When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 74: Oh past, give a response (4)


Production Director Kwon Heung Jo stood up and welcomed his guest.

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Tae Hwa Group’s Korean branch’s Hong Un Yeong.”

“I’m HIT Entertainment’s Kwon Heung Jo. Nice to meet you.”

Director Kwon Heung Jo and Branch Manager Hong Un Yeong exchanged business cards. The two of their secretaries closed the door and gave them privacy.

Once the two of them sat down, a neatly dressed waitress quietly approached them and took their orders.

“What would you like to order…”

“Please order me the same thing you’re having, haha.”

“Ah, is there anything you’re not able to eat?”

“There’s none.”

Production Director Kwon Heung Jo told the waitress to bring them whatever was most popular on the menu. It was something that often happened at these types of settings, so the waitress smiled and nodded her head without feeling overwhelmed.

“Would you like any alcohol or soda?”

When the waitress asked, Director Kwon Heung Jo also casually asked Branch Manager Hong Un Yeong .

“How about some light alcohol? Considering the time too.”

“Sounds good. Are you ok with sake?”

“Great! Sake.”

Again, Director Kwon Heung Jo asked the waitress to pick the softest sake for them.

The waitress backed away out of the room.

Branch Manager Hong Un Yeong was often called a general. His thick eyebrows and large facial features gave off the impression of a virtuous person.

He was in his mid-to-late 50s, but his physique was so outstanding that he gave off a powerful vibe even when just sitting down.

His voice was also a little husky, but his tone was energetic.

This was the first time the two of them had met in person, but they had spoken on the phone a couple times to arrange this meeting. Director Kwon complimented him first, saying that his voice sounded as good as it did over the phone.


Seemingly a nice compliment to receive, Branch Manager Hong Un Yeong smiled brightly.

“What about you Director Kwon? You’re, what do you call it, a gentle type that’s popular these days!”

Director Kwon also laughed at the return compliment.

Around the time the two of them had eased the tension by telling personal stories, the food started to arrive one by one.

“It’s my first time here, but the sashimi is very good!”

Branch manager Hong Un Yeong was content as he loudly chewed the sashimi.

The atmosphere wasn’t stiff and it was more comfortable than they expected. Director Kwon Heung Jo relaxed a bit. Based on branch manager Hong Un Yeong’s tone, it felt like he could get a positive response.

Their conversation went in full swing as they refilled their glass little by little.

“I wonder, have you ever heard of our company…”

“Ah, Honestly, it was an unfamiliar name, so at first I wondered why the document made it all the way up to me, haha.”

Director Kwon had spoken humbly, but Branch Manager Hong Un Yeong’s response was definitely disrespectful.

However, even Director Kwon knew that it hadn’t been on purpose. Tae Hwa Group was gap and, for now, HIT Entertainment had no choice but to be eul*.
(TL Note: Gap and Eul shows a superior/inferior or top/bottom relationship)

Director Kwon smiled as he replied,

“Probably since a lot of companies want Tae Hwa to invest in them ever since the rumor circulated that Tae Hwa Group is investing in entertainment agencies.”

Branch Manager Hong Un Yeong laughed as he replied, “Haha, that is true.”

Tae Hwa Group was a Chinese company. An investment company with their headquarters located in Shanghai, China, it was among the top 50 Chinese companies and had a tremendous amount of capital.

That very Tae Hwa Group mainly invested in the entertainment field, such as games, movies, dramas, etc. There was a rumor going around that this time, they were looking to expand their investments in Korea.

Production Director Kwon Heung Jo moved quickly as soon as he heard those rumors.

HIT Entertainment’s CEO was skeptical, thinking it was a little absurd, but Director Kwon thought it was worth trying.

‘Once they see KK’s current growth they’ll definitely…see our value.’

With that thought, Director Kwon submitted an investment proposal to Tae Hwa Group.

Director Kwon’s idea to look for an investor was influenced by KK’s fast growth. KK was a little more popular than M2M, who was from Ara Entertainment, a large agency.

