Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 612 – Even if it takes my last breath (12)

His actions did not just stop with a smile.


The White Star could see the chain pulling his ankle down.


The White Star let out a short sigh.

It was because he saw Alberu pulling the chain.

“You want to battle against me in physical strength? …Did you really just say that?”

He raised his hand with a smile of disbelief.

His subordinates responded to his signal.

“Attack! Support our liege!”

The black mages gathered together and used magic to lift some warriors and archers into the air.

The other warriors and Dark Elves set up a formation to protect the mages.

It could not be helped.

“Protect the mages from the Molan Household and the Mercenary King!”

Beacrox and Bud…

The swordsman holding a greatsword and the swordsman with a blue aura were both rushing toward them.

“Be cautious of the assassin!”

There was also the assassin who was so stealthy that they had not even seen him once. Ron Molan was coming for their lives.

The black mages, who were now protected by the warriors, started to cast attack-type magic spells.


One person shouted loudly and numerous attack spells shot up into the air.

“Our focus is the necromancer’s monsters!”

Mary responded at that moment.

“That is an error in judgment.”

At that moment…


The Mercenary King took a short sniff.

“Wow, so strong.”

As he quietly mumbled that…

Mary motioned to her skeleton wyverns.

“This level of attack is light.”

Black threads stretched out in the shape of music staves and her monsters started to move on top of them as if they were the notes.

They would be making up the introduction if this was actually a song.

“It is a complete error in judgment if you believe that this is enough to defeat me.”

Three months.

Mary was used to waiting and pain, but… It had been a very long time.

It was because her heart had been hurting.

That was why she used that time very efficiently.

These past three months were enough for her to absorb all of the dead mana she had gathered while moving around with Cale and make it hers.

“I am strong.”


One of the white wyverns’ tail split an attack spell in half.


Another wyvern’s sharp claws blocked an archer’s arrow and, of course, killed the archer.


One large wyvern’s body descended to the ground.

Its jaws that were made of bones opened to reveal its sharp fangs as Bud started to shout with joy.

“Sweep them away!”

It happened exactly as he had said.

The skeleton wyvern headed toward the enemies following the black thread, following the will of its master.

“Dodge it! Protect the mages!”
“Fuck, there are more coming down!”

The White Star’s subordinates looked up after hearing that shout.

The sky was getting brighter as night was ending and morning was coming.

It looked as if there were black stars falling to the ground.

There were not too many of them.

The problem was that they were not stars… They were ugly and fearsome skeleton monsters. In addition, they were all huge.


Once another monster descended on the ground…

“I’m going first.”
“Excuse me?”

Beacrox rushed past Bud and got on top of a wyvern.

His greatsword then started to swing nonstop on top of the skeleton wyvern that was causing a ruckus.

“Such a cool idea……!”

Bud gasped at seeing Beacrox’s hardcore actions before jumping on top of a skeleton wyvern as well, making it twice as chaotic.

“Ha, haha-!”

The White Star started to laugh while looking down at what was going on. He was laughing in disbelief.

He looked toward Mary and started to speak.

“You prepared quite a lot of skeleton monsters.”


Mary turned her head toward the White Star and responded in a GPS-like voice.

“I don’t need to pay any attention to someone like you.”

As the White Star started to frown…

“It’s because I’m here.”


Alberu pulled the spear and the chain with both hands.

The White Star’s body staggered and he started to move downward.

“You wish to go up against me in a battle of physical strength?”

The White Star’s gaze changed.

“How laughable.”


The White Star grabbed the white chain around his ankle.

He then pulled.


Alberu’s eyes instantly opened wide at his opponent’s strength that he could feel through the chain.

The chain was extremely taut and not moving in either direction.

Alberu looked out through his helmet and made eye contact with the White Star.

The White Star started to speak at that moment.

“I am removing the restriction.”

The White Star pulled on the chain once again after saying that.


‘How could he be so strong?!’

The taut chain started to move toward the White Star as Alberu felt as if he was being swept by a large wave.


Alberu could feel his body being lifted up into the air.

‘I didn’t know there would be such a huge difference in strength!’

Alberu couldn’t do anything once the White Star started to use his true strength.

– Oh my.

Taerang started to quietly speak as if it was mumbling.

– It seems as if using the chains to fight was a mistake, sir. Alberu Crossman-nim, you are weak.


As Alberu started to frown…

The White Star started to swing the chain with a stoic expression.

“I think you should get some air.”

The chain floated up into the air and made a large arc.


Alberu’s body followed the chain through the arc and the sinkhole’s wall was at the end of the arc.

Although it was called a wall, it was where the homes of the Endable Kingdom’s residents were located.

‘I’m going to crash into those buildings at this rate!’

It looked like an obvious conclusion for Alberu to crash into those buildings since he could not let go of his spear.

“Ugh, withdraw!”


The White Star could see the chain in his hands instantly get smaller and escape his grip as soon as Alberu shouted.

The White Star laughed and turned his head after seeing that.

“You’re next.”

He then started to head toward Mary.

The White Star was moving much quicker than earlier as he approached her.


