Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 93 – If I have to Move (3)

Cale did not wait for Choi Han’s answer and instead immediately went to stand in front of the bloody Whale.

‘The injuries were made on purpose.’

There were no large injuries on the Whale’s body. All of these small injuries would disappear without scarring after using some potions.

“Looks like you used some blood?”

Witira’s eyebrow raised a bit after hearing Cale’s calm voice that showed no worry at all.

“A bit. I am in the vanguard, so I thought it would be better.”

Witira fought in front of even the Killer Whales that were known for their violence. She was also the type to not care about getting hurt.

That type of mentality was sometimes needed during wars.

While the Whale Tribe, other oceanic Beast people, and the creatures of the sea were fighting against the mermaids, she was in the front spraying her blood in order to push back the mermaids and their dead mana. How awe-inspiring would that be? It was sure to raise the soldiers’ morales.

‘Although I have no plans to do such a thing.’

Not getting hurt was the most important thing for Cale. He would do anything, including scamming other people, so that he would not get hurt.

“Shall we go into the tent and discuss?”


Water vapor started to appear as Witira transformed into her human form and landed on the ground.


She looked very scary as she transformed with her body still covered in blood. Cale slowly moved away from Witira and started to walk toward the tent.

“Follow me.”

He entered a different tent than the one Ron was in and got right to the point.

“You heard an overview of the situation from Paseton?”
“Yes, we were having a headache because the people helping the mermaids seemed to be strong, but we had no idea that they were such a large organization.”

Witira started to drink a potion before adding on. Her injuries quickly started to disappear as soon as she drank the potion.

“A swordsman and a spearman on a ship have been getting on our nerves the last few days. They would attack us whenever members of our Whale tribe or the whales would come up for air.”

‘Hmm? A few days ago?’

Cale flinched.

Witira continued to speak.

“The mage using fire magic is annoying too, but that swordsman that keeps sending aura blasts down into the water is the real issue.”

‘Aura? A swordsman sending aura blasts? Isn’t that at the swordmaster level?’

‘…This is different than what I expected.’

“The spearman is also annoying. He seems to have practiced the Spear Arts of the Eastern continent. The strength of his aura is less than the swordmaster, but he was pretty efficient at using it. He seems like he will soon reach the spearmaster level.”

‘…Another person almost at an equivalent level to a swordmaster?’

This was very different compared to what Cale was expecting.

Cale’s pupils started to shake.
The enemies were stronger than he had anticipated.

Cale looked toward the calm Witira.

Although the Whales were few in number, the Humpback Whales with the Whale King’s bloodline were stronger than Choi Han, and the Killer Whales were about as strong as Choi Han. The rest of the Whales were weaker than Choi Han.

“Some pretty strong people have come as reinforcement.”
“Right? But I think it will get easier once we get rid of a good number of the mermaids.”

The warrior mermaids who have absorbed dead mana were currently avoiding the Whales and going around attacking the other sea creatures and Oceanic Beast people.

Cale received a brief report about the current situation from Witira.

“Then are the swordsman, spearman, and mage focused on attacking the Whales?”

The Whale tribe and whales needed to surface every so often, even during battles. The secret organization would not miss that opportunity to attack.

“None of the Whale tribe members have gotten injured, but many of the whale children have been injured.”

Anger was visible on Witira’s face. They may not be beast people, but whales were smart and strong creatures. They were working with the Whale tribe in order to fight in the front lines against the mermaids.

“…Many of the children have left this world as well.”

That was why Witira was trying to kill those people, but she could not go to Hais Island 5 because the mermaids continued to attack the weak sea creatures and Beast people.
The Whale King Shickler was currently contemplating when to attack Hais Island 5.

“I see.”

They had received Cale’s contact in the process. They were very thankful to hear information about the organization, as well as Cale’s comment that he wanted to help them out, even if it was just a little.
It would make it easier for them if Cale’s group could fight the people who were attacking them from above the water.

“Yes, that is why, although we know we shouldn’t ask, it would be a great help to us if young master Cale lent us a hand.”

Witira’s idea of Cale’s help was that he fought with them.
However, Cale’s plan was slightly different.

Cale, who had been quietly thinking for a while, slowly started to speak.

“I’m thinking about destroying an island.”
“…Destroy what?”

A map opened up in front of the confused Witira.
Raon had opened up a map with his front paw and pointed to a location.

“I’m thinking about removing Hais Island 5 from the map.”

Cale was speaking seriously.

Hais Islands 1 – 15 were approximately two to three hours distance from each other. According to Ron, there were no other life forms on Hais Island 5 other than the secret organization.

“Ships can just sail a bit further to Hais Island 7.”

Hais Island 7 would become the new resting spot for the people using this sea route.

“Is that even pos-, ah.”

Witira stopped in the middle of speaking because the Black Dragon was staring right at her.

“It is possible, little Whale!”
“Yes, I’m sure it is as you say, Dragon-nim.”

It was definitely possible. Although Hais Island 5 was much larger than the Black Swamp, no control was needed as they were trying to destroy it.

“However, I need two things to do it.”
“What is it?”

Witira’s still calm demeanor let Cale know that Witira really was from an Oceanic tribe.

She did not care about the island, a piece of land, disappearing. On the other hand, Cale would have contemplated it for a while before giving up on the idea if there were other creatures living on the island.

