Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 651 – Everything can be connected (1)

“…H, holy shit. What am I looking at right now?”

Step step.

The soldier who was retreating backward tripped and plopped down on the ground. However, her gaze could not move away from the golden Dragon in the air.

This was the same for the others as well.

“My goodness.”

“We have a Dragon as an ally?”

What kind of existences were Dragons?

People would probably give many different answers to that question.

However, it was rare for people to see a Dragon and only thought of them as strong, violent, and violent creatures they’ve heard about in legends, myths, and novels.


However, the Dragon they were seeing with their own eyes was abnormally beautiful. Its gold scales were shining as if the sun was only beaming down on this Dragon.

“S, scary.”

Although the Dragon was beautiful, it was close to 20 meters in length. There were also its wings, horns, fangs, and claws. Everything looked vicious, and its gold eyes gave off an unknown sense of pressure.

One soldier who looked into those gold eyes suddenly thought of something and shouted.

“…There are two Dragons!”

She thought of the other Dragon with slightly whiter gold eyes.

It was the black Bone Dragon with Necromancer Mary, one of the Roan Kingdom’s famous heroes, on its back.

“No! That’s not a real Dragon. It is just a Bone Dragon controlled by the Necromancer-nim.”

“Really? It seems a bit different though.”

The people talking about the Bone Dragon soon flinched.


They could feel something rumbling… The ground was shaking. The soldiers looked toward the Lion Dragon.

“I, it just moved, right?”

“That bastard moved!”

The monster that had stood firm and only blocked the attacks headed toward it had raised its foot for the first time and stomped on the ground.

Crack- crack.

The ground of the plaza where it stomped crumbled, making it impossible to tell its original shape anymore.

Some people felt fear once again at this sight, but others were looking at the monster with odd gazes as well.

“That monster reacted for the first time. Doesn’t that mean that this Gold Dragon-nim is that strong?”

“It looks like we might have a chance at victory.”

This beautiful yet violent-looking Dragon…

The fact that this Dragon was their ally was filling the people here with courage.

A new emotion was spreading on the battlefield that had been submerging in fear and desperation.

The name of that emotion was hope.

“I see.”

Alberu was the first to notice that change.

“He changed the entire atmosphere.”

Alberu realized the reasons Eruhaben revealed his Dragon body.

The first reason was because his large Dragon body was better to fight against such a large monster. Another reason was to change the atmosphere on the battlefield.

The final reason was to show his determination to fight to the end.

“Move back!”

Alberu immediately shouted toward his troops.

This Dragon was close to 20 meters long. There was also a monster that was just as majestic.

“All of you, move back!”

He raised his voice as much as possible.

Duke Deruth, who had been about to ask where his son Cale was, took off his cumbersome cape that was around his armor and threw it on the ground as he shouted.

“Move back immediately!”

The Knight Captain did the same.

“All units move to the third line of defense!”

Leaders were shouting all around them to get the troops to move back. One of the knights walked up to the Knight Captain and asked.

“Captain-nim, the third line of defense is past Puzzle City’s walls! Isn’t that too far away?”

Puzzle City’s walls.

Although the walls were originally just regular stone walls, they had been fortified with all sorts of spells and devices from the moment Alberu learned that the monsters may appear here.

The peculiar thing about it was that most walls would put fortification spells and defensive spells on the outside so that enemies couldn’t invade, but these walls had all sorts of magic devices installed on the inside to prevent things from getting out.

The Knight Captain looked at the knight with a frustrated expression.

“Can’t you tell?”

“Excuse me?”

“Do you want to die?”

“…Excuse me?”

The Knight Captain looked away from the slow knight and shouted toward the soldiers, who were quickly retreating.

“We might end up being swept up in the battle between these large beings and die before we can even fight!”

A battle between a Dragon and a monster.

Their fight would make the ground shake and buildings fall.

The chances of the inside of Puzzle City turning into ruins were quite high.

It was sad that people’s homes would be destroyed, but they could rebuild the homes later if nobody dies.

The Knight Captain shouted toward the clueless knight.

“That’s why you need to hurry up and move back if you want to live! Our role right now is to wait!”

They needed to first watch the battle of these large beings and the heroes.

The Knight Captain watched everybody move back before being the last to retreat.

‘There was a Dragon by Sir Cale Henituse’s side as well.’

The Knight Captain recalled the last thing he saw through Alberu’s video communication device.

Cale Henituse had turned into a bloody mess while showcasing a phenomenal ability. He had to leave immediately after that, after hearing Alberu Crossman’s pained and cold voice.

He and the other executives saw a young black Dragon by Cale Henituse’s side at that time.

That was why the message from his highness the crown prince had stuck in their minds as they left.

‘Dragons and numerous non-human races will be involved in this battle. Do not become flustered in the middle of the fight.’

