Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 131: Something is different here (3)

However, they faced an issue as soon as they took a step toward Xinjiang.

“I’m going to go too!”

“I will be going too!”

Cale had a headache.

He looked away from the two people lying on the ground in front of his carriage.

Sima Jung and Xia Mun…

The Divergent Coalition leader’s second son and the second in command of the Green Forest. These two bastards were blocking the path of the carriage while throwing a fuss.

Cale looked at two other people instead of the two of them.


Gulp gulp.

Sima Dan had numerous bottles around her waist and was still drinking.

The way that her cheeks were slightly flushed-

“Are you drunk?”

Cale subconsciously asked and Sima Dan gently smiled. However, she did not respond.

Instead, Sima Gong, who was standing next to her, nonchalantly answered.

“She has currently been drinking for seventeen hours.”


Cale gasped internally.

Sima Gong didn’t care and gulped before licking his lips with his tongue. Cale felt iffy about that and turned away.

Sima Gong was staring at him with a piercing gaze as he thought to himself.

‘What conversation did the Sage Demon and young master Kim-nim have? What is he going to the Demon Cult for? This seems like a really big deal! If I make a bet about this-!’

His heart beat crazily as if it would explode.

– Human, that Sima Gong or whatever’s face is weird! He seems quite crazy!

Cale let out a sigh.

Even without Raon telling him, the moment he saw Sima Gong he could tell that this guy was crazier than the drunk Sima Dan and the whining Sima Jung.


Cale turned his head to see the Sage Demon approach him with a warm smile on his face.

“Young master Kim-nim, your virtuous nature seems to have gotten a lot of people to follow you.”

It was at that moment.


Cale noticed the smile on the Sage Demon’s face turn odd.

The moment he thought that the smile was warm but it oddly gave him the chills…

The Sage Demon stomped his foot.


The ground shook.



Xia Mun and Sima Jung, who were lying on the ground, groaned before they stood up almost as if they were bounced off the ground. Sima Jung’s gaze changed in a flash and he shouted toward the Sage Demon.

“Did you just attack me first? Is this a challenge?!”

The Sage Demon laughed as the Fighting Lunatic’s gaze turned odd.

Cale watched as Choi Han slid over next to him.

Flap, flap.

The Sage Demon’s baggy sleeves fluttered despite there not being any breeze.

The aura around him started to fluctuate.


Sima Dan pulled her mouth away from the bottle.

Sima Gong had both hands hidden in his sleeves as he touched his dice.

As everybody’s gazes moved to the Sage Demon… The old man was still smiling gently.

However, the weight of the words that came out of his mouth was not light at all.

“The Demon Cult treats any visit from someone without authorization as an attack on us.”

Cale looked down at his arms. There were some goosebumps starting to pop up.

Just like when he showed strong hostility and anger toward the Blood Cult during their conversation, a vicious and violent aura shot out from the Sage Demon’s whole body and started suppressing the area.

“You may step foot into Xinjiang if you wish. However, child, there is something you need to know.”

The Sage Demon called Sima Jung a child.

Sima Jung could not say anything back about that.

He just subconsciously gulped and his whole body got ready to fight.

Everybody here could feel it.

The Sage Demon was being sincere right now. That was why Sima Dan had to make a move after hearing what he said next.

This was what the Sage Demon said.

“The Unorthodox faction and the Orthodox faction may be concerned about your father and kept you alive, but in the path of the Demon, neither Orthodox nor Unorthodox exist. Only the Demon.”

As for the Sage Demon…the Heavenly Demon… It was only about his esteemed liege.

The Heavenly Demon was the Demon Cult and the path of the Demon Cult.

Furthermore, he was the only trace that the Sage Demon left behind in his life.

That was why he had absolutely no time to waste right now.

The Heavenly Demon would probably be fighting against the brainwashing right now as well. Furthermore, the Blood Cult who dared to scheme against the Demon Cult…

He was currently escorting someone who may play a big role in assisting the Demon Cult in these two issues.

He could not let this be delayed because of some useless fools.

“My father?! Why are you bringing up my father?!”

Sima Jung shouted angrily but the Sage Demon was still gentle.

“Everybody takes it easy on you because they do not want to make your father their enemy. Child, I’m sure you are aware of that as well.”



Sima Dan stopped Sima Jung. However, the huffing Sima Jung’s face slowly turned more savage to the point it looked as if he was no longer thinking straight.

The Sage Demon calmly spoke at that moment.

