Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 177: My goodness. The sea, the sea! (3)

Not only did Cale’s face stiffen, it scrunched up.

‘What did this bastard just say?’

“… Sob. You’re so rude……?”

Cale was so flabbergasted that he read the message out loud. It had been a subconscious action.

“Hey, you kno-”

Choi Jung Soo, who happened to walk in as he said that, saw Cale looking at the dazzling mirror saying, ‘sob, you’re so rude’ and slowly walked back out.

His face made it feel as if he saw something he should not see.

Cale didn’t even give him a glance as he continued to look into the mirror.

“Did you go crazy?”

He then nonchalantly made a comment.

The mirror was silent. Cale’s face returned to normal after seeing that it was quiet.


“Yes, young master-nim.”

“I’m going to have a chat so please take care of things.”

“I hope that your conversation is a pleasant one, young master-nim.”

Ron walked out with the unconscious Old man Baek.

“Human, are you calling Central Plains?”

Raon appeared with the young monk statue in his arms. The young monk statue that had been used for the formation in Yunnan Castle had been cleaned by Beacrox.

“I’m going to call the God of Death first.”

Cale peeked at the statue before adding on with a stoic expression on his face.

“I think Central Plains did a good job with something.”


Raon snickered as he patted the young monk statue with his chubby front paws. Cale felt as if he was getting chills and looked away.

‘As expected, Dragons are vicious.’


Cale asked the mirror.

“What do you mean by finding the king? Explain in more detail.”

He immediately received an answer.

< It is exactly as I stated. The King of Roan appeared on the list of people to die. A name appears on the list of people to die six months before the person's death, giving important information relating to it. >

“Does the time and place of their death appear?”

< Yes. However, I can't tell his location because it is continuously changing. >

“Where does it say he is right now?”

The God of Death said that it felt as if the King was being dragged around.

< Why? >

< Are you going to go? >

Cale had only one answer to that question.

‘That depends on his highness’s judgment.’

However, he had no reason to give that answer to the God of Death.

It was at that moment.


< I'll tell you the location if you fulfill one request for me. >

One corner of Cale’s lips twisted up after seeing that message.

Cale already knew something reasonable that he could do.

“Is it fine if I find Choi Jung Gun for you?”

Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo’s ancestor and the first Dragon Slayer of Cale’s world.

Furthermore, he was also a single-lifer and a wanderer, helping the God of Death with his work.


< I like that it is easy to talk to you. >

“I very much hate that you and I can communicate so easily.”

< Sob.>

Cale looked at the God of Death’s message with a stoic gaze.

The God of Death.

Although this existence was acting so casually right now, he was no joke of an individual.

‘He probably looked into the location of his highness’s father in order to find Choi Jung Gun.’

It was a card up his sleeve for his conversation with Cale.

‘I need to go rescue Choi Jung Gun anyway.’

He thought about Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo. He then looked at Raon, who was looking at him with a confused look on his face.

“What is it, human?”

“It’s nothing.”


The world ruled by the Dragons of the Purple Bloods.

It was also a world that was not responding.

That was the last known location of Choi Jung Gun.

The Dragon who left the power for Cale to strengthen multiple of his abilities said that Raon would save that world.

Cale had no thoughts at all about putting Raon in danger.


A smile appeared on his face.

“You have no intention of giving me the information before I find Choi Jung Gun?”

< No.>

The response was quite firm.

< I am doing something I should not be doing in my position. I can't give that info to you so easily. I also need some time to prepare in order to give this information to you. >

Cale quietly read all of the God of Death’s messages before making a simple comment.

“I keep my word.”

< ……. >

The God of Death suddenly stopped messaging. He finally responded in a bit.

< In a little bit. I will contact you again around the time you are returning to Roan. >

One corner of Cale’s lips twisted up.

“Ah, hold on.”

He held the God of Death from leaving.

Central Plains. This punk was quite shrewd. There was something Cale wanted to ask before reading the message from that punk.

“I guess the God of Balance’s negotiation with the worlds went well?”

He got an answer.

< Pfft >

‘…This little punk.’

“Human, why are you smiling so brightly? Are you about to smack someone on the back of the head again?”

As Raon urgently said that…

Ding! Ding!

< I couldn’t help but scoff while thinking about the God of Balance. >

< That was absolutely not directed at you, Cale. >

Cale stared at the mirror.

There were some odd noises before messages started appearing one after the other.