“Actually, there’s also a prerequisite prior to those two things.”
“A prerequisite?”
“Yes. We plan on fighting without revealing our identities, especially when we are fighting against that organization.”

Witira understood what Cale was trying to say. It would be a bad ending if Cale ended up in some terrible situations because he became involved with that organization while helping them.
Plus, that was trivial when he was going to destroy the island for them.

“Yes, I understand.”
“Good. First, we need transportation.”
“I will call some Whales for you.”
“Small ones.”
“Of course. I will focus on agile, but stealthy ones.”

He just needed a small Whale for the Wolf children.


Cale and Witira made eye contact.

“I need you to go wild.”
“I need the Whales to run wild in order to cause a distraction.”

Cale casually continued on.

“Then I will use that moment to destroy Hais Island 5 and the mermaid base underneath.”
“You want us to draw them out. Will it be fine if we draw out the swordsman, spearman, and the mage?”

Witira suddenly remembered something.

“The mage has not left the island since the swordsman and spearman have arrived. He hasn’t come out unless we got really close to the island.”

That was perfect.
It would be even better if he could blow away that blood crazy Redika along with the island.
“Yes. He … seems to be a bit crazy.”

Witira’s face suddenly turned into a frown. Cale felt like he knew the reason.

“He started to laugh and rush at you when you were using your blood to fight?”
“How did you know?”
“The information we gathered said that he goes crazy because of the color red.”

Witira looked toward Cale with concern. Raon turned his head around to look at Cale so fast that it made a swishing noise.
Cale saw the looks on their faces and brushed back his red hair before casually adding on.

“That is why it will be complicated if I am seen.”
“So that’s it, human!”
“I understand.”

Both the Whale and the Dragon understood.

Witira then started to mumble.

“That swordsman was weird too.”
“Yes, that woman seemed to have a similar personality. Well, you shouldn’t need to worry, since you won’t need to deal with her.” ( Swordsman is a title, so it will remain swordsman, even though this one is female. )

Witira smiled while Raon had a look of determination on his face.

“Well, whatever then.”

Cale just decided not to think about it.

He discussed the other details with Witira before saying goodbye. The next morning he went to see the Wolf children and Hilsman off.

“A whale will guide you there, so be as quiet as a mouse on Hais Island 12. You have the outfits I gave you, right?”
“Yes young master-nim! We have it packed. I will take good care of the children!”

Cale ignored Hilsman’s report and looked toward Lock and Maes. The two boys both nodded their heads.
Lock was usually shy, but he was reliable when he was with his younger siblings. A sense of responsibility seemed to change his demeanor.

“Then go and stay there. Shoot the signal flare if something goes wrong.”
“Yes sir.”

The 12 all packed their weapons and got on a teenage whale and a baby whale, both of whom were less than 4 meters in length, and headed toward Hais Island 12. Cale watched them disappear before speaking to Beacrox.

“I know you are not happy, but you must be with your father.”
“I understand, young master-nim.”
“Please save my father.”

Cale understood how Beacrox must feel, wanting to fight yet not being able to do so.

“Don’t worry.”

He patted Beacrox on the shoulder before looking at the rest of the group.
Rosalyn, Choi Han, On, Hong, and Raon. This group was going to move with Cale.
Cale took out multiple black outfits from his magic bag.

“Alright, put these on.”

Choi Han started to frown.

“…We have to wear these again?”

It was the black outfit with a white star and five red stars around the heart and the black mask that they had worn in the past when they went to rescue Raon.
Of course, this fake secret organization outfit was slightly different compared to the real one.


Choi Han started to change after hearing Cale’s short response. Only the humans changed clothes before Rosalyn and Raon started to gather their mana.

“We are leaving now.”

Cale’s group flew up into the sky after Raon’s warning.
They were heading to Hais Island 5.

Once they quickly flew over to Hais Island 5, Cale could hear a loud roar.


Cale looked down to see that the water was full of movement.


A Humpback with an X-shaped scar on her back shot up above the water before disappearing back underneath.

That caused a large ripple in the water.
The Whale tribe and the whales were doing their job of going wild.

“Wow, they’re really giving it their best.”

They definitely were doing what they said they would do.


A Killer Whale shot up into the air with a mermaid in its mouth. The mermaid was already dead.

“Human. Make sure you do not go over there.”
“Yes, Cale-nim. Please stay away.”
“Our youngest is right! Even if you go, don’t go alone.”

Cale snorted at his group’s concern.

“You think I’m crazy? Why would I go there?”

It was at that moment.


Cale looked down after seeing Choi Han look down. They could see that two ships surrounded by magic shields were approaching the Whales. A person was standing at the bow of each ship.

The blonde woman who seemed to be the swordsman was pointing her sword at the ocean.
The sword was covered by a golden aura.

The swordsman swung her sword and shouted something Cale could not hear.

“What is she saying?”

Raon answered Cale’s question as usual.

“She said, ‘I wonder how beautiful a bloody ocean would be.’”


‘Witira needs to draw out as many of the secret organization’s members as possible from Hais Island 5.’

That needed to happen for him to safely and easily run away.

Cale, who had been waiting for the Whales to run wild and draw people out, suddenly flinched.


The golden aura rushed out of the swordsman’s sword and crashed into the water, splitting the ocean into two for a moment.

“What is it, human?”
“Let’s hurry over.”

Cale could feel his heart beating fast. Seeing the strength of the enemy was not good for his health.

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