Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 753: Oh, it was something like this. It’s fun. (3)

Would it sparkle like this if the Milky Way was connected together?


Ron’s legs became weak and he knelt down on one knee.


Through the explosion that seemed to stab his ears and the light that hurt his eyes…

A holy-looking silver shield with two radiant wings opened wide, surrounded the people and clashed against the thunderbolts.

The White Star’s thunderbolts…

The thunderbolts striking down from the sky destroyed everything they touched from this world. All that was left as evidence was black ash that disappeared with the wind.

However, there was now a shield going up against the thunderbolts.

Craaaaaaaaack, craaaaaack-

But this shield continued to crack. Silver light seeped into it endlessly to prevent it from breaking.

“G, Grandpa Ron!”

Raon came over with a shocked look and pulled at Ron’s clothes.

“The human’s new power is more amazing than I expected……!”

Raon had seen the shield with Ron before they came to Puzzle City. However, he had never imagined that the power would be so strong.

His chubby cheeks twitched as he smiled.

Although it was his first time seeing this ancient power…

More than any other power, this one…

“It’s similar!”

It was similar to Cale!

Raon’s eyes were full of life as they sparkled. Raon turned around at that moment.


The priests were blankly staring at the shield before some of them plopped down on the ground.

“T, this……!”

“I, it blocked the White Star-nim’s power, the power of someone who will become a god?!”

The people who had clenched their eyes shut or had been screaming were staring at the silver shield now that their sights had recovered from the bright light. They were unable to say anything.

It was at that moment.


There was a groan from among the priests.

Click. Click.

Magic cutters had broken the shackles. It was the result of Ron and the people from the Molan Household making their moves.

The people who had more experience than anybody else didn’t miss the opening created by people blanking out at the shield and at the fact that they were not dead.

Ron raised his voice.

“Do not miss this opportunity that the young master-nim has created!”

The children averaging ten years old and Vice Captain Hilsman responded to his shout.

They remembered what Cale had said.

‘The moment I block it… That will be the moment everything changes.’

Things could change.

This was the chance for it.

We could change things if we can defeat these thunderbolts.


The rate at which the silver shield was cracking because of the white thunderbolts started to quicken.

Vice Captain Hilsman gave the order.

“Knights, go help patriarch Ron immediately!”

He was in charge of the entire sacrifices delivery guarding team.

He was in charge of the knights brigade and the mages who were covering themselves with their robes.

“Mages, immediately install magic circles and any remaining members create shields!”

One of the mages pulled their low hood back and pulled a bag out of their pocket.


There was a loud noise as the bag opened to reveal a lot of highest-grade magic stones.

“Commencing magic circle installation! Half of you immediately start casting shields!”

“I’ll take care of the shield!”

Raon’s two wings opened wide as he flew close to the shield.


“We can keep the priests tied down, nya!”

Hong and On used their poisonous fog and focused it on the priests. The priests could not even resist after being hit by paralyzing poison.

On looked around and mumbled to herself.

“It’s actually better like this, nya.”

Only the priests, the sacrifices, and people on Cale’s side were left here because the Lions and the rest of the White Star and Dorph’s subordinates had run away to dodge the thunderbolts.

Thanks to that, it was much easier to protect and rescue the sacrifices now.

As long as that shield could defeat the thunderbolts that is.

On’s eyes headed up.

She was certain that it would work.

There was a large fluctuation of mana from Raon’s small body. An immense amount of black mana instantly started creating layer after layer of shield around the silver shield.

She was certain that their youngest and Cale together would definitely persist.

On’s eyes filled with delight at that moment.

As the white thunderbolts struck down at the shield…

There was a large flame that charged at the thunderbolts from the right side.

It was as if a large snake was trying to rip apart the thunderbolts. That large flame was ruthlessly charging toward the thunderbolts.

That red mana…


It disappeared after crashing into the thunderbolts, but it definitely lessened the power of the thunderbolts by at least a bit.


A flame that appeared in the air again slammed against the thunderbolts again.

It resembled someone who relentlessly moved forward without stopping.

“Rosalyn is here!”

Raon shouted, and On and Hong realized that Rosalyn, Lock, and the Wolves were outside the shield.

Ron calmly commented.

“I guess the Wolves will catch the Lions.”

Ron was certain that their companions were all here.

