TWSB – Chapter 161: So that love and steps don’t get tangled (1)

We had time to rest well because we arrived at the Blanquer Lord’s Castle two days before the masquerade.

Thanks to that, I was able to proceed with the things I had organized in my mind.

Naturally, it was thanks to Benjamin and Ganael’s help.

First, I tried on the Black Knight costume that Eva had ordered for me.

‘To be honest with you, your highness, I was skeptical at first but it really suits you well.’

‘Everybody would follow you if you left on a horse, your highness. You look so cool!’

……I received quite generous compliments like that.

As for me, I was totally satisfied at just the fact that it was not an angel concept.

I had no idea what they used to create this silver grey armor but it was not heavy at all and fitted me well.

I was told that an expert in disguises had created it; even my movements felt smooth.

The way the black cape fell to the back of my knees was a bit cool.

The pitch black snake skin mask that was elegantly decorated with a crow’s feather, black pearls, opals, and tourmalines was shaped to only cover the area above my nose.

The veil in front of my eyes made sure to hide the color of my eyes. ‘This is quite the item.’

‘I would like to send a portal letter to her Eminence, would that be possible?’

‘Of course, your highness. I’m sure they will be very happy.’

Benjamin answered my question in a benign voice.

I got help from Vice Captain Élisabeth and the Imperial Guard to send a secret letter as well.

It was so that I could also deliver the warning the Ark of the Wind Deity gave me while asking how they were doing.

It said that I had no idea what would happen if four divine items were to gather in one place.

I couldn’t keep such big information to myself.


But I did not mention that I may be in danger. That was a bit…… It felt weird.

‘Apparently I’m in danger. There is apparently something the Almighty God has reserved for me.’

Saying something like that without specific details would make anybody think that I was being egotistical and silly.

– The world is already relying on you.

‘……It’s not like I’m filming an apocalypse on my own in a Romfan world.’

It was quite the profound proclamation for me as the person involved, but any third party would find it cringe-worthy.

It was enough that I did not forget Nikky’s last comment and stayed focused.

I had a card prepared just in case and three Holy Knights, four divine beasts, and one divine item was with me.

As long as I didn’t unnecessarily get involved with things, the accident shouldn’t start from my side.

One night passed like that.

“How confusing.”

I cut the cinnamon roll that came out for breakfast and mumbled to myself.

Thinking about it, I had no idea what it meant that the world was relying on me.

Was it because I absorbed the Paten of Wishes that was in the Temple of Boundaries?

It seemed like that was the most important divine item on the continent but I couldn’t ask Percy even if I wanted to do so.

I had no way of initiating a conversation unless he talked to me first, and most importantly, the little guy was sleeping in today.

He may have gotten stronger but interfering with a human’s soul seemed to still take a toll.

In that case, I only had one option left.

‘Let’s just calmly do the things I can do right now.’

– Clang!

I jerked my head up.

Christelle, who was scooping some croissant pudding, was standing very stiffly.

It was because her plate had broken into two. Her blue-gray eyes awkwardly curled.

“I’m really sorry. I can’t really control my strength right now…… I got too strong as you mentioned, your highness.”

She scratched her nose.

Vice Captain Élisabeth consoled her saying that it was okay while the Imperial Crown Prince nonchalantly glanced at her before focusing on his meal.

We were gathered in a dining room located within one of the castle’s towers for breakfast.

Sir Johann grabbed a vanilla muffin and smiled.

“Please don’t worry, you will get used to it soon. You have the power of blessing after all.”

The ‘Blessing of the Blue Sea’ was, as its name implies, a blessing.

Christelle had gained extraordinary physical strength as soon as the divine item entered her body and small injuries healed quickly.

Her strength seemed to have increased a lot as we got closer to the Sacred Bow of the Tree of Life but she also has the blessing of adaptability so she should settle down soon.

She nodded her head and placed a piece of baguette on a new plate.

She then smeared cream cheese extremely cautiously and then put some radish, avocado, and dill.

‘That’s going to be absolutely delicious.’

“Anyway, I did not know that the chimney bird had such an ability. Thank you for openly telling us about it, Your highness.”

I was eating and thinking about what else to eat when the young Countess changed the topic. I smiled.

