Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 94 – If I have to Move (4)

Their flying speed increased a bit. Raon started to speak at that moment.

“That Whale is pretty good too.”

‘That Whale?’

Cale looked down again.

There was a woman darting through the parted water.

“The small Whale is sort of good too.”

There was a man following behind her.

It was Witira and Paseton. The siblings wielded a whip and sword respectively as Witira rushed toward the swordsman and Paseton rushed toward the spearman.
The two were rushing forward while spraying blood as Cale had expected, quickly rushing toward their targets.

“Choi Han.”
“Yes Cale-nim?”
“Watch them carefully.”

Choi Han continued to observe without answering back.


Witira’s whip clashed against the swordsman’s sword that was covered in her golden aura.


A blue light was around Witira’s whip. It was the unique power of the Whales, utilizing the power of the ocean to attack. Witira’s blue aura was just as strong as the swordsman’s golden aura, which made it very obvious that she was fooling around when battling against Toonka.

“Don’t worry. Choi Han will not lose. Rosalyn will not lose either.”

Raon made that proclamation before increasing his speed even more. Cale looked toward Choi Han and Rosalyn, who both smiled back at him.

“Do not worry. Choi Han and I will not get hurt, even if things do not go as planned.”

Even if things do not go as planned, Cale was planning on taking care of it with the people wearing the masks. One of Cale’s goals was to get rid of any potential issues that would make things dangerous for them in the future.

‘Things will become complicated if Raon is revealed.’

Since they could not get rid of the organization completely right now because they didn’t know the location of the organization’s headquarters, things would become very complicated if any of them saw Raon and managed to live to tell the rest of the organization.
However, Rosalyn and Choi Han had misunderstood Cale’s gaze.

“She is right, Cale-nim. I will not get hurt.”

‘…I’m more worried about me getting hurt?’

Cale could not say anything. However, On shook her head while laying in Cale’s arms to show that Choi Han and Rosalyn were wrong. On tapped on Cale’s arm.

“I don’t think you will get hurt. You do not need to worry.”

On knew the truth about what Cale was thinking. However, this ten-year-old’s pitiful gaze was not to Cale’s liking either. He just pretended not to hear On, and instead urged Raon on.

“Even faster.”
“Alright, human.”

A moment later, Cale was floating above Hais Island 5.
Rosalyn started to speak.

“The traps and alarm magic are around the coast, as Mr. Ron mentioned. The flow of mana is focused on those areas as well.”
“There are none in the air.”

Raon added on. Raon had a pretty smug expression on his face that seemed to say that Rosalyn was a smart human mage. However, it was ironic, as Raon had learned human magic from Rosalyn.

“Will it be possible to get past the magic and barge into the building?”

Cale opened up the map he drew based on Ron’s description as he asked.

Since Ron could not draw it himself due to the effects of the poison, Cale drew it based on what Ron described, with Ron verifying the details as they went.

“It might be a bit difficult.”
“That mage bastard has secured their base with layers after layers of magic.”

Ahem. Choi Han let out a fake cough.
Redika was probably very focused on security after almost dying last time.


Then it was simple.

“Then do like we planned and don’t touch the base as you plant the magic bombs.”

Raon had created these magic bombs. Since Raon’s mana was the signal for them to explode, Raon needed to focus on the 10 magic bombs for them to go off.
The reason he was able to use magic in addition to detonating the bombs in the Black Swamp was because there were only two bombs. These bombs were much stronger than those because of the highest-grade Magic Stones, and thus required Raon’s full attention to control them. It also didn’t help that they needed to make these bombs quickly and on the fly.

“Then where should we put all 10 bombs?”

Cale showed the map to the group at Raon’s question.
They could see a total of ten points on the map.

“You can put one in each of these spots.”

Rosalyn looked at the 10 points before opening her mouth and then closing it back again. She started to think while looking at Cale and Raon.

‘Highest-grade Magic Stones.’

Raon’s magic bombs were extremely scary weapons of war that were many times stronger than the current bombs used during war.
The strength of magic bombs relied on the quality of the Magic Stones, and these bombs were made with highest-grade Magic Stones.

Rosalyn had been in awe of the mana gathered inside a highest-grade Magic Stone she had seen when she was still the next in line for the throne of Breck Kingdom.

‘Just where did Young master Cale find these Magic Stones?’

However, Cale took out those precious items without any comment and handed them to Raon. Those 10 Magic Stones alone were enough to make Cale very wealthy.
Rosalyn was shocked at Cale’s willingness to use them.

However, this was because she did not know that Cale had hundreds of these highest-grade Magic Stones. The items in Cale’s possession were probably worth more than most decent Merchant Guilds right now.

“Then we will split into two groups to do it.”


The map was ripped in half and Cale handed one half to Rosalyn.

“You two take care of this half.”

Choi Han and Rosalyn nodded their heads.

Cale then looked toward Raon. They landed on a quiet cliff that was on the opposite side of where the Whales were currently fighting. Cale could see a vibrant forest as he stood with the cliff to his back.


Cale lowered his mask as he took a small step forward. All they could see were his eyes. It was the same for the others.

“We gather back here.”

Cale’s group dispersed across Hais Island 5.

– Nothing nearby.


Cale was currently running through vines and tall grass that had grown tall and thick without any animals to damage them on the island.

Tap, tap, tap.

On and Hong were jumping through the trees next to Cale. On was already creating fog around them, just in case it was needed.

– It is here.

