Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 125: Boss trash and trash one, two, three (5)

The Kunlun Sect was one of the Nine Sects One Gang and considered the front line and wall of the Orthodox faction.

The Demon Cult would need to destroy this wall in order to infiltrate the Central Plains.

“How mysterious.”

Cale heard Choi Han’s voice and looked at what Choi Han was saying was mysterious.

Mount Kunlun was made of rugged peaks.

The tall peaks were wrapped in clouds, making them difficult to see.

‘When you think of the Kunlun Sect, you think of the Eight Great Styles of the Cloud Dragon.’

It was the Kunlun Sect’s pride and identity, a martial art that was peculiar in that it focused on foot technique.

It was given that name because the movement looked like a Dragon flying around through the clouds.

The strange foot technique used in this cloud-covered Mount Kunlun could make a human seem like a Dragon.

– Human, the mountain here looks dangerous! Human, can you go there?

Of course, a real Dragon was currently invisible, anxious about Cale’s stamina.

– Don’t worry, human! I’ll move you!

For reference, Cale had not been worried at all.

“Ah, you are here, sir?”

“Ah, Chief Advisor-nim.”

Cale smiled gently toward the approaching Zhuge Mi Ryeo.

The entrance to Mount Kunlun… Some people had come out to the path heading up to the Kunlun Sect to greet the second party.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo, who had been at the front of the party, smiled oddly while approaching Cale.

“Young master-nim, it must have been a long journey for you.”

“Not at all, Chief Advisor-nim. It was a relaxing trip.”

Cale answered honestly.

The Chief Advisor’s smile became even wider.

‘The mood has changed.’

The Cleave Saint, the rest of the Orthodox faction and even the Unorthodox faction…

Everybody was peeking at young master Kim’s group anxiously without being excited that they had arrived.

She opened her mouth to speak.

“Thanks to the message you sent, we heard about the changes to the group.”

That message also told her how young master Kim was able to create this mood.

‘He’s a scary person.’

He possessed extremely scary powers but did not show it. Even when he did show it, he did not show everything and just let others know of his level.

He made it so that they had no choice but to bow to him. He turned the situation as he pleased.

‘To say it was a relaxing trip despite creating such a mood…’

Young master Kim was an extremely scary person.

The Chief Advisor did not show her inner thoughts and introduced the people who came with her.

“This is daoshi In Ho, the leader of the Kunlun Sect.”


Cale gasped internally.

‘He really seems like an immortal.’

He had the typical white hair, long white beard and white clothes that most people thought of when they thought of an immortal. He even had a gentle disposition.

Sect leader In Ho met every characteristic of an immortal.

“Nice to meet you, young master Kim-nim.”

He was also extremely respectful, putting one fist against one palm to greet Cale.

There did not seem to be any lies or hypocrisy in him.

He must have been smiling for a long time as a warm gaze headed toward Cale before he could even look at the happily formed wrinkles.

“I have heard a lot from the Chief Advisor-nim and little Seon. Thank you for coming all this way.”

Daoshi Un Seon smiled a bit while looking at In Ho. The small smile that appeared on her usually stoic face was full of respect toward the sect leader.

“It is an honor to see you again, young master-nim.”

Un Seon also calmly greeted Cale.

A few of the important figures in the Kunlun Sect also proceeded to greet him.

Of course, they greeted not just Cale but Choi Han, Ron, and the others with just as much respect.

– Human! These humans look really nice!

Cale was feeling the same way as Raon.

“Then please let us lead the way.”

The Orthodox faction’s people with the Cleave Saint at the center were escorted to the Kunlun Sect. Cale stopped to chat with Sima Dan for a moment.

“We will send a message once we have settled on an inn.”


The three Sima siblings and Xia Mun’s group could not step into Mount Kunlun.

The reason was simple.

“Then please let us lead the way.”

Sect leader In Ho, who was smiling gently next to Cale, did not allow them to enter.

‘He’s not just a nice person.’

In Ho had been treating the Unorthodox faction’s people as if they did not exist since earlier.

The Unorthodox faction did not seem disgruntled about that.

‘Maybe it is to be expected.’

The Kunlun Sect had always confronted the Demon Cult since the start of its history.

That was why they had been through more battles than the numerous sects of the Orthodox faction and had almost been completely destroyed as well multiple times.

However, they still survived.

‘Sometimes through their own efforts and sometimes through the help of the Orthodox faction.’

The former could be said to be thanks to the Kunlun Sect’s persistence but the latter was not always for good reasons.

‘The strong sect confronting the District would disappear if the Kunlun Sect was destroyed.’

Many of the sects and clans who were concerned that they would be placed with that burden gave a hand to the restoration of the Kunlun Sect.

