Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 149: Let’s just sssh, slash! What do you think? (3)

Cale raised his hand once he got past the main gate of the Kunlun Sect to the area around the Sect leader’s residence.

– I got it, human!

Raon got rid of the wind swirling around Cale’s feet.

Baaaaaang! Baaaaang! Baaaaang—!

Piercing explosions echoed in Cale’s ears.

“Jang Hyung!”

Jang Hyung, the future Kunlun Sect Leader.

Sect leader In Ho was looking at his successor and disciple and desperately calling out to him.

However, the person hearing that plea looked completely different from his usual self.


His body was covered in black blood veins as he let out a growl and his eyes were dyed black.


The Heavenly Demon, who followed behind Cale, groaned at his dreadful appearance while Ron calmly made a comment.

“He looks almost identical to the jiangshis in Xiaolen. He is quite strong as well.”


Sect leader In Ho and two others from the Kunlun Sect were fighting against Jang Hyung right now.



One of the simple yet elegant pavilions of the Kunlun Sect was destroyed.

“Sect leader! Jang Hyung is getting even stronger!”

One of the Elders fighting against Jang Hyung urgently shouted.

The Heavenly Demon mumbled in a low voice.

“He is at least at the middle of the Unrestrained Realm.”

Jang Hyung. Originally, he was in the latter half of the Transcendent Realm. Being at that level at his age was already quite good, but he was someone who was expected to reach the Unrestrained Realm if he trained a little longer.

The future and pride of Kunlun. That was Jang Hyung.

“I heard that even experts in the Unrestrained Realm would have trouble handling living jiangshis once they went berserk. I guess that was true.”

The Heavenly Demon shook his head.

“No. He is slowly getting stronger so he should arrive at least at the middle of the latter half of the Unrestrained Realm. This living jiangshi is stronger than what has been recorded.”

Basically, this meant that the Blood Cult had made living jiangshis stronger than in the past.

Ron calmly continued to speak with a benign smile on his face.

“Someone stronger than Warrior Namgung Tae Wi has gone berserk. Most people will not be able to stop him.”

“Young master-nim!”

Daoshi Un Seon urgently called out to Cale.

She was not the only one to do so.

“Young master Kim-nim!”

“Could you please take care of this for us?!”

People from the Kunlun Sect started talking to him with urgent looks on their faces.

Cale looked at the person who asked him to take care of this as soon as he got there. Cale nonchalantly asked the person who flinched once Cale looked at him.

“How did it end up like this?”


Zhuge Mi Ryeo and the Cleave Saint appeared as the people stood there with awkward looks on their faces. Sima Pyeong could not come in because the Kunlun Sect would not let him inside.

The Heavenly Demon was only able to come in because Cale said that he was necessary to take care of things.

‘Why can’t you tell me what happened?”

Cale calmly asked again to the person who was just hesitating without being able to say anything when the person standing next to him spoke up.

“Please let me tell you separately.”

He then peeked at the Heavenly Demon.

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up. This guy was clearly acting as if they could not say it in front of someone from the Demon Cult.

The Sect leader and two Elders were doing everything they could to stop Jang Hyung who was going berserk but these people were hesitating and acting like this.

‘I don’t like it.’

Cale started to feel an unexplainable sense of annoyance.

Until now, the Namgung Clan, Demon Cult, and even the Martial Arts Alliance… They all moved urgently regarding living jiangshis and knew what was important.

“Please tell me. Right now.”

Cale ended up using his Dominating Aura. The aura of an overlord slowly rising from his body made the old man who told Cale to quickly take care of this flinch.

Cale quietly observed the man who seemed like an Elder and the Elder started to speak.


“Evacuate everyone!”

It was right after a pavilion was destroyed and they heard people run away.

“That… Jang Hyung learned about our cooperation with the Demon Cult and that there would be some sort of exchange between Kunlun and the Demon Cult. He became like this after hearing about that.”

The corners of Cale’s lips oddly twisted up.

“I clearly recall asking the Sect leader to make sure that Jang Hyung does not learn about the situation with the Demon Cult.”

“T, that-”

As the people around them slowly shut their mouths at Cale’s aura that was slowly getting stronger… The person facing Cale’s gaze ended up speaking.

