Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 650 – We cannot retreat (6)

Alberu looked at Mary and the Dragon half-blood before looking at the two who were next to him and no longer by Mary’s side as he started speaking.


Eruhaben had left the Bone Dragon and descended next to Alberu. Mila was by his side.

The two Dragons looked toward the eighth monster.


Dodori’s mom Mila groaned.

She rubbed her arm with her hand. She had goosebumps on her arms and cold sweats on her back.


“Sssss, ssssss!”

Unlike the Electric Eel that was screeching in its intense battle with Choi Han, the Lion Dragon just quietly looked around. Mila could feel an overwhelming power coming from the monster.

A Dragon like her had never felt this kind of emotion before.


She subconsciously had a thought once she named the emotion she was feeling toward this monster that was stronger than her.

‘We can’t beat it.’

They couldn’t beat it even if the Dragons got involved.

This monster felt so strong that she thought that if gods truly existed, they would manifest themselves like this.


She turned toward the ancient Dragon who had more experience than she did before her expression stiffened up for a different reason.

“…You, are you thinking about-”

Oooooo– oooooo–

Numerous golden dust particles were gathering around Eruhaben. The mana nearby was rumbling as well.

As someone who knew Eruhaben’s age, Mila knew that he did not have much time left to live. Someone like that channeling this much mana could only mean one thing.

‘Is he planning on putting everything on the line in this fight?’

She could read Eruhaben’s intentions through his smile.

‘Eruhaben is putting his life on the line.’

Mila didn’t notice it, but the oldest Dragon in the world’s strong will to fight had subconsciously pushed her fear away.

‘Dragons are strong and live long lives. In return, we must work hard to make sure that the laws of the world are maintained.’

That was why they needed to stop the Demonic race, the Divine race, and any other individuals from other worlds who tried to destroy this world.

But that sense of responsibility was not the reason Eruhaben had made up his mind to go all out.

She thought about the people Eruhaben cherished. Thinking about the future Eruhaben was hoping for made Mila think about Dodori, the person she cherished.

The moment Mila was deep in thought…

The Lion Dragon’s gaze moved.

This was the first time.

It was the first time that the monster’s golden eyes fluctuated a bit.

Eruhaben smiled in response.

“Did you finally see me?”

The Lion Dragon looked at Eruhaben.

Its demeanor was different from how it had treated Alberu and the Whales as if they were annoying little flies.

Eruhaben calmly smirked at its reaction and addressed Alberu.

“Alberu Crossman.”


Alberu got an unexplainable chill watching Eruhaben and the Lion Dragon look at each other.

Oooooong– oooooo–

He subconsciously took a step back. Golden mana was calmly fluctuating around Eruhaben, but every single piece of dust around him felt as if they were bombs waiting to detonate.


That word came to Alberu’s mind the moment he looked at Eruhaben for some reason.

Eruhaben kept his eyes on the Lion Dragon as he asked.

“Are there no more reinforcements?”

“The White Star has attacked the other kingdoms, Eruhaben-nim.”

“Is he trying to isolate the Roan Kingdom?”

It was at that moment.


“Sssss- sssss!”


The Electric Eel screeched, and there was an intense explosion.

Crackle. Chhhhhhh-

Electric currents and water. The two-headed snake’s body became covered in two different attributes as it screeched into the air.

“Damn it, we can’t even aim for its weaknesses! Choi Han, are you okay?”

Archie, who was attacking the Electric Eel with Choi Han instead of going back after the impossible to attack Lion Dragon, frowned while looking at Choi Han.

“I’m okay.”

“ ‘Okay,’ my ass!”

Archie couldn’t help but sigh while looking at Choi Han, who calmly responded and started attacking again.

Baaaaa- bang!

His shining black aura aimed for the two-headed snake nonstop.

Choi Han did not use the black Yong anymore. The reason was simple.

‘I need to defeat this Electric Eel while using as little strength as possible.’

Choi Han realized that the Electric Eel was not the issue after seeing the strength of the Lion Dragon.

He shook his head toward Mary, who looked at him from up in the sky.

Mary, who was strong enough to defeat him multiple times, needed to fight the Lion Dragon.

‘She probably can’t use the skeleton monsters again if they break. We need to save Mary’s strength for now.’

They couldn’t waste their strength right now.

It would be one thing if they had no other choice, but there was a way to take down the Electric Eel and Choi Han would go on for as long as he could.

‘We will proceed with the original plan.’

Choi Han was waiting for a moment to suppress this Electric Eel.

“Who cares if we know that the weaknesses are the mouth and the horn if we can’t attack them?!”

Choi Han could hear Archie grumbling.

It was as he said. They knew the weaknesses of this monster but could not attack it.

The Electric Eel’s powers of water, electricity, and earth were blocking Choi Han’s attacks. Furthermore, its scales wouldn’t get cut even if his aura struck it.

It made him think about Lee Soo Hyuk.

They would have been able to slash it so easily if he was here. Actually, if someone could at least stop these snakes from moving… Then Choi Han could attack inside the mouth and destroy the other weaknesses.

‘…Only if we had something similar to Cale-nim’s wood power!’

He recalled how Cale had used his tree roots and branches to tie the Electric Eel the last time they fought it.

Choi Han shook his head as soon as he had that thought.

‘No. I can’t keep relying on him.’

He thought about how Cale had been covered in blood and his eyes were so hazy as he could not think straight.

Choi Han felt suffocated.

Cale had ended up that way fighting on his own.

It was because he didn’t want anybody else to end up like that.

Choi Han bit down on his lower lip.

‘I will do it no matter what.’

Choi Han looked calm on the outside while the smell of blood in his mouth after biting down too hard calmed him on the inside as well. He couldn’t let himself be influenced by his anger or his emotions.

