Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 754: Oh, it was something like this. It’s fun. (4)


The White Star curled forward while clutching his head. Cale leisurely watched him and commented.

“How amazing. You managed to dodge ever so slightly in that short moment. You even attempted to create your wind wall.”


The cracked wind wall crumbled into pieces. The quickly generated wind wall could not defeat the fully activated rock.

– I… I put all of my Super Rock essence into it despite it being a bit too late, but using a rock with the Blood-Drenched Rock’s essence as well… you are more amazing than I am to use such a power to smack the White Star in the back of the head.

Cale simply ignored the Super Rock’s comment.


The White Star was still clutching his head as he looked up.


Everything seemed to be shaking.

He had not received a direct hit because of his wind wall that was being created, despite it not being fully made.

However, the White Star could still feel blood dripping down the back of his head and his back getting wet.

‘I made sure it didn’t hit a vital point! I’m sure that I dodged it! I’m certain it barely hit me!’

Getting a light hit by that stupid power was still critical.

He especially couldn’t get his bearings straight because everything looked as if it were shaking and his head was dizzy.

Furthermore, the fear that made him unable to sense Cale Henituse, that fear infused with death had been cast into the rock at the moment it hit him.

That instinctual fear of death overwhelmed the White Star and made it so that he could not snap out of this state quickly. The White Star’s body was suppressed as well because that fear also had the dominance from the Dominating Aura.

Both the White Star’s body and mind… Every part of him would not move as he wanted, making him take a while to even cast an ancient power.

‘I need to escape-’

However, there was one thing he was certain about.

‘I need to run away.’

He needed to escape.

He needed to quickly get far away from this bastard.

It didn’t matter even if it was only for 30 seconds.

Then this dizziness would disappear and he would be able to have the upper hand again.


Sadly, his opponent knew about that as well.

Cale grabbed the White Star by the collar and whispered to him.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

The White Star could see Cale Henituse’s face through the shaking of his eyes.


It was a mess.

Cale Henituse’s face was even more of a mess than his own. Cale Henituse was dripping dark red blood from his mouth again.

The power of the rock that had smashed against the back of the White Star’s head… Having two earth attribute ancient powers infused into it must have placed a burden on Cale’s body as well.

The aftershock from it should have impacted Cale’s plate.

“Ugh, you weak little bastard-”

As the White Star barely managed to get out, Cale’s hand basically had no strength as he held the White Star’s collar. The White Star could push him off even in his current state.

‘But Choi Han is the problem.’

He was sure that Choi Han would be aiming for any openings.

The White Star started thinking.

‘The best choice might be to take Cale Henituse as a hostage and turn this situation around.’

He made up his mind to go along with that plan.

‘Yes, if I do t-’

But he could not continue that thought.


Cale raised the hand that was not holding the White Star’s collar.

In this instant when the White Star was dizzy…

It was true that Cale didn’t have much strength. His insides were churning and he was a bit dizzy.



Cale smiled while bleeding.

“The rock isn’t broken yet.”

The hand that was not holding the collar… The hand holding the small rock sliced through the air again.


That hand smashed down on the White Star’s head again before starting to hit him all over again.

– Yes, Cale! Hit the head once more before he snaps out of it! Y, yes! If you keep h, hitting him like that… it should work, right?

Cale could not hear the Super Rock’s voice.

Choi Han blankly watched the rock that was beating the staggering White Star all over.


The red rocks that had filled the sky fell to the ground.

The power of boulder…

All of it was focused in that single rock in Cale’s hand.

The gates opened at that moment.

Screeeeeech- boom!

The Royal Knights Brigade, the Mage Brigade, and soldiers quickly entered in formation through the open gate.

Alberu Crossman, who had been standing on top of the wall above the gate, confirmed this before turning to look at Cale, whom he expected to be having a difficult time fighting the White Star, with a much brighter look on his face.


He then rubbed his eyes with his hand.


He could see Cale Henituse coughing up blood while beating up the White Star.

“…A rock?”

Cale Henituse was holding a small rock that was just a little bigger than a pebble. The White Star was taking a beating.

“…T, that- crazy bastard……”

He was unbelievably beating the White Star all over with a rock. He focused a little more because he didn’t think Cale Henituse had such speed to him and saw that Cale was using his whirlwind to increase his speed.


