Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 150: Let’s just sssh, slash! What do you think? (4)

As Cale suddenly pulled out a light grey orb from his pocket… People were confused but they thought about the heater he always used.

People who expected it would be something like that noticed that the orb was made of sand, and…


Their eyes opened wide after seeing the sand scatter and instantly turn into a whip.

They had never heard about an item like this existing.

But their gazes soon turned vicious.

‘We finally get to see the strength of young master Kim’s people!’

‘We must figure out the level of their martial arts.’

They had never been able to see the strength of the rest of young master Kim’s people, almost as if they were hidden within a fog.

They could fathom young master Kim’s level of martial arts based on the immense aura he uses but the others had only shown glimpses of their abilities and never enough to fathom the depths of their strength.


Zhuge Mi Ryeo, who peeked at the Heavenly Demon who had his arms crossed with a dark red aura wrapped around him, covered her mouth with her fan.

Her lips oddly twisted.

‘It’s completely different.’

The martial arts of young master Kim’s people she had observed until now seemed different from those of the Central Plains. Although they might be similar in that they held a sword, something seemed different in the fundamentals.

‘I would be able to figure out more about young master Kim’s identity if I could understand what those fundamentals are.’

She might be able to figure out their hidden powers that the Imperial Palace had been stealthily keeping.


Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s eyes opened wide.


It started with Jang Hyung, the berserk living jiangshi.

He started charging forward. To be more specific, he was charging toward the Heavenly Demon.

The Heavenly Demon nonchalantly commented with a gruff look on his face.

“I guess I was their target.”

Jang Hyung had charged forward as soon as he released his Heavenly Demon aura.

It made it very clear what mission the Blood Cult had implanted into Jang Hyung as a living jiangshi.

“Is he planning on self-destructing with me?”

Sect leader In Ho immediately jumped in at the comment the Heavenly Demon inadvertently said.

“Jang Hyung! Don’t do that!”

He then ran toward Jang Hyung. He looked as if he wanted Jang Hyung to attack him instead.

The Sect leader looked toward Cale and shouted.

“I will lead him! I will be the bait, so-”

However, he could not finish his sentence.


Between Jang Hyung and the Heavenly Demon…

A black aura struck down between the two of them.


It was a black Dragon.

It was not a Dragon that was elaborate and beautiful in appearance. Instead, its rough appearance made it look as if it was just sort of put together.

However, they couldn’t have that kind of thought about it.

This Dragon was releasing a violent and explosive aura fitting its rough appearance.

“As I expected.”

The moment the Heavenly Demon started smiling…

The person who created that black yong, Choi Han, kicked off the ground. The black yong followed his movements.

He ran forward and made eye contact with Jang Hyung.

It was difficult to make out his pupils because the whites of his eyes had been dyed black as well, however, the living jiangshi was definitely looking at Choi Han.

Choi Han had seen the living jiangshi’s body stagger.

Choi Han commented in response.


The living jiangshi started moving as if responding to his statement. The Cleave Saint, who was watching, commented almost in a sigh.

“Even if he has lost his consciousness and is listening to the Blood Cult, his roots are in Kunlun.”

It looked as if there were clouds surrounding Jang Hyung.

The Eight Great Styles of the Cloud Dragon.

A Dragon floating through the clouds.

The virtuous martial arts that was the pride of Kunlun.

Despite being submerged in an evil aura, Jang Hyung’s martial arts showed the purity and subtlety that he had trained up until now.

The clouds that appeared through the numerous tall peaks…

Steps that freely moved through those peaks with a dignified nature that nobody could easily reach and strength that could not be stopped.

“…Jang Hyung-”

The Sect leader could not control his overwhelming emotions and scowled.

Jang Hyung, who had only been using overwhelming physical strength and going berserk, using the Eight Great Styles of the Cloud Dragon made it so that the people of the Kunlun Sect could not turn a blind eye to their disciple, senior martial brother, or junior martial brother.

People realized something as well.

“The living jiangshi knows it too.”

The Heavenly Demon calmly commented.

“He knows that you cannot defeat that black yong with mere physical strength.”

The living jiangshi that had located his mission, the Heavenly Demon, could not self-destruct without trying to achieve his goal.

