Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 132: Something is different here (4)

Cale heard the Heavenly Demon’s sound transmission again just as his mind was getting complicated.

– I now understand a bit about what kind of person you are.


He understands?

After such a short time?’

Cale had many things he wanted to ask, but the Heavenly Demon prepared to leave without waiting.

– Sadly, I do not have much time right now. I look forward to chatting with you in the future.

Cale looked at the Heavenly Demon, who was preparing to leave after just saying what he wanted to say, with disbelief.

– Ah, right. I came to inform you about this.

The Heavenly Demon left one last comment as he moved away from the carriage.

– The other me seems to be planning on killing you and your group to start a great war between the Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult while dragging the government into it as well.


Cale subconsciously responded but the Heavenly Demon was no longer there to answer him.

He had already departed from the carriage.

“Young master Kim-nim?”

Cale nonchalantly commented while looking at the confused Chief Eunuch Wi.

“Choi Han, close the door.”

“Yes, Hae-il-nim.”


The carriage door closed and Cale started to speak now that it was just his group.

“That messenger earlier was the Heavenly Demon.”


Chief Eunuch Wi’s eyes opened wide in shock.


The Fist King let out a groan.

“I didn’t notice at all.”

He could not hide his shock. His martial arts had improved a step after meeting young master Kim, but he had been unable to notice the Heavenly Demon’s realm at all. That meant that the Heavenly Demon studied a martial art that was extremely skilled at hiding his own strength or that he was at a higher level than the Fist King.

The Fist King fully believed that it was the latter. He turned toward young master Kim as he was curious about what the Heavenly Demon said, but he kept his mouth shut.


Young master Kim was silently sitting there with his arms crossed. He scowled as well, as if he was deep in thought.

It was the first time the Fist King saw him thinking so hard after meeting someone.

‘I’m curious about the conversation he had with the Heavenly Demon, but I guess I should not say anything right now.’

He could not bother young master Kim while he was thinking.

Cale had no idea what the Fist King was thinking as he continued to process the information.

‘What the hell was up with that Heavenly Demon bastard?

Why does he just say what he wants to say and then leave?

And what? He is scheming to kill all of us?’

The other me that the Heavenly Demon was talking about should be referring to his living jiangshi self. In that case, the Heavenly Demon they saw today was the one who figured out that he was brainwashed and was trying to escape from it.

‘Let’s head to the Demon Cult for now.’

However, there was something he needed to ask the Sage Demon before that.

He needed to know whether the Sage Demon was dragging them to the Demon Cult while knowing about the other heavenly Demon’s scheme.

‘In that case, I can’t trust the Sage Demon either.’

He would need to be wary instead.

It would mean that this bastard was willing to lead Cale and his people to a deathtrap for the Heavenly Demon. Cale’s face turned cold.


Chief Eunuch Wi had a thought as he watched.

‘Something must have happened.’

He clenched his mouth shut.

He heard Cale’s voice at that moment.

“Chief Eunuch Wi.”


Chief Eunuch Wi subconsciously responded in shock.

“Are you able to procure even more elixirs faster and deliver them to the Demon Cult?”

“Excuse me?”

Chief Eunuch Wi blankly asked back after hearing Cale’s calm question before he snapped back to his senses.

‘He has more reasons to release his seals!’

The reasons could not be trivial if he was willing to release his seals despite having to cough up so much blood.

“…I will try, no, I will definitely make it happen, young master-nim.”

Cale nodded his head after Chief Eunuch Wi responded with a serious look on his face.

‘As expected, the Imperial Palace side understands me the best.’

And even with the Demon Cult, Orthodox faction, and the Unorthodox faction… The Imperial Palace was the best.

Cannot do it, do not have any, is not possible. They do everything he asks without saying anything like that.

He at least had a great financier this time.

Cale nodded his head a few times in satisfaction before thinking again.

‘If that other Heavenly Demon suddenly tries all sorts of things to kill us, I’ll just purify him before that.’

It would be a terrible thing for the Demon Cult and the Heavenly Demon himself. Purification would mean that the internal ki would disappear from inside the Heavenly Demon’s dantian.

Cale had not shared this fact with the Sage Demon yet but it should be good to inform him as a warning about what the Heavenly Demon just told him.

‘It will not be easy to purify the Heavenly Demon.’

He was a martial arts expert in the Profound Realm. However, it did not seem impossible.

‘72 percent of the Fire of Destruction’s seal has been released.’

Even if it was not ten times as efficient as when he purified Namgung Tae Wi, it should be at least five times, if not more. The process itself should be at least a bit easier for Cale.

‘Of course, purifying the Heavenly Demon would mean that the Blood Cult notices that something is weird and starts moving.’

This situation was different from when they were hiding what happened to Namgung Tae Wi.

‘At least I have connections to the leaders of the Orthodox, Unorthodox, and Demon. There are a lot of people to help us in each group as well.’

