Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 112: Our young master Kim is-! (5)


That noise made patriarch Namgung Ma Hyuk flinch and look at Cale.

Cale spoke as if it was nothing.

“Excuse me, please let me check something.”

“Ah, of course.”

Cale pulled the mirror out of his pocket.

Ding ding-!

The notification tones continued to ring.

He tapped the mirror screen to check the message. Namgung Ma Hyuk gulped as he watched.

‘What is that thing?’

It seemed obvious that this fancy mirror was not actually a mirror.

He was seated across from Cale and could not see it properly, but the glimpse he got showed a lot of text in a language he did not understand.

‘He has such a mysterious object.’

What was this young master Kim’s true identity?

‘No matter how much I think about it, he does not seem to be from this human world.’

The celestial world. The patriarch even wondered if he was an Immortal.

However, he seemed human since he supposedly coughed up blood and was in pain.

‘…Maybe he is someone who connects the human world with the celestial world. Perhaps he is here to protect the peace here in the human world-

‘No, it couldn’t be.’

Namgung Ma Hyuk stopped his thoughts from getting deeper. Instead, he looked toward Cale with a complicated gaze.

On the other hand, the corner of Cale’s lips oddly twisted up.

‘What is going on?’

< Please take my clone away from Raon-nim’s spatial dimension! >

< P, please, save me, sir! >

There were quite a lot of messages.

Now that he thought about it, Raon had headed off somewhere with Beacrox while Cale was meeting with the patriarch for this elixir.

He had thought that Raon just went with Beacrox to get fed, but…

< I will do my best to keep my promise...! Please deliver that message for me, sir! >

< Central Plains is going to be in pain if this continues. >

‘Let’s set things straight.’

“I’m pretty sure I was in more pain.”

Chief Eunuch Wi, who had come with Namgung Ma Hyuk, flinched.

Di, di, di-

The message flinched as well.

< T, that- >

Cale calmly commented.

Not only did he not know how to use sound transmissions, but communicating with the mirror required him to speak out loud.

He ignored Namgung Ma Hyuk and Chief Eunuch Wi.

“The situation from a bit earlier. What are your thoughts on it?”

He still beat around the bush as much as possible.

Of course, he soon added another comment, just in case Central Plains did not understand.

“My powers being sealed.”

Chief Eunuch Wi and Namgung Ma Hyuk’s pupils started shaking wildly, but Cale didn’t know because he was paying them no attention.


< ……. >

Central Plains was silent for a moment.

“You’re not going to respond? Should I tell him to destroy it?”


< I, I'll respond, sir! It’s just that I am looking into it! T, that God of Balance published a Balance Dictionary. I'm looking through it, sir! >

‘Balance Dictionary?’

He felt as if the God of Balance made some interesting things.

< Mm mm! >


The tone of the notification suddenly became lighter, as if it was singing.

< Oh, it looks like it should be possible to release a portion of the seal with the elixir! >

Cale slightly frowned.

“A portion? It’s impossible to release the entire seal?”

< Mm. >

Central Plains continued to explain.

< Releasing the entire seal is possible when considering the balance of this world, however, I don’t think you would want that, Cale-nim. >

‘Why would I not?’

The answer came before he could even ask the question.

< That is because whenever one of your ancient powers is released from its seal, it is highly likely that one of your party member’s powers will be sealed one by one. The most likely candidate to have that happen is Raon-nim. >

‘Ah, I can’t let that happen.’

Cale agreed.

< However, I think it will be possible to release a portion! >

< That is because although the balance between two worlds is important, the balance within a world, a cause and effect of certain actions, is important as well, sir! >

The balance within a world.

That was also important.

< Regular elixirs probably wouldn’t be that effective, but an elixir of this level is considered a treasure even in the Central Plains. Using a treasure of this level and having nothing happen would be a crumbling of balance as well! >

Cale watched as the messages continued.

< At least a portion of your sealed powers should be released! >

Tap. Tap.

He tapped on the mirror screen and mumbled in a low voice.

“So you are saying that although all of the seals on my powers cannot be removed… A portion might be possible?”

< Yes, sir! >

“But you don’t know how much that portion will be. It might be extremely subtle. Is that right?”

< … Yes, sir. That is correct.>


< I'm sorry that I cannot be of assistance, sir! Central Plains is still weak! I'm not in a situation where I can just ignore the calling of a god-like Xiaolen noona...... >


< Please don’t destroy my clone... if that is broken, it will take me over one hundred years to create it back... Sob. >

Cale turned off the mirror screen.

