TWSB – Chapter 163: So that love and steps don’t get tangled (3)

Benjamin and Sir Johann looked as if they wanted to say something to me but I quickly walked over to Eva by the door.

I felt like the gaze of the angel was on my back despite only being able to see his mouth.

‘He has broad shoulders too. I thought the Imperial Crown Prince was the only one like that.’

“Hello, Eva. Your disguise is very awesome.”

I smiled and whispered.

The young Duchess had roses as red as her hair all over her head with some strands of her curly hair looking like vines to make it even cuter.

Her mask was black like mine but decorated with jade, emeralds, and bloodstone to differentiate them.

The dress was made of brown satin that matched Eva’s eyes and decorated with diamonds.

They must have twisted and folded the expensive material quite a bit as there were roses the size of basketballs all around the dress.

She gave off a rustling noise and a gentle scent of flowers whenever she moved.

Basically, she looked as if a bundle of black roses was turned into a person. (TL: Black roses are not actually black, they are dark red)

The way her eyes smiled underneath the mask was very cute.

“Thank you very much, your highness. You look fabulous as well.”

“It’s all thanks to you, Eva. I also wore the shirt you bought me at the Commerce Center last time underneath. Thank you very much.”

The corners of the child’s lips twitched once I said that.

She then turned her head and changed the topic.

“By the way, that angel in white, is he perhaps……”

“I do not know who that is.”

“Excuse me?”

The young Duchess’s eyes opened wide. Benjamin coughed into his handkerchief.

Eva looked at him with a pitying gaze before mumbling, ‘that must be the case if you say so, your highness.’

I waved to Tithé one last time before quickly escorting the child and walking out of the tower.

‘……That guy probably won’t go around blabbing about my identity, right?’


Most of the guests were already in the ballroom so we were able to enter the main building without much attention.

Eva explained Duchess Cecil Blanquer and her husband’s dispositions as we walked down the hallway.

Benjamin advised me about situations that may arise during a masquerade.

He said this at the end.

“Of course, I’m certain that you have a lot of related experiences as well, your highness. However, this is the Empire so a native’s words of advice should not be useless.”

“Of course. It is very helpful.”

I quickly answered.

‘Now that I think about it, Prince Jesse had a nickname of being the Scoundrel of the Holy Kingdom……’

He was said to have been at all sorts of parties and masquerades and had scandals with numerous women.

I awkwardly smiled and observed the arched tall windows and the sculptures in the hallway.

I could hear beautiful music and people laughing not too far from us.

The attendants at the entrance of the ballroom noticed us and bowed respectfully. It was at that moment.

“Your highness, Marquis Duhem’s carriage is here. I see Duke Sarnez over there as well.”

Sir Johann looked out the window and commented. I looked toward that direction as well.

There were a lot of carriages that had arrived in time for the masquerade and I could see the crests of House Sarnez and House Duhem as well.

Marquis Duhem got off and extended his hand toward someone inside the carriage.

I could see an extremely warm smile on his face despite the distance. ‘Is it his dance partner?’

“I will be assisting in your entrance, my lady and my lord.”

The attendant respectfully informed us. I jerked my head up.

Eva was taking some deep breaths next to me.

It finally felt like my first ever masquerade was right in front of my face.

My nervousness was making my insides churn and my heart was beating wildly.

But I had to deal with this as adult-like as possible.

This was Eva’s debut into the Beau Monde and the child will be publicly announced as the young Duchess today.

Eva might lose face if I cannot control myself as her partner.

I definitely did not want something like that to happen.

“Shall we go in?”

I smiled brightly and asked the young Duchess who was tightly holding onto my arm.

I didn’t forget to lift the veil and make eye contact as well.

Eva had a blank gaze for a moment before……

“That sounds great.”

She then nodded her head with a solemn gaze.

– Click, screech……

The large door immediately opened. Beautiful music and extravagant lighting welcomed us.


Benjamin and Sir Johann remained in the areas for attendants and guards while Eva and I walked toward the center of the ballroom.