He had a lot of allies compared to when he had nothing during that first purification.

In fact, the Blood Cult getting anxious and showing themselves was likely to turn the situation more favorable for Cale.

“…It’s worth trying.”

Chief Eunuch Wi clasped his hands together after hearing Cale quietly mumbling.

‘…Is young master Kim-nim perhaps thinking of fighting against the Heavenly Demon?’

Chief Eunuch Wi looked up at the ceiling while thinking of an intense and bloody battle.

While that was going on…

– I will head out for now.

The Sage Demon waved while listening to the sound transmission from the messenger who bowed toward him and left.

It was similar to how he ordered the other messengers to leave.

– Young master Kim was an interesting individual.

– Is that so, my liege?

The Sage Demon calmly sent a sound transmission before flinching.

– He has not studied martial arts.


He didn’t even have time to be shocked at that.

– However, he contains nature in his body. I cannot even compare myself to him at all.


– He may not be human.


– He seems to have reached a high realm in a different method than martial arts.


The Sage Demon couldn’t help but be shocked over and over.

– I’ve already informed young master Kim about this, but the other me approved of young master Kim coming to the Demon in order to kill him and his people.

– …Just as I expected, my liege.

– And your response?

The Sage immediately answered the Heavenly Demon’s question.

– The other Heavenly Demon-nim’s wishes will not be fulfilled. I will inform the three guards.

– Sounds good. I have no time so I will be leaving now.

Pity appeared in the Sage Demon’s eyes for a moment before it disappeared.

He knew what the Heavenly Demon meant when he said that he didn’t have much time.

It meant that the other him was about to wake up.

The Sage Demon felt the Heavenly Demon’s presence moving away.

Just as his traces became faint…

– I’m okay so think first about the Cult.

The Sage Demon clenched his eyes shut.

He could not give any response to what the Heavenly Demon said.

The Heavenly Demon mumbled to himself as he walked away from the group and headed back toward the Demon Cult.

“The Sage Demon’s heart is heavy.”

The Heavenly Demon was very much aware of the fact that the Sage Demon considered him to be more important than the Demon Cult.

An odd smile soon appeared on his face.

“They are interesting individuals.”

Young master Kim and his people…

They were somewhat different.

Putting the issue of the Blood Cult aside, they piqued his interest.


The Heavenly Demon, who had been quickly moving using a movement technique, stopped for a moment.

He clenched his head with one hand for a moment before resuming his walk. The expression on his face was now sunken and extremely heavy.

“I really don’t have much time.”

His face did not look as if it would brighten back up again.

* * *

“It must have been difficult, Sage Demon-nim.”

“Not at all, Right Guard-nim.”

Cale could see the group that came to greet them.

Two old men who seemed to be older than the Sage Demon welcomed them.

– The one with the short white hair is the Right Guard while the one with the long white hair is the Left Guard.

Cale looked toward the two Guards after hearing Chief Eunuch Wi’s sound transmission.

– They are the Heavenly Demon’s closest confidants.

The two Guards were looking at Cale, who was standing next to the Sage Demon. The Sage Demon introduced Cale.

“This sir is young master Kim-nim.”

“It is an honor to meet such a famous person.”

The Right Guard smoothly greeted Cale while the Left Guard just nodded his head once toward Cale.

“I am also quite happy to meet the two of you sirs.”

The Right Guard smiled as if he was happy with Cale’s greeting and started speaking again.

“Our original plan was to prepare a small feast but we have moved the gathering until tomorrow as it is quite late.”

Cale looked at the dark sky and nodded his head.

“That sounds great.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

Cale looked at the Right Guard with an odd look on his face.

– The Right Guard is famous for ripping people to shreds.

The information Chief Eunuch Wi told him echoed in his ears.

‘Really, people like this are always scarier.’

Cale slowly took one step closer toward the Sage Demon.

That made the Sage Demon slightly stumble.

He and Cale had had a short conversation before arriving here.

‘I heard from the Heavenly Demon-nim. He said that the other Heavenly Demon is trying to kill us?’

‘I heard as well. We have prepared for such a situation.’

‘I see.’

Young master Kim had calmly nodded his head as if he accepted that response before he nonchalantly commented.

‘But I guess you had no choice but to make it that way. If the Heavenly Demon-nim doesn’t want to lose something big.’

His casual tone was only speaking the truth.

The Sage Demon had gotten chills on his back after hearing that.

He had been unable to look at young master Kim. While he was thinking about that, the Right Guard gently greeted the members of the Orthodox faction, Unorthodox faction, and Cale’s people.

The Cleave Saint did not seem to like this situation very much but he nodded his head to at least remain somewhat respectful. The Right Guard just brushed that aside and spoke to the leader of the group, Cale.

“Please let me escort you to your resting quarters.”

He then added on.

“We have prepared pavilions that are attached to each other.”

