Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 146: A miracle happened in the Demon Cult (9)

The two of them could not help their overwhelming emotions regardless of Cale looking unsettled.


“Sob, sob-”

Cale ended up opening his mouth to speak because it looked like they might start wailing.

“As both of you have already heard, it will proceed in a different way from how I have done the purifications until now.”

Namgung Tae Wi and the Heavenly Demon… The purification will now be different from how these two people were purified.

“To be more accurate, it is a one level upgraded method.”

The Heavenly Demon chimed in as well.

Cale scowled toward the Heavenly Demon.

The Demon Laws Battalion Commander started speaking at that moment.

The Demon Laws Battalion. Pavilion Master Gong’s Law and Etiquette Pavilion was the place where they discussed the laws and etiquette of the Demon Cult, while this Battalion was the group that punished the people who broke the laws of the Demon Cult in the name of the Demon.

The talk of the Demon Cult’s prison would make anybody in the Martial Arts world shiver in fear. Since the Demon Laws Battalion was in charge of maintaining the prison, even the members of the Demon Cult were scared whenever they saw someone from this Battalion.

The head of that Demon Laws Battalion… This person was now speaking.

“I am simply thankful for everything that our esteemed Heavenly Demon and the young master-nim are doing for such an insolent being such as myself, sooooob!”

He was crying even more than the Pavilion Master living jiangshi next to him.

For reference, the Demon Laws Battalion Commander was the person who, after learning that he was a living jiangshi, shouted that he had dirtied the Demon Cult and asked to die instead of being purified.

“This little one is happy enough being able to maintain my consciousness like this! Sob!”

Boom. Boom.

The Battalion Commander, while kneeling, slammed his head on the ground two times.

Cale had enough of this and looked at the Heavenly Demon.

“Let’s get started right away.”

As the Demon Laws Battalion Commander mentioned, the two people in front of them were fine despite recognizing that they were living jiangshis.

They showed no signs of self-destructing.

A small smile appeared on the Heavenly Demon’s gruff face.

“Yes, let us get started.”

He then added on.

“This will be the first purification we do together.”

Cale’s gaze became even more unsettled.

The Heavenly Demon’s tone made him really want to retort but there was nothing to deny in what was just said.

The dark red aura that was coming out of the Heavenly Demon’s two hands…

That aura was currently on the heads of the two living jiangshis.

“We will step back for now, my liege.”

The Sage Demon made people move back.

The outline of their future direction was determined three days ago at the meeting with the Triumvirate and Cale. The Heavenly Demon opened the closed doors of the Demon Cult to a select few after the meeting.

It allowed two people, who had originally not been here, to be here right now.


The groaning Sect leader of the Kunlun Sect and Chief Advisor Zhuge Mi Ryeo, who was standing there with an odd look on her face…

The two of them were escorted by the Cleave Saint and Elder Ho to visit the Demon Cult.

“…Living jiangshis-”

Unlike Zhuge Mi Ryeo, who was aware of it in advance, the Kunlun Sect Leader finally heard the truth about the Blood Cult after arriving at the Demon Cult.

He kept his mouth shut and did not say anything since then.

The Demon Cult, which had been the Kunlun’s everlasting enemy throughout history… The Sect leader’s gaze had been extremely cold while looking at the Heavenly Demon, the master of this generation of the Demon Cult.

He could not hold it in and asked Elder Ho Song Yi through a sound transmission.

– An evil being like the Heavenly Demon dares to claim that he has the abilities to do a grand ritual of purification? His martial arts should only be full of evil!

Elder Ho responded calmly.

– It should be fine because our young master Kim-nim said so.

‘What is up with this response?’

The Sect leader was confused for a moment but moved his gaze after feeling a vibration.


The dark red aura that was coming out of the Heavenly Demon was getting stronger.

That aura tightly wrapped around the back of the two living jiangshis’ necks as if it was a rope. It could look like their lives were in danger but Cale calmly watched him.

‘Ah, it looks like we will need to supplement and try another experiment.’

That was what the Heavenly Demon said to Cale after the meeting three days ago.

‘Something to supplement?’

