TWSB – Chapter 171: Superficial Archbishop (1)

I felt as if I heard an extremely warm yet sad voice in my dream.

‘I can’t…… Feel anything. You are right, Sadie.’

‘Must you do that?’


I made a bizarre noise as my eyes opened. The patterns on the ceiling and the luxurious golden decorations were familiar.

I finally realized that this was my room in Juliette Palace after my breath calmed down.

The sunlight coming through the curtains let me know that it was early morning.

Nobody was by my side but a savory and fragrant smell filled the air.

I slowly unburied myself from the blankets when my stomach growled.

‘This is because……’


The incident at the Blanquer Duchy flew past my mind like a phantasmagoria.

I got chills all over my body and I was filled with fear. Dungeon 1 in the mountains was opened during the masquerade.

Duchess Cecil Blanquer and her people left to take down the demonic beasts.

Unlike the original plan, she was unable to seal the dungeon by the next morning and Christelle, the Imperial Crown Prince, and Vice Captain Élisabeth went to help her without my knowledge.

I was concerned about my friends and asked Sir Johann to follow behind them.

– Boom! Boom!


……Then the golem appeared.


Everything went wrong from there.

No, the more I think about it, the fact that the Duchess and the Knights Brigade were unable to seal Dungeon 1 was already weird.

They weren’t right next to each other, but it could have been because there were too many divine items in the territory.

That was the same reason the difficulty had significantly increased during the Great Clearance of Demonic Beasts.

The Duchess had been clearly tired by the time the golem started rampaging and I threw my body to protect her.

However, the ground cracked open from the shock of the golem’s attack and I fell……

– Flap!

“Holy moly, Percy.”

I gasped and put my feet on the ground.

I did not see the little guy who came to save me.

I was about to look for the chimney bird when I noticed the magazine on my side table.

< Biweekly Riester > October 15 Edition.

“……October 15?”

‘The day I went into the mountain with Sir Johann was October 1, so then I was unconscious for over two weeks……?’

My jaw dropped in shock. I urgently picked up the magazine.

The extremely large text on the cover ruthlessly stabbed my eyes.

‘Golem’s rampage, the perforation in the sky’

‘Discussion with Archbishop Kessié – A quick analysis of the will of the Almighty God’

‘An interview with a witness’

‘What does it mean for the soldiers to be on alert?’

There was scary artwork as well.

In the center of the sky with the sun setting in the west and the moon rising from the east, there was a large black hole.

My hand grew weak.

Thinking about what I saw that day made a strong emotion rise up before calming back down.

The orange eyes that were the last things I saw were very clear in my mind.


– Tap!

The magazine fell to the ground. I flinched at that sound and snapped back to my senses.

I needed to accurately figure out the situation first.

I was certain that what I saw was our veranda, but I had no idea whether that was real or just an illusion.

– Chh!

I used swift movements to open the curtains.

I thoroughly inspected the sky but there were no clouds let alone a hole.

My heart instantly sank. I took some deep breaths and organized my thoughts.

The reaction that the four divine items and I created was definitely unusual, but I had no idea what principles caused it to create a fissure in the sky.

As a result, the most important thing was whether everybody was safe.

The unconscious Christelle, Vice Captain Élisabeth, the Duchess who had bled quite a bit…

And that punk as well.

– Scratch, scratch1 Scratch!

I jumped in shock and looked toward the door.

Someone was scratching at my bedroom door.

– Scrreech, screech, screeeech……


Slam! I slammed the door open and…

– Cruuuuuuu!

– Aaaaaarf!

– Piruuuuuuuuuu!

Demy, Rhea, and Perry even brought Tithé over to jump into my arms.

Percy’s little wings were flapping so much that I was worried that they would break as he pecked away at my pajamas.

I knelt down and felt their warm bodies as I shared my apologies and gratitude.

‘I’m sorry to scare you.’ ‘Thank you for waiting for me.’

These little guys must have had a lot of things that made them sad or disgruntled as they all opened their mouths to cry and rage.

However, they grew all sorts of flowers and medicinal herbs in their front paws and the tips of their ears.

Tithe flapped his flipper and seaweed started growing on the carpet.