< To be honest with you, the God of Balance is not a god who would even blink that a few worlds were going on strike. He would use his heel to pummel them, ahem. Anyway, it almost ended up as a catastrophe, but... >

< A god appeared to help them out. >

< That god has been going around lately talking about finding a successor, but I had no idea that he would suddenly show up like that and take care of things. >

“Another god?”

Cale commented about the appearance of a new individual, but the God of Death was silent for a bit before he slowly answered.

< Hope is something that can sometimes ignore everything and push forward. Whether it is balance, reason, good, or evil... Those things can sometimes be covered up by hope. In some situations, hope can be the weakest as well. It can be very light and fleeting. However, scary at the same time. That is because it has to potential to become anything. >


Cale wanted to ask what he was talking about, but the God of Death quickly continued to send messages.

Ding ding!

< Anyways, things were resolved well. The God of Balance seemed to be thinking hard about the balance between you and the Hunters after receiving reports about the situation in Aipotu. I think that you will be a bit freer now. >

< And don’t try to learn about things in the world of gods. >


A short message followed.

< You don't need to know unless you plan on becoming a god. >

< But you have no thoughts about becoming a god, right? >

It was just a text message but Cale could read the warning hidden within it.

Don’t try to learn more about it.

The God of Death’s warning seemed to contain some goodwill toward Cale.

Cale closed his mouth.

‘Yeah, what good will it do to know about it?’

Dealing with the Hunters was already hard enough.

< I'll contact you soon. >

The conversation with the God of Death came to an end.

Cale then read the message Central Plains left and immediately touched the divine item.


A screen appeared on top of the mirror and a face he had not seen in a while popped up.


Alberu Crossman.

Cale scowled as soon as he saw Alberu’s face.

“What are you doing, your highness?”


Alberu put his finger to his lips as if telling Cale to be quiet.

He was currently in his quarter Dark Elf appearance and his outfit was a simple battle attire mainly used by mercenaries. Furthermore, he had his hood on to cover a part of his face.

‘What the hell has this guy been up to?’

As Cale had a look of confusion on his face…

– Cale.

Alberu urgently whispered.

– We found a peculiar space in Endable.


It had been a while since he heard about that place.

Although the White Star once ruled over it, it was now being ruled by the vampire, Duke Fredo, as a partnership with the Roan Kingdom.

That was a place where vampires, Dark Elves, and others who found it difficult to be accepted on the continents could live in peace.

It was also a place that was to get one of Cale’s mines.

– We found the place while looking for a place to put the mine. Hold on.

Alberu didn’t give Cale any time to speak. Someone walked up next to Alberu.

– Is it Cale?

– Yes sir.

There were not many individuals Alberu would speak so respectfully toward.

“It’s Goldie gramps!”

Raon’s face lit up. Cale also felt happy after seeing the ancient Dragon’s face for the first time in a long while and opened his mouth.

– Shh, be quiet.

However, Eruhaben also told Raon to be quiet.

Cale closed his mouth as well.

‘Is something there?’

Eruhaben, who should be in the Forest of Darkness protecting the Roan Kingdom, was in Eruhaben. His actions were quite cautious as well.

He was certain that something had happened.

Cale subconsciously became nervous.

Eruhaben started speaking at that moment.

– Within the White Star’s palace. We found a weird place deep in the basement. There seems to be traces of going through to a different dimension here. I would not have noticed it without having experienced going through different dimensions through the Church of the God of Death.

‘Traces of going through dimensions?’

– There is also the aura of a god in those traces.

Eruhaben continued to speak.

– Duke Fredo and I will investigate the details. It is not that dangerous of a place and only has traces, so I don’t think you need to worry.

He then handed Alberu the video communication device. He then disappeared into a dark cave with Duke Fredo, probably heading to the basement. Cale finally noticed a few vampires that looked like Duke Fredo’s subordinates.

Once they all headed down as well, he finally heard Alberu’s voice.

– The fact that I am here is a secret.

Alberu smiled. Cale stared at Alberu, who seemed quite relaxed, and asked.

“May I speak now?”

– Yeah.

Alberu quickly looked around before climbing up a tall tree and leaning back.

– This way, nobody should be able to hear.

“I see. I think that I will find his Majesty soon.”

– …Hmm?

“I think I will be able to find your father, hyung-nim.”

– …Huh?

Despite the confused comment, Alberu’s eyes instantly clouded over. Cale saw this and had a twisted smile on his face. Alberu immediately commented again.

– A detailed explanation please.

