Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 613 – Bye! (1)

Kim Min Ah stopped walking as soon as she got to the watchtower on top of the tree.

Someone moved past her.

“Are you okay?”

It was Bae Puh Rum.

He used his wind to be the first to reach Cale.

But he too stopped walking as Kim Min Ah had done.

“I, in such a state-”
“…My goodness.”

Bae Puh Rum and Kim Min Ah could see Cale, whose entire face and body were covered in blood. They were at a loss for words after seeing Cale’s pale face and limbs that were shaking from blood loss as he weakly leaned against a tree trunk.

They could clearly see the pitiful appearance that they had not been able to see from a distance.

“Rok Soo hyung.”

They heard a calm voice at that moment.

Kim Min Ah and Bae Puh Rum could see Choi Han calmly walk past them.

He looked quite used to this.

Choi Han crouched down next to Cale who was being supported by Choi Jung Soo.

“…Rok Soo.”

Lee Soo Hyuk, who was the next to arrive, quietly called out to Cale as if he could barely breathe.


Park Jin Tae who was right behind Lee Soo Hyuk turned his head after looking at Cale.

However, he could not get himself to leave.

Choi Han calmly started to speak again at that moment.

“Rok Soo hyung, I don’t know if you saw it, but the yellow monster escaped underground once your trees stopped moving.”

Of course, it was injured in its eyes, poisonous fangs, and many other locations because of Choi Han, Lee Soo Hyuk, and the others’ attacks.

“I think it will probably come back to attack in a little bit.”

Cale raised his head at that moment.

They could clearly see his eyes through his parted hair.

“Hold on.”

He closed his eyes again as he responded.

‘Hold on,’ he had said.


Inside his head…

The Super Rock was speaking right now.

– You want to smack the sealed god from behind?

The Rok Soo of this world responded.

– Yes. I want to smack it hard.

The Rok Soo from this world, the Super Rock, and Cale were currently chatting inside Cale’s mind.

– Mm. It is impossible to destroy a god.

– …That…

The Super Rock commented once again while the Rok Soo of this world seemed to not like what he had just heard.

– But the sealed god will probably be stuck for eternity if we can cast another seal that cannot be broken other than by the caster. Wouldn’t that be the same as smacking him from the back?

– …A seal that cannot be broken? Is there a seal that can prevent him from coming back out into the world ever again?

The Super Rock calmly responded.

– Yes. If it is a power that doesn’t exist in our world… And if it is a power that will never be passed on to anybody else in our world…

The Super Rock addressed Cale.

– You have such a power.

He was right.

He did have such a power.

He had a peculiar power that did not exist in Cale Henituse’s world.

It was a power that would never be passed down; a power that would lose the only caster who could break the seal once Cale was gone.

– Embrace.

It was the power that Lee Soo Hyuk had passed on to Cale.

Whether it was a tangible item or an intangible power. This ability allowed him to store anything that existed in this world in a set location.

It was a power with an ability that did not suit its name.

This was the Embrace ability.

Lee Soo Hyuk had said something to Cale at one point.

‘That power is like dominance. It dominates the target and binds them into your hand.’

‘…Isn’t that too violent to call it Embrace?’

‘Whatever. Even such a power can be considered an Embrace if I use it for good. Isn’t that right? I only use it for good.’

But they could use that power on a god?

– He’s not just a god. He’s a sealed god. It should be possible while he is sealed.

Cale started to speak.


Cale was laughing while his mouth was covered in dry blood.

‘Yes. I only use it for good too.’

* * *

Tang! Tang!

The bullets were only aiming for one bastard.

– Sir, these bullets are different from regular bullets. They use the caster’s skill capacity. Uhh, mm… I guess it is called the mana capacity in this world. It automatically changes your mana into power from Earth 3 to turn it into bullets. Isn’t it great that you don’t need to cast it over and over again?


– I will drag out your mana as needed. So please shoot to your heart’s content!

Bang, bang! Baaaaang!

