Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 647 – We cannot retreat (3)

‘There are three sculptures left now. There’s the first sculpture and the eighth sculpture…’

The third was the sculpture of the seventh unranked monster in Cale’s hand.

‘I must destroy the seventh and eighth sculptures!’

Those were the two strongest monsters.

Furthermore, Cale did not have any data on them as he had never faced them before.

Numerous thoughts flew through Cale’s mind in a short period of time. However, hot breath came out of his mouth every time he took a step and he was having trouble breathing.

It felt as if his senses were slowly fading away.


However, Cale continued to move.

He had an ominous feeling after the second sculpture crumbled so easily.


The sculpture of the seventh monster in his hand cracked a little more. Red smoke was starting to seep out from the crack. It was as red as blood.

One step.

Cale’s eyes recorded everything as he took another step forward.

It recorded the destroyed sculpture of the second unranked monster on the ground. The sculpture that had been dyed grey returned to its original color on the ground.

The eerie smoke that used to come out of the cracked areas was no more.


Cale stepped on that sculpture and moved forward.

He was looking at the eighth sculpture.

He headed toward the strongest unranked monster.

“Huff. Huff.”

He was having trouble breathing.

After having used, ‘Instant,’ his brain had overloaded, and he did not have the strength or focus to use ‘Record’ or ‘Embrace.’

Unlike the other sculptures, a holy white light was coming out of the cracks on the eighth sculpture.

It felt as if he had seen this color somewhere before, which made him scared.

That’s right.

His heart was beating extremely wildly just because he saw the white light flowing out.

“Huff, huff.”

Cale raised both hands.

His entire body was shaking.

The eighth sculpture… He couldn’t even fathom how long it took him to get in front of it. It felt like an eternity to him, but it would have only been an instant for the others.

– Cale! Y, your body right now-

– You should only use the Vitality of the Heart! The moment you use anything else…! Ah, damn it, I don’t know!

– …Shit. Your plate! Cale, don’t use any ancient powers nor other abilities! Forget breaking, your plate is going to melt!

– You crazy bastard! Why would you use an ability like this?! Do you want to die?!

The ancient powers were unable to hide their anxiety and screamed at Cale.

But even their voices sounded extremely far away to Cale.

Oooooong- oooooong- ooooooong-

All he could hear was the buzzing noise that let him know that his condition was not normal.


The sculpture of the seventh monster in his hand moved toward the eighth sculpture.

It was at that moment.

“You crazy bastard! Noooooo!”

Cale could see a bright light heading toward him. He immediately cast his shield.

– Cale! Don’t use anymore ancient powers!


Cale could faintly hear the Super Rock’s shaking voice and the loud explosion.

He turned his head.

Sayeru, who looked like a devil, was screaming and charging toward him from the direction the light spear had come from.

“Stop him!”

“Aaaaaaah! Kill him!”

The Bears, Arm members, and numerous other enemies approached Cale from all around the circular altar to kill him.

But none of them were as angry as Sayeru.

“I will at least kill you!”


Sayeru could not understand how Cale Henituse managed to get on top of the altar in an instant. It looked as if Cale Henituse was moving at a different speed for an instant.

Once he saw Cale Henituse destroy one of the sculptures…

He became scared.

This was the first time he was scared of Cale Henituse.

A fear even greater than his anger made Sayeru rush to kill Cale.

Sayeru had a light spear in his hand as he charged toward Cale Henituse, who was barely standing. He swung his arm toward the crazy bastard who was covered in numerous injuries and blood.


“…This stupid Dragon bastard!”

Unfortunately, a small body got in Sayeru’s way.

The black Dragon was dripping tears from both eyes but still viciously glared at Sayeru.

Oooooo– oooooo–

Raon, who had cast a teleportation magic circle so that he could teleport at any moment, gathered his black mana around his body and got in Sayeru’s way.

Raon heard Cale’s weak voice at that moment.

“…Thank you.”

There was another sharp noise that came from on top of the altar at the same time.


It was the sound of a sculpture breaking.


Sayeru staggered.

The seventh sculpture… It crumbled like glass and scattered into the air. Sayeru lost his mind for a moment seeing that the sculpture was completely destroyed to the point that he couldn’t even gather the pieces.


As for Cale, he frowned.

He had struck down on the eighth sculpture with the seventh sculpture.

However, the seventh sculpture broke even worse than the other sculpture he had broken moments before.


He swore internally.

That ominous feeling had been accurate.