It was because Cale showed no signs of making a move despite Jang Hyung’s fight continuing with the Sect leader and the others.

The person whom they believed would take care of this situation first because he valued justice and chivalry was actually colder than anybody else.

“The Elders were speaking to each other when Jang Hyung overheard us and it ended up like this.”

The Cleave Saint scoffed and started speaking.

“Ha! So what you are saying is that the Sect leader told you all that this situation was top secret and all of you were chatting about it outside without much thought when Jang Hyung just happened to be passing by and heard it?”

He sounded quite rude but the Elder could not say anything.

“Hmph! How careless must all of you have been to not even notice that Jang Hyung was passing by?”

“That, that’s because we were suddenly told that we might be cooperating with the Demon Cult! Of course we can be frustrated at such an unbelievable situation-!”

“So you created this situation?”

The Elder’s mouth shut at the Cleave Saint’s comment.

“It’s obvious that the two Elders fighting with the Sect leader over there and the two Elders here. The four of you must have been talking shit about it and caused this incident. Tsk tsk. How can you be so careless?!”

The Cleave Saint’s choice of words were slowly getting worse but the Elder spoke as if he was making an excuse.

“Anyway, we never mentioned anything about the Blood Cult! We didn’t even talk about Jang Hyung being a living jiangshi! All we did was talk about the Demon Cult!”

“You know that the Demon Cult is a more dangerous topic for martial brother Jang Hyung!”

Un Seon could not listen anymore and shouted.

“…How dare you speak up when an Elder is speaking?!”

“Hmph. Who cares if you are an Elder? If you say stupid shit, someone needs to speak up!”

The Elder was angry but could not say anything back to the Cleave Saint. The Cleave Saint’s sharp gaze and Cale’s aura was slowly suffocating him more.

Cale finally started speaking.

“I guess the Demon Cult would be a worse topic than the Blood Cult for Noble Warrior Jang Hyung.”

For Jang Hyung, who lost his parents to the Demon Cult, the Demon Cult was a greater evil than the Blood Cult.

That was why it was enough to make him go berserk. This was the reason Cale had told the Sect leader to be careful.

The Heavenly Demon, who had been silent, chimed in at that moment.

“I think we need to suppress him for now.”

“Ahem. Hem!”

The Elder could not hide his discomfort as the Heavenly Demon spoke up. He then addressed Cale.

“Young master-nim, I know that we made a mistake, but shouldn’t we calm this situation right away? So please. Please purify him right now.”

Cale nonchalantly commented in response.

He acted completely normal.

“Did you leave it with me?”

“…Excuse me?”

“Purification, did you leave it with me?”

The people around them looked at Cale in shock.

Everybody except Ron and the invisible Raon. Even the Heavenly Demon was looking at Cale as if he was a bit shocked.

“No, that-”

The anxious Elder shouted with an upset look on his face.

“Are you saying that you won’t do it for us when you did it for the Demon Cult, young master-nim? We are the Orthodox faction! We are not the evil Demon Cult!”

“‘Is this guy fucking crazy?!’

Cale realized that he subconsciously said what was on his mind.

It shocked the Elder but he didn’t care.

He just nonchalantly commented.

“I guess I’ve just been doing everything for everybody until now.”

Cale’s aura became even stronger. It was to the point where the Heavenly Demon, who was at the Profound Realm, felt as if he was being suppressed by that aura and raised his hand to touch his neck.

Since it was like that for him, how must the others be feeling? Zhuge Mi Ryeo recalled Cale’s words as her pupils shook and lowered her head.


Even the living jiangshi stopped going berserk and looked toward Cale.

It was as if its instincts were telling him that the strongest person had appeared.

However, Cale was just standing there.

Honestly speaking, he could completely understand why the Kunlun Sect would have negative feelings about the Demon Cult.

The things that the Demon Cult had done until now were extremely evil in the Kunlun Sect’s viewpoint.

This was the reason Cale never told the Kunlun Sect to cooperate with the Demon Cult or to be friendly with them.

All he did was ask them to fight against the Blood Cult together.

It was the Sect leader who was first to reveal that he would work with this Triumvirate alliance to fight against the Blood Cult.

‘I’m pretty sure the Sect leader only told the Elders that they were only temporarily cooperating with the Demon Cult to deal with the Blood Cult.’

