Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 614 – Bye! (2)

Raon had said something while rolling around on Cale’s bed and eating a cookie in the past.


‘What is it?’

‘I wish this cookie became bigger!’

Cale had answered without any hesitation while sitting on the couch.

‘Make a bigger one.’

‘Make it?’

‘Yes. Make it big enough to satisfy you. Do it if that is what you want to do.’

‘Oh. Is that okay?’

Cale had nonchalantly responded back.

‘Why wouldn’t it be?’

‘That’s right! There’s no reason I can’t do it! Make it bigger! Big enough to satisfy me! As much as I want!’

Raon had made sure to remember what Cale told him since Cale had never said anything wrong other than talking about being a slacker, saying that he is going to rest, or denying the fact that he is a hero.

That was why Raon decided he would do it however he wants to do so right now and looked around.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

Outside the black shield… There were explosions all around the shield as numerous attacks were trying to destroy it.


The chances of those attacks breaking the shield right away were close to zero.

However, the shield would end up breaking if the attacks continued.

‘I can’t leave Rosalyn and Lock like that! I need to hurry!’

Raon quickly moved toward the largest sculpture.

The Wolf children were still asleep.

They were still chained up, however… Raon had carefully destroyed only a few chains binding their bodies because he thought it would be even more difficult for the children if they woke up while he was destroying their chains and saw this chaos.


The sculptures were made of something that Raon could not figure out.

He had thought that they were made of stones at first, but he realized that they were not made of rocks as he tried to steal them.

His two chubby front paws each grabbed onto the leg of one of the sculptures and started to lift it up.


It looked as if he would be able to lift it, however….


Putting even a small amount of strength into it made some dust fly up and looked as if it would break.

Raon puffed up his cheeks as if he didn’t like that and started to pout.

“There’s still a way!”

‘I can move the entire altar!’

Raon moved his chubby front paws from the sculpture and placed his front paws on the altar.

He then started to channel his mana around the sculptures.

It was because he needed to figure out how much of the altar he needed to cut off.


It was at that moment.


Raon removed his front paws in shock.

Raon then approached some other sculptures and channeled his mana near them.

“…What is this?!”

The black Dragon’s wings were curled up in shock.

It’s connected!”

The sculptures were connected to the bottom of the altar.

There was a small circular tube connected to the bottom of the sculpture.

“This is weird!”

Raon could feel a weird aura flowing inside the circular tube.

“It’s being injected!”

That weird aura was flowing through the circular tube and being injected into the sculpture.

‘…It’s similar to dead mana!’

It was hard to tell exactly what the weird aura was, but it seemed quite similar to dead mana.

Raon quickly used his magic to try to find the starting point of these circular tubes.

Drip drip.

Raon was focusing so hard in this anxious situation that there were beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

Baaaaaang! Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

The enemies were still attacking the black shield while Rosalyn and Lock were still fighting them off as Raon did this.

“You had quite the entrance, but all you’re doing is defending?”

Lock swung his large shield and remained by Raon’s shield despite Bear King Sayeru sneering at him.

Bang! Baaaaang! Bang!

The light arrows that were endlessly shooting toward them from all directions were being blocked by his shield.

It was because Sayeru’s light arrows could impact Raon’s shield greatly compared to the other enemies’ weak attacks.

Sayeru had two perfect arms, contrary to their information that he had lost one arm. However, he seemed to have difficulties moving the arm that had been lost and could only shoot light arrows while standing there with a pale expression.

Lock quietly mumbled to himself.

“…I will not… Forget my goal……”

The reason he had picked up the shield.

The reason he chose defense.

Lord Sheritt, his master, claimed that the greatest defense was the best offense, however…

‘I’m different.’

Lord Sheritt had told him something.

‘You need to figure out the reason you fight and your goal for fighting.’

The reason and goal.

‘I fight to protect.’

The Wolf tribe.

They were part of the strong Beast people tribes along with the Bear tribe, Lion tribe, and the Whale tribe.

Of course, they were said to be weaker compared to the other strong Beast people.

But they were still strong.

The Wolf tribe was known for their temperament and was said to use quite primitive and destructive battle methods.

Furthermore, they thoroughly cherished their family and their tribe.

‘I will control both things in my own way.’

Lock calmed the power inside him that wanted to explode.

Lord Sheritt, his master, had told him something.

‘When you need to fight… You need to learn to figure out that moment. Don’t forget your goal.’

His current goal.

It was neither to kill this bastard nor to destroy this place.

‘Save the children and steal the sculptures.’

That was all he needed to do.

‘Next time, when the time is right…’

He could use this power that was running wild inside him at that time.

That opportunity would definitely come for a person who suppressed their powers and waited for the right opportunity.

