Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 190: My goodness. The sea, the sea! (16)

Raon looked at Cale’s back as Cale headed toward the cliff by the sea. His front paws tightly clenched the statue.


He heard Choi Han’s voice at that moment.

The person who would have usually been the first to follow in such a situation had remained next to Raon.

“I’ll help you.”

He then had a truly pure smile on his face, not the smile that Cale usually called pure.

“I don’t think there is much I can do though… I don’t really know anything.”

Choi Han looked quite similar to Toonka as he scratched his head.

It meant that he looked like an idiot.

However, Raon would never tell Choi Han that he resembled Toonka. He felt like Choi Han would truly be hurt if he heard that.

It was at that moment.

“As for me, I’ll follow that punk.”

Sui Khan nonchalantly commented before following Cale. Raon’s dark blue eyes met the team leader’s eyes.

“Don’t overdo it.”

Sui Khan stopped walking and patted Raon’s head before walking away without any hesitation.

Beacrox was by his side.

“Are you not going, Grandpa Ron?”

Raon subconsciously asked Ron because, for some reason, he felt like he could relax if Ron went with Cale. Ron smiled gently at him.

That seemed to be the smile that always seemed to make Cale scared. Of course, Raon had never talked about this with Cale or Ron. He simply discussed it with Hong.

He felt as if this was not something he could discuss with the two people involved.

“I thought that the young master-nim can only be relaxed if I stay by your side, Raon-nim.”

He then looked at Raon.

His gaze was quite gentle. Raon suddenly felt as if his hands holding the statue were tingling. He looked around.

Not paying any attention to the chaotic mess around them, he only noticed the gazes of their people looking at him.

Normally, they would have all gone with Cale.

Raon would have been the first to do so.

However, more of them remained here today.

Choi Jung Soo smiled in a refreshing manner as he stood there with the divine item he received from Cale.


Raon randomly fidgeted his paws holding the statue. The bottoms of his paws felt ticklish.

This was when Raon finally felt the cold texture of the statue.

Also when he finally noticed the small gusts of wind created by the flapping of his wings.

He could now hear the screams of the sea mixed together with the much closer roaring of the sky as well.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Finally, he heard his heart that was beating normally.

Raon recalled the last thing Cale said before he left.

‘Raon. Just think of it simply. And if it doesn’t work, don’t do it.’

He then added on.

‘Of course, Eruhaben-nim would not say that something you cannot do is simple.’

Raon then turned toward the video communication screen.

He could see Eruhaben looking at him with his arms crossed.

“Goldie gramps! Can I do it?”

The ancient Dragon responded casually to the energetically asked question.

– Yeah. Don’t make me say something so obvious.

Raon’s wings fluttered energetically.

“That’s right! I can do it! I am a great and mighty Dragon!”

– You keep saying obvious things.

Raon clenched the young monk statue and headed toward the ten-sided pillar connecting the two formations.

– Hey little kid.

It had been a while since Eruhaben did not call Raon by his name and called him a little kid.

Raon recalled when he first met Eruhaben. It was the first time he met another of his race.

Eruhaben, who was a beautiful white gold color compared to his black color, was an extremely sparkling existence to Raon.

– You see the flow of that pillar?


Raon looked at the ten-sided pillar.

The aura of Dragons, and the power of the World Tree, a new power that he now learned, was flowing between the flipped formation.

– The foundation of the World Tree is the nature of that world.

– That is why the power of a World Tree always tries to return to nature.

– However, this power of a World Tree is unable to return to nature. Why do you think that is the case?

Raon immediately answered.

“The aura of Dragons is blocking the power of the World Tree in multiple locations.”

The purple aura flowing through the ten-sided pillar resembled a maze.

A maze with too many blocked paths.

The power of the World Tree flowing through it was swirling endlessly without being able to find the exit.

“…I understand.”

Raon felt as if he now understood the situation.

“The Dragons of Aipotu put the power of the World Tree into these two formations!”

It was done without the Blood Cult’s knowledge.

At first, they probably had both the power of the World Tree and the power of Dragons within the core.

They placed the power of the World Tree inside the formations, and…

“They used the core, the power of Dragons to suppress it until now!”

It was used to suppress the power of the World Tree as it desired to return to nature.

However, the balance was destroyed by Cale taking the core out.

Furthermore, Aipotu had messed with the formations as well to swap the top and bottom.

That made the power of the World Tree fall further into chaos.

Almost as if it would explode.

It was getting worse because of the aura of Dragons left not in the core but in the formation continuing to hinder the power of the World Tree from moving in a stable way.