“Please just move your eyes to look like I am. You look like a country bumpkin if you move your neck as well.”

Eva sharply rebuked me. I urgently locked my chin forward.

The ballroom was not as luxurious as Strauder Palace during the Spring Ball but the participants were quite colorful.

Nobles disguised in all sorts of colors were using humorous tones to hide their identities as they fanned themselves.

‘That person’s mask is in the shape of a flame. This is a peacock and butterfly couple. That…… Is that a swan?’


There were so many guests that I could not find Ganael and Vice Captain Élisabeth.

I didn’t end up hearing what Christelle and Crown prince Cédric’s disguises were but Ganael said that they were ‘masterpieces born out of David-nim’s utmost efforts.’

‘But David was someone who would praise the crown prince even if he was wearing rags…’

– Ring ring, ring ring!

I flinched for a moment.

Thankfully, it was not the crystal bell in my pocket but a bell to announce the start of the masquerade.

A portion of the guests moved to the outskirts of the ballroom while only the nobles who were going to dance remained at the center.

I looked at Eva and gently let out a deep breath. I debated whether I should say something to encourage her or something, when…


A slow song started playing. Eva bowed toward me as I froze for a moment.

I quickly bowed back and kissed the back of Eva’s hand as I memorized and took the first step.

I was super thankful that I did not forget the movements I had memorized.

– Tap, tap!

Everybody’s clothes and shoes were rustling and tapping on beat. That was surprisingly fun.

I spun in circles with the young Duchess while grabbing and letting go of her hand.

We were taking the same steps just in opposite directions as if we were facing a mirror. We then took some hops as the child laughed.

“You really memorized it all, my lord.”

“I couldn’t be a burden to you.”

I moved my head underneath Eva’s arm as I answered.

I didn’t trip over my own feet or step on Eva’s dress as I worried about.

We whispered to each other for a while and then the first dance came to a close.

We looked at each other and bowed once the music died down.

People clapped all around the ballroom. ‘What was next again?’

“Now we all dance together.”

“Yes, my lord.”

‘Oh right, that.’

This time, everybody got into a large circle and danced in pairs with the person on the inside moving to the side to change partners.

A new song started playing.


The orchestra’s song was smooth and pleasing to the ear.

I firmly supported Eva’s waist so that the child could play as much as she wanted.

Then we switched dance partners twice and I was relieved that neither of them seemed discontent with how I danced.

This was the first time since a field day in elementary school that I had to match rhythms with someone else.

I peeked and saw that Eva seemed to be enjoying herself a lot. ‘All of that practicing was worth it.’

“Did you properly plant the tulip roots?”

At that moment, my next partner suddenly asked. I blinked in shock.

The person had extremely basic armor compared to myself and was even wearing a helmet.

‘What? Is that a popular saying in the Beau Monde these days?’

“I’m not sure. Wouldn’t the gardeners take care of that?”

I supported the limping person and answered.

I couldn’t tell whether the armor was limiting him or if he normally had an issue with his leg.

He flinched and looked at me.

I didn’t know whether he actually looked at me but it felt that way.

The man did not seem to like my answer as he silently moved mechanically.

‘Was he looking for a different answer?’

-•••••• ♩♪♬!

The music ended on a magnificent note and the armor left my side after barely doing what should have been a bow.

I tilted my head and walked to the edge of the ballroom. ‘Does he need to go to the bathroom or something?’

“Great job, your highness. Please have some snacks.”

“Thank you very much. This is exercise as well so it is making me hungry.”

Benjamin and Sir Johann warmly welcomed me.

The table they were at had smoked salmon mousse and olive, and canapés with all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

There were about ten plates of ficelle picarde that were cut into small pieces as well.

This setup made me think that I would get full off of finger food.

I laughed and drank a cool blueberry ade to start.

The music changed again and another flashy dance took place.

‘Eva should eat a bit as she plays too.’


I then noticed a woman who was so alluring that it gave me chills.

She was dancing with the problematic angel I met in the lobby, and the two of them seriously did not seem to go well together.

