Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 756: Seeing it all (1)

“I’m going crazy!”

Raon fluttered his wings.

“This is driving me nuts!”

Raon was spinning around the temple in a circle.

He then suddenly stopped and observed the large orb above the temple. The orb that was split into six pieces had one piece that lost its color once Toonka came out, and the remaining five pieces were shining in their respective colors.

The colors were similar to the stages of the illusion test.

Currently, all of the pieces were dyed black for the final wrath test.

Raon clenched his cheeks with his two chubby front paws.

“Gramps! Do you think that the human has lost his mind?!”


Eruhaben shook his head side to side. As for Raon, he was finding it to be an extremely serious situation. One of his chubby front paws pointed toward one of the five pieces glowing black.

“Look at that!”

Raon’s dark blue eyes sparkled.

“The human is using a ton, really, a ton of his ancient powers! It’s weird!”

He had not felt Cale’s power from the piece he presumed Cale was in for a while after he entered the wrath stage.

However, Raon had been feeling an immense fluctuation of power since a bit earlier.

“This is even worse than when he caught the White Star!”

The first time Cale had used the Blood-Drenched Rock in this world… The pressure and aura that could only be described as more than overwhelming that Raon had felt from him at that time were relentlessly flowing out of that piece.

“Even if it is an illusion, the human’s body is still his own! If the human faints, I, I!”

Raon ended up shouting.

“I’m going to blow up the temple!”


Eruhaben got a headache and pushed the sides of his head with his hand.

‘What the hell is that unlucky punk doing in there? Is he destroying everything since that is supposedly the wrath test?’

“…There’s no way he would do that, right?”

‘No. It seems possible.’

Cale Henituse might be bad at showing other emotions, but he was quite good at showing his temper when it came to destroying things.

The ancient Dragon looked slightly down. He could see Alberu Crossman sitting in front of the temple gate observing the piece.

“What a headache.”

How many days had it been?

The temple door had not opened since it opened 24 hours after the people went in.

‘…I’m sure it’s tiring.’

The ancient Dragon looked at the tired Alberu and subconsciously commented.

“Unlucky and vicious bastards.”

There was both pity and some disgust in his voice.

“Whether it is this bastard or that bastard… Tsk.”

Alberu, who did not hear any of this, was smiling while listening to the Knight Captain’s report.

“Gramps! The crown prince is smiling again! They must have taken out some more of the White Star’s remaining forces!”

“Yes… that bastard is not one to miss an opportunity like this.”

Alberu had not been sitting still for the few days that they had been waiting.

“Your highness. We received news from Queen Jopis of the Molden Kingdom from the Eastern continent.”

“And the report?”

“Right here, your highness.”

Information about the situation on the continents was being sent to Alberu by his allies on both the Eastern and Western continents.

Alberu had not asked much of his allies.

< Capture the White Star’s remaining forces or take them out. >

It was not a difficult request.

‘Cale Henituse took the White Star down.’

They had captured all of the strong individuals on the White Star’s side.

All of their allies were skilled enough to take care of the remains in such a situation.

“Your highness.”

The Knight Captain stealthily walked up to Alberu and whispered in his ear.

“I’ve been informed that his Majesty will be here soon.”

Alberu’s eyebrows twitched for a moment.

Zed Crossman. The current king of the Roan Kingdom.

“…Someone who is difficult to bring out is coming here.”

The King was acting like a lame duck king after passing the throne’s affairs and the secret of the House of Crossman to Alberu. Why had he been quiet until now, but was causing a ruckus since a few days ago while saying that he was going to come to Puzzle City?

Alberu thought about the King who acted relaxed and carefree but whose eyes were still cold.

‘It’s not like I can tell him not to come.’

Alberu could not tell what the King was plotting. However, he had no justification to stop the King from coming to Puzzle City as he had yet to pass down the throne.

‘I should have just become king.’

Alberu, who inadvertently said something internally that would make the Knight Captain gasp if he heard it, looked up after hearing some voices.

The ancient Dragon and young Dragon were coming down toward him.

“Gramps, I don’t want to go sleep!”

“You need to eat and sleep.”

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to sleep because I keep having dreams lately!”

“I thought you said that they weren’t nightmares?”

Raon pulled a cookie out of the cookie tin next to Alberu and nodded his head.

“That’s right, it’s not!”

“Then what kind of dream is it?”

Raon thought for a moment at Eruhaben’s question before shaking his head.

“I don’t know! It’s just loud!”

Raon stopped talking and frowned as his lips moved up and down as if debating whether to say something. Eruhaben, Alberu, and the Knight Captain all looked at him until Raon finally said one syllable.



Eruhaben confusedly looked at him when Raon shouted with a bright expression on his face.

“Do-, right, Dodam!”

“What is that?”

“I don’t know either! I just keep hearing Dodam!”