Lock picked up his shield.

Ba, bang, baaaaang-!

The light arrows crashed into the shield and exploded.

He then peeked to the side.

He could see Rosalyn who was also fighting nearby the black shield.


Another highest-grade magic stone broke.


A large fire burst out of Rosalyn’s hand at the same time and headed toward the enemy in front of her.

And that enemy…

“Mm, that’s annoying to handle.”

Was the Lion King.

“But it’s not that hard to do.”

The Lion King, who was in his berserk form, easily pierced through the fire. Black smoke surrounded him.

Rosalyn bit down on her lips after seeing her fire being pierced so easily.

‘I’m certain that that black smoke is the power of darkness from his darkness Elemental!’

She could not give him the opening to use that power properly.

A portion of her allies would not be able to use their powers properly if that darkness spread through the sky.

‘I can’t give him an opening.’

In that case…

‘I need to attack without stopping!’

Rosalyn was using a completely different method than Lock and launching everything she had toward her enemy.

Baaaaaang! Baaaaang!

Most of the loud explosions happening in this area were Rosalyn’s handiwork.


That was why Lion King Dorph could not easily attack.

“Even if she is using magic stones, her mana control and her attack spells-”

Are both at the level of Dragons.

He did not say that part out loud.

It was because she was an enemy.

“Of course, she’ll just end up like a caged rat as soon as she uses up all of those magic stones.”
“Have you not considered the fact that you would die before that happens?”

Dorph shrugged his shoulders as Rosalyn smirked and asked that question.

“I don’t think that will happen.”


“You won’t be able to move the sculptures.”

Rosalyn’s hand flinched as she was casting another spell.

But she quickly resumed her casting.

‘I already heard from Raon-nim. He said it looks like they’ll break if he tries to take the sculptures.’

That was why he was planning on taking the whole altar.

She heard Dorph’s voice at that moment.

“What is it?”

He was smiling.

“Are you thinking of taking the whole altar instead?”

Rosalyn stopped attacking and looked toward Dorph this time.

“Wouldn’t that be quite a headache for you guys?”

She heard Raon’s voice in her mind at that moment.

– Rosalyn!

The young Dragon’s voice sounded urgent.

– These sculptures are connected to some tubes underneath the altar!

Those tubes are delivering some weird auras to the sculptures!

‘Weird auras?’

– But that aura feels like it is supplying nutrients!

Rosalyn’s expression stiffened up.


Did that mean that the sculptures were alive?

‘…What are those nutrients?’

She was certain that the nutrients were not nutrients that they would consider normal.

“Mm. I guess the Dragon figured it out by now?”

Lion King Dorph leisurely laughed.

Sayeru had stopped his attacks at some point as well and was laughing next to Dorph.

On the other hand, Rosalyn’s expression was getting stiffer the more she heard.

– The connections! I think the sculptures will break if I cut these tubes off!

These tubes that were feeding something that seemed to be nutrients…

Raon had a feeling that destroying these tubes would impact the sculptures as well.

– I tried to find where the tubes came from, but I need more time since they are coming from quite far away! That’s why I’m letting you know about it first!

There were many tubes connected to the eight sculptures that were forming a weird shape underground.

Raon had used his mana to try and find the starting point of these tubes, but the tubes underground had headed toward the wall of the Endable Kingdom’s sinkhole.

Then they flowed up the wall.

That was why Raon needed more time to investigate.

It was at that moment.

Beeeeeeep- Beeeeeeeep-

Rosalyn and Raon’s video communication devices both gave off emergency signals.


The shock made Raon even stop his investigation as he quickly took out a video communication device.

This signal meant that someone was quickly retreating.

‘It means that someone is running away as quickly as they can!’

Raon’s heart started to beat wildly.

‘The human isn’t here!’

For some reason, thinking about the fact that the human was not here made Raon feel as if this signal was even more urgent.

– Huff, huff!

He heard some heavy breathing through the video communication device.

The screen was shaking so much that he could not tell what was going on.

It looked as if they had the video communication device in their pocket as they urgently sent out the signal.

“This is bad!”

Raon even stopped having his two front paws on the ground because he was so shocked.

The person who had sent a signal to Raon, Rosalyn, Alberu, Eruhaben, and the others…

– Huff, we are currently heading toward Section 2 where all of the temples are gathered together!

Glenn Poeff.

He was the Mercenary King’s close friend and where he was right now…

– I am urgently running away with Ron Molan-! Huff!

Ron, On, and Hong were with him.

Ron of all people was urgently running away.

Furthermore, it was when On and Hong were with him.

Raon’s eyes were open wide when he heard a calm voice outside his shield.

