Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 755: Oh, it was something like this. It’s fun. (5)

However, there were more people who could not laugh.

The gold Dragon was flying over from the east while flapping his large wings.

There was a beige adult Dragon and grey adult Dragon following behind him. Furthermore, the pink-haired person sitting on top of the beige-colored Dragon seemed to be a Dragon as well.

No, it didn’t matter if that one person was a Dragon or not.

“…Three… adult Dragons……”

Someone blurted that out and both allies and enemies could not say anything else.

It was at that moment.

“Kekeke, kahahahahaha!”

Sword master Hannah. She pointed towards the sky with the sword that had been attacking Sayeru and laughed out loud.

“Cale Henituse, you crazy bastard! I’ve never seen such a rare and precious sight in my whole life!”

She nodded her head over and over.

“Yes, yes! I knew that the scale would be much bigger when that bastard said that he had prepared for this!”

She looked around at the people around her before shouting toward Sayeru’s back as he ran to the temple.

“Looks like you’ll be the sacrifice today!”

She moved her body that was full of injuries as she fought without dodging Sayeru’s light arrows and ran toward the Bear King as she shouted.

The crazed look in her eyes was full of fury, joy, and sadness.

“I’ll make you the first sacrifice of our victory, you bastard!”

“That crazy bitch!”

Sayeru glared at Hannah as if he was tired of her.

Sayeru had been the one to tell the twins that Saint Jack had been chosen as a sacrifice. However, Sayeru wouldn’t remember something trivial like that.

“That’s a bit concerning.”

Hannah and Sayeru… They both looked up after seeing a shadow cover them.

“Something shitty like that as a sacrifice? I can’t even use it as fertilizer for my vegetable garden.”

“Ha… I came because they woke me up but, haaaa… it doesn’t even look worth my time.”

“Rocks, there are lots of boulders! My heart is beating quickly all of a sudden!”

The shadows of the large Dragons covered everything from the temple to the old plaza.

The one among the Dragons who had not said anything descended to the ground.

His body had already turned from a Dragon to a human.

“It’s been a while.”

Eruhaben landed right in front of the White Star.

“Ha, haha–! You came as a bunch. Haha!”

The White Star laughed in disbelief. Eruhaben was scoping out the White Star’s condition.

‘This is the weakest we’ve ever seen the White Star.’

The back of his head was bleeding and his body was covered in injuries. The White Star’s complexion did not look good either.


The ancient Dragon peeked at Cale, who was being supported by Alberu before looking away.

“I guess the unlucky bastard created this opportunity for us.”

“Yes. I guess you guys would consider it an opportunity.”

The White Star was still smiling as he nodded his head.

He finally accepted what Cale Henituse had done.

He accepted that Cale Henituse had truly prepared a lot of things this time.

He accepted that the chance of victory might have appeared for them.


‘It’s been a year since I thought that everything had ended. For him to have prepared all of this during that time…’

The White Star regretted his actions.

“I should have just killed him.”

He should have just killed Cale Henituse at that time.

“I know, right? Why did you keep us alive?”

Eruhaben smiled at him. The White Star watched as two others landed around him.

They were Dragons polymorphed into human forms.

He could not see the pink-haired one, but the beige Dragon and grey buzz-cut Dragon turned into humans and were observing the White Star.

They were not at ancient Dragon Eruhaben’s level, but they were both strong adult Dragons.

“Mm. He seems quite tired, so why don’t we finish this quickly?”

The beige colored Dragon, Mila, pointed toward the White Star and gently commented.


The White Star swore as he slowly channeled his energy. Numerous powers of nature were gathered around him. He continued his preparations so that he could use any ancient power immediately.

However, one Dragon didn’t seem to care about that at all.


The grey buzz-cut Dragon lightly snorted. Rasheel immediately charged toward the White Star. He was adept at hand to hand combat despite being a Dragon.

There was nobody in his way.

“My liege!”

However, there was someone trying to catch up to him.


While Lock was frowning after Lion King Dorph got away, Dorph was moving with the Darkness Elementals with darkness all around his body as he charged toward Rasheel.

“What the…?”