I ended up laughing.

“You guys want me to boil some medicinal herbs and seaweed soup to quickly get better? Is this all for big bro?”

– Squee

“I’m fine now. But still, thank you.”

I touched noses with the red pandas before gently patting the harp seal’s white back.

It was at that moment.

– Clang!

I heard the weird sound of a plate breaking.

I looked up in shock to see a pair of golden eyes sobbing in the next room.

At the young boy’s feet were the destroyed tea set and silver platter. I urgently started speaking.

“Ganael, be careful. You’ll be hurt if you step on it.”

“Your highness!”

The young boy elegantly avoided the pieces of glass and ran over to hug me and the little troublemakers.

He then started crying out loud.

‘I thought I would never get to see you again.’ ‘Your whole body was covered in blood.’ Hearing the child cry while saying those things made my nose start to twitch as well.

I couldn’t say anything and just rubbed Ganael’s back.

It was hard to say something because I was full of guilt. I couldn’t even easily tell him not to worry because I was okay.

“Ugh, sob! Waaaaa……”

‘Did you really think about leaving kids like this behind, Jung Yeseo?’ You were going to leave without saying goodbye. Without giving them even the shortest explanation.


Juliette Palace was basically flipped over once I woke up.

Chef Laurence came and cried up a storm before leaving; the attendants, royal servants, and even the soldiers guarding the hallway all came up to greet me.

The Imperial doctor who came to check my condition said that I was healthy, making everybody clap.

But he still said that he would come to see me daily for a bit.

The reason that the bedroom was full of bread and tea was quickly revealed as well.

My family here left food by my side every meal so that I could eat whenever I woke up.

By the time I heard that story, my sense of guilt was striking the heavens.

“It truly is the blessing of the Almighty God.”

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts. The beige-colored eyes I saw warmly curled up.

“Yes, your Eminence. Thank you very much for coming.”

“Your angelic face is now a quarter of its usual size. That hurts me so much.”

Cardinal Boutier quietly whispered.

It wasn’t honestly a quarter of its usual size, but I just let her touch my cheek without saying anything.

I also received some kisses on my forehead and head.

I was thankful that my teacher did not just wait for me in the Empress Palace and calm all the way to my distant home.

Benjamin, who was standing on the other side of the table, dried his eyes with his handkerchief.

Seeing the usually calm and serious person showing emotions as well hurt me so much.

I didn’t end up like that because I wanted to worry them, but still…

“Eat some more.”

“Yes, your Eminence. It is delicious.”

I stacked some roasted goose confit and white beans on warm bread and wet it with some stew before putting the whole thing in my mouth.

The crunchy goose skin and the fatty meat underneath melted in my mouth.

The baguette, which was rough and hard in comparison, broke down with the soft white beans and the difference created a beautiful array of textures in my mouth.

The stew was seasoned perfectly as well, making the whole thing marvelous.

My teacher pushed some other dishes in front of me as I chewed and smiled. ‘Is it okay to eat three servings after having an empty stomach for two weeks?

Not at all. I should eat four servings because I’m hungry.’

“When will I be able to see Dame Sarnez? Vice Captain Élisabeth and Eva as well.”

I placed my spoon in the third plate of navarin as I asked.

At least I got a lot of good news after waking up.

Christelle was unconscious that day but regained her consciousness in one day.

She only had scratches and bruises, her memory and personality was exactly as we remembered, and her ether was also fine.

I was concerned because the Blessing of the Blue Sea released the light from her body, but that was a relief.

The young Countess also quickly recovered from her injuries thanks to a healing priest.


“It is wonderful that everybody is safe. I was quite scared that Duchess Blanquer would not make it.”

My teacher didn’t answer but I became happy and kept talking.

The red and hot navarin had a deep broth that made it obvious that it had been steeped for a long time.

The taste of tomatoes was something I fell in love with after coming here; eating it after being unconscious for half a month made this broth taste wonderful.

I spooned up some lamb meat and sliced it into small pieces before eating it with some shallots.

I basically gobbled the ragout.

“I thought that I saw a green light when we fell underground. Even though she wasn’t its master…… The divine item must have healed the Duchess.”