“Let’s just go.”

It was Rosalyn.

The shocked Raon slowly calmed down after seeing Rosalyn’s calm gaze.

“The sculptures are not the issue, Raon-nim.”

Their number one goal.

Everyone’s survival.

Raon heard a different person’s voice through the video communication device.

– I will head to Section 2.

Alberu would head to Ron.

Raon clenched his two paws after seeing Lock nodding his head as well.

His mind was becoming clear.

At that moment…

“You may have taken Cale Henituse away… But did you think we would let you take these too?”


A person slammed down from the air.

The White Star.

Rosalyn urgently cast a spell after seeing his appearance.

Ooooooong ooooooo-

Before her fire could even spread…

The White Star jumped over Rosalyn and Lock.

He then landed on top of the black shield and started to punch.


The black shield started to crack with a loud noise.


The White Star could see the black Dragon blinking his round eyes from the other side of the cracking shield.

The White Star calmly started to speak again with a tired expression on his face.

“Let’s go to the end.”

Raon looked into those tired eyes.

Blink, blink.

His eyes curled up like crescent moons after he blinked twice.


The corners of Raon’s mouth curled up.

“I don’t want to go to the end! You idiot!”


The black shield was destroyed.

“It’s fine as long as we saved the human!”

Raon channeled his mana at that moment.

Crack, crack.

The black mana destroyed the chains, and as some of the children flinched and were about to wake up…


Raon’s magic created a circular nest and coddled the children.

His magic just brushed past the sculptures and left them alone.

“I’m leaving!”

The nest quickly started to shoot up into the air.

“We’ll come back to steal, no, to destroy things next time!”
“Do you really think I would let you-”

The White Star started to move toward Raon who was inside the nest shooting up above him.




He was slammed to the side after a strong power suddenly hit him.

The White Star started to frown.

“…This damn ancient Dragon! You’re finally using your powers!”

Eruhaben’s gold mana suddenly appeared and slammed the White Star.

It was much stronger than when they had fought with him earlier.


Eruhaben hid his slightly shaking hand and took a deep breath.

Rosalyn and Lock used that opening to quickly get on the nest.

“Goldie gramps!”

Eruhaben chuckled at the round eyes that were looking at him for the first time in a long while and shot up alongside the nest.

The White Star and some others shot up in the air as well to chase after them.

“I will block it.”

However, the person responsible for taking the black orb away, Mary, still had some things remaining here.

White bones.

Numerous skeleton monsters appeared and got in between the enemies and the nest.


These skeleton monsters were just weak and annoying for the White Star.

However, the Flying Skeleton Brigade was enough to buy time for Raon’s nest to get away.

The White Star heard a bright voice.

“Hey, White Star! Byeeee! See you soon!”

A chubby front paw popped out of the nest and waved left and right for the White Star.

And at the same time…


Alberu was controlling one of Mary’s skeleton wyverns as he quickly headed to Section 2 where all of the temples were located.

The black thread in his hand made it possible to control the monster. Of course, the wyvern couldn’t act as if it was alive like when Mary was controlling it.

But he had no choice but to use this method as this was an urgent situation.

Alberu bit down on his lips.

‘For Ron Molan to send an emergency signal…!’

He became concerned.

‘Chief Priest Gersey. That bastard is strong too.’

Gersey fought while using a fan.

Even without the title of Chief Priest, that bastard would be considered strong.

‘He was only supposed to follow him… did he get caught by the Chief Priest?’

He could not understand the situation at all.


Alberu turned his head after feeling a gust of wind behind him.

Beacrox was also on one of Mary’s skeleton wyverns following him.

Alberu started to move faster as he understood what Beacrox must be feeling.


At that moment…

“The signal flare!”

He could see Glenn’s magic signal flare.

It was near the northern part of Section 2.

Alberu quickly headed toward it.

He then saw it.

He saw Glenn running as quickly as possible.

He then saw Ron, On, and Hong.

Ron looked quite odd running away.


“…What is that?”

Alberu flinched for a moment.

“…Isn’t that the Chief Priest?”

Ron was holding onto a leg of the fainted Chief Priest Gersey.

Chief Priest Gersey was being dragged on the ground while unconscious.

His clothes were a mess because of that.

But that wasn’t important right now.


The Chief Priest seemed to have been poisoned as his face was oddly purple.

“A bloody nose?”

He had blood flowing out of both nostrils.

One of his purple cheeks had a cat’s paw print that resembled a bruise.


The two kittens were excitedly running next to Ron who was running away while dragging Gersey.

They seemed to be laughing.

Alberu subconsciously made a comment.


The old man and the children…

He didn’t know what had happened, but they truly were amazing experts.

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