Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 640 – Are you scared? (2)

Overwhelming power was not the only thing that was scary.

Sometimes, a small scheme to take down a plan that had taken years to create was much scarier.

It was also a different story when Cale was the one coming up with that small scheme.


“Oh, my goodness! Over there on Mount Nex!”

The knights who were in the front of the group trying to rescue the king couldn’t hide their astonishment.

Inside the fog…

There were mysterious enemies inside this holy mountain that enshrined the legend of the first king.

“T, these bastards!”

“How dare they step foot onto Mount Nex and abduct his majesty?!”

This was not just the appearance of an enemy; this was a direct mockery of the Sez Kingdom.

The Vice Captain who was currently leading two brigades of knights peeked toward the still unconscious Knight Captain before raising his voice.

“Contact the palace! Inform them to speed up with the reinforcements!”

The Vice Captain turned toward his king.

“Mmph, mmph!”

His liege was looking at him with desperation while flailing around to get away.

The Vice Captain understood what his liege was trying to say and ordered the mage holding the video communication device.

“Sound the alarm! This is an attack on our kingdom; this is a declaration of war!”

The bastards who messed with their king and their holy Mount Nex…

He shouted in anger toward the people who abducted the king and the enemies who were slowly becoming visible within the fog.

“We will rip all of you bastards to shreds! Do not look down on our Sez Kingdom, the great land of knights!”


He and the other knights stomped their feet and drew their swords.

Now that their initial confusion was gone, the courage befitting the land of knights appeared once again.

‘…T, that bastard!’

Unfortunately, King Bakehe was going crazy after seeing what the Vice Captain was doing.

“Why did the Knight Captain and the strongest mage have to faint……?!’

The two of them were the king’s subordinates and knew of his contact with the White Star.

However, both of them were currently unavailable and only the people who did not know about his relationship with the White Star were chasing him to Mount Nex.

‘…If, if what has happened in Mount Nex is revealed……!’

Bakehe knew that that would be the end.

The Cats were having the same thought.

“Who the hell are those bastards?!”

“Holy shit! Where is the tribal leader? When will he get here?!”

The Cats who were standing guard at the foot of Mount Nex could not hide their shock.

This was truly total chaos.

Most importantly, the bastards who had abducted the king…

“Who the hell are they?!”

“This is driving me nuts!”

The Cats all seemed frustrated while looking at Cale’s group, which had some people with masks and some people without.

Those were quickly charging toward them.

“Holy shit! Why are they coming this way?!”

Cale, who was standing in front of this so-called group of ‘bastards,’ opened his mouth to speak.

“We’re heading to the center right away!”

The Cats didn’t know what to do as they watched Cale and the others quickly charging forward.

“Squad leader! Should we attack? Sir? Should we stop them?!”

“I don’t know! We, for now, uhh, we-!”

Cale took a step onto the mountain, the Cat’s territory that didn’t even have a small fence, before the Cats could finish speaking.

“T, those bastards really took his majesty to Mount Nex!”

“We will head to Mount Nex as well! Let’s protect our majesty and our holy ground!”

The Vice Captain and the people of the Sez Kingdom shouted in anger while the squad leader in charge of standing guard here looked at the number of citizens behind the Knights Brigade and the soldiers and had no choice but to shout.

“W, we are your allies! We did not abduct his majesty!”

The people of the Sez Kingdom scoffed at this bullshit and became even angrier.

“Are you trying to insult us even more?!”

“Those bastards deserve to die!”

“We will protect our Sez! We are the citizens of the land of knights!”

The Sez Knights Brigade stepped foot onto Mount Nex and the fog as well.

The squad leader had to make a decision.

“…Fuck! Stop them! We can’t let them get past here! I don’t care what you do, just stop them!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

The Cats disappeared into the fog after hearing the order.

No matter whether it was the knights or anybody else who showed up, the Cats were the strongest in the fog.

“We will chase those bastards! Ring the emergency alarm!”

The squad leader took his strongest subordinates and started chasing after Cale.

There were some eerie noises throughout Mount Nex at that moment.

Screeeech-! Screeeech! Screeeech!

The fog on Mount Nex became thicker as they heard something screeching in pain.

“Damn it! If the fog gets thicker-!”

The citizens in the back stopped moving after getting scared by the thick fog.

They could only stand around Mount Nex and anxiously stomp their feet.

“Let’s go.”

A large number of old and middle-aged individuals stealthily moved away from that group and into the fog.

They looked completely different as soon as they stepped into the fog.

Their clothes were completely black now.

The oldest man raised his hand.

“You all remember the patriarch-nim’s orders?”

The Cats were not the only ones who were strong in the fog.

The Molan Household was also strong in the fog.

Everyone in the Molan household was strong in the fog, but this was especially true for these people who had the most experience.

These were people who barely managed to survive when the underworld of the Eastern continent was destroyed by the White Star and Arm, and that experience made it so that their stealthiness was something that the youngsters could not match at all.

They were the cream of the crop in the new Molan household.

They were currently dealing more with information and trying to come out into the light, but all of these people had their own assassination skills that were top notch.