Although it had not been painful, Cale, who did not enjoy continuously coughing up blood, subconsciously scowled. His expression changed after hearing what the Heavenly Demon said next.

‘The biggest issue when going up against a living jiangshi is self-destruction.’


‘Wouldn’t things be much easier if we could prevent that?’

‘Of course?’

Cale saw the smiling Heavenly Demon and slowly asked.

‘How would we do that?’

The Heavenly Demon pointed at himself.

‘I just need to do it with you.’

Cale closed his mouth.

‘I don’t really like that look on your face.’

The Heavenly Demon had read Cale’s thoughts through his silent look but he ignored it and continued to speak.

‘I struggled during the first test because there was a lot of that malicious aura inside of me, but there was never an issue of me potentially self-destructing or being unable to control myself. You accept those facts, right?’

‘…Yeah. That is true.’

‘Then what do you think allowed that to be possible?’

Cale was able to come up with one answer.

‘…The upper dantian?’

‘That’s correct.’

The Heavenly Demon continued after seeing Cale’s eyes cloud over.

‘Everybody has the three dantians. It is just a matter of whether they can recognize the existence of all three or if they have the abilities to use them.’

He pointed at himself again.

‘And I am able to use them.’

The new and upgraded test or purification method they came up with…

‘You purify them while I am suppressing the upper dantians of the living jiangshis. Then there should be no issue of them self-destructing. And I know the path to the heart, the middle dantian, and the lower dantian where the evil aura resides.’

The conclusion was simple.

‘I will take the lead and find the path. Kim Hae-il, you just need to pummel through that path. What do you think?’

Of course, Cale nodded his head at that last question.

‘Let’s try it.’

That pushed the purification ritual by three days.

This naturally delayed their trip to find the Blood Cult by three days but Cale found this preparation time to be necessary.

The two people who found out just an hour ago that they are living jiangshis were sobbing.


The rumbling of the dark red aura became more intense.

It then suddenly stopped.

“Is it done?”

Cale asked and the Heavenly Demon, who had his eyes closed, nodded his head.

The Heavenly Demon had reached the Profound Realm. The strongest individual Cale had met so far in the Martial Arts world had cold sweat on his forehead.

It showed how difficult it was to protect another person’s upper dantian while finding a path.

Cale sat down behind the two living jiangshis, who were seated in lotus position, as he spoke.

“Move your auras in the direction that the Heavenly Demon is moving his aura… If you wish to live.”

Cale told the two living jiangshis to do everything they could as well before putting the heater divine item, now with a rope tied to it, around his neck.

He then reached both hands forward.

Crackle, crackle.

Rose gold aura started to rise out of his body.

The Heavenly Demon, who started protecting the two living jiangshis’ upper dantians an hour ago, had said the following.

‘I took a look and the combined amount of evil aura inside of them is not even a tenth of what was inside my body.’

That amount would be very easy for Cale.

– That’s right, Cale. You shouldn’t even cough up a single drop of blood for that amount.

– That’s right, hyung-nim!

– Haha. Hey youngest, let’s cruise through it today!

The cheapskate and the crybaby’s conversation was ignored by Cale.

– Human, don’t overdo it. You don’t need to worry. I negotiated with Central Plains. I said that this sculpture will no longer exist in this world if he does not keep his word about my request. So he will do a good job to make sure it gets done.

Cale cowered a bit at Raon’s vicious comment but he closed his eyes and focused.

The rose gold currents flowing out of his two hands soon touched the backs of the two living jiangshis.



The two living jiangshis held back their groans.

Everybody else moved back.


A silver half-transparent barrier covered the living jiangshis, Cale, and the Heavenly Demon.

The people of the Orthodox and Unorthodox factions flinched while the Sage Demon looked toward Choi Han and Ron and asked.

“Is this that barrier that was mentioned?”

“That is correct, sir.”

Ron answered with a benign smile on his face while Raon spoke to Cale.

– Human! Don’t worry about dead mana escaping out!