The fire sword and white bullets were causing an endless array of explosions as they crashed against each other.


The corners of Alberu’s lips went up.

“This is nice.”

Tang, tang–!

Alberu’s gun was aiming at the White Star.

Eyes… Ankles… Head…

He didn’t care where it was as long as it was on the White Star’s body.

– Your position will change automatically based on the target. Of course, all positions are above the basic level but below the extraordinary level.

‘Okay, let’s send his fucking head flying!’


A smile that Raon would call a villain’s smile was on Alberu’s face.

He had not been able to hit the White Star even once.

The fire sword blocked all of his bullets.

But Alberu was still excited.

“Damn it, these motherfucking things!”

The White Star’s fire sword slashed through another bullet.


There was another explosion. Unfortunately, the White Star did not have any time to pay attention to the explosion.

“Are you not going to pay any attention to me?”

He heard an annoying voice.

He cast his water wall.


Gold dust slammed against the wall.

Bang, babababang-!

There was a round of chain explosions.

The White Star could not see around him because of the smoke from the explosions.

“If it continues like this-!”

He would not have time to kill the necromancer or destroy the black net if this continued.

Those weird pellet things would attack him when he focused on blocking the ancient Dragon’s attacks.

They had a mysterious power he didn’t know about, which prevented him from leaving them alone.

He could feel mana through the smoke once those pellets exploded, but he had never seen this shape before.

That was why he had to pay attention to each of them.

But he didn’t need to worry much about it.

‘The amount of power in each pebble is small.’

They were things he could ignore once or twice in such a battle.

The problem was that these small things came flying at him nonstop.

‘Of all places-!’

The other thing was that they were only aiming at critical locations.

Eyes, head, ankle, etc…

They were aiming at places he couldn’t afford to get hit right now.

But he couldn’t use his water wall to defend against them because of the ancient Dragon’s attack that would come right after.


Even with these annoying bullets, there was something else that was frustrating the White Star the most.

‘Why don’t they fight properly?!’

Alberu Crossman, Eruhaben…

Even the necromancer and the skeleton monsters that were running away as quickly as possible…

None of them were fighting with everything they had.

The necromancer not doing so made sense as she needed to escape with Cale, but Alberu Crossman and the ancient Dragon were both using small amounts of powers.

It was too weak to be called their full powers.

But it was strong enough that he could not take care of both of them at once and chase after the necromancer.

Furthermore, Alberu was using those white pebbles to ambush him.

The White Star had a serious frown on his face underneath the mask.

“These fly-like bastards!”

They were getting on his nerves quite a bit.


Eruhaben launched a spear made of gold dust as he gasped.

He then had a benign smile on his face.

“That’s correct. That is our formation for this battle. Annoying you.”

Eruhaben was openly saying that their goal was to annoy the White Star.

“You’re quite smart.”

He praised the White Star and smiled brightly.



The White Star used the water wall to block the gold spear before using his sword to block the front of his neck.


A white bullet caused a small explosion.

The White Star’s face turned cold at the same time. The anger on his face had disappeared.

Eruhaben stopped attacking for a moment and looked at the White Star after seeing this suddenly calm expression.

The White Star started to speak after seeing his gaze.

“Do you really think I don’t have the power to suppress both of you when you are not fighting at full strength?”

Eruhaben crossed his arms and answered that question.

“You’ll need to use enough strength to flip this whole place over in order to do that.”


The White Star started to smile.

“I don’t care whether this place is destroyed or not. Do you really think that it is important to me?”


A large amount of power started to gather with the White Star at the center.

If that power condensed a few times before exploding, the Endable Kingdom would turn into rubble.

This power looked ready to take away the lives of all of the Endable Kingdom’s residents who were hiding in their homes before they could see the morning sun.

Eruhaben’s expression stiffened as he started to speak.

“You’re bluffing.”

Eruhaben shrugged his shoulders.

“I saw the Chief Priest running away.”

The Chief Priest.

The White Star flinched after hearing that name.