Of course, some places probably helped because they were in awe of the Kunlun Sect’s spirit.

Either way, the Kunlun Sect had been through many battles and it was inevitable that they had fought with the Unorthodox faction numerous times in the process.

As a result, the sect leader was repulsed at the thought of the Unorthodox faction stepping into his territory.

However, there was a reason that the Sima siblings and the Unorthodox faction’s martial artists were not saying much about it.

‘He’s not being rude about it.’

He did not scowl or get angry like the Cleave Saint.

He just brushed past them.

This meant that he did not want to fight them nor get involved with them.

The fact that they were allowed to stay in an inn in the village underneath the mountain that was protected by the Kunlun Sect was already showing them enough respect.

The Unorthodox faction knew this, and since they did not come to fight, they were going along with it without saying much.

‘They have their own rules.’

Cale organized his thoughts and they stepped onto the mountain heading up to the Kunlun Sect as well.

– Young master-nim.

Cale heard a sound transmission from Chief Eunuch Wi at that moment.

– I have found them.

Cale stopped walking after hearing that.

He turned his head to see Chief Eunuch Wi approaching with two members of the Embroidered Uniform Guard.

The Embroidered Uniform Guard had gone off on their own to do something separate from Cale.

Two of them approached with stiff expressions on their faces and bowed toward Cale.


The Cleave Saint gulped after watching that.

The Embroidered Uniform Guard did not usually bow to anyone other than the Emperor.

Such people were showing so much respect to someone else.

Shock was not strong enough to describe his emotion.

“We have brought it, sir.”

The one who seemed to be the more senior of the two pulled a box out of his pocket.

It was a small box tightly wrapped in cloth.

“Here is one more, sir. Both of them have the same attribute.”

The Embroidered Uniform Guard next to him pulled a box out and handed it to Cale as well.

Cale received the two boxes wrapped in red cloth.

The golden dragon embroidered on the red cloth…

The martial artists’ pupils started shaking once they saw it.

‘It is something from the Emperor!’

The way young master Kim received it as if it was nothing and did not show any form of gratitude made people whisper, but Cale had no idea as he thought to himself.

‘This is great.’

It made him smile.

‘Eat elixirs and release the seals!’

He had requested elixirs from the Emperor through Chief Eunuch Wi and these two boxes were the response.

‘Fire, Earth, Wind. I don’t know which of the three it is.’

They said that the two boxes were the same attribute, so it should be one of the three. Based on the Emperor’s personality, he should have sent some pretty good elixirs.

‘I may be able to gain more strength before we head to the Demon Cult.’

One of the Embroidered Uniform Guards spoke at that moment.

“Our esteemed said that he would send more later on.”

‘Oh. The Emperor really is the best.’

Cale smiled with satisfaction and added on.

“I hope he can send them as quickly as possible.”

“Yes sir. We will deliver the message.”

The Cleave Saint gulped.

‘Our esteemed should be referring to the Emperor. But he’s asking the Emperor to send something quickly?

What is the true identity of this young master Kim?’

He could not fathom it at all.

The two Embroidered Uniform Guards immediately left and Cale smiled apologetically toward Sect leader In Ho.

“We were slowed because of me. I’m sorry.”

“…Not at all, young master-nim.”

In Ho answered that it was fine while slightly clenching his fists.

‘I see a path!’

He recalled what daoshi Un Seon, who had been in the advance party, stealthily came to find him to say.

‘Young master Kim-nim. That sir said that he would help us.’

‘…Young master Kim-’

The sect leader had heard rumors about that person through someone else in the advance party.

‘He may be a member of the Imperial family but will one person have that big of an influence?’

A bitter smile had appeared on In Ho’s face.

He accepted a negotiation with the Demon Cult as rational but he could not emotionally accept the fact that he needed to chat with the Demon Cult, which had trampled on their sect for such a long time.

He also thought that the Chief Advisor was wrong.

The Demon Cult had no intentions of negotiating.

Based on their movements, they were planning on attacking the Central Plains.

That was why the Kunlun Sect had not stopped preparing for war.

Of course, they were lacking in numerous areas, but…

‘That is not the case, sect leader-nim.’

Un Seon had strongly advocated to the bitter In Ho.

‘Things will definitely change if that sir comes here.’

‘Why do you think so?’

Un Seon had approached him after hearing that question. That must have not been enough because she used sound transmission to deliver the message.

‘That sir has reached the Nature Realm.’


In Ho had subconsciously asked back verbally.

The Nature Realm.

Was that really a realm humans could reach?

‘I’m sure of it.’

Un Seon was not one to lie.

In Ho’s body had tensed up because he knew of Un Seon’s personality. Un Seon had solemnly continued.

‘I heard the rumors that the Heavenly Demon has reached the top of the Profound Realm.’