“That is probably why you are following young master Kim-nim, who treats you as he wishes without considering your identity and your backing.”

Sima Jung flinched.

His gaze moved past the Sage Demon to young master Kim behind him.

Young master Kim was standing there with a relaxed look on his face as if he was wondering why Sima Jung was looking at him. He could also see Noble Warrior Du Kang, who was standing there without a care in the world.

Sima Jung bit down on his lips.

‘It’s not like I don’t know that!’

He liked to fight.

He preferred the chaos of punching each other and fighting over martial arts.

However, not many people tried to fight him with everything they had.

Even if he turned into a crazy bastard and charged at them, his opponents were not looking at him but his father, Sima Pyeong, behind him.

That was why he liked Noble Warrior Du Kang, who just charged at him without caring.

At the same time, he wanted to follow young master Kim because this person was extremely stronger than him but still did not care about his father at all.

If he was with them, he felt as if he could be on a real battlefield, a place where he could fight without thinking.

He heard the Sage Demon’s gentle voice at that moment.

“Child, I have already told you. The Demon Cult treats any visit from someone without authorization as an attack on us.”

You, you-”

Sima Jung’s hands were shaking.


As Sima Dan reached out her hand to grab his hands…

“I would like to go to the Demon Cult. Please approve of my visit, sir.”

Sima Jung bowed and asked the Sage Demon for permission.

Sima Dan’s eyes opened wide as she watched. Sima Gong mumbled as he watched.

“Hyung-nim was more serious about this than I thought.”

The Sage Demon silently looked down at Sima Jung for a bit before speaking.

“This is much better to see. It would be great if the others who are hiding would show themselves as well.”

Cale flinched.

‘There are people hiding and following us?’

He heard Raon’s voice at that moment.

– Human, did you not know?

‘Yeah. I didn’t know.

How would I know?’

Cale got flustered at Raon’s question but he just stood there with his mouth closed.

However, nobody showed up.


The Sage Demon laughed.

“I guess it will be a battle once we cross over to Xinjiang.”

That was all he said.

Flap, flap. However, his sleeves fluttered even more frantically and his aura became more violent.

Cale blankly watched it as he thought to himself.

‘I guess he really is one of the top three figures in the Demon Cult. The Sage Demon is pretty strong.’

Even if the Sage Demon was the Chief Advisor…

The Demon Cult itself was a place where strength prevailed.

Basically, they only respected those with strength. In order for the Sage Demon to be the Chief Advisor, his martial arts had to be at a high level as well.

If only their martial arts level was considered, it might be difficult for Zhuge Mi Ryeo to catch up to the Sage Demon.

Of course, Zhuge Mi Ryeo had her own weapon called formations.


Cale was confused after seeing the person who appeared with a fake cough.

‘Why did that guy follow us?’

The Cleave Saint.

He was the person who let out that fake cough and appeared.


Elder Ho also leisurely walked out laughing as if nothing was wrong.

‘That guy I expected.’

As soon as Cale heard that someone was following them, he presumed they were from the Orthodox faction and the Martial Arts Alliance.

He thought that Elder Ho would naturally be in the group. Elder Ho spoke in a good-natured tone toward the Sage Demon, befitting a member of the Beggars’ Gang.

“May Senior Cleave Saint and I join you as well?”

“Why would I travel with these Demon Cult bastards?!”

“Haha, we are here because Senior Cleave Saint seemed to want to go so much that he urged me over and over.”

“Elder Ho!”

The Cleave Saint shouted and made eye contact with Elder Ho who was laughing jovially.

– Senior, are you planning on ruining everything? Do you not know the personality of those in the Demon Cult? You know why the Sage Demon has the word Demon in his title.

Although he was smiling warmly, the Sage Demon was one of the top five craziest bastards in the Demon Cult.

‘He is someone who would be willing to push his own flesh and blood off a cliff for the Heavenly Demon.’

That was the Sage Demon.


The Sage Demon silently looked at Elder Ho and the Cleave Saint.

The Sage Demon suddenly flinched and turned his gaze.

The direction they were heading… Someone was quickly approaching from beyond the horizon.

The people who had been ready to attack relaxed after seeing the person’s clothes and what the person said as soon as he saw the Sage Demon.


The person who said that instead of a greeting was wearing full black with even his face covered.

Anybody would be able to tell that he had the same outfit as the other messengers the Sage Demon brought with him.