Cale had felt that it was weird that the second sculpture broke so easily.

How did that happen when Cale didn’t have much strength in his body?

The answer was simple.

‘The second sculpture crumbled so easily because the seventh sculpture is stronger than it.’

The eighth sculpture was so much stronger than the seventh that the seventh was the one to break when Cale slammed down with it.


He coughed up blood once again. Blood dripped down the side of his lips.

His gaze was still focused on the eighth sculpture despite the pain.

‘…I need to destroy it……!’

The moment he took one step forward…

“Motherfucking bastards!”

Cale could see Sayeru covering the eighth sculpture with his body. Sayeru looked terrible right now as well.

Cale flinched before taking another step.

– No! Cale, don’t use us!

The moment he tried to use an ancient power…


Cale’s body staggered.

He clenched his head. His fever was so hot that his head felt like it would explode.

He was at his limit.

Cale finally realized his condition.

It was at that moment.

“Increase the sacrifices!”

One of the priests shouted.

‘The Dark Elves-!’

Cale thought that he couldn’t let any more Dark Elves die.

The remaining Dark Elves had been shaking in fear while looking at the empty carriages. There were too many Dark Elves here who had not fought against Cale or the Mercenaries Guild to call them all his enemies.

And even if they were his enemies, he couldn’t let them die as sacrifices.


He heard a terrible scream.

However, it was not from the Dark Elves.

The priest who had shouted for them to increase the number of sacrifices… Had taken his own life.

At that moment…

Screeeeech- screeeech—- screeeeeech-

A new chilling noise that was much worse than anything he heard earlier pierced through Cale’s ears. The screeching was so terrible that it even made him forget about his headache.

He lifted his head up.

The grey mouth was big enough to cover the entire sinkhole now.

The terrible screech was coming from inside the mouth.


Light shot out from the eighth sculpture that Sayeru was hugging.

The same thing was happening with the first sculpture.

The sculpture split in half in what Cale felt was an instant.


Sayeru laughed maniacally as he moved away from the sculpture.

It was as if Cale’s attacks would not matter anymore.


Black smoke could be seen as the teleportation black magic circle underneath the altar activated.

Cale could see the white light and the blue gold smoke that came out of the two sculptures quickly taking shape.

They were not taking the form of small sculptures, but that of large monsters.

‘They’re coming.’

Those monster bastards were headed to the Roan Kingdom.

– Cale, we told you to stop using any ancient powers!

Unlike Cale’s other abilities, he could still use his ancient powers regardless of whether it burdened his body or not. That was why Cale could not stop.

A faint fiery thunderbolt shot out toward the white light.


However, that fiery thunderbolt disappeared before it could reach the white light.

Screech- screech-

The screeching grey mouth had eaten it.

Even Raon’s strong mana attack was eaten by it as well.

“Kekekekeke! How could a mere human stop the cries of the God of Despair?!”

Sayeru continued to laugh maniacally.


The grey mouth. As long as the eerie cries came out of the God of Despair…until that cry called forth the monsters… Nothing would be able to stop this ritual until the monsters were completely summoned now.

That despair would eat anything that tried to do so.

‘Of course, this grey mouth is just a half-powered one.’

It had many flaws, as it was a ritual using a sealed god.

That was why Sayeru predicted that it would not work many times against Cale Henituse.

However, all he needed was once. He just needed it to work one time, and although it was only a fourth of the original number, he had successfully summoned some monsters.

“This is really the end.”

Sayeru seemed to be telling Cale that he could not stop it.

At that moment…


Cale’s body staggered.


Raon supported Cale’s body.

Cale looked down at Raon, who snuggled into his chest to support him.

His eyes that made everything look red were turning white.

It was time for him to faint.

However, Cale could not do that.

Raon spoke to Cale, who couldn’t even tell that his tears were drenching his clothes.

“Human, you destroyed two sculptures as you promised.”

He kept his word even though his entire body broke down in the process.

“The crown prince and Choi Han told me. They said it is time to bring you back.”

Raon raised his head. He could see Cale’s blurry eyes.

They looked as if he could not process what was happening properly.

Raon had never seen Cale’s eyes looking like this before.

Raon needed to make a decision at this moment.

Would he stay here and stop that first and eighth sculpture no matter what it took?

Or will he take Cale, who looked as if he could die at any moment, and escape?

Raon quickly made his decision.

Cale had already given him the answer.

“Human, you told me to immediately take you and run away.”

Raon decided to listen to Cale’s orders.

