Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 95 – If I have to Move (5)

A large wave rushed toward them.

“Ugh! Everybody hold on to my body!”

Archie shouted urgently. The waves produced by the bomb were still dangerous, even though they were outside of the explosion’s range. Cale, along with everyone else, quickly laid down flat to hug Archie.

Cale looked toward the source of the loud noise behind the tall waves.


A bright light rushed out of the island in the midst of all of those noises. Cale could see that a black smoke had taken its place once he could open his eyes again.

All sorts of debris were flying out from within the black smoke.

Cale’s jaws dropped.


It looked like the whole island was floating away as it broke down into small particles of dust.

“…Is much stronger than I expected?”

He had never expected this much explosive power, even though he knew that the bombs would be stronger than average. He did claim that he would destroy the island, but the impact of the explosion on the ocean was huge.

Raon, who looked calm and composed, tilted his head in confusion.

“Wasn’t this what you wanted, human? I thought you meant it when you said you wanted to destroy it. That’s why I fortified the bombs a couple more times.”

This was the result of a miscommunication.
There was no need to fortify those strong bombs.

Cale continued to hold onto Archie’s back tightly as he looked around the destroyed island. All he could see was the black smoke where the island used to stand.

“Move farther back.”

Archie flinched before quietly moving as Raon instructed. Cale could not take his eyes off of the ocean. The black smoke slowly started to dissipate and the island reappeared.


The cliff that they were standing on earlier was slowly crumbling. It was like dominos after that. The entire island soon started to sink into the ocean.


It was faint because they were far away, but Cale could hear both humans and mermaids screaming.


The water rippled as Witira shot up into the air.


Following the large Humpback Whale’s command, the Whale Tribe, whales, and the oceanic beast people all rushed toward the crumbling island. The people escaping from the island needed to face Witira’s whip.

“…What a terrible sight.”

It was a selfish thought, and he was the one who caused this to happen, but he felt uncomfortable looking at the mess. That was why he just wanted to live a peaceful life.

Cale’s eyes grew cloudy as he looked out toward the ocean. The way he was looking out made it seem like there were a lot of complicated emotions going through his mind.

Raon started to speak at that moment.

“It is a problem that you’re so compassionate, but that is also your strong suit.”

‘What? Compassionate?’

Cale was shocked. Would a compassionate person think about destroying an island?

Raon continued to speak.

“We did the right thing for that old human, as well as for Beacrox, who helped out with my revenge.”

That did not necessarily mean it was the right thing, but Cale wasn’t the type to always do the right thing.

– Plus, didn’t you say they were part of the organization that handed me over to the Marquis? Even if they are not the actual people who did that, they are all the same.

Cale looked up at the sky after hearing Raon’s words. He then patted the Killer Whale’s back.

“Let’s go.”

Archie quietly moved toward Hais Island 12.

“I guess there wasn’t a need for Lock or the children to get involved.”

Cale could see Hais Island 12 as he responded to Choi Han. He could see the Wolf children with the whales. Choi Han, who had been looking at them as well, started to frown.

“Cale-nim, did you order them to stay like that?”

Choi Han looked toward the Wolf children before shutting up at Cale’s stern response. He was just thankful that there wasn’t a need for them to get involved.

Hais Island 12 was about ⅓ the size of Hais Island 5. The large Killer Whale quickly approached the small island.

‘Now I just need to wait for Witira to bring over a mermaid corpse.’

Cale was pretty satisfied with the results of this operation.

It was at that moment.

“I’m going to kill you!”


Cale turned his head. Raon immediately spoke into Cale’s mind.

– I am going invisible.

‘Why so suddenly?’

“That bastard.”


He could hear Choi Han’s angry voice. At the same time, Cale finally figured out what was going on.

“…Son of a-.”

He could see something red flying toward them using levitation magic.

“I’m going to kill you! You must DIE!”

It was Redika. The blood crazy mage bastard was accurately flying toward the Killer Whale, Archie. Although his right eye was injured, he still seemed to have some sight. The blood crazy bastard was covered in blood as he was flying toward them.