Alberu handed Raon a new cookie with a gentle look on his face.

“Raon-nim must be very tired. I think it might have just been a dream you had in your tired state.”


Raon crunched on a cookie and shook his head.

“…I don’t think that-, ugh!”

Raon spit the cookie out of his mouth.

On and Hong, who had been roaming around the temple, quickly ran over to Raon. Hong shouted in shock.

“I can see him, nya!”

Raon was looking at the large orb above the temple as he shouted.

“It’s the c, c, c, crazy bastard!”

Of the six pieces… The black light disappeared from one of the pieces and revealed a person.

White hair and green eyes.

Guardian Knight Clopeh Sekka of the North.

He had an aloof look on his face as he leisurely looked around.

“This is unexpected. That guy is the first to complete the tests?”

While Eruhaben was shocked…

“…As I expected.”

As Alberu nodded his head with an odd look of conviction…

They naturally expected Clopeh to shout ‘I give up’ and come out of the temple, to find ways to help the others, or to get rid of the temple.



However, Clopeh Sekka pulled out the automatic video recording device that he had invested to develop and started cleaning it.

“What is that guy doing?”

Raon shouted brightly as Eruhaben found this to be odd.

“It’s tiring to understand the thoughts of a crazy guy! That’s what the human said! He said that there is no need to understand!”

“That’s right, nya!”

“That’s right, nya.”

The adults quietly listened to Hong and On add on before looking back toward Clopeh Sekka.

They were not the only ones looking at him. The new change made the area under the temple get rowdy, and some people started heading toward the temple and Alberu.

Eruhaben watched all of this and mumbled to himself.

“I don’t think he knows that we are watching.”

Clopeh had a calm smile on his face while completely focused on doing something.

* * *

Cale’s gaze headed toward the temple at the center of Puzzle City.

The once holy building no longer held its original appearance.

“Human, where are you going in such a state?!”

“Cale Henituse!”

Alberu and Raon tried to stop Cale. Of course, both of them changed their statements after seeing the look on Cale’s face.

“Let’s go together.”

“Human, I’m coming with you!”

“Well, sure.”

Cale looked as vicious as the blood dripping down from his mouth as he calmly responded with the rock tightly clenched in his hand. His relaxed look gave them a strong feeling that he was going to cause even more incidents.

Cale smiled at Alberu.

“Then, please support me.”


Alberu sighed as he offered Cale his back. Alberu had never offered his back to anybody in his life, but he could not just let Cale be as he looked like a mess.

“Where do we need to go?”

“…What are you doing, your highness?”

Alberu turned his head to see Cale, who was floating in the air with Raon’s flight magic and being supported by Raon’s chubby front paws.

Alberu stood up straight and smiled elegantly as he asked once again.

“…Where do we need to go?”

“The basement of the temple.”

“Let’s go, human!”

Raon started moving Cale with magic.

Cale looked around as they headed toward the basement of the temple.

‘What a mess.’

There were fights and explosions happening all over.

It was hard to see things as, instead of the typical brightness during the day, there was dust and debris from explosions all around them. Furthermore, the fire that started as the temple broke down made things look quite vicious.

Cale was walking through the wreckage while floating with magic as if he was on a walk.

Nobody stopped them.

No, they could not stop them.

Of course, there were people who were wandering and not fighting who made eye contact with Cale. However, they were the followers of the White Star that neither the allies nor the enemies cared about.

These followers were unable to look at Cale properly, probably more than anybody else. They were showing fear that was incomparable to the hostility they had shown toward him at first.

He was the person who had taken down the White Star, someone who they saw as pretty much a god.

“I won’t let you!”

Cale heard Raon’s voice and saw a black shield appearing in the air.


There was a loud explosion as the White Star swung his fire sword infused with natural disaster from the other side of the breaking black shield.


There was a small explosion and gold dust stopped his path.

Eruhaben was to the back and Mila was to the right. They were attacking to kill the White Star from different directions.

The White Star and Cale made eye contact at that moment.


Cale chuckled and looked away from the White Star. He then made eye contact with Alberu.

“That bastard is done for, your highness.”

Alberu looked at Cale oddly after hearing those words before looking at the White Star.

“You dare, you dare-!”

The White Star was shouting in anger.

“After barely winning one time while looking like a mess-!”

He was shouting quite loudly such that Alberu could hear him as well, making Alberu smile.

“He’s accepted it.”

The White Star had accepted that Cale had won.

Whether Cale did it while looking like a mess or had won only once…

Winning was winning, and this would be the start of the White Star’s destruction.

“…I look forward to the future.”

Alberu then greeted the ancient Dragon before looking at way from the White Star. His heart was beating wildly. It was because he realized that the White Star was no longer an existence they needed to defeat.

He also understood why Cale was heading to the basement of the temple.

‘All that’s left is the god.’