Director Kwon firmly believed that they shouldn’t slow down or step back even a little at this time.

Director Kwon had pondered, ‘In that case, what is the thing HIT Entertainment is most lacking in currently?’ The answer was clear. It was none other than money, funds.

Depending on how much money they were able to spend, the quality of the music video would go up or down.

Until now, KK had maintained a certain level of album quality with their own skills and help from professionals who could make the best quality out of minimum funds, but there was a limit to that.

Branch Manager Hong Un Yeong laughed again, proud.

He was originally from headquarters. Although he was Korean, he joined the Tae Hwa Group after studying abroad in China and rose to a high position through his competence.

Afterwards, he even ended up marrying the Tae Hwa Group President’s youngest niece, a Chinese person. He launched a branch in Korea and had been working as the Branch Manager since 5 years ago.

“Our employees said you’re a company with a lot of potential. All thanks to that ‘KK’ group.”

“Yes, that’s right. Thank you for noticing.”

“Haha. Working at an agency means if you raise one star, you’d have made it!”

At Hong Un Yeong’s words, it was Director Kwon’s turn to smile proudly.

“I also heard you worked with Yoo Sung Electronics.”

“Yes, we were lucky.”

“HIT Entertainment even runs a designated social network account in China. I looked at it and the response in China is also outstanding.”

That part was Fan Marking Team Leader Jo Anna’s hard work. Team Leader Jo Anna thought that they had to use the Chinese networks to their advantage to grow in the Chinese market.

Team Leader Jo Anna was the type to look at the big picture. As soon as KK started to gain some popularity in Korea, she set out to develop Asian markets, including Japan and China.

She also thought along the same lines as Director Kwon Heung Jo, so she was thinking beyond Asia into North and South American and even European markets.

“Then does that mean…”

Director Kwon asked carefully.

“I really liked the investment proposal too. It seems like it has marketable value. But the investment amount part didn’t quite match with us.”

“Ah, which….”

“I saw you had asked for around 8 billion*.”
(TL Note: this is in Korean Won, about $5.9 million)

“Yes. You’ll know from the business proposal, but profits are maximized in the long run when you have that much capital.”

Director Kwon patiently explained. Branch Manager Hong Un Yeon nodded.

“Even if it’s Tae Hwa Group, it’s hard to pour that much money in all at once.”

He thought it sounded like groaning, but Director Kwon gave the impression of backing off, saying, “is that so?” However, Branch manager Hong Un Yeong then explained their plan.

“You know the entertainment business is too volatile for long-term investments, haha.”

“That’s how it goes.”

“So we want to invest in increments.”

Branch manager Hong Un Yeong inspected Director Kwon’s expression. Director Kwon tried hard to have a calm expression.

“How so?”

“We plan on investing about 4 billion* first…”
(TL Note: About $3 million.)

Director Kwon’s mouth dropped before he knew it. Honestly, even 4 billion was a lot of money to the current HIT Entertainment.

Director Kwon Heung Jo had confirmed that while looking for investors everywhere and contacting Tae Hwa Group after pulling all-nighters with the employees over the last month to prepare a proposal that was not in vain.

“And after looking at the returns on the investment, if we get 80% or more of our goal back, we’ll reinvest 4 billion more the next year.”

Branch Manger Hong Un Yeong continued,

“There’s nothing further to discuss if we don’t recover our investment.”

Director Kwon Heung Jo saw Branch Manager Hong Un Yeong’s glass, grabbed the sake bottle, and refilled the glass. The glass became full with the clear liquid.

“You don’t have to worry about getting a return on your investment,”

Director Kwon gave a pleasant laugh as he responded.

“In return, Branch manager.”

“Please speak freely.”

“If you’re going to add conditions and invest in increments anyways, how about 4.5 billion*? It’s a smaller amount than the 8 billion we initially proposed, isn’t it?”
(TL Note: About $3.3 million)

It was a roundabout way of saying it, but together it would become 9 billion*.
(TL Note: About $6.7 million)

However, From Tae Hwa Group’s point of view they would be able to pull out if the profits weren’t good. From Director Kwon Heung Jo’s perspective, he was expressing that he was that confident.