However, his flight was very unstable. It was probably because he was controlling the mana with only one hand.

Rosalyn chimed in at that moment.

“Mm, he seems to be in a state of mana explosion.”

Mana explosion was a technique that people who handled mana used by putting their lives on the line.
Redika seemed to have truly gone crazy.

“One arm and eye weren’t enough for you?! You crazy bastard! I’m going to kill you!”

Redika was only looking at Choi Han. He was crying bloody tears as he continued to fly toward them.

“Sigh, still saying the same thing.”

Choi Han sighed before standing up on Archie’s back.

‘What the hell is going on?’

Cale let out a sigh. He was not afraid of Redika. Choi Han could even fight off a Dragon that had used mana explosion, so why would he worry about Redika? In fact, it was better to get rid of him completely.

However, Cale was looking past Redika.

“Why is that headed over here?”

A ship that had broken sides was moving toward Hais Island 12. To be more specific, it was heading toward Cale’s group that was sitting on top of Archie’s back.

The ship with the golden aura using swordsman was heading toward them.

‘Your subordinates and organization members are either running away or dying, so why aren’t you going to help them?’

That was what Cale wanted to ask.

“Who are you?!”

The swordsman asked, but Cale did not respond. He didn’t have a reason to respond to her. Cale looked around and saw that nobody else was coming toward them. The Whales seemed to be caught up with the mermaids.

“…Should I fight?”

Cale patted Archie’s back in order to say, ‘No,’ to the suddenly respectful Archie.

“I will do it.”

Rosalyn stood up. Blue mana was swirling slightly above her hand. Choi Han bit his lips while turning his gaze to look at the swordsman. This swordmaster-level woman seemed to be someone he should fight. Rosalyn continued to speak at that moment.

“Choi Han, you take care of that mage. I will handle the swordsman.”

Rosalyn was a genius mage who was already close to the highest-tier a mage could achieve.

“Of course, I don’t think I can defeat her, but I will be able to hold her back.”

Rosalyn ignored Choi Han’s gaze and looked toward Cale.

“That should be enough, right, young master Cale?”

She didn’t know why, but the fact that Raon turned invisible made it seem like it would be difficult for Raon to help in this battle. In that case, she just needed to step up.

“Mm, Miss Rosalyn, let’s fight together.”
“Excuse me?”

‘He’s going to fight with me?’

Rosalyn looked toward Cale with shock. However, Cale was looking toward Hais Island 12.
She had misunderstood Cale’s words. He never said that he would be the one to fight with her.

Cale shouted toward the island.


“Yes sir!”

He heard some energetic responses from the island.
12 people soon got on the small whale and headed toward them. The two slightly larger whales that were waiting at Hais Island 12 followed behind them as well. They swam past Archie and toward the ship.

“Y, you crazy bastards!”

One of the crew members on the ship started to shout.
Cale shrugged his shoulders at Choi Han before responding.

“Are they the only secret organization? We are also a secret organization, starting now.”

The Wolf children, who were all wearing black masks and black outfits with one white star and five red stars on their chests, rushed toward the ship.

Cale didn’t know when they got used to it, but they seemed to be able to move freely on the whales. It was fitting for the physically-gifted Wolf tribe.

“You go as well. Miss Rosalyn, you too.”

Choi Han and Rosalyn looked at each other before each saying one thing to Cale and then heading off.

“I will be back soon. Please stay safely hidden, Cale-nim.”
“Young master Cale, be careful.”

The Killer Whale, Archie, looked toward them in disbelief, but kept his mouth shut.

Choi Han landed on one of the other two whales and headed toward Redika while Rosalyn used levitation magic to head toward the ship.

“Kill, kill, kill! I’m going to kill you! Who the fuck are you?!”

Redika was shouting while flying in an unstable manner and shooting out his magic. However, Choi Han used his aura to destroy all of the attack magic before it reached him.

“Who are you?”

The swordsman’s voice reached Choi Han’s ear.

At that moment, the swordsman swung down with her sword and an aura blast that looked like a boomerang shot out toward Rosalyn.

