Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 757: Seeing it all (2)

Cale loosened his grip. The Super Rock shouted in relief.

– Good job, Cale! Good job holding back!

Cale nodded his head as if he would chat and the red eyes slowly came closer to Cale.

“I’ve been curious about this for a while. Why do you think that the Hunters will harm me?”

– Because the body you possess has the blood of the Thames.

Cale’s biological mother, Drew Thames. The Thames family was thought to have perished because of the Hunters.

The Hunters were banded together by families.

There were originally seven families, but only five remained. The two families that disappeared were called the Red Blood and White Blood.

“Was the House of Thames one of the seven families?”

– Pfft.

The red eyes closed for a moment.

– The bloodline who secluded away to do research… Those dense fools are merely prey.

Cale’s eyebrow slightly twitched.

‘That’s a bit… upsetting to hear? Actually, it’s quite upsetting to hear?’

– Ah.

The sealed god sighed and observed Cale.

– I spoke freely since you are not a part of the House of Thames, but I apologize if it upset you.

The Super Rock spoke at that moment.

– …He’s being quite submissive.

Unlike before, the sealed god had apologized immediately and cared about how Cale was feeling.

Cale pulled something out of his pocket with a stoic look on his face.

A golden plaque.

It was the item where the White Star was embraced.

“The people behind everything I have had to deal with since coming here were the Hunters, right?”

– Hmm.

The red eyes observed Cale for a bit before sighing and responding.

– The White Star.

He had asked if the Hunters were behind everything but the sealed God of Despair started talking about the White Star.

– The White Star, that bastard was cursed to lose anything he cherishes. He is someone who has maintained his consciousness and memories as he reincarnated for 1,000 years. That guy had a lot of time, but it only applied to himself. How could a bastard who cannot have anything important have such loyal subordinates?

The White Star’s loyal subordinates such as the Bear King and Lion King.

– Furthermore, those subordinates all have special powers.

The Lion King consumed a Darkness Elemental and could control them while the Bear King had the light attribute ancient power.

Would it be easy to gain such powers?

The red eyes came a bit closer to Cale. The eyes whispered to Cale, who had stopped right outside the boundary into the darkness.

– Do you think that it was a coincidence that his subordinates got those powers? Do you think that the White Star found all those ancient powers by himself? Keke.

The red eyes laughed.

– I’m sure they all think it was their own abilities or luck. Although they think everything was a coincidence, well…

The god whispered in a tired voice.

– There are a lot of coincidences in this world, but I don’t think that was the case for them.

Cale raised his head and looked at the ceiling for a moment.

There was no light on the dark ceiling. He clenched the golden plaque in his hand.

“The White Star was a chess piece as well?”

The red eyes curled up like crescent moons again.

– You could say that.

The god added on.

– The White Star thought that he could consume me and become a god once this temple opened. However, the truth is that it would have been the opposite. I would have consumed that bastard.

The god continued as if he was a bit amused.

– There is no soul in this world that has swallowed more despair than that bastard. Don’t you think so?

Cale looked down at the golden plaque.

– That bastard should have lost a lot of precious things as his life reincarnated without an end. As long as he is human, he can’t help but cherish something or show someone affection, even if by accident. And numerous people had to die because of that bastard’s curse. I’m sure even the God of Death is regretting creating such a curse.

One step.

That was the distance between the red eyes and Cale. The god’s eyes observed the golden plaque.

– How disappointing. It would have been great to consume that soul.

“The White Star was basically a sacrifice the Hunters had prepared for you.”

The red eyes looked at Cale with a stoic gaze.

– …….

The red eyes were silent for a bit before looking away from Cale and staring at a distant location.

– He was a sacrifice for me but I doubt they did it for my benefit.

“Your relationship with the Hunters has gone astray?”

The eyes seemed to be smiling.

– Why would I tell you all of that?

“How disappointing.”

Cale put the golden plaque away and shrugged his shoulders.

“I asked since you were answering everything.”

– This is all I will tell you unless you make a deal with me. I will have no choice but to tell you if you do. You and I will be in a cooperative relationship at that point.

Cale looked as if he was thinking hard about something. The red eyes attentively watched him.

Cale truly was thinking hard about something.

‘Should I pretend to make a deal and trick him?’


‘Should I just beat him up? It’s annoying.’

Cale was tired after dealing with these continuous illusion tests.

Although each situation was different, the test felt repetitive and he couldn’t help but be a bit tired.

‘I should just… Yes, should I just beat him up?’

The information about the Hunters the god would give him?

‘I’ll feel a bit sorry to his highness, but I’m sure something will come up if I peck around King Zed. Either that or I will ask Miss Cage to bring the God of Death over.’

From King Zed to excommunicated priestess Cage… He had a lot of people he could ask. Most importantly, there was someone from the House of Thames currently in Puzzle City.

‘If all else fails, I can ask the God of Death to send Choi Jung Gun over, can’t I? Wouldn’t Choi Jung Gun tell me everything?’

Cale looked at the red eyes.

‘So is there a need…’

Was there truly a need…

‘Is there a need for me to carry this red eyes son of a bitch around and be wary of him all the time?’

That was what Cale was thinking about. He stood there with the rock still held in his hand.

He then made up his mind.

‘Like hell I can trust this bastard.’

He was certain that this bastard, albeit acting like this right now, would try to stab him in the back at some point.

The red eyes spoke a bit cautiously the moment Cale nodded his head.

– I can make things as convenient for you as possible.

“Is this deal a secret?”

