When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 77: Onslaught (2)

“Wow! My breath stinks!”

“Please don’t come close, Hyung Seo!”

On set at a studio in Gangnam.

The KK members gathered to shoot the chicken commercial. It was the first official schedule the six of them had together in a long time.

They planned on filming individual scenes first, then group scenes after.

Ahn Hyung Seo, who had just finished his individual scene, was bickering with Suk Ji Hoon who was waiting for his turn.

The members each had a different type of chicken they were filming with.

Do Wook had fried chicken, Jung Yoon Ki had marinated chicken, Kim won had spicy chicken, Park Tae Hyung had soy sauce chicken, and Suk Ji Hoon had cheese garlic chicken.

The chicken Ahn Hyung Seo was assigned was green onion chicken.

“I think I shouldn’t have said I like green onion chicken.”

“Does…does it not taste good?”

Park Tae Hyung asked quietly, concerned the people around them might hear.

“It tastes good. But my breath smells so much. Haaah―!”


His breath was bad enough to make even kind Park Tae Hyung step back.

“Kim Won, we’re starting your shoot!”

When the staff called him, Kim Won, who had finished fixing his hair, overreacted as he stood up.

“Oh My God, what should I do?! I think it’s going to be too spicy. I can’t handle spicy food. Why!”

Kim Won, who was not good with spicy food, was assigned the spicy chicken because of his image.

On the entertainment show he went on a few times, he had a spirited image so the advertisers had determined that spicy chicken would fit his image well.

“Good luck.”

Ahn Hyung Seo, who was handed a toothbrush and toothpaste from a coordinator, mumbled words of encouragement while he brushed his teeth.

After finishing his shoot, Do Wook, who had received praise during his shoot that he was even good at eating, was sitting on the sofa waiting for the group shoot.

Jung Yoon Ki, who was last to go for the individual shoot, was also sitting on a sofa in the waiting room.

“…Yoon Ki, Jung Yoon Ki!”

It was Jung Yoon Ki’s turn to get the finishing touches on his hair, but he had earphones on and was focused so he didn’t hear the coordinator call him several times.

Jung Yoon Ki only came back to reality and took the headphones out when the coordinator was right in front of his face and calling him.

“Ah, did you call me?”

“You shouldn’t listen to music to the point that you can’t hear people! You’ll ruin your ears if you keep it up. Geez, get in the chair already. It’s your turn.”

The coordinator hurried Jung Yoon Ki up while nagging him.

Jung Yoon Ki gathered his belongings and sat in front of the mirror. Do Wook watched Jung Yoon Ki and felt that it was a bit of a pity.

Yesterday was Show Me the Honey’s first broadcast.

Because he had an assignment, Do Wook wasn’t able to watch the broadcast together with the other KK members.

Jung Yoon Ki’s part in the broadcast was very short, less than one minute.

The Show Me the Honey production team seemed to think of Jung Yoon Ki as someone who would hold the attention. Edited in a way that kept you guessing whether it’d show rapper Jung Yoon Ki or not, the KK members were on the edge of their seats.

Even Jung Yoon Ki didn’t know how it would be edited.

Eventually the judges shouted ‘Get It!’ telling Jung Yoon Ki to rap, and the second Jung Yoon Ki started to rap it cut to the next week’s preview.

“That’s evil editing!”

Kim Won pulled his hair in anguish after watching the broadcast.

“That’s not considered evil editing but…how can it end there?”

Ahn Hyung Seo also shook his head. It was edited in a way that you couldn’t help but watch next week’s episode.

In the preview the judges were giving high praise as well as harsh criticism. There was no way to tell which evaluation was about Jung Yoon Ki.

Of course, even though they already knew because they heard from Jung Yoon Ki that he got a good review, they were still curious.

Anyways, it seemed like the Show Me the Honey production team had made the right decision.

Internet sites were full of talk about Show Me the Honey. A heated debate ensued over Jung Yoon Ki’s skills, arguing back and forth between how Jung Yoon Ki’s rap would be a mess and how it’d be good.