The moment Raon said that…

Oooooo– oooooo–

There were some eerie noises as black smoke came out of the two living jiangshis’ eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

The smoke did not escape the half-transparent silver barrier, but Zhuge Mi Ryeo and the Kunlun Sect Leader flinched.

This was obviously an aura that was evil and made them feel uncomfortable.


The Kunlun Sect Leader looked down at his arm. He had chills all over his arms.

For the Kunlun Sect, which had its members gather internal ki that was as pure as that of the Shaolin and the Wudang Sect, this black aura was extremely dreadful.


However, those auras soon disappeared.

Young master Kim Hae-il…

The rose gold thunderbolt that shot out of his body was moving freely and violently through the black smoke and getting rid of it.


It looked as if a rose gold dragon was swallowing up all of the black clouds.

The Kunlun Sect Leader gasped.

This pure power of fire that seemed to be nature itself…

He got chills for a different reason now.

The foot technique created from a Dragon flying through the clouds… The Eight Great Styles of the Cloud Dragon. That was the identity of the Kunlun Sect.

This rose gold light and the way it freely and violently moved around while swallowing the black clouds did not have a physical appearance of a dragon like the Kunlun Sect’s technique, but it still looked like a dragon.

The Kunlun Sect Leader thought to himself.

‘This too is a dragon.’

He watched the grey ashes fluttering like snow, the rose gold light returning to young master Kim’s body, and a red smoke then coming out of the small heater to create a mysterious sight.

‘…How marvelous.’

Young master Kim and the Heavenly Demon…

The auras being released by the two of them could be felt by everybody beyond the silver barrier.

‘I will definitely lose if we fight.’

The Kunlun Sect Leader, who experienced the Heavenly Demon’s level of martial arts, bit down on his lips and felt fear.

‘The Blood Cult was responsible for turning such a strong person into a living jiangshi?’

He became full of strong animosity and courage.

‘It looks like we need to fight against the Blood Cult in order to protect the Central Plains.’

The Kunlun Sect had fought against the Demon Cult for a long time.

This was due to their belief that they had a duty to protect the Orthodox faction and the Central Plains.

That duty was not just against the Demon Cult. The Kunlun would happily do everything they could to fight against anybody and anything aiming for the Orthodox faction and the Central Plains.

This was what allowed them to be proud and confident despite being poorer than the other sects and clans.

The moment a determined gaze appeared in the Sect leader’s eyes…


He gasped.



The two living jiangshis who were shaking and drenched in sweat coughed up grey-colored fluids.


The Sect leader heard Elder Ho clench his fist and comment in a low voice.

He then watched as the rose gold light then disappeared from Cale’s body and the Heavenly Demon withdrew his dark red aura.

Cale stood up as if he was completely fine.

His complexion was the same as if nothing had just happened.

The Sect leader heard the Cleave Saint mumbling.

“I’m relieved. He did not cough up blood this time.”

However, his eyes opened wide after hearing what Chief Advisor Zhuge Mi Ryeo said.

“I guess the living jiangshis are not a threat any longer. We can go to strike the Blood Cult.”

Zhuge Mi Ryeo quietly observed as young master Kim, who looked refreshed, approached the Heavenly Demon.

Cale had no idea about her gaze as he nonchalantly commented to the Heavenly Demon.

“You’re quite useful.”

The Heavenly Demon chuckled while looking at Cale, who was talking about the usefulness of the great Heavenly Demon. He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

This had not been too difficult, it was light work.

“What do you think?”

He was talking to the two living jiangshis.

No, the two people who were now back to normal immediately got up and shouted.

“My liege, as you mentioned in advance, I seem to have gotten stronger thanks to the strong aura!”

“Yes, my liege! As Pavilion Master Pyo mentioned, the aura that young master Kim-nim left behind for us has made my body’s condition even better!”


Cale flinched. He felt the gazes of the Triumvirate focusing on him.

The Heavenly Demon didn’t care and calmly commented.

“Your hearts. Young master Kim left his aura in your bodies to protect the area where the evil aura once resided. If you use that aura well, it will heal your body and internal ki and most importantly, allow you to take about a half step forward in using your internal ki.”

Everybody’s eyes opened wide. The Heavenly Demon was still calm.