The God of Despair was the only enemy remaining.

That was why Alberu was amazed.

‘Crazy bastard.’

Alberu was sure he saw the rock in Cale’s hand. Cale had not let that rock go no matter how hard it was for him.

It was obvious what Cale was thinking.

‘He’s planning on going up against a god.’

Of course, he had many questions about that as well.

‘Can we meet a god? What is at the basement of the temple? Is it possible to pummel a god with a rock?’

However, he kept those questions to himself.

‘I’m sure he’s thought things through.’

Alberu believed that Cale would have a plan.


– Cale, Cale! No way, right?

Truly unfortunately…

Cale did not have many thoughts right now.


“Oo, w, we must escape!”

“Fire, it’s a fire!”

“The temple, for the temple to crumble so futilely like this… ah……”

Cale had Raon cancel his flight magic and stood on his own feet the moment they passed the temple entrance.

‘I really feel more refreshed the more I cough up blood.’

Cale felt that his body felt better than before from the short moment of rest and coughing up some blood as he walked past the people running away and the people breaking things to the basement.


“What is it, human?”

“Go see how Choi Han is doing.”


Bang! Baaaaang!

There were all sorts of explosions still happening upstairs, letting him feel that an intense battle was still going on.

Honestly speaking, it was probably more of a one-sided destruction or suppression. Rosalyn and Choi Han… Magic and sword… The two of them would easily create such a situation.

“Human, I got it! In return… If you do anything stupid… I… will destroy everything……”

Raon’s dark blue eyes sparkled as he quietly said that.

Cale subconsciously flinched at the gaze that was even more vicious than the White Star’s gaze.


Raon fluttered his wings and headed upstairs after hearing Cale’s response.

“Then I will go take a look! Crown prince, please take good care of our human!”

Only Cale and Alberu were left now. Things were still rowdy around them, but they had nobody else to pay attention to right now.

Alberu was the first to speak.

“What are you planning on doing?”

Cale spoke with certainty.

“I will not die. I plan on having a simple and short conversation, your highness.”


“Please stand in front of the basement entrance and stop anybody from entering.”

“…And if I don’t want to?”

“Who else would I be able to say such things to, your highness?”


Alberu let out a deep sigh.

“You have a point. It’s not like you could say this to Choi Han nor to Raon-nim. Who could you really ask for such a thing from?”

He nodded his head.

“You can only ask me, your hyung.”

Alberu walked past Cale and stood in front of the steps heading down to the basement of the temple. The stairs were in the middle of the northern-most wall of the first floor.



Alberu kicked one of the fallen White Star’s subordinates in the stomach and picked up a long spear that looked fine. He then swung it around as he observed Cale.



The spear gently tapped the ground as Alberu stood with his back to the stairs.

“Thank you very much, your highness.”

Cale quickly thanked Alberu and stepped past Alberu and onto the staircase.

“Will there be no enemies down there?”

Cale answered the question without any hesitation.

“There won’t be, your highness. At least none that will attack me.”

The sealed god had called him to chat.

Cale did not say anything else and Alberu was silent as if he had accepted it, before saying one more thing.

“Don’t get hurt. I am coming down if you don’t return within 5 minutes. You truly are amazing, making the crown prince wait.”

Nothing else was said after that.

Cale headed down.

Tap. Tap.

The world became quieter the farther he walked down.

Furthermore, it became darker and only the magic torches on either sides of the wall were giving off any source of light.

“It’s over there.”

That was why Cale could tell when he would be chatting with the sealed god.

Tap. Tap.

The torches slowly disappeared the farther he walked down, until he arrived at a pitch dark area.

That would be where he would chat.

Cale stopped in front of the darkness.

– Hurry on over.

Red eyes revealed themselves far in the darkness.

The sealed god.

They were the same eyes he had seen when he had first met the sealed god.

“What is it that you want to say to me?”

– Getting right down to business?

It was an obvious question from Cale.

He had nothing to talk to the sealed god about.

He was just curious as to what kind of deal he wanted to make.

– Cale, Cale! Loosen your grip! Your palm is going to get cut if you keep doing that! The rock won’t get damaged!

Cale ignored the Super Rock’s frantic comments and quietly observed the red eyes.

The red eyes were calm unlike usual.

– Okay. I will get right down to business.

The sealed god calmly added on.

– Take me out of here.


– If you seal me with your Embrace and take me out of the temple, I will give you information on the Hunters.

The red eyes looked relaxed.

– In return, I will give you information on the Hunters and protect you and those around you in order to keep all of you safe. I can swear that on my authority as a god. You can even call the God of Death to make me make a vow.

The sealed God of Despair continued in a transcended tone.

– I’m sure it is hard to believe, but I am speaking the truth.

The Super Rock shouted.

– Oh, Cale! Loosen your grip! Your palm is going to get cut!

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