There were lots of people who were cheering for him, reminiscing of his skills during Student Rapper, but there were also a lot of baseless accusations saying what an idol group rapper who was lacking in typical rap repertoire could do.

These were accusations that would disappear once they saw Jung Yoon Ki’s rap skills in earnest starting next week anyways.

However, Jung Yoon Ki, who had to hear these idle criticisms for a week, might feel wronged.

Furthermore, characteristic of the hip hop genre, the comments from hip hop fans also had a lot of high-level swear words.

Still, what was giving Jung Yoon Ki a hard time wasn’t the response of netizens who hadn’t heard anything yet. It was the pressure that he had to beat the growing competition every episode.

Jung Yoon Ki colored his short hair with a disposable dye spray. The bright blond hair suited him very well.

“You must be tired lately,”

When Do Wook asked Jung Yoon Ki, Jung Yoon Ki laughed as if saying that was silly.

“I think you’re one to talk, man.”

“Me, well. I just have to act out well the script someone else writes. You have to write lyrics yourself.”

At Do Wook’s words, Jung Yoon Ki shook his head and said,

“The contestants’ skills were on a different level than during Student Rapper.”

Because of that, Jung Yoon Ki was motivated to do better. There was a significant amount of stress, but Jung Yoon Ki was also improving.

“Anyways, you’re suited for acting.”

“Yes, well.”

“There’s talk everywhere that you’re good at acting.”


“Even the Show Me the Honey Directors somehow knew. Word spread everywhere among broadcast stations, especially the cable side.”

Do Wook, who had been practically trapped on set, hadn’t heard about that before.

Anyways, it was a relief if positive rumors were spreading.

“Once both of our filming is over, we’ll immediately go into album production. I’m going to be worked to death, man.”

Jung Yoon Ki groaned as he sat down and sprawled on the couch.

Do Wook knew that despite what he said, Jung Yoon Ki would do well, so Do Wook didn’t worry anymore about Jung Yoon Ki.

When they first met, Jung Yoon Ki was honestly not someone who had this much willpower. However, it seemed position made the man.

As KK gained popularity and his role increased, he felt a strong sense of responsibility as the leader.

After Jung Yoon Ki also finished his shoot, the group shoot started.

It was a shoot where everyone had to look with a surprised expression at the box that seemed normal, but which would go through CG later as if there was a light coming from the box.

From Ahn Hyung Seo, who put his fist in front of his mouth in an exaggerated way, to Park Tae Hyung, who went from an awkward expression to a surprised expression after a lot of effort. Once they gathered and did a group shoot the different charms of the members appeared all at once.

“For the last part, we’ll do a snapshot!”

When the staff shouted, Ahn Hyung Seo asked excitedly,

“This picture, will it go on the chicken box?”

This was the part that Ahn Hyung Seo was most excited about when the chicken ad came in. Now, if someone would order ‘Fun Chicken’ from anywhere in the nation, that box would have their faces on it.

“Ahaha, yes that’s right!”

At Ahn Hyung Seo’s question, the person in charge of the ‘Fun Chicken’ ad replied.

As he monitored today’s filming set, the person in charge thought to himself that it was the right choice to pick KK as the ad model over other idols.

The unit price was a little more expensive than other idols. It was currently a period when their value continued to grow, so one shoot for a 6-month modeling period cost them almost 100 million won* for modeling fee. On top of that, the contract included additional incentives based on operating profit.
(TL Note: Around $77k.)

Still, they got their money’s worth. The members were all working hard for the ad. They also did the autographs and selfies that were requested of them for a fan event without complaint.

Of course they were getting paid to do it so it was a given, but there were many people who put on airs that they were going the extra mile while doing the job they were supposed to do.

The person in charge, who hoped their revenues would increase so they could contract KK again for more ads, looked at KK, who was getting their picture taken, in a satisfied way.


