Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 611 – Even if it takes my last breath (11)


Over half of the White Star’s face was covered, but his expression was clearly visible.

“You’re going to lug that away…? Right now?”

He looked shocked and full of disbelief.

The tip of a white spear was pointed toward him.

The owner of the spear was smiling as he responded.

“Yes. Right now. Right in front of your eyes.”
“What’s wrong? I can’t do that?”

Although Alberu’s face was covered by the helmet as he tilted his head to the side…

– You said it very well so that it sounds annoying, sir.

It was as Taerang said.


Alberu just snorted.

‘There’s no reason I can’t do that. Who cares if the black orb is the sealed god’s? Will I face a god’s rage if I steal it? So what?’

He just had to take care of that anger as well.

Why would he care about a god’s rage when he had every intention of smacking the back of a god’s head?

‘It’s better than struggling to fight here while protecting Cale Henituse.’

They needed to protect this black orb for the whole day.

Why would they fight a difficult battle here in enemy territory while protecting the black orb?

‘What if someone gets hurt while we do that?’

Alberu found it difficult to fight against the White Star right now with both Cale and Choi Han not being here.

‘Although I came here not as the crown prince but as his sworn brother…’

It didn’t change the fact that he was Alberu Crossman. He was the crown prince of the Roan Kingdom.

He was sure that one of the White Star’s subordinates had contacted the other kingdoms on the Eastern continent to inform them that the Roan Kingdom’s crown prince has invaded the Endable Kingdom the moment he appeared.

The kingdoms of the Eastern continent that have created an alliance were bound to show some kind of gesture as a result.

They would either send reinforcements to the Endable Kingdom or put pressure on the Roan Kingdom.

‘That is why this is a fight against time.’

Both sides were in a fight against time right now.

‘This battle will become more difficult for us the longer we stay here. On the other hand, the enemies will benefit the longer they keep us here.’

In that case, it was better to take it and run.

‘We will head back to the Roan Kingdom on the Western continent.’

That was a place where Alberu Crossman would have the upper hand over the White Star and be extremely strong even without fighting.

‘But to give that up and fight here? Why? Why make it difficult for ourselves? We need to head to a safe spot first if all of us are to survive.’

Cale had the same thoughts that Alberu was having.

‘My goodness. My dongsaeng and I have very similar thoughts in this regard.’

That was why he didn’t want to let Cale be a slacker in the future.

He wanted to keep Cale next to him as a Prime Minister or a Commander.

‘But I’ll still make sure to let him be a slacker. That unlucky bastard. I can at least do that much for him.’

It was at that moment.


Through the hole in the white castle created from the signal flare…

White light burst out of that hole and shot up into the air.

A black aura followed behind it.

‘Those are?!’

Alberu started to frown.

He was sure that they were the powers of light and darkness used by the Lion King and the Bear King.

The two of their powers were headed toward Mary’s Flying Skeleton Brigade and her black threads.


But Alberu was still smiling.

As the light and darkness shot up…

“I’ve been expecting this.”

Mary’s robe started to flutter.

A thoroughly woven spider web that was not the net to grab the black orb appeared and crashed into the light and darkness as if it was a shield.

It was as if the dead mana net was falling down to suppress the light and darkness from above.

Alberu knew how strong this net that did not look very sturdy actually was.

‘He said that she was as strong as Choi Han.’

This necromancer was said to be able to defeat Choi Han five out of ten battles.

She was said to be the strongest warrior but just had not had the right conditions to fight properly.

‘That’s what Cale Henituse told me.’

Cale had said that they must bring Mary with them to the large-scale battle against the White Star on the Eastern continent.

‘The necromancer wanted it as well.’

She had wanted to fight.

She had been preparing for three months to fight.

Of course, Mary was not strong enough to take on both the Lion King and the Bear King at the same time.

That was why that net shield would not be able to block both powers.

But Alberu knew what would happen.

He knew that another strong individual would finally start to unleash her power.


The net shield… The moment it crashed into the light and darkness…

Alberu could see a red strand of light shooting up from below.

It looked like fire. No, this light shot up like a radiant sun as it shot up to attack the light and the darkness.


It was Rosalyn’s power.


The black net shield started to rip.

The radiant red mana disappeared as well.