They needed to save Jang Hyung.

He needed the Heavenly Demon if he wanted to save his disciple, and potentially others in the Kunlun Sect who had become living jiangshis.

That was most likely the only reason the leader of the Kunlun Sect, who had always defended against the Demon Cult, accepted this situation despite being so emotional about it that he might have wanted to cough up blood.

He probably also felt that a temporary cooperation was the right thing to do in order to stop the Blood Cult from destroying the entire Martial Arts world in the Central Plains.

‘Young master Kim-nim, our Jang Hyung should be okay, right? That child is the future of Kunlun. Jang Hyung is the only child with the potential to stop the Demon Cult led by the current Heavenly Demon.’

On their way back to Kunlun from the Demon Cult… Cale remembered how Sect leader In Ho had secretly come to him and said those things.

He also thought about what he was trying to do.

‘We will stop the Blood Cult.’

He dragged not just his friends but the people of the Martial Arts world in order to do that.

People from the Imperial Palace as well.

This was something for their world, so wasn’t it only right for them to be at the center of it?

Cale reached his hand out.

Pat. Pat.

He patted the Elder’s shoulder.

“You all figure out how to deal with the issues between Kunlun and the Demon Cult.”

Cale didn’t have the time to deal with that for them as well.

He came here to take care of the Blood Cult since they messed with the Roan Kingdom, but that was not enough reason to save this world and resolve all issues within it.

It might feel cold but this was an obvious issue for Cale, who had a lot of things to protect. He was also a ‘foreigner’ in this world.

His home, his hometown, his home base was in a different world.

However, there was something he could do.

“Please don’t worry about Jang Hyung.”

Cale could see the concern and anxiety in the Elder’s eyes.

The Elder, who was saying everything on his mind despite Cale releasing so much aura that even the Heavenly Demon in his Profound Realm was shocked, had asked him to save Jang Hyung even as both of his hands were shaking.

Based on the Martial artists he had seen until now, most people would not even have been able to open their mouths.

He understood that feeling.

“Heavenly Demon. Get ready. Immediately control the upper dantian once I give the signal.”

Cale stepped forward.

The Heavenly Demon started speaking.

“Don’t you need to stop him from going berserk first?”

The Heavenly Demon saw the corners of Cale’s lips curl up at that moment.

“As for that, there is someone to stop him.”

Cale spoke to the Sect leader and the Elders.

“Please step back.”

“But Jang Hyung-”

The hesitating Sect leader In Ho could see the person who arrived beyond Cale’s shoulder.

“Noble Warrior Choi Han.”

Choi Han pulled out his sword and walked up.

“Young master-nim. I’ll help as well.”

Ron stepped up as well.

The two of them looked at Cale who answered them.

“Get that guy.”

His finger was pointing at Jang Hyung.

Choi Han and Ron kicked off the ground and charged toward Jang Hyung.

– I’ll do it too!

Raon’s black mana, which was completely different from dead mana starting with its aura, began appearing in the air.

Finally, Cale had the divine item heater in his hand.

Crackle. Crackle.

Rose gold light started rising from his hand.

Cale pulled an item out of his spatial pocket bag at the same time.

When he came to the Central Plains from the Roan Kingdom…

Cale had prepared a lot of things because he had no idea how much of his ancient powers would be sealed.

He handed Raon a handful of magic stones and packed a few things for himself.

Some of those things were the items he received as rewards from the other world, Xiaolen.

‘Tsk tsk. Take it.’

One of them was an item Eruhaben let him borrow with a look of pity on his face.

‘The Whip of the Desert King.’

Xiaolen had given the following explanation about that treasure.

< Whip of the Desert King (Rank: Legendary) >

< A warrior wandering through the desert became king. He had an eccentric ability that allowed him to turn pebbles of sand into a whip. The whip with that ability remained after the king's death and ended up in Xiaolen's possession- >

It was a legendary ranked treasure.

Eruhaben had said the following while giving it to him.

‘This was quite compatible with my attribute. I reinforced it a bit. It’ll be useful here and there.’

Cale reached out his hand.


Sand pebbles gathered instantly to create a whip.

That whip headed toward Jang Hyung.

It was like a snake waiting for an opening to tie him down.

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