When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 100: Issue maker (6)

“Do Wook!”

Do Wook, who had been staring blankly at the white woman who was confidently disappearing and Sara who was following after her, turned around when someone called out to him.

It was Yoo Sung Fashion’s President Lee Yoo Min. As expected, President Lee Yoo Min had put in more effort than usual in her outfit since it was the Mark Ross show. The modernly designed Mark Ross coat suited her very well.

The reason Lee Yoo Min came to today’s Mark Ross fashion show was because she had a close relationship with Mark Ross too. The Yoo Sung Group was expanding into a global group, so the Yoo Sung Group members were gaining quite the status in the world.

Do Wook quickly bowed, greeted her, and thanked her.

“Ah, Ma’am. Nice to see you here. Thank you very much for the great opportunity.”

“What do you mean, opportunity? This is all strategy. You’re our model. If we want to quickly get your name out there more in the world market, you have to experience various things and have to be seen around here.”

Do Wook smiled a painting-like smile at President Lee Yoo Min’s blunt words.

“Our Lucas had a very good atmosphere, and I saw that the response to you is already pretty big too, Do Wook.”

“Huh? What response…”

“Korea goes without saying, but I heard a picture of you made it onto blogs here too.”

“Ah. I was told that’s the case.”

As expected, President Lee Yoo Min had meticulously checked and grasped related issues.

“Look at you, your outfit today is very cool. All the important people come here, but at least more than 5 people will show interest in you, don’t you think?”

“Haha, no way.”

“I believe what I see.”

President Lee Yoo Min was firm. She had seen what Do Wook was capable of, and knew the fashion trends and direction ahead of time, so you could say she had an eye for these things to a certain degree. She wasn’t an expert so there were aspects she couldn’t be certain of, but top experts in Korea also gave their firm support to Do Wook.

Lee Yoo Min asked as they walked to the fashion show location.

“By the way, what were you staring at like that?”

“Ah. It’s just, I thought I saw the Bombe chief editor.”

“Bombe chief editor? You mean the renowned Joy Wintuer?

“Yes. With short hair…”

“I did think that I saw her pass by a little earlier. I guess you saw her. She has an incredible presence, doesn’t she?”

Do Wook HAD seen correctly.

It was the motif of the very popular movie < Devil’s fashion > that even aired in Korea recently. Becoming the motif of a movie meant their influence was that incredible.

She had been the chief editor for ‘Bombe’, which was considered the top fashion magazine, for a long time, and as chief editor she had brought Bombe up to the next level.

If she said something was right, it was right. If she said something wasn’t right, it wasn’t right. That was true at least in the fashion world.

There were numerous designers just in New York who had laughed or cried with one word from her. Even designers of luxury brands whom people would recognize by name alone tried to get in her good graces in whatever way they could.

Joy’s evaluation soon became the fashion world’s evaluation as well as high fashion consumers’ evaluation.

As someone with the power to influence the entire field like that, the vibe she gave off was incredible. She looked so cold, like she was wrapped in an ice wall, that one did not dare come near her to try and talk to her.

The cold and level-headed personality she had in real life was an important element of conflict in the movie < Devil’s fashion >.

‘It probably means she pursues perfection that much even in her work.’

Thinking that, Do Wook started to speak,

“Yes, she did. But…”

President Lee Yoo Min looked at him with eyes full of curiosity, asking him to continue.

“The person who is working with Joy is from Korea.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

“Yes. Turns out she knows me. She said her name is Sara.”

President Lee Yoo Min was quiet for a moment while trying to think who that person was.

It was the editor who was next to Joy. It could have been a close associate of Joy’s, or at the least a Bombe headquarters editor.

“Hmm…Even I haven’t heard anything yet.”

Even President Lee Yoo Min had no way of knowing the details of the internal situation of the magazine agency. Especially so if she was an editor who hadn’t released any articles yet.

“Still, it’s good that someone from Korea recognized you. She could be helpful too.”

Even Do Wook could feel the gears in President Lee Yoo Min’s head quickly turning.

“Thank you for the useful news, Do Wook.”

“Ah, not at all. It’s not even really information…”

“She even knows you, so I think it’d be good to get to know her. They say it’s a cold pro’s world, but it’s all work done by people so it’s hard to ignore relationships.”

She was right. It wasn’t something that was only true in Korea. In America or any other country in the world, relationships between people are a very important factor.

There’s a reason people care more about maintaining connections the higher they rise in ranks.

President Lee Yoo Min and Do Wook went inside where the runway would be held.

“I’ll probably be very busy again after this is over. I’ll see you in Korea later.”

“Ok. Get home safely.”

“Ok. You have a safe trip back to Korea. Bye.”

Do Wook, who had separated from President Lee Yoo Min, found his seat with help from the staff.

There was a card on a chair with his name ‘KANG’ written on it.

He picked up the card that was shining gold and sat down.

The stage soon became dark and the lighting changed to the runway lighting.

There were large sculptures installed throughout, and in the middle was a white runway with the Mark Ross logo above it. The models then started to walk out one by one.

The hall was passionately silent.

The people’s gazes were frighteningly focused on the new clothes Mark Ross was announcing and on the models walking.

Watching the models taking control of the catwalk despite wearing heels that looked like they were going to break, Do Wook was in admiration.

In a way, he understood why people preferred the front row.

‘There is definitely less visibility than yesterday.’

Thankfully, the Mark Ross show at least had more space available than the show Lucas put on.

When Do Wook briefly looked towards the other side because his vision was briefly blocked by the person in front of him, he made eye contact with the blond Chief Editor Joy.