‘…It may not be true.’

‘However, it is true that we are hearing those rumors coming from Xinjiang. Isn’t that why you are having trouble sleeping, Sect leader-nim?’

The strongest in the Kunlun Sect right now was the Ancestral Elder, who had reached the top of the Unrestrained Realm.

That sir was currently in secluded training in preparation for the war against the Demon Cult.

The Unrestrained Realm and then the Profound Realm.

Beyond that was the Nature Realm, which was seen as being a realm that humans could not reach.

‘… Little Seon. Are you sure of it?’

In Ho asked with anticipation and Un Seon had responded.

‘I cannot be certain. However, the Beggars’ Gang’s Elder Ho-nim and the Chief Advisor both seem to believe it to be true as well.’

In Ho snapped out of his senses as he recalled the last thing U told him.

‘Young master Kim-nim said that he would come to Kunlun even before I asked him to visit. He said that despite having a good idea about the current situation. Isn’t that already a show of good faith?’

Yes, that alone was enough for the Kunlun Sect to be thankful to him and his people.

In Ho heard young master Kim’s calm voice.

“This is a beautiful place.”

The Sect leader smiled.

They were slowly walking up as if they were on a leisure walk.

They had no reason to rush up and he wanted to chat a little more with young master Kim.

“Isn’t it? The magnificent view of Mount Kunlun is extremely famous.”

Un Seon commented after In Ho.

“However, I cannot sleep in fear that this beautiful place will disappear forever.”

“Un Seon.”

In Ho warned Un Seon for her sudden comment.

Un Seon closed her mouth. She felt like she made a mistake and had placed a burden on young master Kim.

A middle-aged man standing behind In Ho spoke up at that moment.

“Then we must fight back.”

“…Jang Hyung.”

“Master, isn’t that the case?”

Cale looked toward Jang Hyung, who was standing next to In Ho.

He was the person who would become the future sect leader of the Kunlun Sect after In Ho.

His firm and steady gaze was bright.

They were full of certainty.

Cale made eye contact with him.

“Mount Kunlun is as dangerous as it is beautiful. The Demon Cult will never be able to cross this mountain.”

There was strength in Jang Hyung’s calm words.

Chief Advisor Zhuge Mi Ryeo gently continued to speak.

“Of course. Everything will be resolved through conversation.”


Jang Hyung snorted and looked away.

Un Seon had an awkward look on her face because of that but neither the Sect leader nor Un Seon dared to say anything.

– Young master Kim-nim.

Zhuge Mi Ryeo calmly spoke to him.

– Daoshi Jang Hyung lost his parents when he was young because of the Demon Cult. That is why you should probably just ignore his strong feelings against them.

It was at that moment.

As they leisurely walked up the gentle slope with the beautiful Mount Kunlun as the backdrop…

– Human, are you not out of breath?

It was rare to see that Cale was not out of breath.

As he was about to think about that…


Cale turned his gaze.

Durst was holding a tree and dry heaving.

‘They are not here?’

Neither Zhuge Eun So nor Jeong Chan was around them right now.

They were all up ahead with the Cleave Saint.

They had moved quickly using foot techniques that they were not even visible anymore.

That meant-!

‘There is a living jiangshi here?’

One of the Kunlun Sect’s people urgently rushed toward Durst at that moment.

“Are you okay sir?”

His concerned voice sounded clear.

“Ugh. Ugh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack-!”

However, Durst’s dry heaves became even worse.

– Human, it must be that person.

‘I know, right?’

Cale silently nodded his head and motioned to Choi Han with his eyes.

Choi Han would move Durst away from the living jiangshi.

‘The Kunlun Sect’s future sect leader.’

Jang Hyung was the new living jiangshi.

‘The Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult’s war would have had no choice but to start.’

As long as the Kunlun Sect’s future sect leader was a living jiangshi, the war between the Demon Cult and the Orthodox faction was basically meant to be.

‘Something feels off.’

However, the living jiangshis until now had been young.

That was why there had not been any immediate danger.

Jang Hyung was the first middle-aged living jiangshi. And although he was the future sect leader, he already had enough strength and authority to start a war between the Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult.

If the Demon Cult was in a similar situation…

‘…I might have to purify them right away.’

He was planning on purifying them all at once one by one, but there may be some he would have to purify in advance.

Someone at Jang Hyung’s position could destroy the negotiation between the Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult.

A mysterious chill surrounded Cale’s body.

– Human, is it hard climbing the mountain as I thought? Or did you cause some sort of issue?

Of course, he ignored Raon’s questions.

He had a bad feeling about this.

– Should I use my power?

The Vitality of the Heart. He ignored the question that the old man asked energetically.

Cale tightly clenched the two boxes with elixirs.

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