When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 94: Spotlight (3)

When Do Wook first got the award show performance proposal from Lee Jin Ri, he recalled his memories.

He tried hard to remember who Lee Jin Ri originally did the award show performance with. He then quickly remembered that M2M’s Yoo Myung Jae performed with Lee Jin Ri at that time.

It was when M2M was at the peak of their popularity. The award show performance with Lee Jin Ri drew a lot of attention as two hot stars working together.

The scandal was a bonus. In an article covering the process of them getting ready for the award show performance, an affectionate picture of them together was released.

The problem was that the two of them were so good together.

He was young, but Yoo Myung Jae looked like he could be in his late 20s. Since he had that kind of appearance, word started to spread that they had, as they say, ‘chemi*’ when he started to hang out with Lee Jin Ri. That part was fine.
(TL Note: Shortened from “chemistry”.)

In the midst of those rumors however, the two of them, who had become friends, were photographed eating dinner after rehearsal, causing more talk.

Honestly, even though they revealed numerous times that they had become friends from working on the performance together, people who had decided for themselves that they are good together were suspicious that the two of them were dating.

Reporters also spun the story in that way to write a provocative article.

Ara Entertainment tried to block the articles, but there was no clear way to do it. If a photo hadn’t been taken, they could have blocked it with money as they were just speculative articles.

“The two of them had a meal together. They get along well.” It was difficult to use money to stop even articles with simple content like that.

Lee Jin Ri had often had scandals arise with incredibly good-looking male celebrities. Also, Yoo Myung Jun had an image among fans as someone with a lot of women.

Because it involved two such people, there was smoke even though there was no fire.

Of course, lots of other issues came up after the award show performance, so stories about the two of them naturally went away.

‘The reason I wanted to keep the award show performance preparations a secret was just in case something similar to this happens…’

The rumors went away, but Yoo Myung Jae was left with a small connection to Lee Jin Ri that never completely went away.

Therefore, Do Wook only wanted to be seen with Lee Jin Ri on stage, and intended to leave the public with only the memory of the performance.

If an article came out about the two of them, reporters would follow them around. They concluded that, if them doing day-to-day things like rehearsing, going to and from rehearsal, or having a meal together were publicized, people would immediately think that their relationship was ordinary.

“Ah, sorry I’m a little late. Did you wait long?”

Lee Jin Ri and her manager arrived at the rehearsal hall. Gu Chul Min, who had been in the corner, got up and greeted them. Do Wook also put away his cell phone and got up.

“No no. I’m sorry to make you come all the way here.”

“No. I’m happy I get to see the rehearsal hall of a famous idol. I should soak in some of that young energy!”

Do Wook laughed at Lee Jin Ri’s joke.

He was certain she must know about the scandal, but Lee Jin Ri seemed fine.

Instead, Lee Jin Ri’s manager’s cell phone kept on vibrating. Lee Jin Ri’s manager, who checked the caller ID, frowned and looked very tired.

“Turn off the phone! We released an official announcement, why do they keep calling?”

When Lee Jin Ri muttered in a slightly irritated tone, her manager turned the cell phone to silent and then put it in his pocket.

“Oh, did you see it by any chance?”


“My article.”

Lee Jin Ri noticed Do Wook was being careful and unable to bring it up first, so she asked him first. Lee Jin Ri continued when Do Wook cautiously nodded his head,

“It’s just, in my album that’s about to drop, there’s a song with Myung Jae.”


“We became a little close because of that so we had a meal together, but an article like this was published over that.”

Do Wook nodded his head as he listened to Lee Jin Ri.

‘Is it that even if the future changed a little, things that were meant to happen still happen…?’

Lee Jin Ri laughed as if it were funny.

“I mean, I know my image is what it is, but with a guy who’s more than 12 years younger? Aren’t they going too far? I got comfortable with him because I thought the idea was too ridiculous. Although, I’m flattered by the misunderstanding.”

“Ah, you’re in quite a pickle.”