He also knew that they were no longer just watching.

“…Crazy fools.”

Lion King Dorph’s face that had looked shocked while looking at the silver shield was now filled with wrath and scorn.

Lock was standing in front of Dorph who had activated his berserk transformation at some point. Behind Lock were Maes and the rest of the Wolves in their berserk states, waiting while ready to attack the enemy’s necks at any moment.

“Let’s go.”

They were waiting for Lock’s order.

“Pwahahahah! This is not even funny. Sure, I will accept this final resistance.”

The Lions followed Dorph’s order and charged toward the Wolves as well.

“Support the Wolves!”

People wearing ragged robes lowered their heads and responded to Rosalyn’s order.

“Yes, Tower Master-nim!”

They were the mages who had escaped to all parts of the continent while waiting for the rebirth of the Magic Tower, choosing not to submit to the White Star.

“Today is our chance!”

They strongly agreed with Tower Master Rosalyn’s comment and channeled their manas.

Rosalyn checked on them before turning her gaze toward the shield again.

The White Star’s white thunderbolts were weaker than earlier but continued to strike down from the sky.

“…A shield.”

‘How fitting for young master Cale.’

She truly thought that it was a good decision to come to watch as her gaze followed a silver thread connected to the shield.

Raon and she were helping him, but Cale’s shield was slowly reaching a critical condition.

‘I saw Choi Han attack the White Star.’

She wondered what happened after that as her gaze followed to the end of the silver thread.


The black yong shot up toward the sky and the White Star’s red sword slashed the black yong’s tail off as Choi Han’s black aura returned toward the White Star as if it was boomerang.

As dust fluttered everywhere and different colored lights flashed… Rosalyn saw someone through it all.


She frowned.


Cale was releasing the silver thread with one hand while his other hand was covering his mouth.

Dark red blood continued flowing out of his mouth without stopping.


‘Wasn’t young master Cale’s plate complete if he got the wood attribute ancient power? Why is he still bleeding? Is it because he overdid it too much?’

Rosalyn made eye contact with Cale at that moment.


Cale smiled before nodding his head as if he was asking something of her and then turning away from her.

He was looking at the White Star.

Actually, both Cale and Rosalyn knew.

They knew that they needed to attack the White Star in order to stop the white thunderbolts.

The reason Choi Han and the White Star could fight pretty evenly without any injuries to either side was because the White Star could not use his full power against Choi Han as he was using the white thunderbolts.

Both of them knew that was the case, and Rosalyn bit down on her lips and turned her head.

Crack. Crackle.

Red mana swirled around her.

White thunderbolts. She glared at the light and her fire attacked again. She did not plan on looking back.

‘It’s time to trust young master Cale.’

Cale got involved in the White Star and Choi Han’s fight as if to respond to her trust.


Cale was laughing.

– Blood is gushing because you’re burdening yourself too much after a long while.

He just wiped his mouth with his hand. He simply swallowed the blood coming up.

Drip drip.

Drops of blood dripped down his chin and wet his shirt.

His head was tingling and the world seemed to spin a bit.


However, Cale was feeling refreshed.


‘That’s true.’

He was feeling a bit better after coughing up dark red blood. Was it because the wastes in his body were released after coughing up blood for the first time in a long while? Cale was having such unnecessary thoughts as he channeled wind toward his ankles.


He flew almost as if he was bursting forward with the wind.

‘That face. It’s very nice to see.’

The White Star’s frowning face… Just seeing it was making him feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

“Do you wish to push yourself to your death?”

The White Star peeked at the shield before waving his hand toward Cale.

A water wall appeared to block Cale’s charge. However, the White Star soon had to turn his head and use his fire sword. The sword with the aura of natural disasters slashed down toward Choi Han.


There was a small clash as Choi Han stuck to the White Star with everything he had.


His hand that was covered in shining black aura grabbed the red sword. The lava-infused fire of the sword looked as if it would swallow Choi Han at any moment but Choi Han’s aura persisted.

However, it would probably not last very long.

“Time is on my side.”

The White Star commented as the corners of his lips twisted up.

He could feel the movement of a large power behind his back.

He was certain that Cale Henituse was gathering rocks to create a spear or arrow to attack him.

As for Choi Han, he must be planning on grabbing his sword to buy Cale some time.