He needed to face the enemy with a cold and rational mindset until the end.

It was one of the things Choi Han had learned from Cale.


The blue head that was covered in water glared at Choi Han.


It shouted, and the water shot out toward Choi Han as if it was an arrow.

Someone would stop that attack or support Choi Han from behind if he was on Earth. Choi Han recalled the past as he swung his sword. His aura crashed into the water.


The blue monster roared as if it was in pain.

The blue monster staggered.

Choi Han could see his friends rushing toward the monster.

Screech- screech-

Mary’s Flying Skeleton Brigade had moved. There were people on the white skeleton monsters’ backs.

The first to jump off cut through the blue monster head’s water and slammed down with a shield again.



Choi Han could see his friend with a large shield standing in front of him.

“Hyung, sorry I’m late. I’ll protect you.”

It was Lock.

“The Wolves and Tigers are all here.”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The warriors of the Wolf tribe and the Tiger tribe all jumped off the white skeleton monsters.

They were all in their berserk transformations, which made them large and buff; they were giving off the aura of ripping off the enemy’s necks right away.

“Noona said she was coming too. Is she here yet?”

The moment Lock smiled and looked at Choi Han…

Oooooong– oooooo–

They heard the rumbling of mana, and Choi Han responded with a smile.

“Looks like she’s here now.”

Choi Han looked toward the plaza.

A large teleportation magic circle appeared with numerous people on top of it.

The person standing in front was Rosalyn, who was wearing highest-grade magic stones like a necklace, once again.

She pointed to the Electric Eel and asked Choi Han.

“Do I just need to tie down those two heads?”

Although it would not be with tree roots as Cale had done, someone who could tie this monster down with her precise control and influx of mana from these magic stones had appeared.

Electric currents, water, and earth. Someone who could use as many different types of spells as the monster’s numerous attributes would at least create a situation where Choi Han could fight properly.

Choi Han looked at Rosalyn and Lock and made a comment.

“It’s been a while since the three of us fought together.”

The greatest efficiency with the least amount of people.

Choi Han was certain that his goal would be achieved.

And finally, the time to suppress this Electric Eel had arrived.

Someone rushed past the numerous people who came with Rosalyn.

“Your highness, I apologize for my tardiness.”

“Duke Deruth.”

Duke Deruth had come with the strong individuals from all over the continent he had hired by pouring out money as if it was water.

Duke Deruth bowed toward Alberu as he spoke.

“The troops from the northeast region and the other territories will be here soon, your highness.”

Duchess Violan, the matriarch of the Ubarr household, and other nobles of the northeast region were leading their troops here.

The same thing was happening throughout the Roan Kingdom.

Alberu recalled Eruhaben’s question.

Eruhaben had asked if the White Star was planning on isolating the Roan Kingdom.

‘That’s right. He plans to isolate us.’

The White Star believed that the Roan Kingdom alone could not defeat these monsters.

He believed that it would be impossible even if Cale’s allies showed up.

‘He probably included the Dragons in his calculations.’

He wouldn’t have forgotten to add Eruhaben and Raon into the group.

However, the White Star’s side must have determined that these two Dragons and the rest of the strong individuals by Cale’s side would fail.

‘That is how strong this Lion Dragon is.’

Alberu accepted that as well.

He could tell after going up against it. Overwhelming strength was a term reserved for monsters like this.

Alberu couldn’t help but wonder what the White Star was thinking to summon such a monster. The White Star couldn’t defeat this monster either.


But there was no need for Alberu to feel depressed.

He heard Eruhaben’s voice.

“We have quite a lot of allies to be considered isolated.”

Alberu nodded his head.

They really did have a lot of allies, as Eruhaben mentioned.

Their friends who had come to help them for a greater future. The citizens of the Roan Kingdom who were rushing over even though they could lose their lives. The people who couldn’t come but were fighting their own battles in their respective areas.

Alberu could feel a wave of emotion in his mind.

It was a different feeling than the heavy burden of responsibility.

“We will definitely win.”

He said that to Eruhaben, but it sounded as if he was confirming it to himself.

Eruhaben calmly responded to him.

“Of course.”

Alberu flinched at this extremely calm voice and looked toward Eruhaben.

He felt that the golden dust particles around Eruhaben increased in number and opacity. The Lion Dragon was still observing Eruhaben.

“Alberu, your weapon can break that monster’s hide and bones?”

“…Yes, Eruhaben-nim.”

Alberu nodded his head as Eruhaben looked at the white spear.

It was odd.

Eruhaben’s extremely calm demeanor felt weird.

Alberu then saw the concern on Mila’s face.

‘She’s worried?’

Eruhaben gently patted Alberu’s shoulder as Alberu was thinking about her odd expression.

“Get on my back.”

“…Excuse me?”

Alberu had to step back as he asked.


Alberu couldn’t help but do so because of the strong gust of wind with Eruhaben at the center. He looked for Eruhaben through the gust of wind.


Alberu finally managed to spot Eruhaben through the wind and the golden dust particles that were swirling with it.


Dragon wings appeared on Eruhaben’s back and his body started to become covered in scales.

However, he soon became covered by the gold dust.

“…Fuck. That is your decision.”

Mila sighed and swore while Alberu looked up.

The whirlwind with the golden dust shot up into the sky.

The gold light that was extremely small compared to the Lion Dragon increased in size once it was in the sky.

Everybody on the battlefield could see it once that gold light disappeared.

“…A Dragon.”

A Dragon giving off a radiant gold light covered the sky.

It truly looked like the great and mighty Dragons they had heard about in legends.

The golden Dragon in the sky looked down at the holy-looking monster standing on the ground.

The monster with a lion’s mane looked up at the Dragon as well.

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