The sword in his hand was crackling like magma, looking much more dangerous than earlier, as if it would destroy anything it touched.

“It’s much better now.”

The White Star said that before stabbing his sword toward Mary’s net.

Red fire shot out of the tip of the sword.


Mary’s expression stiffened.

Her net would reach the black orb soon. A red arrow that was much stronger than the fire boomerang from earlier was headed toward her.


It was too big to be considered an arrow.

It felt as if a large snake monster was approaching her.

“You’re finally stopping.”

The White Star smiled at the stiff Mary who had stopped moving.

But he then started to frown.

“You motherfucking old ass Dragon!”


In front of Mary…

Gold dust was starting to gather in front of Mary.

That gold light…

It symbolized the appearance of a Dragon.

“Yes, I am that motherfucking Dragon.”

A gold shield appeared in front of the fire arrow.


The fire arrow exploded along with a loud noise. The fire spread out around the gold shield and started to make it crack, but it could not get past the shield.

Eruhaben appeared once the shield disappeared.

“Wow, you’re attacking again immediately?”

He shook his head while looking at the White Star who was rushing through the explosion toward him.

Eruhaben looked as if he was fooling around, but his gaze was serious.

‘…I can’t use my full strength.’

Eruhaben was not using his full strength in case he needed it for an emergency.

Everybody, including Eruhaben, had to survive.


Gold dust was surrounding his body.


The White Star made a comment while charging toward Eruhaben.

“I guess you can’t use your full strength right now.”


The tip of his fire sword pointed at Eruhaben.

“I guess it’s time for you to die?”
“I always wonder whether today or tomorrow might be my last.”

The two of them were lightly chatting with each other but the powers surrounding them were getting much stronger.

The White Star’s fire sword was so strong now that just pointing forward was making the air around it fluctuate.

The White Star had a thick smile on his face as he raised his sword.

He would soon kill this old Dragon.


He could use this bastard as a sacrifice as well.


The fire that was now turning from red to black shot up into the air.

That fire would soon head toward Eruhaben.

It was at that moment.


The White Star heard an unfamiliar sound behind his back.

It was a quiet sound.

He would normally ignore such a thing.

‘…I don’t feel any mana or aura!’

But the sound was too unfamiliar.

He could also hear something cutting through the wind.


The White Star ended up turning around and swinging the sword toward the direction of the noise.


Something slammed into the sword and exploded once it touched the fire.

The White Star lowered his sword.

He could see another black skeleton wyvern.

And on top of that wyvern…

“You need to watch an attack to its end.”

Alberu had said that while smiling.

And in his hand…

“What is that?”

Was a weapon that the White Star had never seen before.

Although it couldn’t create all of the weapons from this world, but if it was from the other side… The Unbreakable Spear could create any weapon from Earth 3.

Alberu didn’t know about all of the different types of weapons on Earth 3.

However, there had been quite a lot of weapons he saw in Cale’s Earth as the Dark Tiger.

There was one weapon that was new to him that he liked quite a lot.

Click. Click.

The white spear looked different now.

It was much shorter and there was a hole where the spearhead should have been.

“You want to know what this is?”

Alberu asked before his position resembled a certain someone’s.

– The Omnipotent Spear’s ability is automatically correcting your position while using a weapon for the first time.

The corrected position is better than average, but it is not exceptional.

Alberu’s position automatically started to correct itself, resembling the person Alberu thought of in his mind.

What is this?

“Why would I tell you?”

Alberu pulled the trigger as he said that.


He then pulled the trigger once more as Park Jin Tae had done.


Two white bullets started to fly toward the White Star.

If the chains won’t work…

He just had to use something else.

“I can also fight together with someone else as well.”

Alberu could see Eruhaben attacking the White Star at the same time he shot the bullets.


The White Star started to frown after being attacked from the front and back at once.

The two of their attacks?

He could easily block them using his water wall.

But that was not the issue.

The problem was what the necromancer would do while he was defending against these two bastards.

That was the issue.

That issue ended up turning into reality.

“I got it.”

As Mary quietly mumbled…

The net made of black threads and flying skeleton monsters reached the black orb and quickly started to surround it.

Alberu shouted as he watched.

“Drag it up!”

Mary’s net caught a big fish and quickly started to shoot up into the air.

It was moving away from the White Star…

Moving away from all attacks…

It was moving the big fish, Cale Henituse, to a safe spot.


The others who were still here would now do their best to make sure that no trash got into that net.

“We will hold you back.”

Alberu pointed the gun at the White Star again.

* * *

Crackle, crackle!

The tree trunks that were much wider than a person were crumbling left and right.


The ground started to split again.

A monster with blood in its eyes quickly entered the split ground to hide.

“The yellow monster is escaping!”
“…It looks like it is retreating for now!”

Lee Soo Hyuk walked over to Choi Han after hearing the shouts around him.

“Is it retreating for now?”
“That seems to be the case.”

The yellow head had dug through the three trunks and escaped underground.

“But it will return soon. It will be back before the day is over.”
“I guess we will get a short break.”

Choi Han and Lee Soo Hyuk then followed Kim Min Ah to the top of a tree nearby.

Cale was standing there.

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