However, the light and darkness had disappeared after being suppressed from above and below at the same time.

“I am going back to grabbing it.”

Mary’s Flying Skeleton Brigade and net quickly started to move toward the black orb again.

The Bear King was watching this from inside the white castle.

“My goodness. They planned quite an interesting show.”

Bear King Sayeru turned toward Rosalyn as he sarcastically said that.


The aftershock of the explosion removed Rosalyn’s hood at that moment.


They could see a necklace once the hood was removed.

It was a large and funny looking necklace that looked as if a child had tied large pieces of candy together to play around.

But their expressions stiffened once they saw the necklace.

This was especially true for the black mages stationed inside the castle.

“H, holy shit-!”

“Magic stones-, how can she have highest-grade magic stones around her neck like that?!”

The funny-looking things on the necklace that resembled large pieces of candy were all highest-grade magic stones.

They were all the best of the best highest-grade magic stones at that.

Rosalyn had an elegant smile on her face.

Alberu had told her something yesterday.

‘That is what Cale told me. ‘What is the point of saving them? Are you going to eat them?’ …He’s such a disrespectful little punk.’

‘I guess it makes sense to use them rather than to eat them as he mentioned.’

This accessory of hers was something she liked more than anything else. She caressed the highest-grade magic stone necklace as she gracefully started to speak.

“I can fight without worrying about money because the Roan crown is supporting me like this.”

This was actually from Alberu’s personal fortune.

He had called it an emergency fund for potential situations that may arise.

Because of that…

“I should do it properly, right?”

A light shot toward her as she said that.

“I will make you shut that damn mouth of yours!”

It was Sayeru’s light arrow.

But Rosalyn quickly saw someone’s shadow.

It was Lock.

“…No way.”


A large shield appeared in front of Rosalyn and blocked the light.


There was white smoke coming from the large shield once the explosion settled, but it did not even have a scratch.

It deserved to be a magic shield created by Lord Sheritt for defense.

The Wolf holding that shield was now charging toward Bear King Sayeru.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The ground shook every time he took a step.

It was to be expected as this already bulky body was holding a large spear as well.

“Move! I will take care of this bastard!”

Sayeru shouted and the enemy troops quickly stepped back.

“Ugh! His strength-”
“Step back! You can’t let him slam into you!”

Of course, there were already individuals who had been sent flying by the shield.

Lock’s strength was close to being Herculean Strength.

But Lock didn’t care about anything else as he was focused strictly on Sayeru.

‘I am filled with strength right now.’

Of course, he had noticed that his body was oddly filled with a ton of strength right now.

Was it because of all of the training he had done with Lord Sheritt until now?

Was it from his anger about why it had to be the Wolf tribe that suffered such terrible misfortunes?

If it was neither of those, then was it because of his desperation to save everyone?

Lock didn’t know the answer and just focused on what Rosalyn had quietly whispered to him during that last short explosion.

‘We pretend to fight and then retreat. You remember, right?’

He knew.

‘The important thing right now is to save everyone.’

Of course he knew.

‘And smacking them from the back. You know what I mean, right?’

He knew very well and he liked it very much.

It was a plan that made it seem as if young master Cale was with them even though he wasn’t.


Lock could see brightly burning red mana heading toward the Lion King.

The middle-aged man… Dorph was stepping forward to take on Rosalyn.

Rosalyn saw him and stoically commented.

“I heard that you use a Darkness Elemental? Hmm. Well, I guess I’ll take it on.”

It was to be expected of his older sister.

Lock almost chuckled after hearing Rosalyn’s calm voice.

But he could not laugh.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

They were each taking on the Bear King and the Lion King respectively, but there were many other strong individuals in here as well.

There were so many that he couldn’t even count all of them.

“We must destroy the black shield! That is our number one priority!”

It was a knight on top of a black horse.

It was the Black Knight, Count Hubesha.

There was the old Dark Elf that had left to take over the black castle in the Forest of Darkness… This woman was the other Count other than Count Mock.

She continued to shout while pointing toward the black shield as numerous attacks were already heading toward it.

Baaaaang! Bang! Baaaaang!

Lock started to frown.

Raon might be a Dragon but this was an endless volley of attacks.

‘Will Raon-nim be able to deal with this situation?’