“He escaped quite stealthily, but in a rush. That should mean that there is something here for the Chief Priest to protect.”

Chief Priest Gersey had escaped as soon as Mary appeared.

Eruhaben had seen him running away.

“But what? You’re going to destroy this place?”
“The Chief Priest-!”

The White Star was about to say something but stopped himself.

‘The ancient Dragon would not have been able to fight with me here if he tried to capture the Chief Priest.’

Who chased after the Chief Priest then?

The White Star started to look around.

He scanned the area under him.

Beacrox and Bud were causing a ruckus down below.

That was why he had not realized it.

“…The Molan patriarch!”

The Molan patriarch. He could not see Ron Molan.

He seemed to have been hiding in the shadows while attacking the White Star’s subordinates until just a moment ago. But none of his subordinates were being attacked by him anymore.

That meant that Ron Molan was not here.

That was the truth.

Through a different video communication device located inside Alberu’s armor…

– We are currently chasing him.

Glenn Poeff.

The Mercenary King’s close friend and a highest-grade mage.

He had snuck in when necromancer Mary had appeared and was currently stealthily moving while tracking someone.

As for the person who left those tracks…


It was actually not a person, but Hong who was on Ron’s shoulder.

Ron was not the only one who had disappeared from the battlefield.

Ron Molan was extremely skilled in stealth.

Three months ago when Cale had just been imprisoned inside that black orb… The siblings had come to find him.

‘We want to learn more!’

‘Want to learn, nya!’

On had looked at him with clear eyes that resembled Cale’s eyes while Hong was next to her smiling as brightly as young Cale used to smile.

‘Learn what?’

When Ron asked that question…

‘Things we would be good at. Grandpa, you know what that is don’t you?’

‘I’m sure you know, nya!’

On and Hong.

The two of them had decided to get stronger after seeing Raon practice and research even the most basic of magic spells over and over. That was why they went to find someone who could teach them properly.

They needed someone who knew the traits of the Cat tribe and had similar abilities.

Furthermore, it needed to be someone who was knowledgeable about other abilities as well as had a lot of first-hand experience.

In addition, they needed someone who would teach the still young Hong and the now growing On at their proper levels.

Finally, they needed someone who would accept them and their powers just as they are.

On had been looking for such a person.

After looking long and hard, she came back to the beginning. She realized that there was only one person.

This person had taught them every so often in the Henituse residence and at the Hope and Adventure Loving Inn.

‘You only taught us a little bit every time. We want to learn properly now, nya. Grandpa, please teach us like you teach people in the Molan household.’

Ron had looked at On and Hong for a long time.

The thoughts that had passed through his mind on the day Cale first brought these two home and he realized that they were Cats brushed through his mind again.

He had never expected for them to be together for so long at that time.

Ron had responded back.

‘You want to learn like the people in the Molan household… it will be difficult.’

‘That’s okay! We will do well, nya!’

‘That’s okay, nya!’

A cold smile had appeared on Ron’s face.

He had nonchalantly responded back.

‘I’ll teach you everything except assassination. I have no thoughts whatsoever about teaching you guys assassination.’

On and Hong had smiled back at him.

‘We wanted to learn everything except that anyway, nya!’

‘That’s right, nya! I want to learn stealth techniques the most, nya!’

Three months had passed since then.


On, who was even stealthier than before, was only making quiet noises that sounded like the wind blowing by as she chased after Ron while Hong was leaving tracks for Glenn to find.


A small cat paw print was placed on the wall.

It was covered in poison, so anybody other than Glenn who had taken the antidote… Anybody else who touched these stamps would fall asleep.

Finally, as for Ron… His gaze was focused on one person.

He was heading toward Chief Priest Gersey.

Gersey was quickly heading for somewhere.

It was at a level higher than the white castle.

He was heading to the district with the temples.

‘Is he heading to the Temple of the Demonic God?’

Ron recalled the layout of this place he had heard from Alberu and started to move toward where Gersey, and what he was looking for, was located.

