Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 126: Boss trash and trash one, two, three (6)

The Kunlun Sect.

Buildings that suited that name were built to fit in with the nearby mountain range and the clouds.

They did not look fancy but the simple appearances that suited nature made them look classier.

They were cleanly maintained but definitely looked used.

They showed the affection of the people living in the Kunlun Sect.

“Young master-nim, the sect leader-nim has invited you to dinner. What would you like to do?”

Of the many buildings, in a small building a bit away from the central region of the sect…

This was not that big of a place but it was refined and clean, giving off the vibes that it was reserved for extremely important guests.

Cale had taken one of the few rooms in this building as he responded.

“Please decline.”

Chief Eunuch Wi nodded his head as if he expected this response.

Only Cale’s group was staying in this building right now.

“Yes, young master-nim. I understand.”

Chief Eunuch Wi responded lightheartedly, hesitated for a moment, before speaking again.

“Young master-nim, are you perhaps thinking of doing that right away-”

He trailed off for a moment before seeing Cale’s gaze and finishing his sentence.

“Are you planning on removing your seal?”

The people who were in Cale’s room right now all turned toward him.

The Fist King’s gaze was not obvious, but he was focused on the two boxes on the table in front of Cale.

They heard Cale’s relaxed voice at that moment.

“Yes. I need to remove it. Now that we know that Jang Hyung is a living jiangshi, my current powers are not enough.”


Chief Eunuch Wi barely managed to hold back that gasp.

‘His current powers are not enough?

Even though he is in the Nature Realm?’

However, he could not say that Cale’s judgment was wrong.

‘I can’t believe the future sect leader is a living jiangshi.’

Cale’s group and Chief Advisor Zhuge Mi Ryeo, who had seen Durst’s dry heaving, immediately realized the severity of the situation.

The Kunlun Sect’s side and the negotiation team from the Martial Arts Alliance were all resting without knowing anything, but… This situation was getting extremely twisted and complicated for those who knew.

That was why Chief Eunuch Wi thought that Cale’s decision was the right one right now.

However, despite having that thought, his heart was not at ease.

“That blood last time-’

Young master Kim had removed a portion of his seals in the Namgung Clan. A cold yet refreshing aura that had the scent of wood had filled the Namgung Clan.

That mighty power… The Namgung Clan who felt that aura revered young master Kim even more and showed their respect, but Chief Eunuch Wi knew of a different aspect of it.

Noble Warrior On, who was also acting as young master Kim’s attendant, had brought him young master Kim’s clothes that were covered in blood.

Seeing those clothes made him realize how difficult and painful it must be to remove those seals.

‘I have no idea why or what kind of seals have been placed on young master Kim-nim.’

However, if there were seals that someone who was already so strong could not remove, he could not fathom how scary that power must be.

‘I do not have the strength nor the justification to stop young master Kim-nim from restarting that painful process.’

That was why Chief Eunuch Wi bowed and commented.

“I guess I will need to stand guard.”

Sui Khan stepped forward after hearing that.

“I will be by his side.”

“I’m here as well!”

Raon raised his short and chubby front paw.

The Fist King made a comment in a low voice.

“I will take care of the roof.”

Chief Eunuch Wi was the last to comment.

“I will stand guard in front of the door.”

“I will help as well.”

Mok Hee commented as well and everybody’s roles were determined.

Cale’s expression became unsettled as he listened.

‘Is there a need?’

It was fine that Sui Khan or Raon was going to be by his side, but… There was no need to guard the roof and the door.

However, Cale did not stop them.

‘It’ll just be distracting if a lot of people were here.’

It was a good thing that the Fist King, Chief Eunuch Wi, and Mok Hee offered to leave the room on their own accord.

The rest of the group was not in the room right now because they all had tasks to do.

“Let’s check out the items first.”

Cale unwrapped the two red cloths.

He could see the two wooden boxes.

They said that the two elixirs had the same attribute.

‘Fire, wind, or earth. It has to be one of the three.’