His natural instincts helped him recognize that the person who was in his way was a strong person.

He had to use his strongest abilities to attack this person.

The history of Kunlun. He had to attack with the Eight Great Styles of the Cloud Dragon.

He then looked at the black yong and Choi Han, who were fighting against him.

Everybody could see his steps and movements.

“Ha, haha-”

The Heavenly Demon laughed.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo frowned.

However, both of their gazes sank heavily.

The Chief Advisor observed each and every one of Choi Han’s movements.

‘There are no styles of rules to his steps.’

From the way he extended his sword and released his internal ki to create this black yong…

There seemed to be no rules in all of his actions.

‘No, there are some.’

There did seem to be an extremely basic sword art that served as a base when he used his sword, but…

That sword art was extremely basic compared to the numerous martial arts of the Martial Arts world.

Of course, she felt that Choi Han’s movements were similar to someone else’s.

‘The Sword Demon.’

The Sword Demon and Choi Han really seemed to be related as the Chief Advisor had heard.

However, they were different.

‘’The Sword Demon had a bit more form.’

His Dragon was quite elaborate as well.

However, Choi Han was different.

‘It is violent and rough.’

It was also free.

Similar to a person who picked up a sword for the first time and swung it around in all directions without knowing the danger of the blade…

Choi Han resembled such a person.

But Zhuge Mi Ryeo could not completely agree with that.

The black yong that was created by these violent and free movements…

There was an extremely deep and thick darkness within that aura.

‘It is not evil or demonic.’

His aura could not be labeled as evil or demonic.

The lights sparkling around that black yong…

These lights contained purity that made it difficult for them to jump to conclusions.

A person’s aura was going to show their heart.

There was something pure shining through that thick darkness.

She had no idea what that something was, but it was definitely something virtuous.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo heard the Heavenly Demon next to her.

“He must have been through a lot.”

Choi Han and Jang Hyung clashed at that moment.

More accurately, the black yong infiltrated into Jang Hyung’s clouds.


They heard a loud explosion.

The black yong stomped on the clouds.

Jang Hyung continuously created clouds or used mysterious movements that made it look as if he was stepping on those clouds to run away from the black yong, but…


The black yong made explosions instead of roars and chased after him.

It moved effortlessly with nothing being able to stop it.

“He’s shouting.”

There was a small smile on the Heavenly Demon’s face as if he was entertained.

‘He’s shouting that he is right there.’

Choi Han.

This man’s sword was not quiet.

It was endlessly revealing his presence.

It was similar to a lost child who was left in darkness shouting that he was there.

However, Choi Han did not seem like a lost child.

‘It’s the opposite.’

Choi Han was shouting from inside the deep darkness.

He was shouting that he was there while carrying a light that was extremely small compared to the darkness.

He seemed to be shouting for the lost child to come to him.

‘How entertaining.’

This might seem childish as well, but his heart was pure and resolute.

It had to be in order for spirit to be imbued in his sword.

‘I want to fight against him once.’

The Heavenly Demon once again firmed his desire to spar with Choi Han before nonchalantly commenting.

“He’ll be caught soon.”

Those words soon became reality.


Jang Hyung was letting out some eccentric roars before he stopped moving.

The black yong, the tip of Choi Han’s sword was right in front of him.

Taking one step forward would make that sword pierce through his neck.

“Running away is useless.”

Choi Han didn’t even have a single bead of sweat on him as he calmly commented.


However, the living jiangshi did not give up. Jang Hyung took a step backward.

He twisted his body.

‘Let’s run away.’

That was the thought on his mind.

“I told you that it was useless.”

But the moment he heard Choi Han’s voice…

The living jiangshi started shaking.

He could not run away backward.

Choi Han made eye contact with Ron, who was standing behind Jang Hyung.


The Cleave Saint jumped in shock.

‘When did he get there-?!’

He couldn’t hide his astonishment at Ron’s sudden appearance.

Even if he was focused on Choi Han and Jang Hyung, he had not noticed Ron approaching at all.

That part made him truly feel how stealthy Ron’s movements had been.

He also realized one more thing.