“Shield. Blink.”

Rosalyn easily dodged the attack before shooting a fire orb back. The swordsman dodged, but the orb crashed into the ship’s deck.


A part of the ship broke off. Rosalyn used this moment to toy with the swordsman who was covered in her golden aura.

“I’m not sure. Who do you think we are? You can’t tell?”

Choi Han heard Rosalyn teasing the swordsman before blinking his eyes and shouting toward Redika.

“We are the secret organization!”


Cale let out a sigh after hearing Choi Han’s loud voice. He didn’t mean for him to say it out loud like that. But it didn’t matter as long as they kept their identities a secret.

“Archie, let’s get closer to the island.”
“…Yes sir.”

Archie watched Choi Han, Rosalyn, and the Wolf children on the whale fighting the members of Arm as he slowly headed toward Hais Island 12.

Archie couldn’t help but think that Cale’s group was really strong.


He heard something breaking and someone screaming, but it was not one of Cale’s people. Archie couldn’t help but wonder how such strong people were all serving one person.

“I will make you bleed as well! Ugh, I’m going to kill you!”

Redika must have been having trouble with his levitation magic, as he floated very close to the water while casting his attack magic toward Choi Han. However, Choi Han was still able to easily handle all of Redika’s attacks with his aura.

“Show me what you got. I’ll play with you.”

Choi Han confidently answered back before moving even closer to Redika. He was moving very slowly, as if he was cornering this blood-covered human who was slowly losing his rationality from the mana explosion.

“Ugh, die!”

Redika’s mana shot out like it was exploding. Choi Han kicked off the whale in order to dodge.


Hais Island 12 was hit by Redika’s blast and some rocks shot up into the air. Choi Han didn’t care, as was currently rushing toward Redika.

Rosalyn was in a similar situation.

“Wow, unni, you are so strong.” ( Unni is the Korean term for older sister when said by another girl. It has a similar definition as noona, but from a girl to a girl rather than boy to girl. )

“Right? I am a pretty strong mage.”

Rosalyn and the swordsman seemed to be casually fighting. However, the ship continued to break as the two continued their battle.
Archie was amazed that such strong people were all gathered together. However, Archie could not cover the shocked expression on his face at what happened next.

“…Young master Cale, what are you doing?”

Cale pretended not to hear Archie’s voice as he climbed off of Archie’s back.


He jumped into the water that was about chest level.

Cale then moved to hide behind the large Killer Whale.

The invisible Raon was currently hanging on Cale’s back.

– Human, is there a reason you need to hide behind this Whale?

‘Of course. I won’t be seen if I hide behind something this big.’

Cale did not respond to Raon’s question and only said what he needed to say.

“Let’s destroy it.”

Archie flinched after hearing Cale’s voice.

‘Again? You’re going to destroy something else?’

But Raon was still calm.

“Alright, human.”

Archie flinched again. He couldn’t see the Dragon, but he had definitely just heard him. The small Dragon said that he was going to destroy it. Archie just kept his mouth shut.

“Let’s give them what they deserve.”

Raon decided to punish the members of the organization that was the reason he was abused for his first four years.


“Holy crap.”

Archie, who was planning on keeping his mouth shut, could not help but speak.

A large number of thin and small mana arrows filled the sky.


At that moment, Choi Han cut off Redika’s right arm and watched it fall into the water.

The blonde swordsman looked up toward the sky.

“…Unni, you have another mage as well?”
“Didn’t I tell you we are a secret organization?”

The swordsman started to gather her golden aura as much as possible. Rosalyn scoffed at her before saying just one thing.


The Whales quickly started to retreat. However, there was no need to do that.


The moment Cale instructed, the numerous mana arrows all fired accurately toward the ship the swordsman was on.


The blonde swordsman shouted as her golden aura shot out toward the arrows. However, her golden aura was not strong nor wide enough to defend against hundreds of arrows.

“Dragons really are mighty.”

Cale was in awe as he watched the remaining arrows hit the ship.

Bang! Bang! Boooom!

Many different noises of explosion filled his ear.

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