Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 652 – Everything can be connected (2)

Inside the open mouth of the yellow-headed monster… The black Yong shoved its head inside.

Choi Han lowered his sword for the first time since the battle began.


As the yellow head stiffened up without being able to make any noise, the black Yong opened up its jaw and dug into the enemy’s body.

“—! —-!”

Baaaaaang- baaaaang–

The yellow head’s silent scream and the black explosion inside its body happened at the same time.

Its tongue it would use to screech…. Its fangs that were full of poison… Everything that could break was broken and the black Yong ripped apart as much as it could inside the monster’s body as well.


The yellow head couldn’t even groan as its head limped down.


Although its strong scales were still fine, black blood burst out of its mouth nonstop.

“Huufff, huff-”

The yellow head could only breathe heavily.

“Chhhh, rooooar, roooooooar–!”

The blue head was roaring as it intensely twisted its body.

Although half of their bodies were split, the rest of the Electric Eel was one body. The damages to the inside of the yellow head naturally affected the blue head as well.


The blue head’s roar shook the surrounding area.

It was so loud that even the people who had retreated to the third line of defense outside the city walls were shocked.

Choi Han kept his sword down as he looked toward the blue head and smirked.

“This is nice.”

It was nice to be able to attack both monsters with one attack.

The blue head glared at the enemy who had harmed its other half and its body as Choi Han smiled.

“Chhhhhhhhhh! Ch!”

The blue head charged toward Choi Han with the completely out of it yellow head dangling on its side.

It would definitely kill this bastard who harmed it. The blue head’s blue eyes were full of rage. Choi Han could tell what it was thinking, even though they could not communicate.


Water swirled like a whirlpool around the blue head’s body.

As Choi Han looked at it rushing toward him…



A strand of black blood dripped out of the corner of his mouth.


Lock’s eyes opened wide in shock. He had seen Choi Han getting external injuries many times. However, he had never seen Choi Han receive any internal injuries.

This meant that Choi Han overdid it by continuously raising his aura to its maximum strength to summon the black Yong.


Choi Han groaned before nonchalantly wiping the blood away and raising his sword again.


Lock frowned and immediately charged toward the blue head with his shield in front of him.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The noise from Lock running on the ground was extremely faint compared to the sound of the Electric Eel’s large body moving.

That was why he couldn’t tell. He didn’t know that there were allies running behind him.

“I got this.”

Lock heard a voice that was as refreshing and gentle as the waves at the beach.

He flinched in response and saw someone rush past him.


Witira was running with her water whip wrapped around her arm.

There was a long, half-transparent cape on her shoulders.

Witira was ready to go berserk but had not been able to do so yet.

“Chhhhhhhhhh! Chhhhhhhhhh!”

However, she smiled while looking at the monster charging toward her.

“Water created by a few people’s magic is not enough to go berserk.”

It could only help her enough to prepare to go berserk at any moment.

Whales needed water to go berserk.

They needed a significant amount of water.

It was difficult to expect such a large amount of water on dry land.

However, there were ways to get it.

Witira turned to look, not at the monster charging at her but at Rosalyn.

In that battle at the Breck Kingdom’s Gorge of Death…

Rosalyn had played an important role in that battle both as a former royal of the Breck Kingdom and as a mage.

The Whales needed to go berserk in that battle but did not have a lot of water to do so.

How had they done it back then?

An extremely large magic circle and a large amount of mana… Mages who could handle such things just needed to create water like a tsunami. However, Rosalyn and the other mages there did not have the strength to do that.

The thing that solved their problem was Cale’s Dominating Water. The wall of water that shot up like a giant wave served as the foundation for Witira and Archie to go berserk.

Witira and Rosalyn had seen how much Cale had pushed himself to make that happen.

They had won the battle, but they didn’t like how much Cale had suffered.

This was especially true for Rosalyn, who etched the memory of being unable to do something that could have been done with magic and prepared since then so that something like that would never happen again.

Witira looked at Rosalyn’s firm gaze and started speaking.

“We don’t need to worry about getting water when we have an Archmage with us.”


Witira gave that title to Rosalyn without any hesitation.

Rosalyn couldn’t hear her voice, but the moment she saw Witira smile…

“The magic circle is ready!”

“The magic stones are also ready!”

Rosalyn heard her subordinates report in as well.

And the final report…

“We found all the waterways!”

The moment the mage holding the map reported in for all of them… She stood in the middle of a newly drawn magic circle.

She closed her eyes and said in a low voice.

“Please get started.”

The mage holding the map immediately shouted.

“Destroy the waterways!”

The plaza at the center of Puzzle City…

There were a total of five waterways underneath this area.


Sharp mana spears pierced through the five waterways.

Nobody was left in Puzzle City, but the water was still flowing.


Water shot up from the waterways.

One of the mages put a magic stone at the edge of the new large magic circle and shouted.

“Pour the mana in!”


The mana that came out of the magic stone seeped into the magic circle.