For Raon, saving one person, saving Cale, was the most important thing in the world, even more important than saving everybody else.

Cale was the one who gave Raon the chance to see the world.

Raon could never forget the arms that carried him and took him out of that cave.


Cale looked into Raon’s eyes as his sight continued to go white to the point that he could only see a small speck.

Those dark blue eyes were firm.

Cale wanted to smile. However, he didn’t even have the strength to do that. That’s why his expression ended up an odd mess as Cale closed his eyes.

Although he couldn’t destroy the eighth and first sculptures…

Although he had no information whatsoever on the eighth sculpture…

He did as much as he could, and he had allies.

His people also had the strength to take on these monsters.

He released his strength, and his body limped.

The black magic circle activated at that moment.

The blue gold smoke and the white light started teleporting.

Raon cast his teleportation at that moment as well.

“…I …leave it to you……”

“Don’t worry, human!”

Raon answered energetically, and the two of them disappeared from the Endable Kingdom.

It had happened a few seconds after the black magic circle had activated.

Everything that had happened had been captured by a video communication device that was rolling around on the grounds of the Endable Kingdom.

Raon had placed the video communication device on the ground a moment ago when he blocked Sayeru.

The images captured by the video communication device were all sent to a single place, the video communication device in Alberu’s hand.

* * *

“Choi Han.”

Alberu dropped the video communication device in his hand.

He had missed a few things because he had to teleport in the middle, but he saw all the important parts.


The video communication device fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

“Yes, your highness?”

Alberu heard Choi Han’s response as he stepped forward.

The City Hall was the largest building in Puzzle City. The mayor’s office terrace at City Hall was a spot where everything in Puzzle City was visible.

“Everybody is busy.”

The chief executives who had seen about half of what had happened because they were with Alberu and Choi Han and urgently rushed to their positions after seeing Cale’s entire body gushing blood.

Alberu looked down at Puzzle City.

The entire city was empty other than the soldiers.

A black magic circle suddenly appeared at the center of the city and a blue gold smoke and white light burst out as if they were exploding.

And then…

“…We’re here.”

Raon and Cale appeared on the terrace.

Alberu couldn’t even bear to look at the terrible condition Cale was in as Raon gently carried him.

“Choi Han.”

“I know it was tough.”

Choi Han had a calm expression on his face as he received Cale from Raon. He then laid Cale down on the bed they had prepared in the office.

Choi Han heard Alberu’s voice at that moment.

“Choi Han, you’re confident, right?”

He turned his head to look at Alberu.

Alberu Crossman was wearing white armor and a white helmet. The white spear was already in his hand.

Choi Han started speaking as he walked over to Alberu.

“We’ve already killed one bastard before.”

The monster appearing inside that blue gold smoke…

That was that same unranked monster, the Electric Eel.

Choi Han had fought against that bastard before.

As for the eighth unranked monster that was said to be the strongest…

“As for the other bastard, your weapon was made with that bastard’s bones, right your highness?”

Alberu looked at Choi Han, who was wearing black leather armor. The shining black aura was already coming out of his sword.

“Yes. My weapon was created by the bone they gathered after killing that bastard.”

– That is right, master. That is why I am a great EX-Grade weapon.

The Unbreakable Spear in Alberu’s hand…

Taerang, the AI inside the spear, continued speaking.

– As mentioned before, this item was created from the bones of an Ex-Grade monster, which have been designated as the most terrible monsters. It has significant durability and is the only thing that is capable of breaking that monster’s bones.


Alberu chuckled.

He addressed Choi Han, who was smiling the same way as if he had seen Alberu’s smile underneath his helmet.

He was not laughing because he wanted to laugh.

It was not because he found this situation funny nor because it was amusing.

It was because he could not cry and because he needed to receive the baton.

Alberu and Choi Han…

The two of them knew why Cale had contacted them in the middle of that situation. He was leaving the rest to the two people who had seen a portion of his life as Kim Rok Soo.

That was why they needed to put an end to it.

“Cale Henituse created the best, no, the situation with the greatest chance of success.”

He didn’t know whether Cale intended it to be like this or not. However, the first and eighth monsters were a better match for them compared to the second and seventh monsters.

They had the power to go up against these two monsters.

“The others will be here soon. Shouldn’t we do our part now that Cale Henituse has set the field for us?”

“Of course.”

Alberu and Choi Han…

The two men kicked off the terrace railing and charged forward.

They were headed toward the two large unranked monsters that had appeared in the Puzzle City plaza.

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