Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 615 – Bye! (3)

“Get them!”
“We must save the Chief Priest-nim! Shoot the arrows!”
“Call for reinforcements!”

There were people chasing the escaping Ron, Glenn, On, and Hong.

They were the priests serving the Demonic race as well as others.

“Put dead mana on the arrows and fire!”
“Go on top of the buildings! Pour dead mana on those bastards’ heads!”


Alberu realized why Ron had sent such an urgent request.

The enemies were trying to attack using dead mana from who knows where.

Dead mana was extremely deadly for anyone except people like black mages, necromancers, and Dark Elves with the darkness attribute.

‘It makes sense that he is escaping.’

Alberu quickly lowered the altitude and headed toward Ron.

He made eye contact with Ron at that moment.


Ron leisurely greeted him even in such a situation.

‘I don’t know whether that’s him being respectful or just casual.’

Either way, this guy was definitely not normal.


The Cat children greeting him weren’t normal either.

“Huff! Huff! Please save us!”

Glenn, who was shouting with a desperate look on his face, was showing a normal reaction. This reaction was fitting for Mercenary King Bud’s close friend.

“I will take Ron Molan and the children.”
“Yes, sir.”

Alberu took out the Unbreakable Spear after hearing Beacrox’s short response.

It was still in the shape of the beautiful white gun.

Tang! Tang!

“Ugh! That weapon–!”
“It’s exploding! Dodge!”

They did not have enough fighting force unlike when they were in Section 1 because there were so many priests.

Alberu used the opening created from the enemies becoming confused and quickly got closer to Ron.

“Get on.”
“Yes, sir.”

Ron dragged Gersey as he got on the skeleton wyvern’s back.

Alberu reached out one hand.

Tap. Tap.

On and Hong quickly climbed up his hand and arm and jumped onto his chest.

“Huff. Huff! Me too-”

As for Glenn…

“Please be quiet.”

Beacrox grabbed him by the back of his clothes and safely dropped him on the back of the skeleton wyvern.

“Let’s hurry.”

Alberu looked toward Mary’s skeleton monsters blocking the White Star and quickly started to move.

“It looks like they realized that we have abducted the Chief Priest.”

He saw that the White Star was looking at him with an extremely angry gaze and increased his speed.

Baaaaang! Bang, crackle!

“You rat-like bastards-!”

Multiple skeleton monsters started to crumble with a single slash from the White Star’s sword.

But there were too many skeleton monsters.

Rumble, ruuuuuuuuumble-

The sky started to roar.

Alberu could see that the White Star’s sky-attribute ancient power was making the sky roar.

“Even if you use the sky power now… Pffft.”

He just ignored it.

It could not be helped.

The moment they got out of the sinkhole…

“Hurry up and get on the airship!”

Alberu saw a large airship appear as he heard Eruhaben’s shout.

It was the airship they had hidden in the forest nearby.

In the past…

Within the southern area of the Western continent… This airship that once belonged to the Mogoru Empire had tried to attack the Jungle’s capital.

It had ended up in Rosalyn and Eruhaben’s hands and the airship that had played a big role in the Mogoru Empire had reappeared today.

Of course, this airship was much more advanced than the one led by Bear King Sayeru that Cale had destroyed.

“…She said that she was going to station this next to the Magic Tower-”

He recalled something Rosalyn had said in the past before stepping onto the airship.

His allies…

The black orb with Cale inside…

The Wolf children…

Even Deputy Chief Priest Cotton and the others who had snuck out from the God of War’s resting place while they were rescuing Cale…

Everybody got on.

Alberu and the others beside the Mercenary King and Glenn who had already been in the Eastern continent had come here on this airship.

Of course, they had used teleportation magic.

Glenn shouted in shock.

“A, a teleportation magic circle to transport this large airship whole-?!”

This highest-grade mage could not hide his shock.


This airship that was currently reacting to the mana and shaking was a large moving vehicle.

As for the captain of this vehicle…

“Mr. Glenn, please help me.”

It was Rosalyn.

“Y, yes, of course!”

Glenn quickly headed to the center of the magic circle.

Raon and Rosalyn’s mana were twisted together and glowing dark red.

Glenn supported them with his mana from the side.

All three of their magic levels were highest-grade, making them able to do something like this without practicing in advance.

‘My goodness.’

But Glenn was shocked at this situation.

‘How much money did they spend?’

He had never seen this airship before because he had been on the Eastern continent.

That was why he could only gulp after seeing that the entire ship had highest-grade magic stones every so often and was made of expensive materials.

‘…Most importantly-’

Something else had shocked him.

‘A couple hundred people can fit on this.’

This large teleportation magic circle that could transport hundreds of people at once…

This many people was pretty much an army.