Rasheel nonchalantly turned his head and commented toward Dorph who was approaching him.

“Is this lion cub with black stuff around him trying to stop me?”

Dorph felt the peculiar aura around Rasheel at that moment. That was the indomitability attribute that the Dragon Rasheel had, which allowed him to be even stronger in unfavorable situations.

Dorph used the darkness from his Darkness Elementals to create a favorable battlefield for himself. He watched as Rasheel quickly moved right in front of him.

The buzz-cut Dragon’s eyes looked extremely annoyed, but he had a stoic expression as he asked.


He asked again.

“Are you really trying to stop me?”

He then raised his fist and…



He started beating Dorph up.

It was the exact same situation in this illusion as when Rasheel had excitedly beaten Dorph to a pulp in reality. Someone shouted at that moment.

“Mouth! Smack his damn snout! Make it so that he can’t say useless shit with that damn snout!”

Rasheel flinched and looked toward a red-haired man covered in blood. That man had a big smile on his face while speaking to him.

The inside of that mouth was full of blood as well. But he was smiling.

‘What the hell is up with this crazy human?’

Rasheel was not scared of anything, but he was a bit wary of a crazy human. Eruhaben quietly mumbled at that moment.

“He’s the commander.”

“…T, the human who found us is this kind of crazy ba-”

Rasheel stopped talking, turned his head, and just swung his fist. That fist magically struck Dorph right in the mouth.

“…Damn it… he drooled on me!”

Rasheel looked down at his fist and then his eyes rolled over before he angrily pummeled Dorph everywhere.

“We should go too.”

Mila spoke in a gentle voice before walking over to the White Star as if she was on a nice evening walk.


Eruhaben, who had golden dust around him, was already in front of the White Star with his hand up.

“I’m relieved. Your final moments are mine.”

“I still have enough strength to take down an old Dragon.”

Eruhaben and the White Star’s battle had started.

However, Eruhaben was not alone. The White Star had to frown while looking at the beige mana that was aiming for an opening.

‘I used too much strength……!’

He had wasted too much energy because of Cale Henituse and the sacrifices. On the other hand, the Dragons were in great condition. This was especially true for the ancient Dragon, whose lifespan was said to be close to its end.

Baaaaaang— baaaaang–!

As the White Star started fighting against the Dragons and caused numerous explosions again…

“…Ha… haha……”

Bear King Sayeru looked up at the sky and laughed. The video communication device in his hand flashed and delivered all sorts of messages.

– This is the capital of the Caro Kingdom! The temple is currently being attacked!

– This is the Molden Kingdom! Princess Jopis has survived and has returned with rebels to destroy the temple! Requesting reinforcements!

– The Mercenaries Guild’s Ranger Brigade has installed magic bombs all around the temple and are currently destroying the temple! How did they get so many magic bombs…?! Reinforcements, reinforcements, aaaaaah! S, save-

– Sayeru-nim, this is the Whipper Kingdom! Here, over here…! C, Commander Toonka has gathered forces again!

– The disappeared Litana, the Queen of the Jungle, has returned! What should we do? We must quickly stop them because all of the people of the Jungle have opened their doors to her soldiers!

The same information was flowing out of Alberu’s video communication device. Cale raised his body on his own as he asked.

“Did you prepare that, your highness?”

Crown prince Alberu nonchalantly responded back.

“Of course. Who would just watch because you told us to watch?”

Everybody had been waiting.

They were waiting for the moment they could hold down or go up against the central forces of the White Star and his subordinates. They had continued to prepare for their own goals and reasons despite being unable to communicate because of the surveillance of the temple.

Whether it was to push the temples out…

To regain their throne…

To recover and protect their land…

They all moved for their own goals and it just happened that their directions happened to be helpful to one another.

“We have to rampage through when the time is right.”

However, there was somebody who was blanking out after hearing the same news.

“Ha, hahaha-”

Sayeru was still laughing in disbelief. Hannah had lowered her sword and was silently watching.

Sayeru did not even look toward her once.

“Just, just with this one moment-”

‘How could so many things change because of just this one moment?’