“The fans are going absolutely crazy. We did make a public statement that it’s not true. It’s not like there are other photos, so I’m sure it’ll die down soon.”

“Yes. I hope that’s what will happen.”

“Yeah, especially since we also revealed that we recorded an album song together.”

Do Wook quietly heard her out. Lee Jin Ri, feeling wronged and tired, vented her grievances.

“Who’s going to want to work with me now? I was trying to take advantage of my hubae’s popularity and just caused trouble for myself.”

“Try not to think like that too much.”

“I try not to, but…ah, I’m whining in front of a young person. I’m sorry.”

“Not at all!”

“Still, with you it’s just one performance and done, so it should be ok.”

“Yes, it’ll be fine.”

Furthermore, since a scandal with a M2M member already happened, in a way, Do Wook was able to shake off the little bit of anxiety that was left.

“Then let’s start rehearsing!”


When Do Wook answered, Gu Chul Min got ready for the rehearsal.

While he was doing that, Lee Jin Ri started stretching so she could dance. Lee Jin Ri, who had been doing different movements in front of the mirror, said,

“By the way….”

“Yes? Please go ahead.”

“Now that I think about it, for someone who was trying to be careful of a scandal, isn’t the performance you suggested … too strong?”

Do Wook smiled at Lee Jin Ri’s question.

Do Wook had put together a performance that could put all the spotlight on them.

Honestly, the performance was on the strong side, so Lee Jin Ri was also right. However, Do Wook thought the public would clearly distinguish between onstage and offstage.

“It’s a performance.”

“There’s a bold side to you. Ok, let’s give it our all!”


Soon, music started to resonate throughout the rehearsal hall.


Day of the TBN Music Award Show.

Lee Jin Ri and M2M Yoo Myung Jae’s scandal had calmed down to a certain degree. However, people were planning on keeping a close eye on them because the two of them would be onstage together during the award show closing ceremony.

As the cue sheet moved around the fans, they learned that one of the last performances would be a joint performance from Lee Jin Ri and Do Wook.

The fans had no way of knowing what kind of performance it was. The fan cafe was full of excitement.

Rather than the fact that a man and a woman were performing together, the response was that they were looking forward to what kind of performance it would be.

Since Lee Jin Ri was a female singer known for her sexy dance, they expected the performance to have a sexy concept. The fans were about to lose their minds over Do Wook doing such a performance.

At the same time, TBN also released promotional information about Lee Jin Ri and Do Wook’s joint performance on the afternoon of the award show.

The article stated that they prepared for it in secret and that the two of them were going to perform a sexy dance with perfect teamwork, so to please look forward to it.

Since it were two people already well-known by the public working together, there was a lot of attention on them as soon as the article was published.

The KK members had finished rehearsal and were heading to the waiting room.

Today, KK had prepared a ‘Howl’ remix version performance.

The ‘Howl’ choreography was already hard since it was nonstop, but adding a part in the middle with thirty or so backup dancers for a group dance made it a more exhausting performance.

“I think I’m going to faint once we’re done with this.”


“We might be too exhausted to accept awards.”

“Man, that’s ridiculous.”

Jung Yoon Ki and Ahn Hyung Seo practically fainted onto the waiting room sofa and bickered.

The group dance with about thirty backup dancers was truly spectacular.

When the rehearsal was over, the staff all applauded.

Everyone on stage was in sync without a single person making any mistake. It was a powerful performance. Additionally, Park Tae Hyung did a somersault, which was one of the big attractions in the KK performance.

While the members were passed out on the floor, Do Wook changed his outfit after taking a breather.

There was quite a bit of time until the performance with Lee Jin Ri, but because it was his first performance with her and not with the members he had always performed with, he was a little nervous.

The award show performance order was almost in reverse debut order.

KK, M2M, then a few other groups, then Sa Bang Shin Hwa and Lee Jin Ri.

The TBN award show started among loud cheering.

KK was to be awarded a ‘Best in category’ award today. For other awards, it was hard to say who’d win because they were based on voting results and evaluation.