Actually, saying they made eye contact was misleading. The distance between Joy and Do Wook was substantial. It was possible she was just looking in Do Wook’s direction.

‘Still, I think we might have made eye contact…’

Do Wook then started thinking it was a little silly. He was reminded of the time that each fan below the stage thought he was looking at them. In reality, he wasn’t able to see anyone because the lighting was blinding.

‘I think I might be antsy because I really want to catch the attention of celebrities. Rather than hoping it’ll happen by chance, I should just walk the path I’ve been walking on…Maybe I’m looking for the easy way too.’

Do Wook shook his head in self-scorn and soon focused on the show.

There was no change at all in Joy’s cold expression. Only Sara, who was next to her, noticed that she was staring somewhere.

You had to at least have that much sense to be next to Joy as an editor who helped her.


After the Mark Ross show was over, Do Wook, who had come outside, posed for the few photographers who asked him for photos.

Because he had done it yesterday, he had gotten a little more used to it.

The camera lenses focused on Do Wook, who was pulling off his suit spectacularly in a young and trendy way.

Afterwards, there were also people who asked him for a brief opinion on the Mark Ross show.

Do Wook tried his best to reply, although it was in short English sentences.

Do Wook, who had watched the Mark Ross show, applauded, thinking that the designs were practical and clean.

Now it was time to go to the scheduled interview.

At that moment, a familiar voice asked Do Wook,

“Do Wook, do you have to head back right away?”

It was Sara. Next to Sara was a man with copper colored skin and stylish beard who looked like a photographer and was carrying a camera on his shoulder.

“Ah, Ms. Sara. Nice to see you here.”

“Our chief editor was here earlier, so I didn’t get to give you a proper greeting again.”

“No, it’s ok.”

Sara took out her own business card from a black card holder and held it out to him.

As they thought, she was a Bombe magazine editor.

“It’s been less than a month since I started working so the business card is hot off the press. It’s an honor that I get to give it to you.”

“Huh. Not at all. Rather it’s fascinating that you know who I am.”

“I’m American because I’m a 2nd generation immigrant, but inevitably because of culture I’m very interested in K-POP. These days I really love listening to KK songs.”

“Ah, is that so? Thank you.”

“Not at all! Ah, our conversation ran long. This is our photographer Jeffrey.”

Perhaps knowing he was being introduced in Korean, the photographer Jeffrey waved.


“Hi, nice to meet you.”

Jeffery smiled coolly at Do Wook’s short greeting.

“Oh, Do Wook, I guess you know English!”

“It’s very little. It’s just English I learned in school.”

“No, your pronunciation is good too. Ah, I’m getting off track again. We’d like to take some proper pictures of you over by that lamppost, is that ok?”

Do Wook opened his eyes wide.

“I introduced you to the chief editor earlier as a very famous pop singer in Korea.”


“I looked like she wasn’t really interested, but she said she likes your style.”

It was an unexpected comment. When Joy and Do Wook had run into each other in the lobby before heading inside, she was only cold.

“‘He’s cool.’ That’s all she said.”

Do Wook blinked. He wondered if she was just being polite.

However, there was no way someone like Joy would say something out of courtesy. Sara explained what Joy’s words meant.

“It means she liked you. If we take a picture of you for her, you’ll definitely be able to get at least one page in the street fashion magazine!”

He had been approved by the Bombe headquarters’ chief editor.

Articles about the New York Fashion Week would be in all Bombe magazines throughout the world, and pictures sent by the New York headquarters would obviously be included.

Do Wook posed in front of Jeffrey.

Sara went for many different poses and straightened out his clothes to get a picture where Do Wook would leave a strong impression even among the numerous people there so that it would get published no matter what.

Once the pictures were all taken and they thanked him, he gave Sara an autograph and was also asked for autographs by other Korean female fans who recognized him.

As he gave autographs in the streets of New York, Do Wook felt an unfamiliar feeling.

‘I wonder how it feels to be a worldwide star…”

After a light final interaction with Sara, Do Wook headed towards the HIT Entertainment staff who were waiting for him.

A little later, various magazine outlets, including the Bombe throughout the world of course, had a picture of Do Wook in it.

There were only one or two pictures in Korea, but he was given the title of fashionista, and there were dozens of articles pouring out about Do Wook who had made it onto international magazines.

The fans’ pride in Do Wook was also increasing sharply.

In the nation, Do Wook had now become a fashionista that no one could look down on.


On the flight back to Korea.

As he ate his in-flight meal, Do Wook was having a conversation with Team Leader Lee Dae Hyung.

They were talking about how their success in New York exceeded expectations. Team Leader Lee Dae Hyung praised Do Wook, saying there were more things Do Wook had accomplished alone than with his help.

However, Do Wook knew he wouldn’t have been able to get through the schedule this smoothly without the help of stylist Hang Jung Ah and Team Leader Lee Dae Hyung during the few short days in New York.

“I’m the one who’s grateful, sir.”

You could see Team Leader Lee Dae Hyung’s competence, starting with his little efforts such as identifying famous fashion bloggers ahead of time and informing Do Wook even though fashion was not his field of expertise.

“Haha. By the way, Do Wook.”


“Do you perhaps find me untrustworthy?”

It was a sudden fastball from Team Leader Lee Dae Hyung. Do Wook silently stared at Team Leader Lee Dae Hyung to understand his intentions.

“Is it because…I came from Ara Entertainment?”

Translator’s comments: We made it to triple digits! Thank you for following us on this journey until now. We are not even half way done yet! I hope you all continue to enjoy and support this series~ Thank you

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