Choi Han, who had looked as if he was moving freely, had actually been moving Jang Hyung toward this half white-haired man.

And the moment that man grabbed Jang Hyung’s neck…

“Good job.”

Choi Han and Ron kicked off the ground and moved away from Jang Hyung after working so hard to capture him.

The whip seeped in between them and grabbed Jang Hyung.

There was no need for the sand whip to be strong.

– Human, I am tying him down too!

There was already a rope made of black mana binding Jang Hyung’s body.


Jang Hyung’s limbs started shaking after sensing danger.

As the black blood veins swelled up more…


The moment someone shouted that…


Jang Hyung’s movements stopped.

Everybody looked toward Cale.

The sand whip in his hand was covered in a rose gold current.

That rose gold light was binding Jang Hyung.

‘It is easy doing it like this.’

Cale thought that it really was a good idea to use the whip and calmly commented.

“Hey Heavenly Demon, come here.”

It should be difficult for the living jiangshi to self-destruct or go berserk while the rose gold light was touching him.

It had been hard to take care of Namgung Tae Wi in the past because the Fire of Destruction had only been slightly unsealed at that time, but…

‘Jang Hyung is taking candy from a baby compared to the Heavenly Demon.’

Even if he went berserk, Jang Hyung was nothing in front of Cale’s Fire of Destruction that was now over seventy percent unsealed.


Red smoke started pouring out of the heater and the Heavenly Demon let out a slightly despondent laugh before standing next to Cale.

Cale calmly continued to speak to him.

“We should check if we can protect his dantian even while he is in a berserk state.”

He then asked the Sect leader.

“Sect leader-nim.. It is possible that we may not be able to protect his dantian. He has gone quite berserk already.”

“…I am aware, young master-nim. Please at least protect his life for now.”

“Yes sir. Please don’t worry about that. We will also try to protect his dantian if possible.”

Cale motioned with his eyes to the Heavenly Demon who immediately moved and stood behind Jang Hyung. He then released his aura.

The dark red aura touched the back of Jang Hyung’s neck.


Jang Hyung twisted his body as if he was flailing.

“That, that-!”

An Elder of the Kunlun Sect became anxious and stepped forward before seeing the Cleave Saint’s hand blocking him. The Cleave Saint asked in a low voice once they made eye contact.

“Do you not want to heal Jang Hyung?”


The Elder stepped back.

He then observed the Heavenly Demon with a gaze full of desperation and sharpness. It was his way of showing that he would not forgive any nonsense.

The Cleave Saint sighed in response.

The Heavenly Demon suddenly withdrew his aura.

“What, what is it? Is it not possible?”

The Sect leader subconsciously shouted when the Heavenly Demon looked toward Cale and spoke.

“The evil aura has spread to the upper dantian as well.”


The Sect leader, who knew about the principles of purification, gasped and staggered. As Daoshi Un Seon urgently supported him?


Cale asked and the Heavenly Demon answered.

“But his upper dantian has not been completely affected.”

Cale nodded his head.

“So there is a chance.”

“That’s right. It should be fine if we purify his upper dantian first. But it looks like it will take a long time.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

The Heavenly Demon sent his aura into Jang Hyung again after hearing Cale’s response.

The dark red aura seeped into the upper dantian.

The Heavenly Demon felt something different from when he did this in the Demon Cult.

Jang Hyung’s body was rejecting the dark red aura.

This was not because he was a living jiangshi in a berserk state. This person’s body was rejecting his aura.

The Heavenly Demon calmly commented.

“You need to survive in order to kill me, don’t you?”

As the Sect leader and others of the Kunlun Sect flinched…

The Heavenly Demon laughed.

“How interesting.”

Only then did Jang Hyung’s body accept the Heavenly Demon’s aura. Despite losing his sense of reason, the amount of grudge Jang Hyung’s body held toward the Demon Cult was immense.

The Heavenly Demon poured in his dark red aura without saying anything else and found the path.

The rose gold light flowing through the whip followed the dark red aura into Jang Hyung’s body.

It was a slow process from there.

It really took a long time.

This purification took over two hours.

Both Cale and the Heavenly Demon became drenched in sweat.