M2M was also confirmed to win a ‘Best in category’ award.

‘I think that M2M still has a chance to turn the tables…’

Do Wook thought as he watched the opening performance from the singer’s waiting area.

The gap between M2M and KK was definitely getting bigger. Still, it wasn’t to the point that M2M couldn’t turn it around and catch up, so he was anxious.

The Rookie of the Year award was announced soon after.

The group who won the Rookie of the Year Award, which KK had won last year, was the female idol group that Brave Only Child had produced and had now made their entrance.

“Wow…! PD Yong.”

When the leader who was accepting the award mentioned Brave Only Child, Kim Won clapped, happy.

For 2 years in a row, the group Brave Only Child produced won the Rookie of the Year Award. Delighted, Do Wook smiled and looked proudly at him.

After that were the ‘Best in category’ awards.

KK won the third ‘Best in category’ award that was announced. Right after them, M2M won a ‘Best in category’ award.

However, afterwards, KK went on to win the ‘New Hanryu Award’, ‘Leader in Promotion of Korean Culture Award’ and ‘Performance Award’ one after another for a total of 4 awards.

KK’s and M2M’s performances were back to back, but there was a big difference even in the cheering.

Of course part of that was because KK’s performance was such a surprising performance that people couldn’t help but cheer.

It was a performance where even the viewers at home and not at the site couldn’t help but stop what they were doing for a moment, to watch KK and the stage full of dancers move.

‘We just need to keep this up.’

Do Wook was certain when he heard the difference in cheering.

Then it was the top award announcement.

It was the moment that should be the most nerve-wrecking, but currently it was oh so obvious that Sa Bang Shin Hwa would receive the top award.

However, the public was unanimously saying that since KK’s popularity had increased this much, it was hard to tell if Sa Bang Shin Hwa would win the top award next year too.

On top of that, there was also some controversy. It was because KK was actually ahead in things like music chart performance. There was some talk that it didn’t make sense Sa Bang Shin Hwa won the top award just because they had much higher album sales.

Anyways, the winner of the top award was Sa Bang Shin Hwa.

The moment the MC yelled out Sa Bang Shin Hwa, the celebratory booms went off. Loud cheering filled the hall.

‘Next year…’

Do Wook thought as he watched Sa Bang Shin Hwa receive the award. Do Wook was resolute in his will to get the award in KK’s name next year no matter what.


The next day, what was plastered all across not only the portal site home page but also the front page of the sports newspaper was not Sa Bang Shin Hwa, who had won the top award.

It was a picture of Do Wook in a loose white shirt after he finished his performance with Lee Jin Ri.

To be precise, it was a photo of sexy-looking Do Wook and Lee Jin Ri so close to each other that it looked like they might kiss.

< Shocking performance! Lee Jin Ri - Kang Do Wook heated up the stage! >

< KK, shining with 4 awards, even did a performance >

< Epic! TBN Award Show broke their all-time ratings record >

“Did they really do that?” There was a lot of controversy. At the same time, people who discovered a new side of Do Wook went wild.

The reaction was that it was too sexy.

There were a lot of opinions that said they had only seen him as someone with a straight image, but seeing him like this was new.

There were fans who were shocked by the unconventional performance, but the majority of the fans’ opinion was that a performance is just a performance.

The reactions were that their heart hurt, but they were happy they got to see a sexy Do Wook.

Yesterday’s star wasn’t Sa Bang Shin Hwa who won the top award. It was Do Wook.

“Dude, the reactions are no joke.”

“I know.”

“Wow…but I was surprised too. There wasn’t a part like that in the rehearsal.”

The members watched the performance over and over and were in awe.

Do Wook simply laughed shyly.

While they were busy chatting, someone opened the rehearsal door and entered.

“Huh?! Mr. PD?!”

Ahn Hyung Seo, who had noticed him first, ran to him.

Radiating his large presence, the person who opened the door and came in was Brave Only Child.

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