Do Wook, who had returned after finishing the ad shoot, took time to soothe his body and soul, though only for half a day.

That was also brief.

Do Wook recalled the thought he had on the set of ‘Get Ready 1999’.

The famous Chanson that was the staff’s ringtone. When he heard the melody he automatically thought of France. Then he immediately thought of French composers.

‘Ah! Was that composer French?!’

That was the passing thought that crossed his mind.

It was true that Anglo-American composers had the strongest influence in the pop music market.

However, around this time, the sensational and sophisticated world of European music would create a new mainstream.

Fall of this year had been its starting point.

The influence also spread to the Korean music industry, and songs by European composers would get used a lot in the Korean music industry, especially idol music which always looked for the latest thing.

One idol group would receive a song from a European, specifically French, composer, which became very popular.

‘Of course they’re not able to release hit songs after that and get forgotten…That was the only song popular enough to stick around.’

Do Wook sent a message to Album Production Team Leader Shim Joon.

[Team Leader Shim, are you still at work?]

It was currently 9 pm.

HIT Entertainment’s official work hours were from 10 am to 7 pm. However, due to the nature of the industry, it wasn’t possible for management to follow normal work hours

One or two hours of overtime was a given, and working on weekends was frequent depending on the team.

At least when you were at Team Leader Shim’s level, you could work flexible hours such as coming in in the afternoon if you worked late the previous night.

Even when he was working with Brave Only Child, Team Leader Shim was in the studio and discussing things with him until past midnight.

Not long after sending the message, he received a call from Team Leader Shim Joon.

“Yes, Hello?”

-I haven’t left work yet, what’s up?

“I had something to ask you. Are you busy?”

-I’m always busy. I have to pick at least some songs before you’re done filming, so we can discuss it and put the tracks together.

Team Leader Shim Joon’s voice was full of fatigue. There wasn’t anything he could do about being tired, but he was always full of passion so Do Wook considered it lucky that he got to work with Team Leader Shim Joon.

“Then were you by any chance working on the search for songs?”

-Yes yes, I was. What did you want to ask me? Is it urgent?

“It’s nothing big. Do you happen to have any European songs? If you don’t, I think it’d be good to look into it through European sites or through your connections.”

-Europe? Why Europe all of a sudden?

“I think that people have been saying their songs are good lately.”

He could hear the sound of Team Leader Shim Joon typing on the keyboard and clicking on the mouse.

-Is that so? Is it because you’re young? I can’t keep up with a 20-year-old!

Team Leader Shim Joon turned it around and praised Do Wook. Do wook smiled slightly.

“Especially France…”

-Ah, there was a song that seemed novel among those I gathered to possibly be used; looks like it’s from a European composer. What is this name, it’s French or German.

“There’s a song?”

-Yes. But I think it might be too novel. I was going to have to listen to it later since you’re busy, but do you want to listen to it now?

“Yes! Please send it to me. That song. And if you find any songs that you think are good from European composers, please recommend them to me.”

-Alright. You said it’s good, so I’ll look into composers from there.

“Thank you, Team Leader. Also…”


“Go home soon.”

Do Wook said as he suddenly recalled his days as an agency employee. During that time Do wook also had long days and had no choice but to work overtime. Of course Team Leader Shim Joon’s situation was different from Do Wook’s.

Team Leader Shim Joon laughed happily. He has been working on albums with agency celebrities for many years, but Do Wook was one of the most genuinely caring celebrities even at a young age.

He didn’t call without notice, and he asked the other person’s situation first through text. The majority of celebrities didn’t keep commonsensical decorum.

-Ok. I was going to get off work anyways. I’ll send this file to you then take off.”


The notification on Do Wook’s mail app went off immediately.

It was an email from Team Leader Shim Joon. After downloading and listening to the file that was attached to the email, Do Wook’s eyes widened.

‘This song is…!’

Translator’s comment: Oh my gosh, is it the song he mentioned earlier by that one hit wonder idol group? Is he going to steal their song?

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