He blankly watched the priests running away from the temple, as well as Choi Han and Rosalyn who were heading over to destroy the temple from the top down.

How strong had the White Star been, how strong had they been, until now?

How long had they prepared, how many things had they killed and destroyed to rule over them?

But what were these things that he was hearing?


The video communication device flashed again and delivered a message.

– Ah, ah. This is the Henituse territory. Sayeru priest-nim, correct?

An elegant voice flowed out.

– I am Duchess Violan. The temple in the Henituse territory has been destroyed, and Duke Deruth is currently headed toward Puzzle City with soldiers. Please be advised that we will now commence destroying all temples in the northeast region. I am contacting you just so that it will make you angry.

The speaker elegantly announced his demise.

– I wish to kill you with my own hands, but it looks like you will die before then. Goodbye then.

Sayeru chucked the video communication device in his hand to the ground.


The video communication device cracked and the orb lost its glow.


Sayeru calmed his breathing as he watched it become dim before raising his head. Hannah and numerous other enemies aiming for his life were encircling him.

He finally realized the reality of the situation.

“I am the prey now.”

He had turned from the hunter to the prey.

He looked toward the person that had been the starting point that turned the situation like this.

Cale Henituse.

He was standing alone and looking around the battlefield. Cale Henituse did not even glance at Sayeru. It was as if there was no need to do that.

However, the real reason was a bit different from what Sayeru was thinking.

“Cale Henituse, what is it?”

Cale could not respond to Alberu’s question. He could not pay any attention to it.

He looked around the battlefield before closing his eyes.

– The final test is coming to an end. It wasn’t too difficult for you despite being the final test, right?

He could hear the sealed god, the damn God of Despair’s voice in his ears.

The god’s voice was quite friendly yet business-like.

The bastard who had destroyed the first illusion test and disappeared was speaking to Cale again.

– Cale Henituse. Do you want to make a deal with me?

Cale opened his eyes.

– I am waiting for you at the basement of the temple.

His gaze headed toward the crumbling temple. The white marble building was quite ugly now.

– Hunters. Stories about them. Stories full of truth. These stories will be helpful to you if you hear them.

Cale slowly started heading toward the temple.

– I wish to chat with you alone before the test finishes. You can decide whether to accept my deal or not after hearing everything I have to say.

Cale slightly nodded his head.

“Okay. I’ll at least hear what you have to say.”

– That’s enough.

Cale nodded his head a bit deeper.

He then thought to himself.

‘Make a deal my ass.’

Cale had no plans to make a deal with this motherfucking god bastard.

‘He’s waiting for me in the temple basement?’

That was the only important information.

Cale clenched the rock in his hand.

– C, Cale? Are you planning on beating up a god?

The Super Rock anxiously asked, but Cale only patted the rock in his hand and smiled.

* * *

Clopeh Sekka smiled brightly as he climbed over the prison wall that he had destroyed. He then spoke respectfully in a serious tone.

“Cale-nim, I came to rescue you.”

The Cale of this illusion nonchalantly commented with a sassy look on his face.

“…Yeah, welcome. Sir Clopeh.”

“Clopeh really is crazy!”

Clopeh frowned the moment he heard Raon’s comment.

He heard some voices behind his back.

“Capture that traitor Clopeh Sekka!”

“The enemies are escaping! Clopeh Sekka is their accomplice!”

“Catch those bastards! We can’t let them escape!”

A satisfied smile soon appeared on Clopeh’s face. He proudly continued speaking to Cale, who looked uneasy.

“Please, let’s quickly get out of here, Cale-nim.”

He heard a familiar voice at that moment.

– You have resolved all of your wrath.

Black light started to surround Clopeh.

“This truly is a damn test. It was the most unbelievable illusion.”

Clopeh calmly commented before he saw a red light in the completely dark world.


That red light turned into a red eye.

Everything turned red for Clopeh the moment he realized that it was an eye.


He covered his eyes with his hand because of the blinding light before slowly lowering them once everything because quiet.

Clopeh could see an area full of white marble.

There was nothing around him.

“I guess I am first.”

Clopeh inspected his body all over. The automatic magic video recording device, signal flare, and everything that should be there was there.

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