“The power of the World Tree wants to return to nature but it is unable to do so! In response, it is drawing nature to it!”

– That’s right!

That was the reason the sea and the sky were roaring as they approached this island.

“…And the power of Dragons left in the formations is slowly being pushed back by the power of the World Tree!”

Compared to the core, there was a lot less aura of Dragons inside the formation.

The power of the World Tree that was unable to find the exit was slowly getting more violent, ready to destroy something.

Raon shouted out his answer.

“This is basically a time bomb!”

It was drawing the sky and the sea toward it and the formation would eventually explode.

The result would be-

“This island is going to be blasted away!”

– This place will be destroyed.

Raon looked at Eruhaben who had the same answer. The Gold Dragon asked with a relaxed look on his face.

– Do you know what you need to do?

Raon felt as he had felt in the past while he was learning from Eruhaben.

And during that time-

“I know!”

Raon had never failed to find the answer.

“I just need to create an exit for it!”

– That’s right!

Raon looked toward the ten-sided pillar.

He had been staring at this place since earlier to look for a certain spot.

– Can you see it?

“ I can see it! Over here!”

Raon pointed at a spot where the purple aura was flowing.

“I will pierce a hole here to guide the power of the World Tree into this statue!”

– Yeah. That is the answer.

Raon gulped.

He had found the answer.

However, there was something that was necessary in order to carry out this answer.

Eruhaben brought it up first.

– In order to do all of this, there is something that is most important.


Raon gulped again.

He was feeling anxious.

– That purple aura. To be more accurate, that mana.

Raon knew the identity of this power.

He was certain that this was the power of the Dragon Lord of Aipotu.

Raon had learned a good amount of the situation while being by Cale’s side, and that Dragon, Maxillienne, who had handed the ring to Raon, said that Raon would defeat the Dragons of Aipotu and be the hope for that world.

Basically, this power in front of Raon right now was the power he needed to defeat.

– You need to not be pushed back by that power.


Black mana started gathering around Raon. It fluctuated unstably as if it knew of its master’s anxious state.

– What’s the issue, little kid?

Eruhaben looked at Raon as if he was shocked.

“W,what is it?”

Raon subconsciously answered with a stutter and Eruhaben looked at him in disbelief.

– Are you thinking that you are going to be pushed back?

“…H, huh?”

Raon awkwardly avoided the question, making Eruhaben look even more flabbergasted.

– Why do you have no confidence?! Dragons are all about confidence! Dragons are the greatest and the mightiest in the world!

‘That purple power is from a Dragon too though.’

Raon could not say that out loud.

Eruhaben looked truly flabbergasted.

No, he looked a bit angry.

He must have become even more upset as he talked as his voice slowly started getting louder.

He was basically nagging.

– Raon! It’s not like you are attacking with a body slam! It’s not like you are fighting with a Dragon’s Breath! You’re not fucking him up with your attribute either! You are simply fighting with the power of mana you were born with! You’re scared when there’s so little of the enemy’s mana?

Crown prince Alberu Crossman must have never seen Eruhaben nagging like this as he slowly walked away from Eruhaben.

Raon fidgeted as he asked.

“Goldie gramps. That power is the power of another world’s Dragon Lord.”

– Hmph.

Eruhaben asked in disbelief.

– Why does that matter?

He pointed at the purple aura inside the screen.

– I can clearly see that it is doable!

Raon’s wing slightly fluttered.

The ancient Dragon didn’t care and continued as if he was frustrated.

– Hey little kid. Do you not remember what I said?

He could not help it. He truly was flabbergasted.

‘What the hell has he dealt with over there that he is like this?’

Eruhaben had no idea about the details but he answered without any hesitation.

– You have nothing left to learn from me when it comes to magic or mana.

– There is nothing you have left to learn from me, a thousand plus years old Dragon.

– Do you not know the meaning of that?

He was not in his adult form.

He couldn’t even use Dragon’s Breath.

He knew his attribute, but he didn’t even know how to use it properly.

Regardless, Raon was strong.

– Your power is not weak.

The ancient Dragon had never seen Raon go all out, but he was certain of it.

Raon is strong.

Of course, he didn’t want to see a situation where Raon had to go all out. He wasn’t weak yet; he had no reason to make a little kid like Raon go all out.

That would be a blow to his pride as a Dragon.

Eruhaben kept that thought to himself and spoke sternly.

‘This punk seems to have forgotten, so I need to remind him. Can’t be helped.’

– You are also a Dragon.

Dragons are arrogant.

Eruhaben did not deny this.

In fact, he completely accepted it.

It was the truth.