Cale immediately told him about his conversation with the God of Death. He also gave a concise detail about Choi Jung Gun, Aipotu and everything he had faced until now.

– …So many things have happened.

Alberu’s face subtly changed. It looked as if he had a lot that he wanted to say but was debating whether it was okay to say them.

Cale completely ignored it and said what he needed to say.

“I will quickly take care of things and return to Roan so please leave the traces in Endable alone. I want to investigate them too, your highness.”

Cale saw Alberu looking at him and continued to speak.

“I’ve seen someone with a connection to a god in Endable before.”


As Duke Fredo had told him before, that was a place that the gazes of gods could not reach.

As a result, unless the Gate to the Demon World opened, gods had no way of finding out even if the Demonic race appeared there.

‘I also thought that the White Star was trying to become a member of the Demonic race.’

He recalled those fiery moments with the Gate to the Demon World, the Divine World, and the World of the Gods.

That was when Cale had seen someone with a connection to a god in Endable.

The believers who treated the White Star as the same existence as the Demonic race…

The Deputy Chief Priest who was mixed in with them…

This was what she had said.

‘Those who serve the God of War always hide themselves in the midst of wherever there is a war.’

Cale explained to Alberu.

“Deputy Chief Priest Cotton. Let’s locate her.”

She had left with Mercenary King Bud, but where was she now?

He had an ominous feeling for some reason.

Deputy Chief Priest Cotton. She was someone who served the God of War, and she was the reason that his people and Bud’s group were able to find a safe place in Endable while Cale was stuck in the black orb, becoming Kim Rok Soo and meeting Lee Soo Hyuk.

She was someone who knew to create a space to protect the weak during a war.

She said that they would hide themselves in the midst of wherever there is a war.

‘The God of War-’

Clopeh Sekka. The watering can he found in that bastard’s house was this god’s item.


“I guess we can discuss the details later, your highness.”

– Yeah. I’ll go give Deputy Chief Priest Cotton a visit.

Cale quietly stared at the blank mirror before speaking again.


Nobody answered.

“Do you not have anything to say?”

There was silence for a moment before Cale heard a voice in his mind.

– What is it?

The voice sounded subtly uncomfortable and reluctant.

The owner of the voice had once been given a name by the God of War.

That name was the ‘Water of Judgment.’

However, she chucked a resignation letter at the God of War and named herself the Retrogressive Water before eventually calling herself the Sky Eating Water.

– I… don’t really know.

This was the first time the Sky Eating Water was talking about the God of War since joining Cale.

– I thought that he was a good person, but… He’s a bit cold. He tends to be that way. Thinking about it now…

He made her become revered by people as an envoy of a god, however… It also made people envious of her, leading to them repressing her.

He cherished her and doted on her but also made it so that she could not use her powers as she pleased to live a free life.

‘It was different from what the God of Death did to Cage.’

The God of Death truly cherished the excommunicated priestess, Cage.

Cale could at least admit that much. Cage still had the powers from the God of Death while freely living as she pleased.

Cage and the Sky Eating Water…

Both of them had been cherished by gods but the results were extremely different.

Cale recalled how the Water of Judgment had been tied down by chains.

“I’ll go confirm this once I go back to Roan.”

He then gently asked the Sky Eating Water.

“Could you please cooperate with me?”

“Human, it is scary hearing you talk like that!”

He ignored Raon’s comment.

– …Yes.

He smiled with satisfaction at the unsettled response of the Sky Eating Water.

* * *


This was the second day of the rain.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo, the Chief Advisor of the Martial Arts Alliance, raised her head at the rain that was even covering the moonlight.

She could not see anything in the dark sky.

Even the stars were not visible, making her unable to read the will of the heavens.


Zhuge Mi Ryeo suddenly flinched and turned her head.

Clack clack.

A carriage was leisurely entering the Guangdong Castle Lord’s residence.


The window of the carriage slowly opened.

Light poured out from inside.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo walked out into the rain without any hesitation after seeing the shadowed face behind the light.

However, someone had moved faster than her.

“Master! Welcome!”

Sima Pyeong, the Divergent Coalition leader…

He opened the carriage door with a smile on his face.

Cale looked down at him and asked.

“The rain and wind are quite severe. Will we be able to set the boats out?”


They needed to get on boats to get to that island, leading Cale to ask this question as soon as he arrived at the Guangdong coast where Hainan was visible.


Cale’s group had arrived so close to their destination in the middle of the night.

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