And since the person controlling this teleportation magic circle was Rosalyn…

‘If she fills this airship with mages in the future-?!’

That would be the birth of an unbelievable mage brigade.

She was the future master of the to-be-created Magic Tower after all. She will have troops equivalent to the troops of a kingdom even though she would not be a Queen.

‘…I’m glad she’s on our side.’

Glenn truly felt that way as he channeled his mana.

Rosalyn opened her eyes at that moment.

The sun was all the way out in the sky and the wind fluttered her hair.

That wind was caused by their casting of this large spell.

She was the one who had caused it.


As the largest highest-grade magic stone at the center of the magic circle cracked and then exploded…

“First destination. We are moving to the Mercenaries Guild.”

She gave a short explanation before the airship started to teleport.

“You bastards-!”

They could see the White Star, who seemed to have made it past the skeleton monsters, in the distance.

Ancient Dragon Eruhaben, who was not within the teleportation magic circle, let out a short sigh.

“My goodness, he’s so persistent.”

He then launched tens of gold arrows toward the White Star.

“He’s so annoying.”

As his attack made the White Star hesitate…

On and Hong who were in Alberu’s arms peeked their faces over Alberu’s shoulders.

“Bye nya!”

They then waved their paws to say goodbye to the White Star.

“See you next time.”

Eruhaben gave the final goodbye as they all disappeared.

Now that they were gone…

It looked as if the airship had never been in the Endable Kingdom in the first place.

* * *

As for where it appeared…

“We’ve arrived at our first destination.”

They were inside a forest.

“This is the right place?”
“This is the exact location!”

Bud smiled brightly and nodded his head after hearing Rosalyn’s question.

“The Mercenaries Guild’s shelter is around here, so we can get off now.”

Bud and Glenn.

The Mercenaries Guild’s leader and his close friend who was just as strong had attacked the White Star today.

That was why the chief executives of the Mercenaries Guild all around the Eastern continent would go and hide in their respective shelters starting today.

“Please take care of me.”

Deputy Chief Priest Cotton. Cotton, the priestess of the God of War, was planning on staying here with Bud.

“No worries. Our Mercenaries Guild members were able to survive thanks to you, Deputy Chief Priest-nim.”

There had been some Mercenaries Guild members who not been able to make it out of the Endable Kingdom and had stayed in the God of War’s resting place with Eruhaben.

Cotton waved her hand as if it was nothing.

“I just did what was expected of me.”
“It wasn’t expected of you.”

Bud smiled like a reliable leader as he shook Cotton’s hand.

“Bye Mercenary King!”

Bud then responded to Raon’s goodbye with a mischievous smile before being the last to get off the airship.

“We are now moving to our second destination.”

Their second destination was also their final destination.

Alberu closed his eyes as he heard Rosalyn’s statement.

He could feel his body slowly starting to teleport.

* * *


Alberu opened his eyes after feeling a bright light.

“You’re here?”

Lord Sheritt.

She was out here to greet the airship.

Screech- screech-

They were in one of the Forbidden Regions on the Western continent.

They were in the Forest of Darkness within the Henituse territory.

Flying monsters screeched and shot up into the air as if they were scared by the sudden appearance of the airship.


Kaaaaaaaa, kaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

They could also hear the cries of mutant monsters that were difficult to find anywhere else in the Western continent if they carefully listened.

At the center of that forest…

A black castle was profoundly giving off its black glimmer even while under the radiant sun.

They were met by Lord Sheritt, whose attribute was defense.

The corners of Alberu’s lips went up.

“I knew I liked this place.”

If they were to look for a place where Cale Henituse would be the safest and a place that would be ideal to fight against their enemies…

There was no better place than this.

He alighted from the airship and looked around.


He then flinched.

“Goldie gramps! I’m going to be first!”
“Whatever then, little kid. I’m after you.”

Raon and Eruhaben.

“I’ll do it too. I created a new magic circle and it was quite effective.”
“I’ll go last then.”

Rosalyn. And then Lord Sheritt.

“Hmm. Then we can add the power of incantation as well.”

Even Gashan.

They were all looking at Cale who was inside the half-transparent black orb.

The five of them surrounded the black orb and started to cast all sorts of spells and incantations as soon as that orb was lowered down to the black castle.

“…Oh my.”

They were all strong spells and most of them were for protecting the orb.

“I’m going to cast an attack spell as well! I won’t leave them alone if they try to harm our human!”
“I already did that.”

They added all sorts of attack spells as well.


Alberu started to think.

“…I guess I don’t need to worry about Cale Henituse’s safety.”

He said that while sighing before turning away from the three Dragons, one mage, and one shaman.


He was then shocked.

Clang. Clang.