He had no need to chat anymore since he had the information he needed.


Although another message arrived…

“Stop. Or I’m going to tell him to destroy it.”

The message tone immediately stopped at Cale’s warning.

Cale shoved the mirror back into his pocket before looking back at Namgung Ma Hyuk.


‘Why does he have such a blank look on his face?’

“U, umm-”

Namgung Ma Hyuk stuttered before subconsciously blurting it out.

“Umm, did you say a seal-”


Cale responded as if it wasn’t a big deal.

The Namgung Clan was his ally now, so it should be fine if they knew this much.

It wasn’t a big deal anyway.

“Most of my powers are currently sealed, so I ask for your understanding in my rude disturbance to find a way to release the seals.”


All Namgung Ma Hyuk could do was gasp.

‘Even Chief Eunuch Wi looked as if he didn’t know about it.’

Chief Eunuch Wi was the Empress Dowager’s confidant. He looked fine now, but he had been unable to hide his shock earlier.

‘Father said that young master Kim was in the Nature Realm.’

But that was with most of his powers sealed?

“Ahem. Hem.”

Namgung Ma Hyuk felt parched.

‘Father, thank you very much! You brought such an esteemed person as a benefactor! I’ll make sure that that bastard, Namgung Yoo Hak, snaps to his senses properly this time!’

He had let Namgung Yoo Hak do whatever he wanted because he was the cute youngest child, but that bastard almost made them be at odds with their young master Kim right here.

“Patriarch-nim, I truly thank you for this gift.”

Cale immediately pulled the thousand-year-old snow ginseng toward him.

‘The Indestructible Shield and the Sky Eating Water. If the seal on those two powers could be released a bit…’

It would be quite useful when fighting enemies from here on.

And now that he knew how to remove at least a portion of the seals, he could use this to his advantage from here on.

“Young master Kim-nim.”

He heard Namgung Ma Hyuk’s solemn voice at that moment.


Cale, who had not been paying any attention to the patriarch as he was focused on the elixir, looked up to make eye contact.


Namgung Ma Hyuk’s face looked extremely solemn.

No, it was stern.

“The Namgung Clan will definitely take the lead in the destruction of the Blood Cult. The Namgung Clan’s sword will be at the vanguard of fighting for the Orthodox faction’s justice and virtues.”

‘What is going on all of a sudden?’

Cale thought that this was odd, but it was a good thing.

‘I guess the Sword Saint managed to convince him.’

Cale smiled gently toward Namgung Ma Hyuk, who had become his lackey, no, ally.

“My heart is filling with admiration for the Namgung Clan’s focus on virtues. Thank you very much for joining me.”

“This is to be expected, young master Kim-nim.”

Namgung Ma Hyuk was thankful to young master Kim as Tae Wi’s uncle, but…

He had calculated this as the patriarch.

‘Our young master Kim is a golden rope!’

He needed to grab onto this rope.

“Then I will be on my way now, sir.”

“Yes, sir, please let us know if there is anything you need. I will go find it even if I have to search through all of Anhui Province and even the entire Central Plains.”

‘…Seriously, why is he like this?’

Cale was confused at Namgung Ma Hyuk’s comment but just smiled and walked out of the patriarch’s residence.

Of course, Chief Eunuch Wi was carefully holding the box with the thousand-year-old snow ginseng.

Cale peeked toward the silently following Chief Eunuch Wi.

‘…Actually, the power I need the most right now is the Fire of Destruction.’

The seals on Cale’s ancient powers differed based on their offensive strength and destructive force.

As a result, the Sky Eating Water and the Fire of Destruction were sealed the most.

‘The one that is sealed the most is the Sky Eating Water.’

Cale did not realize that it had such a strong offensive strength until now.

‘I guess it should be strong since it is a power that tried to eat a god.’

All he did until now was use it as a water spear, so Cale did not know the true power of the Sky Eating Water yet.

‘I’ll need to figure out the limits of that power at some point too.’

That way, he would know how he could use it.

Cale stopped organizing his thoughts and slowly matched his steps to walk next to Chief Eunuch Wi.

“…Young master-nim?”

Chief Eunuch Wi looked at Cale, who seemed to have something he wished to say.