The red eyes sounded happy at Cale’s question.

– If you wish. Nobody will know about the contract between you and me.

“How do I make the deal?”

– Go to the end of the temple when the test is over. You will find a sculpture on the wall. You just need to embrace that.

Cale tilted his head in confusion.

“My friends who finished the test before me might see it.”

– Don’t worry. Nobody has finished the test faster than you.


– It is the truth. I did not speak any lies today. I will even swear on my divine authority if you wish.

“I’m going to have faith.”

The red eyes curled up at Cale’s mischievous tone. It realized that this relaxed mood meant a positive response.

– Yes, you can have faith.

“Yes. Of course, I’ll have faith.”

Cale walked half a step closer to the red eyes.

“Not in you, but in my instincts.”

– …What?

Once he was half a step away from those red eyes…

Cale finally let go of the rock in his hand.


He let a whirlwind carry the rock and…

Cale nonchalantly commented once the rock quickly reached right in front of the red eyes.



The rock immediately exploded.

The small rock that had the power of the Sound of the Wind, the Super Rock, the Blood-Drenched Rock, and the Dominating Aura crumbled into pieces and attacked the red eyes.

– Ugh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh—!

The basement shook.

Cale touched the corners of his lips that were subconsciously curling up and calmly commented.

“My wrath is disappearing.”

His wrath was truly disappearing.

He was starting to feel refreshed.

– Ahhhhhh—! T, this human bastard-!

The God of Despair roared in anger, but… Unfortunately, Cale didn’t give a shit.

“Aigoo, I guess the test is about to end?”

Everything turned dark around him.

The sealed god.

The test created by this God of Despair proceeded following a set of rules.

The sealed god could use his powers to intervene, but he could not change the basic foundation nor rules of the test.

Just meeting Cale like this probably took a lot of the sealed god’s power.


The whole basement started shaking. It looked as if it would break.

Cale turned his head while watching the world around him turning dark.

“Hey! Just what-”

Alberu was coming down the stairs.

– Ahhhhhhhh—!

– Chhhhhh, chhhh… you have… chhh… resolved all of your wrath… chhhh.

The test announced the end through the god’s screaming.

“Goodbye, your highness.”

Cale gave a simple goodbye and looked at the red eyes.

The eyes that were cracking looked as if veins had burst.

– A deal, a deal with me… you dare……!

Cale smiled toward him.

“You think I would trust you? I’d even trust Clopeh before I trust you.”

The red eyes started to get covered in darkness as well because the test was ending.


Cale wiped his mouth.

He was not bleeding anymore. It really was an illusion.

His body’s condition was very good.

– C, Cale… H, Henituse—!

Cale’s smile started looking a bit demented as he observed those red eyes.

‘Sealed god. Just wait. I’ll come to destroy you. Let’s be honest, you can’t use your powers outside the illusion. That’s why you’re acting so annoyingly in the test.’

“Be ready.”

Cale added on.

“I’ll let you know that reality is harsh.”

‘Information on the Hunters? I have a lot of places where I can get that information. Plus, if you feel like you’re going to be crushed into pieces… If you feel like I’m going to destroy you… I’m sure you’ll give me the information anyway. You’re that kind of bastard, no, god. I can get information at that time.’

The area turned completely dark.

Cale could see a red light cover him through the darkness.


Cale subconsciously closed his eyes as the light looked as if it would stab him in the eye, and once he opened them back…

“…It really is over.”

Cale was able to see an area full of white marbles.

“There’s nobody here.”

He could not see anybody in this quite large white marble hall. There weren’t any traces of people either.

Cale slowly looked around.

There was only one entrance to this circular hall.

“Am I really the first one out?”

The sealed god’s comments about how nobody had passed the test yet other than Cale… It could have been true since a god said that he was willing to swear on his authority as a god, but…

– Cale, is your body okay?

Cale stopped thinking about that for a moment and nodded his head at the Super Rock’s question. He slowly started walking.

It was towards the only entrance to this place.

There was no door there.

It was just a long marble hallway with beautiful sculptures.

The end of the temple that the sealed god was talking about… That place should be at the end of this hallway.

Cale touched the marble wall as soon as he stepped onto the hallway.

Pat, pat.

He felt it for a moment before activating his Super Rock power.

– You, are you really?!

As the Super Rock sounded anxious but could not hide the fact that he understood what Cale was doing…


A part of the marble started breaking.

It was toward the opening that connected the hallway and the hall.

“Just enough so that the temple doesn’t break.”

– …I understand. I will control it.

Craaaaaaaack- boom!

A part of the marble fell to block the opening between the hall and the hallway.

The Super Rock cautiously asked.

– Is this not to drag your friends into it?

Cale looked at the blocked entrance before turning around and walking down the hallway.

“There’s no need to show them a bad sight. It’s for me to handle.”

– …….

The Super Rock held back a sigh but did not say anything else.

Step, step.

Cale’s steps were neither heavy nor light as he walked down this beautiful and luxurious white marble hallway that did not look aged at all.

He pulled a small black wooden dagger out of his pocket.

* * *

“What, what is the human doing right now? Gramps! Did you hear what the human just said? What is the bad sight?!”

“Haaaa. T, that unlucky bastard!”

“…This is going to drive me nuts.”

Alberu did not pay any attention to the two Dragons’ conversation and focused on one area.

“…Here and there, they’re all driving me nuts.”

Clopeh Sekka, who had arrived at the end of the temple, was installing his automatic video recording devices all around. He was smiling gently as he did that.

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