The mana gathered so quickly that the magic circle looked like a bomb that was about to explode.

Rosalyn was standing at the center.

She slowly opened her eyes.

She became covered in red mana once more as she spoke to Witira.

“I will send you a tsunami.”


The five pillars of water shooting up from the waterways…

All of that water flew through the air and headed toward the magic circle where Rosalyn was standing.

She raised her hand the moment the water coming from different directions was about to gather as one above the magic circle.

“Become a wave.”


A giant strand of water shot up from the magic circle and gobbled up the five stands of water from the waterways.

They combined to become one large wave.


It started to move toward where Rosalyn was pointing.

It was moving toward Witira.

Witira smiled while looking at the large wave heading toward her.

If the water wall Cale created at the Gorge of Death let her feel the violent nature of the ocean because of its dominating power…

‘The wave is burning.’

The wave headed toward her was roaring like fire even though it was water.

It must be carrying the will of the mage who created this wave.

This wave that was full of mana was small compared to Cale’s water wall, but it was extremely strong because of the amount of mana it carried.

Witira’s heart started to beat wildly as she carried on the will of that wave.

Water and fire were different.

Water did not burn.

It just roared.

However, if this water carried the will of someone who wanted to burn up in this battle, there was no reason she couldn’t carry that will forward.

Witira reached out her hand.

The wave seemed to lower its head toward her for a moment. Witira walked on top of the wave.

“I’m coming too.”

Archie got behind her.

The wave covered Witira and Archie’s bodies.

The Whale tribe’s berserk transformation.

Their body did not get bigger. The half-transparent water just surrounded their bodies as if it was armor. However, this armor was what made the Whales the strongest of the Beast people.

As people started to get lost in their beauty…

“Chhhhhhhhhh! Chhhhhhhhhh!”

The blue-haired, blue-eyed Witira looked into the similarly blue eyes of the monster up above.

Witira licked her lips with excitement.

The water from the waterway underneath Puzzle City… And the water created by Rosalyn and the many mages…

It had turned into a wave, but it was not enough to become a tsunami.

That was why the last part was the large amount of water created by this monster.

“I really like that you are the enemy I need to fight.”

She would take it for herself.

“I like it as well! Kahahahahah!”

Archie had the same thought.


Witira, who now had a water armor and cape, as well as an armored Archie slammed against the blue head.

There was another loud explosion and the people watching to see the results noticed the water surrounding the blue head turning into a whip.

“Chhh? Chhh, chhhhh!”

The blue head’s eyes opened wide after seeing the water it shot out turning into a whip.

The monster looked into Witira’s cold eyes.

“I will make you suffocate.”


The monster roared in pain. The water whip slithered like a snake and started to tighten around the blue head and the entire Electric Eel’s body.

Crunch. Crunch!

The tree roots Rosalyn created were easily destroyed by the strength of the whip as well.

“Haha, Haha-”

But Rosalyn was laughing. The foundation that allowed Witira to use such strength was her magic too.



The blue head soon fell to the ground.

“Grrr, chhhh.”

The blue head tried to get rid of the water it had cast, but it was impossible.

The water created by the monster was already under Witira’s jurisdiction now.

The monster needed to find a way to get out of this whip. However, it would not have the time to do so.

“Khahahaha! We just need to beat it up now!”

Archie and his fist that was covered in sparkling water armor appeared in front of the blue head’s nose.


Archie’s fist slammed into the blue head’s forehead and there was a cracking noise as the horn on the blue head’s forehead instantly crushed into pieces.

Archie’s eyes flashed.

“Kehehe! Hey monster bastard, did you know?”

Paseton shook his head after hearing Archie’s thuggish tone, but Archie was serious.

Archie continued speaking to the blue head that was struggling while being suffocated by the whip.

“No matter how strong your scales are…do you know what happens if you keep punching it? Then the organs inside all explode. Hmm? You want to know if I’m being serious? That’s what your gaze seems to be saying. Do you really want to know? Do you want me to tell you?”

Archie raised his fist.

“I’ll happily tell you. Kahahahahah!”

His fist struck down on the sturdy scales on the blue head’s face that was visible through the gap in the whip.

Pow, pow!

The scales did not break or rip. However, the shock from the punches shook the inside of the monster underneath the scales.

Archie noticed a shadow above him and turned his head.

“How about we do it together?”


“It’ll be easier like this!”

The Tigers walked over with their loose sleeves fluttering in the wind. The Wolves awkwardly added on as well.

They were so big in their berserk transformations that Archie thought that it had suddenly turned to night instead of there being a shadow above him.


Archie responded while smiling.

“Let’s beat it up together.”

That was how the blue head’s screams started.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow, pow!

“Roooooar, roooooar!”

However, that screaming did not last long. The blue head’s insides were a mess with its blood vessels popping and its organs exploding.

“We don’t have time to drag it out.”

They heard an unbelievable explosion the moment they heard Choi Han’s voice.