– Human, are you okay? Your complexion seems okay!

Raon’s voice was calm as he watched. Cale’s complexion was the same as earlier and he showed no signs of coughing up blood.

It should have made everybody calm but the atmosphere in the area was getting heated up despite everybody being silent.

It could not be helped.

Jang Hyung’s external appearance was slowly returning.

Starting from his face to his arms and legs…

Slowly toward his chest…

The swollen black veins subsided and he was returning to his original appearance.

One vein at a time.

The purification process was slow but it was extraordinary and nobody could take their eyes off of it.

They could tell how focused the Heavenly Demon and Cale were in order to heal Jang Hyung.

Jang Hyung was now closing his eyes with a relaxed look on his face.

And finally…


He coughed up an ash-colored liquid as he opened his eyes.

His clear pupils and the whites of his eyes were perfectly contrasting each other as he blankly looked up at the sky.

The Heavenly Demon withdrew his aura and Cale released the whip. Raon’s black rope had disappeared a long time ago.

Nobody cheered or said anything.

Jang Hyung was crying.

He slowly moved his body. He staggered a bit but he did not stop.

He bowed toward Cale and the Heavenly Demon.

“I will not forget the grace you have shown me.”

The Heavenly Demon responded.

“You should not forget your grudges either.”

Jang Hyung looked at the Heavenly Demon and answered.

“I will become stronger.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

The Heavenly Demon stepped back. Jang Hyung then walked up to Cale and thanked him again.

He bowed even deeper than earlier.

‘Thank you very much, young master-nim.”

He then made a request.

“I would like to stand at the forefront of destroying the Blood Cult. Please.”

Cale answered.

“Ah, that is not possible.”

As Jang Hyung and everybody else flinched at Cale’s stern response… Cale ignored the gazes focused on him as if they meant nothing and calmly answered.

“The Sword Saint and the Namgung Clan have already claimed the forefront.”

The Heavenly Demon chimed in as well.

“The Demon Cult will be at the forefront.”

Cale shrugged his shoulders at Jang Hyung as he spoke.

“There is a bit of a competition for the forefront.”

Jang Hyung could have grumbled at his calm and relaxed answer, but he could not do so.

He saw the way Cale’s eyes were looking at him.

Jang Hyung’s eyes looked alive after seeing the person who purified him and was observing him again.

His gaze then headed toward Sect leader In Ho.

The Sect leader spoke with a look of resolution that he had never shown before.

“It looks like our Kunlun will have to participate in that competition for the forefront as well. Our Kunlun has never been in the back of an issue for the good of the Central Plains.”

He then smiled at his disciple, Jang Hyung.

Jang Hyung looked ready to cry again before he barely smiled back.

– Human! Why is everybody trying to be in the front?

Cale ignored Raon’s comment and thought to himself.

‘It looks like everybody will try to completely destroy the Blood Cult without me having to say anything.’

Cale noticed Chief Eunuch Wi approaching from a distance at that moment.

The two of them made eye contact.

He heard a sound transmission.

– Young master-nim! We’ve procured an elixir!

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

* * *

Three days later.

All of the Martial Arts Alliance’s living jiangshis in Kunlun were purified and Cale headed toward the Unorthodox faction with Sima Pyeong.

“Master. This disciple is just checking in to make sure that you are well.”

“My disciple, the Coalition leader, what are these refreshments?”

“They are refreshments this little one has prepared for his master.”


Cale sighed at Sima Pyeong and Raon’s nonsense that started early in the morning and wiped his face with both hands.

“Hahaha, let’s fight!”

“Kahaha! Come! Come at me!”

“I want to fight too!”

Toonka, Xia Mun, the Second in Command of the Green Forest, and Sima Jung, the Trash of the Unorthodox faction. The three of them started fighting early in the morning.

Cale sighed again while listening to them and clenched his eyes shut.


Sima Dan was drinking next to him.

“Hoo hoo. Shall I teach you a game of dice?”

Sima Gong had slowly approached Ron and was trying to convince him to gamble.

‘I don’t want to go.’

Cale suddenly did not want to go to the Divergent Coalition.

He just wanted to go home.

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