The Knight Captain got chills on his back.

“…Are there a total of three Dragons?”

However, he was wrong.

There were more Dragons.

One of the other Dragons mumbled to herself while looking at the Dragonified Eruhaben.

“It’s going to be quite intense.”

Mila slowly stepped back.

She was moving so stealthily that nobody noticed her moving away.

– Good luck.

However, she could not avoid Eruhaben’s gaze. Mila looked toward the older Dragon who was ready to die in this battle.

“Wait for me. I’ll be back with a solution.”


She quietly moved away before taking her hoe out of her pocket.


The hoe was covered in beige-colored mana. It felt very warm.

She then looked toward a place… She was looking at the City Hall where Cale was right now.

She recalled a conversation she had with Cale.

‘Mila-nim, may I ask about your attribute?’

‘Of course, sir, how could I not answer teacher’s question?’

Cale had stoically stared at Mila who was calling him teacher and speaking respectfully to him before his expression turned odd at her response.

‘Connect together.’

‘…Excuse me?’

‘Connect together. That is my attribute.’

‘Could you please explain?’

‘Whether it is a broken blade of grass or branch… As long as it isn’t completely severed or destroyed into pieces, I am able to connect it back together and return it to normal.’

‘Human, that sounds so interesting! I wonder if that’s why she has an orchard.’

Mila had smiled at Raon, who was amazed.

‘Of course. It’s great because I can connect together branches that are damaged by the wind and rain. Teacher. This is not a healing ability. Mm…I would be able to put bones back together. But I am unable to cure illnesses. It is just an ability that is useful for helping the poor crops grow in a healthy manner.’

Raon’s eyes were open wide as he looked at Mila after hearing about this new kind of ability. As for Rasheel, who was standing behind Mila, he snorted that it was a stupid ability that didn’t let her attack. That had led to an argument between Rasheel, Raon, and Dodori.

Mila recalled what Cale had said to her during that loud ruckus.

‘Then, Mila-nim.’

Cale had asked with an odd expression on his face.

Mila recalled that face once again.

‘Yes. It was quite odd.’

Cale’s expression was hard to explain as he nonchalantly asked a question like it didn’t matter.

It had looked like the calm sea before the storm.

This was what Cale had asked.

‘Are you able to connect together things like plates?’

‘Plates? Of course.’

‘Not plates like that. Formless plates.’


Mila had tilted her head in confusion.

‘No, never mind Mila-nim.’

Cale had smiled at her and said that it was nothing. That was how the conversation had ended.

“Teacher, it was not nothing.”

Mila remembered what that swordsman named Choi Han had said to her before they left the Forest of Darkness.

Cale was currently bloody and unconscious after his body was covered in injuries from overusing his ability.

That was when Mila finally understood the meaning behind Cale’s odd gaze.

‘My power is not a healing ability.’

It could not heal illnesses.

However, it was able to do things that healing powers could not do from time to time.

She quickly and stealthily headed toward the City Hall as she caressed her hoe.

Her mumblings about what she had to do scattered with the wind.

“…Any open wounds I just need to connect together. His body’s plate that is broken from overusing his powers can be connected together as well. If his bones are broken, I can also connect those together.”

The ‘solution’ she had told Eruhaben about was Cale Henituse.

“I need to finish everything before Dodori gets here.”

Mommy Mila’s eyes were sparkling for a different reason.

It was at that moment.

Boom. Boom.

She could hear the monster stomp its feet.

Mila stopped for a moment and turned her head.

“That crazy monster bastard.”

The swearing she used to do more often when she was younger subconsciously popped out.

The Lion Dragon had stretched out its eight white wings and shot up into the air.

Those wings were as large as Eruhaben’s wings and covered in a sturdy hide that looked difficult to pierce with most weapons.

“Now it looks like a fun fight.”

Eruhaben laughed as gold dust started to spread around him like bombs.

It looked as if a golden milky way had covered the sky.

It was at that moment.

The Lion Dragon said something for the first time.


It sounded robotic.

“…Kill the strong intruder.”

“I’m the intruder?”

Eruhaben chuckled.

His eyes clouded over as well.

That mechanical voice…

And how it was still until it reacted to a strong individual…

The way it was talking about taking care of intruders…

‘It sounds like a guardian.’

It was similar to a guardian that protected a dungeon or an item.

He felt as if he would be able to figure out this Lion Dragon’s identity in the near future.

But that was not important right now.


The gold dust started to spread out from Eruhaben to cover the sky over Puzzle City.

He had a twisted smile on his face while looking at the Lion Dragon.

“You’re the intruder, not me.”

The sky above Puzzle City was covered by Eruhaben’s true body and gold dust.

“Now that you’ve stepped into my domain, you will not be able to leave alive.”

“Kill. Intruder.”