Cale opened a wooden box without any hesitation.


But he was praying internally.

He was praying that it was what he wanted.

Sui Khan asked the silent Cale a question as soon as the box opened.

“You’ll start right away, right?”


Cale calmly responded and noises started ringing from Cale’s pocket.

Ding, ding, ding!

However, Cale ignored them.

Chief Eunuch Wi spoke with admiration. His voice was shaking.

“T, this is the l, living flame flower……!”

It was a flower that held a living flame.

“The treasure of the Imperial family……!”

The Emperor believed that Cale was going to save the Central Plains and had offered the treasure of the Imperial family.

This flower was so precious that the elixir Cale consumed in the Namgung Clan was nothing in comparison.

There was a formation cast inside the wooden box. The formation was keeping the flower alive.

There was a legend that this flower was gifted to the first Emperor from an Immortal.

Cale opened the other box as well.

“Volcanic rock ginseng……!”

Chief Eunuch Wi was shocked again.

It was lacking in comparison to the living flame flower, but it was still a highly rated elixir.

It was ginseng that was grown in lava, making it also of the fire attribute.

Cale clenched his fist underneath the table.

‘This is great!’

This should allow him to release the seal on the Fire of Destruction to a degree.

Then it should be easier to purify the living jiangshis.

Ding, ding, ding!

Central Plains continued to send messages to Cale.

Cale finally pulled the mirror out to check the messages.

< Central Plains may get in trouble with the God of Balance if you eat that! >

< Would it be possible to only eat the Volcanic rock ginseng? >

< That alone should release the seal a bit and make it much easier for you, sir! >

Ding ding-!

< No, umm, eating the living flame flower will release the seal as well. Very much! Only then will the balance and the cause and effect be proper. But that is too strong of an elixir as it is not from the human world but from the immortal world! >

Cale gave a single response.

“So I can’t use it?”

Did Central Plains read his annoyance in his stoic voice?


< ...No sir. You can. I will just have to deal with some nagging later... But it is not something that will destroy the balance of the world... But Central Plains is scared of getting in trouble...... >

Cale completely ignored it, flipped the mirror over and placed it on the ground. It was his way of telling Central Plains to be quiet as he was not going to look anymore.

“Then let’s get started.”

Cale calmly commented as he decided to remove his seals again.

‘I’m not expecting too much.’

50%. ‘I’m just asking for half of the seal to be removed.’

That was all Cale was asking for.

* * *

“I hope that you can consider our sincerity despite not being able to prepare much for you.”

The Cleave Saint immediately responded to the Sect leader.

“We have already received plenty, Sect leader.”

“Thank you for saying so, Cleave Saint.”

The two of them were similar in age.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo slightly smiled and looked at the table.

The meal prepared by Kunlun was not that splendid.

In fact, it was lacking compared to the dinner she usually had in the Zhuge Clan.

However, based on how everything was neatly placed, Kunlun had done their best to greet the members of the Martial Arts Alliance.

‘The Sect leader probably wants to prevent a confrontation with the Demon Cult no matter what.’

Honestly, the people here also knew why the table of food was like this.

The important figures of the Martial Arts Alliance had received an invitation from the Sect leader to eat with the core executives of the Kunlun Sect.

As people invited to such a gathering, they had enough years of experience to understand the flowing trend.

‘Kunlun is preparing for war.’

Even the sects that chased the dao would prepare a feast when they received guests. That was the case even for the Kunlun, who was said to be the most lacking in wealth among the Nine Sects One Gang.

‘So this is showing that the Kunlun Sect is using every penny they have to prepare for war.’

The faces of the Chief Advisor, Cleave Saint, and the rest of the members of the Martial Arts Alliance became a bit heavier.

It was because they realized the seriousness of the current situation.

The Sect leader started speaking at that moment.

“We have sent a message to the Demon Cult.”

He looked toward the Chief Advisor as he spoke.

“The Demon Cult will send someone in the near future. You should be able to figure out the time and method of negotiation with that person.”