‘That crazy bastard.’

Alberu Crossman’s eyes clouded over and he could not hide his shock at this unbelievable situation.

‘It’s shrinking!’

The white thunderbolts that had been attacking the building with the sacrifices… The thunderbolts that had been viciously shooting down without stop were shrinking. It must have gotten weaker because the White Star could not pay any attention to it as he was being attacked.


Rosalyn was the first person to notice this.

1 minute. The thunderbolts had suddenly decreased in exactly one minute.

‘Young master Cale and Choi Han succeeded!’

She attacked the weaker white thunderbolts that had shrunk in numbers with her red mana after realizing the two of them had done something and found an opening to look toward Cale.


She was then flabbergasted.

“…Y, young master Cale?”

Cale was covered in blood while physically attacking the White Star. No, it just looked as if he was beating the White Star to a pulp.

It was only for a moment, but Rosalyn was relieved that Raon, On, and Hong were inside the shield and could not see outside.


However, her eyes filled with urgency.

Cale shouted while using the rock in his hand to strike the White Star in the abdomen.

“I! Because of you! Why?! Why do I need to struggle like this?! Hmm?”

His voice sounded full of his true feelings.

“I want to be a slacker! That! Is my dream!”

‘I’m someone whose dream is to live quietly!’

“Also, keep your damn subordinates in line! Huh? He wants to use Raon as a sacrifice?!”

The fist holding the rock headed toward the White Star’s abdomen again and Cale sounded extremely annoyed.

“Where the hell is your lackey getting the confidence to spew such ludicrous statements out of his damn snout?”

It was at that moment.


The White Star groaned and his hand quickly moved.

His hand was headed toward Cale’s hand that was moving toward his abdomen, as if it was a snake aiming for its prey.

His head was dizzy after getting hit nonstop, but the White Star had not forgotten his goal.

His hand was now very close to grabbing Cale’s wrist.

1 second. No, the White Star needed even less than that to turn this situation around.



However, the White Star’s body was sent flying to the side. He frowned while looking at the black yong’s jaws digging into his side.



The White Star’s body crashed into the building on the opposite side of the temple.


The White Star laughed at that moment. He had gotten away from Cale Henituse. To be more specific, he had moved away from that rock full of dominance and fear.

Choi Han knew this as well. However, he had no choice but to attack the White Star after seeing his hand moving toward Cale despite the result being that the White Star was freed.

He silently looked away from the White Star and slightly bowed his head to Cale who was looking at him.

“…I’m sorry, Cale-nim.”

“That’s the perfect direction.”

Those words were not what Choi Han had expected.

“Excuse me?”

Choi Han asked back and Cale patted his shoulders and smiled gently. Choi Han subconsciously bit down on his lips after seeing Cale’s mouth that was full of blood. However, he became anxious for a moment after hearing this next part.

“Good job. You sent him flying in the perfect direction.”

“Excuse me?”

Choi Han asked again. He watched as the White Star pulled his body out of the building wall.


The sky that had been getting quieter started roaring again. Did they have to fight against the White Star again? Cale whispered as Choi Han started getting anxious.

“Choi Han.”

“Yes, Cale-nim.”

“Attack the temple immediately.”

Cale was looking at Choi Han… No, he was looking past Choi Han’s shoulder as he gave the order.

“Let’s destroy the temple.”

“…Excuse me?”

“Let’s get rid of it. Let’s get rid of those bastards’ base. Heh.”

Cale laughed while the White Star frowned.

Choi Han finally realized that the rumbling in the sky was not from the white thunderbolts.

He also realized that Cale truly planned on fighting until the end.

He could tell that Cale’s mindset and his words about everything changing were not things he said without thinking things through.

“I’ll go first.”

Cale removed his hand from Choi Han’s shoulder and Choi Han watched as Cale fell to the ground.

He then felt a frightening power behind his back. He urgently turned his head.

He watched a rose gold thunderbolt strike down from the sky.

That thunderbolt landed directly on the fifth floor of the marble temple.


Everybody watched as the temple shook from the attack by this gold and red thunderbolt.

The thunderbolt magically only burnt the fifth floor of the temple.

The rose gold thunderbolt melted the fifth floor away and gobbled it up.