“Percy is close to everybody. I thought that it would be better for me to tell all of you in advance instead of you all getting shocked later.”

That was right.

The story related to Percy that I shared with the Empress and Cardinal was shared with my friends as well.

I thought that the two main characters should know and since divine items were mentioned, I decided to reveal everything.

Famous words that were said by Eunseo played a big role as well.

‘Fuck! This wouldn’t have happened if that son of a bitch Crapdric just chatted with Christelle last week. Does he use his mouth only for kissing?’

‘Eunseo, go put money in the swear pig.’

……Our house had a rule where we had to put 1,000 won into the piggybank whenever we swore.

Anyway, the important thing was that the main character and her friends needed to communicate with each other.

It was better to say the things that were okay to tell them.

“There is a guide inside the Ark and that guide gives revelations using human language. The Almighty God works more practically than I expected.”

Vice Captain Élisabeth was innocently amazed.

She then squinted while looking at crown prince Cédric.

“You better spill it if you are hiding something as well. Does the Sword of Wisdom get up on its own and walk around at night or something?”

Christelle chuckled and handed the young Countess half of the baguette.

I thought this was the time to ask.

“I still don’t know who the two of your masquerade partners are.”



Christelle and the crown prince stopped moving their utensils.

They didn’t even finish chewing the food in their mouths and completely froze.

The young Countess supported me by saying that she has also not heard the identity of their partners.

Sir Johann’s eyes curled up as he looked at his students. ‘Wait, wait……

My intuitions are great.’

“No way. Really?”

Clack. My hand grew weak and the fork laid down on the plate.

My eyes opened wide as I looked at the two main characters.

The two of them kept their gazes on their pieces of bread and did not say anything.

No, Christelle was mumbling something about questioning her decision.

Vice Captain Élisabeth’s grey eyes opened so wide that they might pop out.

“Really? How? That was possible? Cédric?”

“The two of you are partners?”

My voice was shaking. Christelle scowled.

“That is true, but……”

‘Wow, that’s so crazy!’ I jumped up and headed toward the window.

I then immediately slammed my forehead against the window.

The corners of my lips were rising to the heavens and my face was twitching with joy.

I raised my fist but I couldn’t hit the glass with it so I covered my mouth.

Our little treasures were in the room so I couldn’t rub them, hug them, or share my joy with them.

I looked up to the sky and prayed.

Oh bestselling author-nim bestowed to us by god, thank you very much. You were one of us too……

“Your highness? Please listen to me. You are not misunderstanding this situation, are you? You remember the day when his royal highness was sick and in bed?”

“I am not misunderstanding it at all.”

I looked back at the table and straightened out my face.

This excessive flowing of endorphins was making it so that the language was not filtering properly.

Christelle calmly continued to speak.

“Your highness, when you fain…… No, when you fell asleep right away, we chatted about all sorts of things and it ended up that way. I have already danced with his Royal Highness at the Spring Ball as well. I thought that it would be better than rushing it with someone I did not know.”

“The two of you had in-depth conversations about an array of things?”

‘Is this for real?’


“Now that I think about it, that still needs to be addressed.”

The crown prince spoke in a sharp voice that pierced through Vice Captain Élisabeth’s laughter as she curled over on the table.

I perked my ears to listen. ‘I should write a journal entry in my notebook today.’

“I should not have looked like this when you came to Romero that day.”


“How long are you going to pretend that you don’t know?”

‘Why all of a sudden.’ My mouth opened and closed without saying anything and I felt like cold water was poured all over me.

His orange eyes were burning up like coal.

Christelle looked like she was trying very hard to hold back her laughter.

I urgently looked toward Sir Johann but he had a look that seemed to be saying that he had no idea what we were talking about but that it seemed interesting. ‘Damn it!’

“……I am full so I will be heading out first.”

“There’s no way you are full, your highness.”

“I really am.”

Christelle questioned it but I felt a sense of crisis that told me to run and silently bowed before leaving the dining area.

Benjamin and Ganael, who ate earlier and were waiting for me, gasped.

The two of them were concerned and asked why I left so early and if the food was bad but I couldn’t really answer.