I must not be the only one feeling that way as the two of them were receiving quite a lot of gazes.

Of course, the woman’s dancing was a bit…… It was pretty bad.

It might be exaggerating a bit but she seemed as bad at dancing as Christelle.

However, her exceptional costume and peculiar charm was, as they call it, a critical hit.

“She is going to be very popular.”

I had a cup in my mouth as I mumbled.

She had black bat-like wings on her back.

‘Batman…… No way that is the case so the concept must be the devil.’

A snake-like bracelet elegantly wrapped around her wrist and the way her blue hair that gave off an ominous air was rolled up on both sides looked like goat horns.

Her red lips that were visible underneath her skeleton mask curled up. ‘Huh?’


I made a bizarre noise and immediately turned around.

My cheeks were so flushed that cold food would heat right up if they were placed on them.

‘That extremely beautiful woman looked at me and smiled? Is this for real?’

“Your highness, your neck is red.”

“Please be quiet, Sir Johann.”

“If you are interested in the young lady disguised as a devil, I can introduce you to her. I just happen to know her.”

He seemed to be enjoying this quite a bit. ‘Is this what they call the calm demeanor of a married man? Wait, that’s not important right now!’


“Prince Jesse.”

A familiar voice made me squirm as I turned around.

It felt as if I got scolded for having weird thoughts while in someone else’s body.

The person who walked up to me immediately took off his mask. I became dazed and pulled up my veil.

“……Little Bacary?”

“I did not expect to see you again so quickly either.”

The seer was as stiff as the nutcracker doll as he showed his respects.

He then whispered something unbelievable.

“Normally, I would need to deliver this message to his Royal Highness as he is her Majesty’s son, however, I have no way of knowing what his Royal Highness is disguised as and have come to find you instead, your highness.”

“Are you saying that I am easily noticeable?”

“You are saying something obvious, your highness.”

‘What kind of completely unexpected nonsense is this……’

“Please be on your guard. I see the shadows of death in this place.”

“Wait a minute, why is your nose bleeding?”

I gasped and grabbed a napkin from Benjamin.

The young boy’s nose had started bleeding.

I covered his nose with the napkin and looked at him again to see that the seer looked pale and felt extremely cold.

Sir Johann closed the chiffon curtain around our area with swift movements. I urgently asked.

“Is it always like this? Do you bleed whenever you get a revelation?”

“No, your highness. This is the first time…… There has never been any malfunction like this in the past.”

“Please don’t use words like that.”

My comment made Bacary close his mouth and squirm.

Benjamin, Sir Johann, and I exchanged glances.

Something seemed to be happening here.


‘It was different from a normal revelation. Everything turned dark and I could smell the stench of a terrible plot. The way it felt as if my blood was flowing in reverse……’

I recalled the captain’s comments as I walked out of the curtains.

The young boy had calmed down thanks to my healing circle and was now asleep on the couch with attendants looking after him.

My heart sank at first thinking there would be a terrorist attack.

However, Bacary was certain that it was not that sort of revelation.

‘It was about a single person’s pain. I did not see any fire, explosions, swords, or blood.’

‘Either way, it should mean that there is a suspicious person in here. And that it would be best to capture that person before they leave.’

‘……That should be the case.’

Even if that was the case, I was concerned about Bacary’s condition. ‘If it is a different revelation than usual……

Did he perhaps see something that doesn’t happen in the original novel? Is that why his body is reacting like this?’

“I don’t have enough clues. They are all just guesses.”

I mumbled and stood in a random spot.

Benjamin had left to inform Duchess Blanquer and her husband about this.

I decided to take a look at the guests in the ballroom while Sir Johann started from the first floor and checked all of the open terraces and balconies on all floors.

I planned to inform Eva, Vice Captain Élisabeth, and Ganael if I ran into them.

‘It would be great if Christelle or the crown prince bastard spoke to me first……’



I gasped while looking at the person who was suddenly in front of me.

It was that charming devil young lady from earlier.

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