The Sacred Bow of the Tree of Life was famous for choosing the person to protect it and blessing them with longevity.

But that was not all. The earth attribute divine item had the power of healing.

Apparently the Duchess’s head injury had already healed by the time reinforcements arrived from the Lord’s Castle and found them.

She went through mana interphase and woke up three days later.

I was concerned about the Duchess but I was more worried about how shocked Eva must have been.

“Let’s talk about that day later.”

The Cardinal had a faint smile as she brushed back my hair.

This was an unexpected response, but it felt like she was doing this for me so I just nodded my head.

‘I know I coughed up a bucket of blood but I’m fine now.’

“How is his Royal Highness? I haven’t been able to supply him with ether for half a month…… Has he been receiving another priest’s help during this time?”

I naturally changed topics and started attacking the salade niçoise.

However, I didn’t receive a response even after I stabbed my fork through the colorful vegetables, boiled egg, and olive.

I felt oddly anxious and looked at the Cardinal, who struggled to speak.

“That child says that he will not meet with you, my little prince.”


“Something must have upset him. I think he will need some time.”

She seemed to be consoling me. I couldn’t figure out what to say and slowly put down my fork.

My teacher placed her hand on the back of my hand and continued to speak.

“And for a while…… Anybody other than the Imperial family will be restricted from entering Juliette Palace. It will be difficult for you to have guests.”


“Christelle, Élisabeth, Eva, Johann, all of them… Are no longer able to get closer than the garden.”

“Why? Did something happen, your Eminence?”

I urgently asked. This was basically the same as being confined.

Has the Empire’s affairs become extremely serious because of the hole in the sky?

I haven’t had a chance to properly read through the < Biweekly Riester >.

“……It has to do with the unique authority of the master of Romero Palace.”

The Cardinal smiled bitterly as she answered. I was confused.

“The master of Romero Palace is responsible for Juliette Palace and the decisions he makes regarding Juliette Palace are things even the Empress cannot overrule. This is a custom that has been passed down since the late Emperor Romero.”

Hold on just a minute.

“Basically, are you saying that his Royal Highness decided to confine me?”


I opened and closed my mouth without being able to say anything.

I quickly looked up at Benjamin but he just nodded his head with a somber look on his face.

‘Wait…… Seriously?’


‘Am I imprisoned again?’

“What should I do?”

– Squeeeee?

I paced around the window and mumbled, making Demy stop crawling up to my chest and tilt his head in confusion.

He seemed to be saying that there was nothing I could do except be a palace bum.

I sighed and supported his butt. That was relaxing and great for me too.

Based on how tightly the soldiers were guarding outside Juliette Palace, I didn’t even have the will to take a single step outside.

Romero Palace on the other side was standing firm like Jack Frost, blocking my view.

However, it was possible that I found a way back home.

Even if that was not the case, I wanted to at least say hi to Christelle and the young Countess.

I was also really curious about how Eva has been since the masquerade and the golem’s rampage.

I wanted to hear about Sir Johann and the Imperial Guard members who protected the Lord’s Castle from the remnant demonic beasts as well……

‘Oh right.’

“Demy, I heard that you and Perry went outside the castle gates to fight as well. Benjamin told me.”

– Cree!

It was just like the divine beast who bit a person (me) so that I would take him with me to the Great Clearance of Demonic Beasts.

“You are so brave. Are you sure you are not the real MC of QNW?”

– Pruu!

The divine beast stuck out his tiny tongue before dangling upside down on my body.

Such a joke was an amazing compliment for the little guy.

I smiled brightly and extended my hand to give some ether to him.

Now that I think about it, I only gave him fruit and flowers during the meal as well, not giving him the most important aspect of his meal.

‘Sand must have suffered feeding the kids until now. I need to pay him back for that.’

“Here, our Demy’s favorite thing.”

I opened up all five fingers. Then the golden ether pebbles……


– Sqoo?

Demy’s tail tilted in the opposite direction as my neck. I became anxious and clenched my eyes shut.

However, there was no reaction at my fingertips even when I opened my eyes again.

This lack of reaction was shocking. I stood stiffly and looked down at my heart.

‘Why is no ether coming out……?’

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