They had already discussed with each other to meet for the negotiation, so they just had to decide on the details based on the situation.

‘This is concerning.’

Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s mind was complicated.

‘For Jang Hyung to be a living jiangshi…’

Knowing that fact made her even more concerned about the negotiation team that the Demon Cult would send and that there may be a variable from the Kunlun Sect, whom she had trusted to be their allies.

‘What shall I do?’

As her concern was about to get deeper…

“Why don’t we eat first?”

The Sect leader made the comment and the meal began.

And immediately…


In Ho put his spoon down and groaned.

He turned to look toward the door.

The closed door soon opened.

That made the Chief Advisor certain that he had received a sound transmission.


A martial artist of the Kunlun Sect bowed outside the open door and started to speak.

“Someone has arrived from the Demon Cult.”

Everybody got up from their seats.

Nobody was shocked because they had all noticed something was up at the Sect leader’s actions.

“Chief Advisor-nim. It looks like we will need to eat afterwards.”

“Of course. They came earlier than I expected.”

Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s mind was getting heavier despite her calm response. This was especially because she saw the scowl on Jang Hyung’s face as soon as the Demon Cult was mentioned.

‘This is not good.’

She had an ominous feeling about this.

She knew that things always went differently than she expected whenever things were like this.

She suppressed her anxiety and stepped forward without any hesitation in her role as the Chief Advisor.

And in front of the gate of the Kunlun Sect…

Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s lips twisted up after meeting the person the Demon Cult had sent as a messenger.

“It looks like an unexpectedly important guest has arrived.”

Only one person had come from the Demon Cult.

However, a palanquin had arrived by the time the Chief Advisor and the others arrived at the gate.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo had a twisted smile on her face as she spoke.

“I didn’t expect that the Sage Demon would personally show up.”


The palanquin opened and a person stepped down.

A warm and nice looking white haired old man came out.

“The Chief Advisor was coming so someone at your level had to come.”

The Sage Demon.

He was the Chief Advisor of the Demon Cult and their strategist, and one of the Heavenly Demon’s close confidants.

‘A colossus has moved.’

Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s mind became even more complicated.

‘…This is a bit overboard.’

The Demon Cult’s actions were going overboard unlike their usual self.

The Sage Demon. This prideful person came all the way to the gates of Kunlun to meet her?

He even waited patiently until Zhuge Mi Ryeo descended the mountain?

The same person who always looked down on her for being younger than him?

She had a thought at that moment.

‘It would not have been easy if we really planned on negotiating.’

That was why Zhuge Mi Ryeo had a relaxed smile on her face.

Their goal was not a negotiation.

Living jiangshis and the Blood Cult… Those were their goals.

“I am happy and thankful that the Sage Demon has personally come.”

The Sage Demon flinched after seeing her smile.

‘What is going on?’

Zhuge Mi Ryeo was not someone who usually had such a relaxed smile on her face.

Although she was younger than the Sage Demon, there were a lot of shrewd things inside of her.

However, that relaxed smile did not seem like a lie.

‘Did the Orthodox faction really come to negotiate?

This is different from what I knew?’

As the Sage Demon’s mind was about to get complicated…


He snapped his fan shut.

The smile on Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s face became even wider.

“This is?!”

The Sect leader, Cleave Saint, and everybody flinched in shock.

All of them turned toward the same direction.

They were looking at a spot beyond the gates of the Kunlun Sect.

“…The aura of fire……!”

An intense aura of fire was flowing out from the Kunlun Sect to its gate.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo got goosebumps on her arms.


There were no fires burning anywhere but the whole area was covered by an aura of a destructive fire that felt as if it could turn anything into ashes.

‘This is his true identity!’

Young master Kim.

This aura of fire that was clearly released by someone in the Nature Realm made Zhuge Mi Ryeo feel suffocated but also delighted.

This immense power would put everything in its place.

It was similar to how everything returns to nothing in the path of fire…

This was the path that that person was walking on.

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