Baaaaaang- baaaaang!

They raised their heads to see a strong gust of wind created by the Gold Dragon and the Lion Dragon fighting against each other.

Only the black Bone Dragon was able to resist the storm to support the Gold Dragon.

It was an intense battle with gold dust flying around everywhere.

It helped them realize that the true enemy was over there.

Archie nodded his head at Choi Han before walking over to the blue head.

“R….. roooooar……”


Archie opened the blue head’s mouth without much effort.

“Chhh. Chh.”

The monster coughed up blood with its mouth open. Choi Han watched this with a stoic expression before stabbing his sword that was covered in a bit of aura into the open mouth.


The sword pierced through the roof of the blue head’s mouth and reached all the way to its brain, making those angry blue eyes finally lose their gleam.

“We’re done over here too.”

Witira opened the yellow head’s mouth and Paseton stabbed a sword in there to finish off the other head as well.

Archie walked over to Choi Han, who was catching his breath, and started speaking.

“We took care of one easier than-”

Easier than they expected, such that they shouldn’t have worried so much.

However, Archie frowned without being able to say that after seeing Choi Han’s face. A small strand of blood was still dripping down from the corner of Choi Han’s mouth.

He then remembered what he had forgotten about.

‘We were able to fight at full strength because Choi Han went all out to hold this monster back until we arrived.’

Archie looked past Choi Han’s shoulder at Rosalyn.

The mages were all plopped down on the ground breathing heavily and although Rosalyn was still standing firm, she too was wiping blood off the corner of her mouth.

Everybody other than the Beast people was not in good condition.

Their strength and sacrifices had allowed them to fight like that.

Archie’s face stiffened up.

The Tigers and Wolves had the same expressions on their faces. It was because they were thinking that they did not do much while the others had strategized and fought hard against this monster.

“It means we just need to fight more from here.”

They heard Witira’s voice.

They turned toward the voice to see Witira and Lock standing there. The two people who were holding their whip and shield respectively raised their heads.

“We will step in once that Lion Dragon falls to the ground.”

The Beast people nodded their heads with stiff expressions still on their faces.

Choi Han nodded at the now fully grown Lock as if to tell him not to worry before grabbing his sword that was stabbed into the blue head.

The moment he was about to pull his sword out…



Something hard was touching his sword.

‘What is going on?’

A confused Choi Han moved his sword to pull the hard thing out.

It was because it might be a variable that could negatively affect them.

But Choi Han gasped the moment he saw what came out with the sword.


The round orb fell to the ground.

“Hmm? What is this?”

Archie looked at the orb that came out of the blue head with confusion, but Choi Han picked it up and answered his question.

“A cintamani.”

“A cintamani? I’ve never heard of that before.”

Everybody looked confused after hearing a word they had never heard before. But Choi Han recalled what had happened on Earth.

‘They said something like a cintamani came out after they caught the yellow head. I guess something like that came out here too.’

Choi Han asked Paseton, who was pulling his sword out as well.

“Is there an orb like this over there too?”

“Hmm? There isn’t one here.”


Choi Han tilted his head in confusion.

‘I remember they said on Earth that the cintamani came out of the yellow-headed monster.’

Was this a bit different?

Choi Han decided it wasn’t a variable that could negatively affect them and thoughtlessly wiped the blood off the cintamani.

He needed to keep it and pass it on to Cale later.

– Huh?

It was at that moment.


Choi Han flinched after wiping the cintamani with his sleeve.

He heard someone’s voice.

It was a familiar voice.

– Huh? Huh?

The person sounded anxious.

Choi Han looked toward the source of the voice.

He lifted his sleeve that was cleaning the orb away.

And inside the orb…

He could see a person.


Choi Han was truly bewildered as he stood in the middle of the battlefield.

– Huh?


Both Choi Han and the person inside the orb could only repeat the same thing over and over.

It could not be helped.

Choi Han barely managed to say something.

“…Park Jin Tae?”

Park Jin Tae.

This was the former National Representative for Shooting and the ability user who used the gun with exploding bullets as his weapon.

He was someone on Earth.

– …You? You! You, you’re Choi Han-! Why are you inside the cintamani-?!

On the other side of the cintamani… Park Jin Tae was looking at Choi Han with an anxious expression on his face.

For the currently unconscious Cale…

The God of Death had said the following in a warm voice as Cale was leaving Earth.

– Human. Do not think that this is the end.

– You never know when you might be reconnected with people you know.

Fate is something even the laws of the world cannot fathom.

Cale had been unable to tell the meaning behind those words and had called it ‘bullshit,’ however… Fated individuals would always be connected together.

Choi Han looked at Park Jin Tae inside the orb and blankly said something.

“…This is driving me crazy.”

– …Holy crap. Lee Chul Min! Soo Hyuk hyung, no… Call Kim Rok Soo over!

Park Jin Tae was feeling the same way.

Both Choi Han and Park Jin Tae were completely bewildered right now.

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