Cale nonchalantly asked him.

“Does the Imperial Palace perhaps have an elixir of this level with the aura of fire?”

He pointed toward the box with the thousand-year-old snow ginseng.

“…May I ask why you are asking such a question?”

Cale hesitated after seeing the serious look on Chief Eunuch Wi’s face.

‘Ah, should I not have asked?’

He had asked nonchalantly on purpose, but Cale was basically demanding that the Imperial Palace hand over an elixir at the level of this thousand-year-old snow ginseng.

Cale felt a bit scared but decided to push forth with confidence.

‘I’m trying to save the Central Plains right now! It should be okay to ask for something like this!’

He calmly spoke as if he wasn’t fazed at all.

“It is because of the seal.”

“…I see.”

Chief Eunuch Wi’s grip on the box tightened.

‘It is surprising that the power he is using right now is in a sealed state, but…’

Beyond that…

‘He pushed himself so much to save a single person while there are so many seals on his body! What if the veins in his body get twisted and his ki goes awry?!’

Despite his casual outer appearance, young master Kim truly was a good person.

“Young master-nim.”


“I will definitely go gather some elixirs.”

Cale was too busy flinching at Chief Eunuch Wi’s solemnity which made him think of Namgung Ma Hyuk such that he did not realize Chief Eunuch Wi had said elixirs, plural.

“Umm, you don’t need to push yourself too much, Chief Eunuch Wi. I am just asking in case there happened to be some available.”

“I will definitely get it to you, young master-nim. If not, I will return to the Imperial Palace to negotiate with His Majesty.”

‘No, there’s no need to go that far.’

Cale was about to say that when Chief Eunuch Wi looked at him and commented.

“Will you be in less pain if you take an elixir?”

Cale answered honestly.

“I am not in much pain.”

He wanted to say something that would allow Chief Eunuch Wi to tell the Emperor about the importance of an elixir.

“However, I should be able to purify more living jiangshis effectively.”


Chief Eunuch Wi suddenly looked up at the sky and gasped.

‘What is up with people today?’

Cale found it to be odd, but Chief Eunuch Wi looked up at the sky for a while before clenching his eyes shut.

He then slowly started speaking.

His lips were shaking a bit.

“I will take full responsibility and go find some that will benefit you, young master-nim.”

“…Thank you.”

Cale answered in an unsettled voice.

Chief Eunuch Wi opened his eyes again.

His gaze seemed a bit crazy.

“The Imperial Palace is full of elixirs that cannot even be compared to this puny thousand-year-old snow ginseng!”

Cale flinched because Chief Eunuch Wi suddenly raised his voice.

‘This puny thousand-year-old snow ginseng?!’

They were currently chatting as they walked from the patriarch’s residence to the guest house.

They were still very close to the patriarch’s residence.

If Chief Eunuch Wi spoke loudly like this instead of through sound transmission, the Namgung Clan’s people might be able to hear him.

Cale couldn’t even tell who was around them right now because Raon wasn’t around.

That was why Cale spoke with a stiff expression on his face.

“This is a precious gift.”

“…Ha. There truly is nothing I can say about your heart, young master-nim.”

Chief Eunuch Wi smiled gently as if he couldn’t do anything about it and shook his head.

– …I will remember your words, you Eastern Depot bastard.

He ignored the Sword Saint’s comment.

He had purposely raised his voice so that the patriarch or the Sword Saint would hear.

That way, the proud Namgung Clan would bring out even more precious things.

“Shall we go, young master-nim?”

“Mm. Yes, sir.”

Cale followed behind the suddenly brightly smiling Chief Eunuch Wi with an unsettled look on his face.

* * *

“I will stand guard.”

“Wow, this looks like it will be extremely bitter.”

Choi Han said the former while Choi Jung Soo said the latter.

“Human! Eat this if it is bitter! These are candied fruits that Beacrox packed for me!”

Raon was holding candied fruits in his front paws while seated next to Cale.

Cale ignored Raon and asked Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo a question.

“You guys seem free.”


“…My duty is to protect you from your side, Cale-nim.”

Choi Jung Soo said the former while Choi Han responded the latter.

Cale sighed and looked down.

There was the thousand-year-old snow ginseng giving off a cold aura.

– Let’s eat it!

– Then we can see our noonims!

‘Yeah, let’s do this thing.’

Cale reached his hand out toward the elixir.

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