And once he finds it…

‘I have to make it so that the White Star cannot use it properly.’

Ron was taking in the situation and forming a plan.

His feet would move faster as Gersey’s feet moved faster.

He then started to think.

‘They should have realized that I am missing by now. Either that, or someone from our side would have informed him about it.’

That would make the White Star get even angrier.

Ron’s eyes viciously flashed.

The White Star did notice Ron’s absence as he was thinking.


The White Star’s body quickly headed toward Section 2 with the temples.

Chief Priest Gersey was strong. It should be easy for him to suppress and kill someone like Ron Molan.

However, that was not the problem.


A bullet flew in front of the moving White Star to stop him.

His gaze quickly turned toward Alberu.

“Where are you going?”

Alberu smiled.

Tang! Tang! Tang!

He then shot out a flurry of bullets.

“You need to play with me.”

The White Star blocked the bullets and sighed.


His gaze slowly looked around.

The ground was a mess and there were explosions by the castle as well.

Ron was chasing behind the Chief Priest.

“…And the net is all the way up there.”

The black orb was already out of the sinkhole.

“Ha, haha-”

He started to laugh in disbelief.

Alberu could see all sorts of emotions disappearing from the White Star’s face at that moment.

He could tell that all that was left was fatigue.

“How did things end up like this? Ha, haha-”

He mumbled with a tired expression.

“But I can do anything over again. It doesn’t matter how long it takes.”

His eyes started to move.

Alberu made eye contact with the White Star.

His eyes resembled minerals.

As Alberu got the chills looking into those eyes…

The White Star started to speak.

“You guys made a mistake. Unfortunately, you guys are unable to recover from your mistakes like I can.”

It was at that moment.

– Hey, crown prince!

Alberu heard Raon’s urgent voice.

– I tried to steal the sculptures, but they won’t move!

Alberu started to frown.

– Can I destroy them? Wouldn’t it be bad if something happened while Raon was destroying them?

Alberu saw it at that moment.

He saw the White Star quickly starting to move.

He was not headed toward the black orb nor toward the Chief Priest.

The castle.

That was where he was heading.

Alberu’s intuitions were telling him something.

‘This bastard. He’s going to get the sculptures, no, to summon the monsters!’

Whether he was going to take the sculptures, destroy the sculptures, or use the sculptures in a different manner…

Alberu had no way of knowing what the White Star would do.

But the ending was obvious.

The eight unranked monsters…

The White Star was trying to summon them here.

‘I can’t let that happen!’

Forget the Endable Kingdom, that would cause a large disaster for the entire Eastern continent!

– Hey crown prince, will monsters pop out if I destroy them? This is a difficult decision!

Alberu started to speak.


– Yes, crown prince?

“You said the sculptures won’t move?”

– Yeah! I feel like I’ll destroy them if I mess with them!

“Then let’s just move it all!”

– …Huh?

Alberu could hear Raon flinching on the other side.

He didn’t care and started to chase after the quickly moving White Star and fired his gun.

Tang! Tang!

Eruhaben descended in front of the White Star to stop him as well.

But Alberu and Eruhaben could feel something in the White Star as he raised his sword this time.

They could tell that the White Star would not go all out to fight without any hesitation.

“Raon-nim! Slash the entire altar holding the sculptures from the ground! We will take the entire altar!”

– …Oh.

Raon quietly responded.

– I understand now. That is a brilliant idea.

Raon looked toward the slightly elevated altar with the eight sculptures and the Wolf children.

This circular altar was a couple of meters in length.

He decided that he would separate this whole altar from the ground and take it with him.

It didn’t matter if it destroyed the floor of the grand assembly hall.

Of course, Alberu wasn’t talking about anything that drastic.

‘And if I can’t separate the altar, I can just take the whole castle with me! I truly am great and mighty!’

But Raon’s determination was… On a different level.

– Hey, crown prince! Do not worry! I will do it like our human!

Raon was going all out in a different manner than the White Star.

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