‘How can I tell them that my dark history made it difficult to see their faces so I ran away? I’m twenty-nine years old and……

Damn it, I really should have said illegitimate younger sibling and not son.’

I couldn’t even tell anybody because I was so embarrassed.


After that, there were no instances of my mentioning the masquerade to the main characters first until dinner time.

It felt like the two of them were ganging up on me.

I wanted to ask what their disguises were but I stopped.

Instead, I heard about how Eva prepared a ‘Black Rose’ costume to match me and that Ganael and Vice Captain Élisabeth were dressing up as a lion and a clown.

The core of the masquerade was to make sure that nobody could tell it was you underneath the mask and it made sense.

Ganael felt more like a puppy than a lion while the young Countess was an elite swordswoman who was far from a clown.

I chuckled as I walked.

“It sounds like it will be fun.”

“Yes, your highness, I’m sure that something entertaining will happen.”

Sir Johann answered.

I was out for a night walk with him to look at the water tank that they supposedly prepared for Tithé.

The glass box that just arrived at the lobby earlier was luxurious and decorated with expensive corals.

They said that the plan was to pour cool seawater delivered from the North Sea into it tomorrow evening.

I was told that Duchess Blanquer and her husband were not the affectionate type but they must be fully devoted to the concept of this world regarding being respectful to divine beasts and priests.

“Tithé should like it.”

– Clack, clack……

“Woah, woah.”

A couple carriages passed by while I was admiring the view.

Guests for the masquerade had been endlessly entering the castle since this morning.

Eva’s comment about how this was the greatest Beau Monde event in the eastern region did not seem to be a lie.

The territory lord’s ability to accept and host so many guests seemed amazing as well.

“We haven’t heard anything from Marquis Duhem or Duke Sarnez. I wonder if they will come the day of.”

“Probably, your highness. They are both Pair de Riester territory lords so I’m sure that they are busy.”

Sir Johann answered. I nodded my head.

“Do you think Gerrit would have received your letter by now, Sir Johann?”

“Yes, your highness, you allowed me to send it with yours.”

The Holy Knight gently smiled and answered.

Gerrit had let his dad take a work trip for the first time since coming to the Empire.

Thankfully Sand was watching him in the Imperial Palace and the Imperial Guards were protecting him.

Smiled back before thinking of something.

Sir Johann tilted his head when I pulled out a holy stone orb from my pocket.

“Didn’t we finish our tests in dark areas?”

“I planned on trying physical contact. You are the first, Sir Johann.”

His mint-colored eyes immediately looked anxious.

“Your highness, I do not wish to buy the wrath of my students.”

“That’s okay. I promise to keep a secret even if you break a lot of orbs.”

“……There are still a lot of things you do not know about Holy Knights.”

He sighed as he answered. It was at that moment.

“Wooooah! Woah!”

A carriage came to a sudden and noisy stop in front of us. I stuck my neck out to see what was going on.

‘Is there traffic already?’

– Screech, clack, clack……

The other carriage’s door opened and I heard someone walking down some steps.

I finally had a chance to take a thorough look at the crest on the carriage. A Viscount’s House…… Viscount’s House of Bacary.

“We meet again, your highness.”

A familiar voice echoed the autumn air. The seer immediately showed his respects unlike last time.

I looked at the young man who came around the carriage and tilted my head. My teacher’s voice echoed in my ear.

‘Be wary of little Modeste Bacary. He sees you as a dangerous individual, my little prince.’

“Hello, little Bacary.”

I borrowed my teacher’s way of calling him to respond. The silver eyes underneath his glasses became cold.

He must not have liked being treated like a child despite being twenty years old.

His dark blue hair looked bright under the magic spotlight.

I was curious as to what he had to say this time since he got off his carriage to come here.

“Are you attending tomorrow’s masquerade with Dame Christelle de Sarnez, your highness?”

“No. Why do you ask?”

I asked back.

Maybe it was because he was young or because of his personality, but the little kid said things in extremely annoying tones.

‘Am I just a boomer?’

“That’s great. It would be wonderful if you continued to stay away from her.”

He was clearly belittling me. A blade-like breeze fluttered the seer’s robe.

“Dame Sarnez is someone who shows a fate of becoming the crown princess. As long as you are not there, your highness.”

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