The moment Lock had that question…

– Hey Rosalyn, Lock! Can you see it? I truly am a great and mighty Dragon! My shield is as strong as our human’s shield! Hehe! I’ll create a teleportation magic circle to transfer the children before stealing the sculptures!

Lock ended up chuckling after hearing Raon’s calm voice that resembled a certain someone.

And then he was certain.

‘Everybody will do a good job.’

Lock started to think about the others who should be fighting outside the palace.

As for one of those other allies…


Alberu had a thick smile on his face as he watched the White Star rush past him.

The White Star was not attacking him.

“I guess you’re in a rush?”
“I have no more time to play around with you!”

The White Star started to frown after hearing Alberu’s mocking tone and kicked off the ground.


He then swung his fire sword once he was in the air.

Fire shot forward from the sword as if it was a boomerang.

It was naturally headed toward Mary.

“I will block it.”


A black wyvern’s tail smashed into the fire boomerang.

Crackle. Crack.

The majority of the tailbone crumbled and fell to the ground.


As the White Star started to smile in response…

Mary’s hand showed itself from underneath the robe. On her hand that looked as if black threads were creating a painting on it… Her thumb and index finger snapped together without any hesitation.


Many things started to appear through the Endable Kingdom’s sinkhole along with that quiet noise.

“I have many more.”

Black skeleton wyverns that had yet to fly up were looking down into the sinkhole ready to flap their wings at any moment.

They looked as if they were considering the White Star to be prey that they could hunt at any moment.

“All I need to do is destroy them.”

The smile on the White Star’s face did not disappear.

The fire sword started to swing all around him.


Numerous fire boomerangs appeared and started to charge toward the net from multiple directions.


Mary immediately sent the black skeleton wyverns flying to block the fire boomerangs.


The White Star sneered at her before twisting his body mid-air and heading toward the black orb that was surrounded by Eruhaben’s gold shield.

His eyes were quickly moving around to locate Eruhaben, whom he had not been able to locate since a few moments ago. His feet were quickly moving toward Cale Henituse.

‘It doesn’t matter where the ancient Dragon is located.’


His hand clenched tightly around his sword.

He was giving off the will to slash through that shield and black orb at any moment.

“It might make things a little more difficult, but even if it means we need to make some changes to our plans…”


“I will kill Cale Henituse.”
“Says who?”

He heard Alberu Crossman’s voice below him.


The White Star responded while laughing.


Alberu Crossman could not defeat him if he used his full strength.

That was why he didn’t need to pay much attention to Alberu.

“Hmm. It’s not a good idea to ignore me.”

He heard Alberu’s voice again but just ignored it.

There was no need to listen to him as he was in a rush.

The White Star’s body headed toward the black orb without any hesitation.

He was only wary of a surprise attack from the ancient Dragon, Eruhaben.

Yes, that was what he had thought.



The White Star let out a grown.

His gaze headed down.

He looked toward his right foot.


There was a white chain wrapped around his ankle.

It felt as if it was trying to squeeze his ankle until it exploded.


Where had such an attack come from?

‘I didn’t even feel any mana nor anything!’

The White Star’s eyes followed the chain until he saw a black helmet.

He could also see the white spear in the black armored person’s hand.


The white spear…

The head of the spear had split open and released the chain.

– You are finally using me, sir.

Taerang’s voice was still emotionless, but it sounded oddly happy.

Taerang continued to speak to Alberu.

– The Unbreakable Spear. I will show you the perfect form of the ‘Omnipotent Weapon,’ the first of my three special abilities.

– Alberu Crossman-nim.

– As long as you wish, any weapon in this world… No, please let me correct myself. You are able to use any weapon that exists on Earth 3.

Alberu pulled the spear.

That made the chain tighten around the White Star’s ankle, making him unable to move.

– Sir, as you already know… A human without any weaknesses will always win. This weapon that cannot be ranked… This EX-Grade Unbreakable Spear will turn you into a warrior without any weaknesses.

The corners of Alberu’s lips went up more with everything Taerang said to him.

He pulled the White Star’s ankle as he nonchalantly commented.

“Like I would let you do as you please.”

There was no way he would let that happen.

If anything was going to happen…

“We have to do things as I please.”

Alberu Crossman had a smile on his face that Raon would call wicked if he saw it.

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