The fifth floor. That was where the White Star resided.

“This is a new start.”

Excommunicated priestess Cage realized it as she watched the shaking temple.

This moment was the first step toward a new state of things, the starting point for their victory.

Her vague belief in it had turned into certainty.

Choi Han thought that he should rescue Cale who was falling, but subconsciously raised his sword.

Cale had made the rock wall protecting the temple disappear as well.

Oooooo– oooooo–

His black yong twisted its body and charged toward the temple. Its target was the fourth floor. That was where the White Star’s chief executives resided.


“Dodge it! Run away!”

The priests who were on the first and second floors ran out of the temple for their lives.

The ones on the fourth floor cast all sorts of protection spells.

Choi Han followed the black yong and headed toward the temple. There was nobody strong enough to stop his path.

He felt the fluctuation of a strong power behind his back.

“Ha, haha-”

Choi Han started laughing.

A black spear and a red snake charged past him on both sides.

“I’m going to do it too!”

“Choi Han, I can’t let you do something so fun by yourself.”

Raon, who had come out of the silver shield after the white thunderbolts had stopped, had launched a black spear full of mana.

Rosalyn had changed the direction of her red mana that was going to attack the white thunderbolts and directed the snake toward the temple.




Multiple attacks struck the fourth floor of the temple after that initial attack from the rose gold thunderbolt.

Choi Han looked around. His gaze was sharp. He was thinking about immediately attacking the whole temple if it looked as if most of the priests on the first and second floors had made it out.

‘There is nobody on the third floor because that was used as the waiting area for the people who were forced to be here today. The fourth floor only had a few of the White Star’s high-ranking subordinate bastards who were still hiding in this situation.’

He looked behind him for a moment.

The White Star was starting to fly up again. He needed to finish this before that bastard did something again.

Choi Han then looked down to see Alberu supporting Cale who was stumbling on the ground. Choi Han was finally relieved and smiled toward Rosalyn who approached him.

“Cale Henituse……!”


Down below, Alberu scowled while supporting Cale.

“Until you ended up in such a mess……!”

Cale Henituse, who looked even worse than any time Alberu had seen him in the past, was barely standing and breathing heavily. Raon flew over to him. On and Hong could not come because they still had work to do and could only look anxious from a distance.

“Human! This, this!”

Raon tried to take an apple pie out of his spatial dimension.

“…Your highness.”

“What is it?”

Alberu focused on Cale after hearing a faint voice. He wanted to tell Cale to stop talking and to recover his stamina first but the situation did not allow for that.

“You dare……!”

Numerous different auras were roaring around the extremely angry White Star.

“Not the temple!”

Bear King Sayeru flung sword master Hannah to the side and ran defenselessly toward the temple. Lion King Dorph looked as if he could defeat Lock and the Wolves at any moment.

“Your highness……”

That was why Alberu waited to hear what Cale had to say. His hand sent a signal at the same time. The Knights Brigade and mages quickly started suppressing the chaos.

“Your highness.”

“Yes, hurry up and speak.”

“Human, stop talking and get some rest!”

Cale weakly mumbled the moment both Alberu and Raon spoke to him.

“The White Star will run away.”


Raon raised his head to the sky as Alberu asked back in confusion. The black Dragon’s dark blue eyes looked toward the eastern sky.

“…It’s gramps!”

Raon shouted with joy.

“It’s Goldie gramps!”

The ancient Dragon was said to be busy building a new lair. Alberu looked away from Cale and toward the sky.

Cale was the only one he knew who could call that busy ancient Dragon here.


Alberu had a confused look on his face.

Raon, who was looking at the sky, blankly added on.

“…T, there are other Dragons behind gramps! It’s my first time seeing them! They are new Dragons!”

No other Dragons besides Raon and Eruhaben had been their ally in this world. There was no Young Master Silver Shield for Dodori to come find.

However, Mila, Rasheel, and Dodori… Cale knew very well where the three Dragons lived. He also knew who was the most fitting to bring them here.

Alberu stopped blankly staring at the sky and turned his head.

“He, hehehe.”

Cale Henituse’s shoulders were moving up and down as he laughed.

“…Scary bastard.”

Alberu mumbled before he started laughing, while Raon laughed as well.

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