They were all taking those skills back out today.

The oldest man started speaking again.

“This situation involves the patriarch-nim’s disciples.”

On and Hong, Ron Molan’s disciples.

Once Ron agreed to teach On and Hong… The people gathered under the Molan banner all knew what was going to happen.

‘Those two children are going to become the Molan household’s future.’

Although it was something that none of the four, Ron, Beacrox, On, and Hong and said or even thought about… The people who chose to serve the Molan household all thought that way.

‘Beacrox-nim learned to use a greatsword and his greatest desire is cooking. He has no interest in stealth either.’

‘These two children are carrying on the patriarch-nim’s secrets.’

‘They are learning everything except assassination.’

That was the reason they had dragged their old bodies here at Ron’s request.

“Our job is to help the children who will lead the Molan household in the future to proudly live under the sun while doing good deeds.”

The old man took a dagger out of his pocket.

The blue dagger had seen so much blood until now.

“Let’s go.”

They would do as they have always done. Although nobody answered the old man… The core members of the Molan household scattered into the fog.

There was actually one more group of people who had crept into the fog.

“The Vampires have saved our friends in the past!”

It was the Mercenaries Guild.

Although it had only been half of them, Duke Fredo had done everything he could to rescue the Mercenaries Guild’s Ranger Brigade.

The surviving members of that Ranger Brigade…

Bud’s core group of mercenaries entered the mountain as well.

“It is our turn now!”

As Cale stole everybody’s attention…

The powers who would take down the Cat tribe stealthily snuck in while the Cats were worried about the forces from the Sez Kingdom.

Screeeech- screeeeeeech-

A new legend was starting in the Sez Kingdom as the eerie alarm echoed throughout the mountain.

And at the center of the legend…

“Mmph, mmph, mmph!”

King Bakehe was continuously groaning.

It hurt like hell being dragged by the collar by Rasheel.



However, Rasheel smacked the back of Bakehe’s head with his other hand.

“Shut the hell up.”


Bakehe could only stop after hearing the Dragon’s warning.

“Get him! The reinforcements will be here soon! Speed up!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

The squad leader was following behind them.

Those Cats with the squad leader were not the only ones.

– Human! Cats are coming from all directions!

Raon was speaking to the red-haired boy who looked like young master Naru. Cale listened to the information Raon was giving him before continuing to move without any hesitation.


The Sound of the Wind swirled around his ankles and helped him maintain his speed.

“It’s here, nya!”

On was telling him where to go.

On was able to find the path inside the fog created by the Fog Cat Tribe, leading them from the front.

Ron and Beacrox were guarding On from her sides.

Hong was in Ron’s arm as well.

Their goal was the mountain peak.

Duke Fredo had said the following to Cale when he told Fredo that he would save the Vampires in Fredo’s place.

‘The entrance to the prison with the hostages is located at the top of the stone mountain. That is the only way in and out.’

‘The inside of Mount Nex is completely empty.’

‘It is just a prison that is shaped like an ant cave.’

‘…It is also hell.’

Cale recalled the information Fredo had given him while increasing his speed.

– Cats are approaching from the 3 o’clock direction!

There were Cats chasing him.

However, he didn’t have to worry about them.

“Over there, the intruders, ugh!”


Baaaaang! Bang!

Pink arrows were flying and creating large explosions.

The arrows made of pure mana were blocking the Cats’ paths and preventing them from running to Cale.

– Human, Dodori said he will take care of this area! He says not to waste your energy on the peons!

Their other Dragon Dodori was acting as a magic archer and launching endless volleys of arrows to their enemies.

Mila was not here with them.

‘Only Dodori needs to go. I trained him properly so that he wouldn’t lose to anyone.’

Cale had no need to stop thanks to Dodori.


He finally entered the area that only had stones.

That meant that he was now at the middle of the mountain and just needed to go a little more to reach the top.

But to get through that middle area…

“He finally shows his face.”

Someone was in Cale’s way.

It was the Cat tribe’s leader.

This bastard was the current tribe leader of the Fog Cat Tribe and the one Cale had fought outside Sheritt’s Castle of Light in the past.

There were strong-looking Cats standing behind him as well.

“Mmph, mmph!”

King Bakehe started flailing around while the tribe leader looked at him with a cold gaze before looking elsewhere.

He was looking at On, who was in the front of Cale’s group.

The tribe leader immediately recognized On even though her fur was red with Raon’s magic right now.

On was looking at the tribe leader with a calm gaze as well.

The tribe leader started to speak.

“…I was wondering who it was, but it is just the dirty blood.”

Dirty blood.

The Cats started whispering as soon as they heard those words.

“Those trash who ran away?”

“Ha! Of course, those inferior idiots are causing harm to the Cats in the end!”

“…I remember hearing that the mutants were siding with Cale Henituse.”

The tribe leader ignored those whispers and snorted.

“I was wondering who was causing this mess, and it is none other than Cale Henituse’s subordinates.”

Although he couldn’t see Cale Henituse, the tribe leader started smirking after realizing that Cale’s subordinates were involved with this.

On asked at that moment.

“How did you recognize me?”

Her voice was calm.

