Writing Update: An Unwilling Prince V3

Hello Willing Readers (I think we still need to workshop that name),

Question: Guess how many times I used the word ‘transmigrator’ in the first two novels? Read until the end for the answer.

Let’s talk about art. We have two new pieces to be announced.

New Art:

Min Min created a beautiful logo for the An Unwilling Prince series. (Click Here) Look at it <3

Ramune created a very cute chibi of Jonathan and Oceton.

I am considering making some more proper merch and setting up something for people to be able to buy physical merchandise, instead of only being able to download digital versions. This includes the aforementioned art and some of the other art I have created myself. Please take this survey if you are interested. (Click Here)

New Content

A new novel will officially start being posted on June 15th, two weeks from now. The title is Orion the Bounty Hunter. It is connected to the overall universe and series, but is also somewhat standalone due to having a different main character. I hope you enjoy your time with Orion. (It’s up!)

Synopsis: Orion is a bounty hunter hired by the king of Malamut to kill someone resurrecting the dead. A favored prince and his knight volunteered to help her with her work—and the king agreed before Orion could argue against it. Together, the three meet a wandering bard and set out to eliminate the undead threat to the kingdom.

Also, as a thank you I am giving readers a bonus short story for novel 2, which shows Chester’s point of view of some strange trio shenanigans. I’ve long been joking about this story with my editors and I’m glad to finally publish it. (It’s finally up!)

Answer: How many times was the word ‘transmigrator’ used? 70 times total! 56 times was in An Unwilling Prince, meaning that it occurred about once for every 1,000 words. I….have edited and updated the PDFs so it’s a bit less commonly used. That is a bit too much. You all were right.

Due to some life changes, I don’t have enough time to go through and correct the EAP version in full unfortunately. I will update the prologue since I altered that some.

Overall, I am very happy with the progress that has happened over the past year despite how busy I have been IRL and am looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you all.

-Luxa Ren

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Writer of An Unwilling Prince. Longtime reader, fanfic writer, artist, and animator. Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/thesilverhunt3r Tumblr: https://anunwillingprince.tumblr.com/

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