Branch manager Hong Un Yeong drank the cup that Director Kwon had filled with a pained look.

“Let’s go back and discuss it to come to a positive conclusion.”

“Thank you, Branch Manager.”

Director Kwon politely thanked him and bowed his head.

“You sure have a very good business personality!”

Branch Manager Hong Un Yeong yelled in a loud voice.


The news that Tae Hwa Group was investing 4.5 billion in HIT Entertainment as the first company spread through economic magazines.

It meant that KK’s marketability and value were on track for the most part.

Director Kwon Heung Jo issued orders regarding KK’s next album after the investment was confirmed.

The overall idea was that they would acquire more distribution networks and the production scale of the next album would be increased, targeting overseas markets.

Thanks to that, the album production team staff had no choice but to work hard.

It was because it seemed like they would have to start again from scratch, including the album concept they were originally preparing. However, having capital meant that there were more things they could try now.

The ability to plan it however they want…in other words, it was an enjoyable struggle.

“Then the schedule for the next album…”

“There’s no change to the schedule and the comeback is planned to be in October. I think that it would work if we go into production right after Yoon Ki finishes Show Me the Honey.”

Team Leader Shim Joon was discussing the plans regarding the next album with Do Wook in the conference room. It was because discussing it with Do Wook, who was first and foremost the album producer before being a member, came first before discussing it with Manager Oh Baek Ho or Jung Yoon Ki, who was the leader.

“Do Wook, you’re the problem. I heard there’s talk about you acting too.”

“It’s not confirmed yet. Though we did have a meeting recently.”

“Is that so?”

Do Wook recalled the meeting they had with PD Shin Yoon Ho.

It was a sitcom, but PD Shin emphasized that it was completely different from any previously existing sitcoms. They could feel PD Shin Yoon Ho’s desire to cast Do Wook.

When Do Wook expressed that he’d like ‘Kim Min Ki’’s characteristics tweaked a little, he said that he was also thinking about that and happily exclaimed that it seemed Do Wook definitely understanded the role perfectly.

“But even if I start acting, it’s prerecorded so doing a comeback in October shouldn’t be a problem.”

“The schedule is one thing but…do you think you’ll also be able to work on the songs?”

Do Wook had been endlessly preparing even on his days off in preparation for this. There was a reason why he was living as if the 24 hours in a day were 48 hours.

“I can do it.”

“Ok, If you say you can do it I know you can do it…but don’t push yourself too hard. Right now we’re looking for someone to work on the project with you.”

“Yes. Don’t worry too much.”

When Do Wook responded, Team Leader Shim Joon nodded his head.

“Then let’s plan for the comeback to be in October…”

At that moment, Team Leader Shim Joon’s doorbell rang. After saying, “Just a minute” and excusing himself, Team Leader Shim Joon opened the conference room door and stepped outside.

While Team Leader Shim Joon briefly stepped out, Do Wook opened the internet browser on his phone. The first episode of < Sun and Moon Lovers > was last night.

It was a ‘hit’ from the first episode.

The acting of the children in the first half touched the hearts of the viewers, and the visuals and acting from Kim Joo Hyun, who appeared in the second half, stole the show.

After that, with 2 minutes remaining, the scenes Seo Kang Jun was in were also all pristine. Seo Kang Jun, dressed well in silk clothing, had viewers seeing him in a new light. It was a successful acting debut.

He figured that Manager Oh Baek Ho probably also checked the reaction.

That seemed to be the case. With perfect timing, a message came from Manager Oh Baek Ho.

[Do Wook, are you still in the meeting with the Album Production Team?]

[Is something wrong?]

[You have to come to Team Leader Jo’s office once you’re done. The format of PD Shin’s project you received changed.]


[We got news that they’re officially editing it into a drama.]

Do Wook smiled as he read Oh Baek Ho’s message.

Filming would start at the beginning of next month.

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