It was obvious without even looking.


Choi Han had nothing else to say at the White Star’s gaze that seemed to be saying that their plan was obvious.

They had fought against this enemy too many times until he defeated them.


The White Star’s sword shined even more ominously red as if it would swallow Choi Han’s black aura and his hand.

“Your hand is going to get burnt like that. You won’t be able to hold your sword. Hmm?”

The White Star spoke as if he was consoling Choi Han, but Choi Han could not let go.

His liege whom he could see past the enemy’s shoulder… He could not release his grip after seeing Cale Henituse’s condition.

Cale’s face was pale, but it was not very visible because of all the blood.

Baaaang— bang—-!

The shield was in critical condition but still holding on in order to defeat the thunderbolts.

Cale was gathering the remaining rocks to create a large spear while that was going on.

That spear would soon be launched toward the White Star.

Choi Han knew that it was an obvious attack but he also knew that this was Cale’s best effort.

That was why he couldn’t give up and had to continue going up against this enemy, similar to how his liege’s shield and these white thunderbolts were endlessly clashing against each other.


The look on Choi Han’s face did not change at all even when his black aura was finally swallowed by the fire and pain struck his hand.

Cale nodded his head at that moment.

A large rock spear flew toward the White Star at the same time.

“How obvious.”

The White Star sneered as he easily pushed Choi Han back. His movements were extremely relaxed as if he had been letting Choi Han hold him there on purpose.

He then raised his fire sword toward the rock spear.

Red aura swirled around his whole body. The aura that was filled with fear mixed with the aura of natural disasters in the sword and added an ominous presence to the sword.

Boom. Boom.

Choi Han’s heart was beating wildly while watching the White Star.

The White Star raised that sword.

And toward the rock spear that was quickly flying toward him… He slashed down with the sword.

“This is why you always lost.”

At that moment…

“What kind of nonsense are you spewing?”

The rock spear’s form changed with Cale’s voice.

No, the rock spear turned into small rocks again.

They then charged toward the White Star from all directions.

“I’m not the me you used to know.”

The bleeding Cale… An aura similar to him, no, a red aura that was similar to the color of his hair, was swirling around Cale.

He had the ancient power, the Blood-drenched Rock.

He also had the Dominating Aura.

The two of them mixed together again and…

– It feels iffy to use this power.

The Scary Giant Cobblestone was mixed with them as well.

It had been quite a while since Cale had used his powers altogether like this.

Boom. Boom.

Choi Han’s heart was beating wildly.

The White Star’s eyes opened wide.


The rocks turned dark red as they attacked the White Star from all directions.

The aura infused into each and every one of these rocks was as strong as the natural disaster and fear infused in his sword.

The spirit to not even submit to a Dragon…

Instinctual fear…

And the firmness of the Guardian who stood against that fear.

The small rocks were not any weaker than the sword in the White Star’s hand nor the white thunderbolts striking down from the sky.

In fact, they were giving off an even stronger presence.

No other aura could be felt because of the strong presence it was giving off.

The White Star’s surroundings instantly turned red.

His view was full of red rocks.

“Such a petty trick……!”

He immediately swung his sword.

It was directed toward where he had just heard Cale’s voice.

He had to rely on that because the presence of the rocks was making it difficult for him to locate Cale’s aura.

“What are you doing?”

The White Star heard a laughing voice behind his back at that moment.

He urgently changed the direction of his sword.

However, Cale was quicker.


As a faint breeze surrounded Cale… He was smiling while bleeding after using so many ancient powers for the first time in a long while.

He had cast his wind to move the moment the rocks surrounded the White Star and used their presence to suppress the area.

Cale’s hand moved. There was a rock in his hand.

Although this rock did not have the Blood-Drenched Rock nor the Dominating Aura infused into it…

It did have the power of the Scary Giant Cobblestone.

Cale slammed down with the hand holding the rock.

He smacked the back of the head of the White Star whose sword was starting to change direction.


There was quite a loud bang for the sound of a rock smashing into a person’s head.

Choi Han’s jaws dropped and he stared at Cale who calmly commented.

“I guess the White Star’s head is pretty sturdy.”

– …Ho.

The Super Rock held back his comments.


The White Star clutched the back of his head.


As for Cale, he laughed.

He laughed brightly and refreshingly…

While dripping blood.

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