The Lion Dragon darted forward toward Eruhaben.

The Gold Dragon surrounded by gold dust used his large body and slammed into the Lion Dragon without any hesitation.

Baaaaaaaaaaaa– baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang–

An explosion that was much louder than anything earlier shook the sky and the ground.

The Lion Dragon’s shield and the Gold Dragon’s claws clashed and clashed again to kill each other.

Crack! Crack!

A strong gust of wind that started from the sky started to break the trees and old buildings on the ground.

The formidable attacks made some people have to grab into things around them to not fly away.

But one person…

“Ha, haha.”

Alberu laughed as he cast flight magic.

In this battle between two large creatures…

He truly would be dust in comparison.

But he had been waiting for this moment.

This monster that was protected by its shield…

Alberu Crossman looked at the monster’s outstretched eight wings that were no longer covered because it was facing off against Eruhaben.

“I guess I’ll start by making it fall from the sky.”

– …Currently calculating your chances of victory First, Alberu Crossman-nim’s wing attack has a 98% chance of success.

Alberu listened to Taerang’s voice as he looked at someone.

“Choi Han.”

Choi Han looked at the sky and then looked back at Alberu before responding.

“I will take care of the Electric Eel before you make that monster fall to the ground. Let’s take care of them one by one down at our level.”

Rosalyn shouted at that moment.

“I’m ready!”

Choi Han turned his head.

Oooooong– oooooo–

Red mana burning like the sun was surrounding Rosalyn.

Crack, crunch!

Rosalyn was burning up even more intensely as even more highest-grade magic stones continued to break. She put her hand on the ground and shouted.

“Bind it!”


The ground split open and tree roots started to shoot up from all directions.

“Help the master!”

“Support the Tower Master-nim!”

The mages who would be a part of her Magic Tower in the future started to support her. All sorts of manas mixed together to make the tree roots grow exponentially in both size and number.


The tree roots shot out toward the monster remaining on the ground as soon as Rosalyn shouted.


“Sssss, ssssss!”

The two-headed snake… The tree roots headed toward this Electric Eel without stopping.

Rosalyn watched the tree roots with her eyes that were burning with red mana before starting to cast other spells. She would not accept any openings whatsoever.

“Summon water!”

“Where is the waterway that filled the fountain? Find the waterways! There should be five of them!”

Mages on one side were casting water-related spells, while mages on the other side were looking at the map to find the underground waterways.


The water summoned by some of the mages headed toward a single direction.

They were headed toward the Whales.


Water surrounded Witira’s shoulder as if it was a cape. Her whip was starting to become even thicker.

The Whales were preparing to go berserk.

Choi Han watched all this before running toward the tree roots trying to bind down the monster.


“I got it!”

Lock also jumped toward the tree roots after hearing his name.

Choi Han and Lock kicked off the tree root and burst forward.

“Please come!”

“Follow behind Lock!”

The berserk Wolves and Tigers followed behind them.

They were headed toward the two-headed snake… Their only enemy was the Electric Eel.

Choi Han recalled the fight he had on Earth and smiled.



The yellow head and the blue head… The two snakes flinched after looking at the large tree roots and enemies charging toward them.

However, the yellow head’s yellow eyes soon flashed.


The yellow head opened its mouth.

It looked as if an eerie noise would flow out of its mouth.

This was the yellow head’s ability, ‘noise.’

The two-headed monster believed that the enemies would fall down or at least stop after hearing this noise.

However, Choi Han, the person in front of everybody else, was smiling.

“…I was waiting for this.”

Choi Han cast his black Yong once again and shot up while Rosalyn cast the next spell she had been preparing.


Red mana burst into the air once again, and a half-transparent barrier covered the yellow-headed monster’s face.

“—! —-!”

The monster screamed, but no noise would come out.


Rosalyn coughed up some blood before smiling.

“This is the greatness of soundproof barrier magic.”

To put a soundproof barrier around a portion of a moving enemy… This was something that could only be done with extremely delicate mana control.

Rosalyn was probably one of the few humans, if not the only human, who could do that.


However, that barrier was soon destroyed. The yellow head opened its mouth once again after seeing that the barrier was gone.

However, that short instant…

That extremely short period of time was all that Choi Han needed.

The yellow head’s eyes opened wide. Choi Han had pointed his sword toward the monster’s mouth while it had been distracted by the soundproof barrier.

“Chhhhhhhhhh! Chhhhhhhhhh!”

The blue head shot water toward Choi Han and tried to slam into him in shock, but…


Lock’s shield blocked the attack.

Choi Han pushed his sword forward instead of thanking Lock and said the following.

“One Yong coming right up.”

Into the open mouth of the yellow-headed monster…

A black Yong sparkled violently as it left Choi Han’s sword and burst inside.

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