“Sage Demon-nim, I have brought news from the Cult.”

“Ah, go ahead.”

The Sage Demon motioned for the messenger to speak freely. The messenger looked around warily before cautiously looking toward the Sage Demon.

It was obvious that he was sending a sound transmission.


Cale made eye contact with the Sage Demon at that moment.

‘What is going on?’

He had that thought but he had to focus on what the Sage Demon said.

“That sounds great.”

‘What is great?’

The Sage Demon looked around while Cale looked at him with confusion. The vicious aura had disappeared completely a while ago.

“Everybody here may come with us.”

His gaze stopped last on Cale.

“The Heavenly Demon has indicated that he will be prepared to welcome young master Kim-nim and his group, and for us to travel leisurely on our way there. If it is such a pleasurable trip, it would be great for everybody to go together.”

The Unorthodox faction and the Orthodox faction’s people’s faces lit up at the Sage Demon’s comment. Of course, the Cleave Saint was about to say something out of reflex, but he closed his mouth.

Saying something about the Heavenly Demon’s decision in front of members of the Demon Cult was asking to fight.

Then the Sage Demon stealthily scowled before returning his expression to normal.


While everybody was rejoicing, only Cale did not smile and was staring at the Sage Demon.


He then shook his head before avoiding the Sage Demon’s gaze.

The Sage Demon subconsciously gulped.

The Sage Demon received a sound transmission at that moment.

– Hoo. He seems to have recognized me.

Cale was hearing Raon’s voice in his mind at the same time.

– Human! That messenger dude is super strong! He’s stronger than any human we have seen in the Central Plains!


Cale did not look toward the Sage Demon or the messenger next to the Sage Demon.

‘That scared me!’

There were not many people who were stronger than the Sage Demon and stronger than anybody they had seen in this world.

This was obviously…

‘He’s the Heavenly Demon!’

This was not the messenger who left from Kunlun to the Demon Cult coming back, this was the Heavenly Demon disguised as a messenger to come here.

Cale did not say anything and headed toward his carriage.

He wanted to organize his thoughts in a relaxing environment.

The Sage Demon felt his mouth go dry as he watched. That gaze that had nonchalantly brushed past him… He felt a sinking feeling after seeing that gaze from young master Kim.

‘Is he not happy that the Heavenly Demon has joined us while hiding his identity?

He doesn’t seem that narrow-minded.’

Honestly speaking, the Heavenly Demon’s appearance was unexpected for the Sage Demon as well.

– Oh esteemed Heavenly Demon. Is it okay for you to leave the Demon Cult and come out like this?

The Heavenly Demon was currently fighting.

However, the Heavenly Demon did not respond.

The Sage let out a sigh.

The messenger was cautiously knocking on young master Kim’s carriage door.

“Is something the matter?”

Chief Eunuch Wi opened the door and looked at the messenger who had his face hidden.

The messenger bowed respectfully as he spoke.

“I am here because the Heavenly Demon has something he wanted to say to young master Kim-nim.”


Chief Eunuch Wi looked toward Cale to figure out what to do instead of responding right away.

Cale made eye contact with the messenger at that moment.


A red aura swirled in the person’s black eyes for a moment.

He then heard a sound transmission.

– You have not studied martial arts.

It was a gruff and cold tone.

It was completely different from when he just spoke respectfully to Chief Eunuch Wi.

However, this seemed more natural.

– Kim Hae-il. Can I trust you and let you into the Demon Cult?

The red aura in the black eyes was like flames.

The Heavenly Demon asked.

– I do not trust a person’s character review I hear from others. I also do not have much time.

This was a person who lived within the ruckus and chaos that was the Demon. As if to prove that he was the person at the center of it…

As if to prove that he was the one and only Heavenly Demon who carried the weight of the hundreds of thousands of mountains that made up the Demon Cult…

An eccentric aura was swirling in his eyes.

– That is why I came to ask you myself.

The Heavenly Demon looked at Cale and asked.

He did not want to ask many useless questions.

Young master Kim’s identity, the Blood Cult’s plan, healing living jiangshis… He did not consider those to be important questions.

He believed that there was one most important true nature.

– Can I trust you?

Cale started to speak at that moment.

“Yeah. Of course.”

Cale was thinking to himself as the Heavenly Demon smiled at his response.

‘Wow, how did he immediately find out that I have no martial arts? More importantly, can he trust me? What else would I say then yes?’

Cale was trying to calm his shocked mind.

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