“Young master Kim has cleaned out all of your meridians. This is a fateful encounter. You should be thankful to young master Kim.”

Meridians. The path used by internal ki.

Those always filled with waste. However, Cale’s Fire of Destruction destroyed the evil aura and all of the waste as it moved through those meridians.

That meant that a person who was moving their internal ki through a 1 lane road could now move it through a 1.5 lane or 2 lane road.

“My goodness-”

“How is that possible?!”

This was an amazing fateful encounter.

Everybody who heard this was now looking at Cale with shocked eyes.

Cale did this to two people at once when experts at a high level of martial arts would find it difficult to do it in one person. He did it extremely easily at that.

Furthermore, he left his aura to protect the hearts of the people who would be weak because of the evil aura that was destroyed inside of them.


The Kunlun Sect Leader clasped his hands together and clenched his eyes shut.

‘This is truly a righteous person.’

He became full of respect for young master Kim.

This was true for the others as well. However, there were also people who were showing their greed after seeing Cale’s amazing abilities to clear the waste out of someone’s meridians.

Yet they lacked the courage of confidence to request him to do that for them as well.

They were scared of young master Kim’s strength.

Furthermore, the Fist King and the people with young master Kim were difficult to handle as well.

All that these greedy people could do was say the following.

“…Young master Kim-nim himself is a fateful encounter.”

Cale looked away from the people whose eyes were sparkling erratically while looking at him.

This was especially true of Divergent Coalition leader Sima Pyeong’s second son. Cale immediately ignored Sima Jung, who was laughing stupidly and winking at him.

He then saw a person from the Demon Cult who was drooling while blankly looking at him. Based on what he had heard, this was the person the Heavenly Demon wanted as his successor.

‘She’s weird too.’

Cale just pretended as if he didn’t see it.

He spoke to the Heavenly Demon instead.

“We are going to move to Sichuan and Yunnan with a small group.”

“Yes, you don’t need to worry about that. Only about two people including myself will be moving with you.”

Cale looked at the Heavenly Demon, who said something unnecessary, with a grumbling gaze.

“What is it?”

His gaze became even more vicious as the Heavenly Demon asked back as if nothing was wrong. The Heavenly Demon chuckled and shrugged his shoulders.

“Kim Hae-il. You need to start letting people know about your sacrifices.”

“I didn’t sacrifice anything.”

Cale snorted.

It seemed as if a bit of the Fire of Destruction’s aura remained in the Heavenly Demon and the two living jiangshis, but it wasn’t as if he shared it. Cale didn’t have the aura built up in his body like internal ki.

Cale didn’t lose anything by the aura remaining inside them.

In fact, he felt happy that he was feeling good right now. That was why, despite not being happy about what the Heavenly Demon had said, he said this to the Heavenly Demon.

“Keep up the good work.”

He had priest Durst as the living jiangshi detector.

He had the Heavenly Demon as the helper for living jiangshi purification.

Cale felt a bit better thinking about having two reliable people by his side.

The Heavenly Demon shook his head after seeing Cale smiling despite sharing his aura.

* * *

Cale left the Demon Cult and headed toward Kunlun the next day.

He then saw a person waiting for him outside the gates of the Kunlun Sect.

He then saw someone running toward that person.


The famous trash of the Unorthodox faction ran toward the person with his arms wide open.


And that person…

The current leader of the Divergent Coalition raised his fan and moved.


The fan smacked Sima Jung on the head and sent him flying.

– Human, t, that’s amazing!

Cale listened to Raon’s gasp of admiration as he looked at Sima Pyeong, the Divergent Coalition leader.

He thought that this guy truly seemed like the father of a trash, a gambler, and an alcoholic.

Sima Pyeong immediately greeted Cale.

“Oh my, I finally get to see our young master Kim-nim in person! Your silk-like black hair, your face that is as white as if moonlight is resting on it, and your deep deep gaze that makes me think of a beautiful scenery of the Central Plains has I, Sima Pyeong feeling like my eyes have been opened! Hehe.”

‘What is up with this guy?’

Cale hesitantly took one step back.

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