“You, you! How dare a mutant like you speak so informally to the tribe leader! You arrogant punk!”

“She doesn’t know respect since she hasn’t learned anything!”

On just ignored their taunts.

She had heard much worse things while being kept under watch within the Fog Cat Tribe.

The tribe leader calmly responded to On.

“I can’t forget the dirty color of those eyes.”

On and Hong were the only Cats with gold eyes.

Their eyes were the same as the former tribe leader.


It was at that moment.

They heard someone sigh.

The red-haired boy whom the tribe leader had not paid any attention to was looking at him.

That boy, Cale, was extremely annoyed after hearing the tribe leader continue to use the word, ‘dirty.’

“Hey, tribe leader. Can you shut the hell up before I rip apart your dirty trap?”


He flinched after seeing the boy’s face.

Although the hair was a different color…

‘…Young master Naru!’

He was the escaped Duke Fredo’s son.

They had all been looking for this bastard.

As the tribe leader’s eyes were starting to heat up…


They heard a shaky voice echo through the fog.

“I’m not dirty! My noona is not dirty either!”

Hong was shouting even though he was shaking in fear.

He got out of Ron’s arms, stood next to On, and bared his fangs.

On flinched and raised her front paw to tell him to calm down, but Hong continued to show his anger without stopping.


The tribe leader scoffed in disbelief.

The shitty kitty who hid behind his sister because he was scared last time was baring his fangs at him!

The tribe leader laughed out loud.


It was just too unbelievable.

“Why are you laughing like that?”

An unexpected individual appeared behind the Cats.


Cale frowned.

A pale and feeble middle-aged man appeared from within the fog.

‘…It’s Dorph.’

He was Dorph, the Lion King.

They could see other Lions behind Dorph as well.

The Cats were not the only ones here at Mount Nex. That was the reason the Cats’ tribe leader could be calm.

“Let’s kill them right away.”

The tribe leader raised his hand once Dorph said that.

“Let me say something first.”

The Cat tribe leader looked toward On and Hong.

“Let me tell you the truth before you die.”

He debated telling these shitty kitties the truth.

“Do you know why you guys are dirty and inferior? Aren’t you curious to know why we call you mutants?”

On and Hong flinched.

They could remember being called mutants, dirty, and inferior for as long as they could remember.

“You two…”

On watched the tribe leader’s mouth open, thinking that she shouldn’t listen to what he was about to say for some reason.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Her heart was beating wildly with an ominous feeling.

The tribe leader looked directly at her and smiled.

He then said the following.

“You guys will never be able to go berserk.”

Beast people who could not go berserk.

Ron, Beacrox, and everybody else flinched.

However, On and Hong were the most shocked.

“That was the reason your father was pushed out of the tribe leader position.”

One step.

The tribe leader took a step toward On and Hong.

“Beast people earn the true power of the Beast when they go berserk. But for you two, what you have right now is your limit.”

He took another step.

The tribe leader was getting closer to them.

“You two received your daddy-o’s inferior blood.”

The current tribe leader’s crazed eyes glared at On and Hong as he recalled the past tribe leader.

He took another step.

“Half Beast people who can’t even go berserk. Can such failures truly be called Beast people?”

The tribe leader’s large shadow was heading toward On and Hong.


Hong subconsciously started moving back.

‘Beast people who can’t go berserk?’

Hong recalled something he had said to the Mogoru Empire’s Sir Rex in the past.

Sir Rex…

He was the new leader of the Mogoru alongside the Sun God twins thanks to Cale’s help.

He was a Cat and an adult but had never gone berserk before.

What had Hong said to him when they first met?

‘He’s an older hyung, but he’s a baby because he hasn’t gone through his first berserk transformation!’

‘That’s right! They said all Cats are babies until we go through our first berserk transformation! He’s the same as us!’

But Rex had not gone berserk because he did not know anything about the Cat tribe.

However, On and Hong were different from Rex.

‘…We can never go berserk? Our blood makes it impossible? Then we really, we really… We really are mutants.’

Hong had no choice but to step back.

But in that instant Hong’s back paw was about to move back…

“What a load of bullshit.”

A brusque voice responded with disbelief.


Hong felt someone pick him up.

Hong could feel a rough but warm hand patting his back as he was being hugged in a person’s warm embrace.

On turned her head and looked at Cale instead of the tribe leader.

Cale was leaning on one leg and patting Hong as he shouted.

“Inferior my ass. There’s nothing like that. I don’t get why you keep saying nonsense with that dirty trap of yours.”


Black mana swirled around them, and Raon appeared right next to On.

Raon shouted with an extremely angry expression on his face.

“Do you want to die? My, my-”

Raon hesitated for a moment before looking at On and Hong and then glaring at the tribe leader as he continued.

“I’m not going to let you mess with my noona and my hyung. I will destroy everything.”

His voice was calm but full of anger.


He then moved to stand in front of On.

On and Hong could see Cale nodding his head.

“That’s right.”

Cale’s calm voice echoed through the area.

“We need to destroy everyone who messes with our kids.”

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And Cale is such a good daddy now!

What will happen next?

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