However, Eruhaben thought that this arrogance was maybe necessary for survival, as Dragons lived extremely long periods of times and rarely managed to meet other Dragons.

They could turn that arrogance into pride.

A Dragon was great and mighty by their existence.

If that was turned into pride…

– You’re scared because the enemy is a Dragon Lord?

There was nothing to be scared of.

Dust. Eruhaben had awakened an attribute that other Dragons had sneered at, but this was one of the statements he firmly believed.

The ancient Dragon asked the young Dragon a question.

– The power of a Dragon Lord. Is that really scary enough to prevent you from what you need to do right now?

Raon flinched at that moment.

‘What I need to do-’

Raon turned toward the sea.


He heard a different sound from before.

He was certain that the human, that Cale was about to use his power.

“I, I-”

Raon spoke energetically.

“I am a Dragon who can even destroy a world!”

– Hmph.

Eruhaben snorted as he responded.

– Now you sound like a proper Dragon. ‘Yes, this is how a Dragon should be.’

He then nonchalantly flicked his chin.

– Seal it right now.

“I got it, Goldie gramps!”

– Don’t rush it though. It’ll make things difficult if things go wrong and it explodes. Slowly create a path. Then seal the power of the World Tree inside the statue.


– Alright, let’s get started. I will watch over you.

“Yeah, yeah!”

Raon energetically nodded his head before walking closer to the ten-sided pillar.

He then pushed one of his toes forward.

Black mana was at the tip of that toe.

Raon focused.

Although this thing was described as being a maze… This pillar that had hundreds of flows mixed together was extremely complicated.

Raon focused on the spot he had located earlier.


Sweat dripped down Raon’s face.

However, Raon didn’t even think about it.


The rain was getting so loud that it was silencing the roaring sea. Or maybe it was the sound of water.

He was certain that this was Cale’s power.

Cale would soon create an unbelievable sight.

However, Raon became calm while listening to Cale’s sound drowning out the roaring sky and the screaming sea.

‘It feels like the human is by my side.’

They were apart, but it felt as if he was right next to him.

Raon’s toe finally started moving.


The black power poked a spot in the purple power.

A small hole was created.

– Yes, just like that! Make the hole bigger!

After creating a door…

– Then put the power of the World Tree inside it! Then this formation will stop working!

The ancient Dragon then inadvertently commented.

– Ah, but to get the power of a World Tree for free… It’ll be very useful. This should be something more precious than most treasures.

Raon’s eyes sparkled.


The young black Dragon’s eyes sparkled.

Raon received the ancient Dragon’s cheering and advice as he slowly did what he needed to do.

He did it while desperately hoping that Cale would be okay.

* * *


It was not raining.

But they could hear the rain.

The rain was so strong that it could swallow the noises of everything around them.

The martial artists who had followed behind Cale, Sui Khan, and Beacrox… The Heavenly Demon and some others kept their mouths shut.

They had chills all over their bodies.

– Almost at the limit.

The Sky Eating Water commented in a gentle voice.

“How much has been used?”

– About 150%.

After the battle at Yunnan Castle, Cale had realized that the power of water that had become 300 percent strong at its max capacity was a charging type.

It had recovered a bit after that time, making Cale’s current limit 150%.

However, this was not the end.

It was not enough to stop that tsunami.


The purple orb in Cale’s hand shook intensely.

– You know the way?


Cale let out a sigh before putting the orb up to his mouth.

He then swallowed it.

– You ate the Super Rock before so this should be no issue. Don’t you think so?

Cale ignored the excited voice of the Sky Eating Water.

‘I had to eat that cobblestone in the past and now I have to eat something like this?!

What the hell-’


– What is it?

Cale commented while looking at the large tsunami that was suddenly very close to him.

“It’s delicious?”

– …Huh?

The Sky Eating Water asked back in confusion as if this was not expected. Cale was honest in his response.

It was decently sweet and a flavorful taste swirled in his mouth. It then ended on a refreshing note.

“…Compared to the desserts I have eaten until now, this was the most delicious?”

– Uhh, mm. That’s good?

“…It’s a taste that I want to keep eating.”

Cale subconsciously licked his lips.

Cale nonchalantly asked as he undid his half-done shirt.

“How many of them are black?”

Sui Khan answered.

“Hold on.”

The seven white water drops and one grey water drop tattoo slowly started changing. It happened very quickly.

Lee Soo Hyuk was able to answer Cale’s question soon.

“Five are black and one is grey.”

Five of them had returned to being black.

– Alright! I can use another 200%!


Cale couldn’t help but chuckle.

Now it was worth trying.

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