Beacrox was grinding his sword.

Next to him were numerous daggers that had already been restored to the point that they were shining.

Beacrox was just grinding his swords while looking at the unconscious Chief Priest Gersey.


Alberu held back his sigh after seeing that.

He pretended not to see the three layers of black gloves that were on Beacrox’s hands.

“Your highness, you’re here?”

Alberu got the chills after seeing Ron’s gentle smile and quickly turned toward On and Hong.

“Please create some fog around the castle and the forest.”
“I understand! That’s easy, nya!”
“I’m going to put out a weak poison too, nya!”

On and Hong nodded their heads with happy expressions on their faces.

Alberu started to smile because they looked so cute.


However, his expression soon stiffened up.

“Then we’ll be back soon, nya!”
“We’ll be back soon, nya!”

Before On and Hong said goodbye to the adults nearby and headed toward the forest that was pretty much their front yard now…

They picked up one of their paws and…



Each slapped one of the unconscious Gersey’s cheeks.

“Oo…ooooooooo. Grooooooan……”

Gersey groaned, but On and Hong had already left toward the forest with feather-like movements.

‘…I’ve felt this before, but…’

Alberu had a thought after watching all of this.

‘Cale Henituse has picked some peculiar people to be his friends.’

Alberu was thinking that he did not fall under the same category.

That was why he checked that everybody was busy before starting to speak to Ron in a quiet voice.

“Ron Molan. Why were you running away?”

Ron turned toward Alberu.


He could see Alberu’s blonde hair and blue eyes once he removed his helmet.

He could see that those eyes were sparkling with an odd gaze.

“What did you see?”

He could hear Alberu calmly asking in a cold voice.

“I hope you can tell me right away.”

He looked as radiant as the sun above him.

Ron started to speak.

“I saw them transforming dead mana. That seemed to be the nutrients being injected into the sculptures that Raon-nim mentioned.”
“…Transforming dead mana?”

Alberu’s eyes clouded over.

* * *

Cale could hear the Super Rock’s voice.

– Cale, isn’t it a bit better now?

‘It is. I feel much better.’

About half of the pain in his body had disappeared.

‘Did they rescue me on the other side?’

Cale realized that Alberu and the others must have done something and tried to stand up with a bright expression on his face.

He made an attempt.

However, there was someone who gently pushed down on his shoulders and made it so that he could not stand up.

“Commander, you will lie down. That will be the reward for my faith.”

Joo Ho-Shik, whose clothes were quite raggedy from doing who knows what, was looking down at Cale with his eyes opened wide and a vicious expression on his face.

His eyes were open so wide that…

‘It’s a bit scary.’

As Cale had that thought…

“Please lay still. Do you understand?”
“I have faith that you will do that, Commander-nim.”

Cale closed his mouth and looked around after hearing Joo Ho-Shik’s calm but oddly vicious tone.

“Rok Soo.”

But what he saw was…

“We’ll be inside the shelter soon. Just lie there. Got it? Okay, Rok Soo?”

Lee Soo Hyuk with a stoic expression that seemed even more vicious than Joo Ho-Shik and a silent Choi Han. He also saw the stiff expressions on the faces of the others.

“The Commander-nim is here!”

Someone shouted at that moment.


The gate to the shelter opened.

Cale slowly turned away after seeing many pairs of eyes staring at him.

He then started to speak.

“…Where did you all get a movable bed like this?”

Nobody responded to him.

Clunk. Clunk.

Choi Han just quietly pushed the head of the movable bed as Cale lied on it.

The moment when the yellow head ran away…

During that short lull in the battle…


Joo Ho-Shik had shouted loudly as if he was screaming before jumping over the castle wall and running toward Cale with the movable bed.

He had then said the following.

‘Let’s lay him down.’

It was the moment when Cale had realized that he could use ‘Embrace’ to seal the sealed god with the stronger seal and was happy that he had found a way to smack the sealed god from the back.

Unfortunately, Cale could only quietly lie on the bed after Joo Ho-Shik’s appearance.

He was being moved into the shelter while lying on the bed.

“I’m okay. Wouldn’t it be better to use this for someone who is in a worse condition?”

Cale quietly mumbled.

“Commander-nim! Please don’t shake my faith. Please?”
“Rok Soo.”
“Hey! You, you really!”
“…Rok Soo hyung! Please!”

He heard multiple people’s voices.

Finally, once he heard even Choi Han say, ‘Please!’

– Cale. I think it is better to just be quiet.

– Seems that way. Let’s just go like this.

Cale agreed with the Super Rock and the Kim Rok Soo of this world before quietly closing his eyes and letting the bed support his body.

He was carried into the shelter with everybody’s eyes focused on him.

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