Cale stopped moving after hearing Raon’s voice. Cale was responsible for the east side of the base in the middle.

Cale took the magic bomb out of his pocket and buried it into the ground. His movements were very cautious.

‘I’m dead if this blows up on me.’

The bomb used in the Black Swamp was already extremely strong, but this bomb was made with even better ingredients.

That was why it was possible for it to destroy Hais Island 5 and the mermaid base underneath.

‘A coward would not be able to do this.’

Cale thought that not coming to a battlefield like this was the right answer as he carefully moved the bomb.

– Let’s hurry up, human!

Raon shouted into Cale’s mind, but Cale remained meticulous as he buried the bomb.

They then started to move again. Two whirlwinds were surroundings Cale’s feet as they moved.

– There are humans nearby.

Cale came to a stop and motioned to On and Hong. On made the fog thicker, while Cale kicked off the ground and jumped on top of the tallest tree.

He then looked around.

“What’s with this fog?”
“Who knows. The weather is constantly changing because we are by the water.”

Cale’s current location was by the base’s food storage warehouses.
The two secret organization members were pretty tense, even though they were speaking casually. Their eyes were constantly looking around to look for any intruders.

– Human, should we fight them?

Cale shook his head at Raon’s question.

‘Why should we fight them?’

Everybody else always seemed to want to fight when they came across an enemy like this, however, Cale did not want to do that at all. He didn’t want to get the enemy’s attention.

Cale cautiously came down from the tree without making any noise and took out the invisibility magic device.

– Sigh, weak human, you live such a difficult life.

Cale didn’t care what Raon had to say as he activated the invisibility magic device and carefully started to dig. On and Hong sighed before helping him dig.

It was at that moment.


They could hear an alarm going off in the distance.

“Huh? Isn’t this the emergency distress signal? Do we have intruders?”
“Hurry up and go take a look. I need to stay there.”


Cale let out a deep sigh.

The life of a main character always revolved around fighting the enemies. Cale pitied Choi Han’s life as the main character as he continued to install the bomb.

– Did Rosalyn and Choi Han get discovered?

There was no need to ask such an obvious question.

On and Hong started to dig faster.
However, Cale continued at his slow pace.

‘I’m sure they’ll be fine.’

It would make it easier for Cale to move if the attention was focused on the west.

– Human, hurry up! They might find us too!

Raon continued to urge him to go faster, but Cale slowly and leisurely finished installing all of the bombs. It was all thanks to Choi Han and Rosalyn causing a ruckus.
Although, he was pretty sure that it was probably just Choi Han who caused it.

‘It’s fine as long as their identities aren’t revealed.’

The two of them will make sure to keep it that way.

Cale installed the last bomb and returned to their original location. Someone familiar was underneath the cliff.

“Long time no see, Archie.”

The Killer Whale, Archie, flinched. He was surprised at Cale’s outfit. It was similar to those who were helping the mermaids.

“Why are you wearing… Nevermind, please get on for now.”

Cale lightly jumped off the cliff.
It would be difficult for Raon to keep all three of them floating in the air while controlling ten bombs and making sure that nothing else is harmed.

That was why Cale had called this super-speed taxi over.

“The rest will come soon too.”

Archie looked toward Cale with a suspicious gaze instead of answering. His gaze seemed to be asking if they were really going to destroy the island. However, he did not have a chance to ask any questions.

“Catch them! We have to kill them!”

They could hear someone’s angry shout. Cale flinched and made sure his hair was fully covered after hearing the familiar voice.

“No! Don’t let them jump!”

At that moment, two people wearing the same black outfit as Cale jumped off of the cliff. Some more people wearing similar outfits soon appeared at the top of the cliff. They were the real secret organization members.
Cale could see the blood crazy mage, Redika, among the group.

“Oh you did it.”
Choi Han had an awkward smile at Cale’s statement. Redika was being supported by his subordinates.
His left eye was wrapped up, while his right eye was currently bleeding.

“I ran into him while installing a bomb-.”
“Tell me later.”

Cale stopped Choi Han from speaking and instead commanded Archie.

“Hurry up and go.”

Archie started to move quickly after seeing Redika and the other members of the secret organization. He seemed to be excited at seeing Redika injured. Cale urged him on some more.

“Move even faster. Get as far as possible.”

They needed to at least get to a point where Hais Island 12 was visible. It was the closest island to Hais Island 5, but it was still a good distance away.
At that moment, Raon started to speak.

“Looks like someone found the bombs.”

Choi Han lowered his head even more. The secret organization members probably found the bombs while looking for them. Cale patted Choi Han’s shoulder as he gave the order.


Raon started to gather mana in his front paws. Cale looked toward Rosalyn.

“Please put up the strongest shields you can and make sure to include Archie inside.”
“Of course.”

Rosalyn started to create her shields. A total of two shields were created. Cale could see the Whales continuing the battle with Witira in the lead to their east.
Cale felt like he made eye contact with Witira. even though she was very far away.


Witira flicked her whip onto the water. The waves started to rage, and Witira used that opening to move back. The Whales that were running wild previously were now quickly running away.

Everybody was finally out of the range of the bombs.

“Preparations are complete.”

Cale made eye contact with Raon. He gave the order to Raon, who was waiting for the go ahead.



The black mana that was gathered by Raon’s paws shot out like arrows. The ten rays of mana rushed toward the island like streaks of light.
Cale covered his ears.

Bang baaaaaaaaang-!

The ocean started to shake.

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