”

When the dead come back to life, and a prophecy from hundreds of years ago reappeared, what will happened? These survival plans are not as simple as she would have hoped it would be. When everything turns into a mess, and the fate starts to change, something that cannot be imagined is waiting not only for her but people around her and the world.

They look for the meaning of their existences, what will await them? Could it leads them to a blooming garden?

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