Basically, he was saying that they could relax as the Demon Cult was not going to keep them separated.

The faces of the Orthodox faction and the Unorthodox faction’s people finally relaxed.

No matter how much they hated each other, they found each other to be easier to deal with than the Demon Cult.

‘That’s odd.’

Cale suddenly had an odd feeling.

‘Aren’t the Guards normally the people who protect the Heavenly Demon?’

They would normally be by the Heavenly Demon’s side and not be the greeters for guests.

According to Cale’s information, the Demon Cult was currently split into eight administrative organizations and eight battle brigades. There were smaller organizations as well, but this was the big picture.

Cale prepared to move after all of the greetings were exchanged and it looked as if they would start moving.

“I will escort you, sir.”

The Left Guard, who had been silent this whole time, stood in front of Cale at that moment.

Shh. Choi Han moved in between the two of them and looked at the Left Guard.

“What do you mean by that?”

The Left Guard calmly responded to Cale, who spoke from behind Choi Han.

“There is an esteemed individual who wishes to meet you.”

The group figured out who that was even without it being named and looked toward Cale.

“By myself?”

“Yes, young master-nim.”

Choi Han flinched while Sui Khan and Choi Jung Soo slowly tried to move next to Cale after hearing that. Cale responded at that moment.

“That sounds great.”

The others were shocked at his positive response and looked at Cale.

Young master Kim accepted a meeting with the Heavenly Demon. They knew of his strong martial arts abilities, but it was not an easy decision to head toward the center of the enemy territory on his own.

However, Cale didn’t put much thought behind it.

– Human, I will be going with you!

He shouldn’t have much to worry about as long as the invisible Raon was with him.

If things didn’t look favorable, he could always escape with Raon’s teleport.

– I told Choi Han that I will be going with you! I also told the smiling team leader and the good eater, Choi Jung Soo! I didn’t tell Grandpa Ron or Beacrox!

‘Why did he not tell Ron and Beacrox of all people?’

Cale slowly peeked toward Ron and Beacrox. Ron was nodding his head with a benign smile on his face.

‘So vicious!’

He quickly looked away.

Instead, Cale peeked toward Durst who was silently standing there.

‘Durst was there when the Heavenly Demon got on the carriage.’

However, he had not thrown up.

Unfortunately, it did not mean that this person was not a living jiangshi.

‘He was knocked out.’

He had silently fainted.

When Cale asked why he fainted, Durst said that he got extremely dizzy and lost consciousness.

It allowed Cale to come to a conclusion.

The Heavenly Demon is strong.

He is also releasing intensely foul odor and should be the hardest living jiangshi to purify.

While Cale’s group was escorted by the Right Guard and his subordinate, the Left Guard moved away with Cale.

Nobody was on the path they were walking.

The Left Guard also did not say anything.

‘There should be one more Guard in addition to the Left and Right Guards.’

That Guard was just called the Shadow Guard.

That person never revealed himself.

Cale, who had been thinking about the Demon Cult’s structure, stopped once the Left Guard stopped.

This building was small for the Heavenly Demon to be residing here.

However, there was nobody else around them.

It was so quiet that Cale could tell that the Heavenly Demon was here.

The Left Guard respectfully bowed toward the closed door.

“I have brought him here, my lord.”

However, it was silent.

There were no responses at all.

Cale noticed a change in the Left Guard’s face for the first time.

– Human! Something is weird in there!

He could hear Raon’s shocked shout.

The Left Guard urgently started speaking. His gaze was headed toward the gap of the closed door.

“Please step back for a moment.”

However, Cale stepped forward. In fact, he put his hand on the Left Guard’s shoulder and pushed him back.


The moment the Left Guard scowled and was about to ask what the hell Cale was doing… Cale calmly asked with his hand still on the Left Guard’s shoulder.

“It’s because of this, isn’t it?”

Black smoke was coming out through the gap in the door.

– Human, it’s dead mana!

The Left Guard became flustered but still answered.

“Yes, young master-nim. We learned that this is extremely bad for the body-”

“That’s right. It is bad for the body.”

Cale calmly asked.

“Is the Heavenly Demon-nim inside?”

“…Yes, young master-nim.”

The Left Guard responded slowly and his gaze moved toward Cale’s hand.

He looked at the rose gold flame without realizing the clueless look on his face.

Crack, crackle.

The fire that was crackling with electric currents was freely swirling around Cale’s hand.

“We should get rid of this black smoke first.”


Cale opened the door and walked in.

The whole area was full of black smoke.

Raon said something at that moment.

– Human, it’s a formation!

It made Cale realize that this formation was preventing noise from getting outside.


He could hear someone’s painful groan.

The groan sounded as if the person could die at any moment.

Cale could tell that the Heavenly Demon was at the center of this building that was full of black smoke even though he couldn’t see him.

Peek-A-Boo I see you.

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