Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 567 – Night of Potential (3)

“Min Ah, should we go down?”

Kim Min Ah who heard Bae Puh Rum’s question was staring at Cale with a piercing gaze before she responded.

“Of course we are going down, how can we not?”

Bae Puh Rum nodded his head while looking south with a concerned gaze.

“Damn it. I hate snakes.”
“…The problem is that it is a snake-headed human.”

This monster that had the head of a snake but the body of a giant that could be seen in mythologies was approaching them.

Kim Min Ah looked at the other monster next to it while calmly speaking.

“…And the other has a head of a bird but the body of a snake.”

The two monsters were slowly approaching. They seemed to be enjoying a nice walk.

Bae Puh Rum pulled at his hair as he continued to speak.

“…What the hell do they want? Why did these monsters appear?”
“It just means it’s a terrible crisis.”
“Exactly! I’m scared of reptiles…”
“But isn’t it doable since they’re both just half and half?”
“…Min Ah.”

Kim Min Ah looked away from Bae Puh Rum who sounded as if he wanted to cry.

She knew Bae Puh Rum was a punk who acted this way on purpose.

“Anyway, let’s go do-”

Kim Min Ah flinched as she was about to say that they should go down.

“What’s taking you so long?”

Cale was gently stepping on the ledge and walked onto the roof.


A light breeze was surrounding him like a whirlwind.

“Are you not coming down?”

Cale sounded as if he was saying they were walking to the convenience store just outside or something.

Park Jin Tae walked forward at that moment.

“Hey, Kim Rok Soo!”

Cale turned toward Park Jin Tae.

“I want to go next.”
“…I guess you’re getting antsy?”

Park Jin Tae had his gun in his hand and looked extremely heated to fight.


However, Cale sternly shook his head.

“This monster matches well with the Kim Min Ah-Bae Puh Rum pairing.”

Park Jin Tae started to frown.

“How can these children be useful? It’s better for me to go first.”

Cale reinterpreted Park Jin Tae’s words.

“Are you saying children should stay back because it is dangerous while adults like you should fight, Mr. Park Jin Tae?”
“…What are you talking about?’

Park Jin Tae instantly started to frown and looked away from Cale.

Park Jin Tae then heard Kim Min Ah’s voice.

“Hey mister, I’m stronger than you.”

Park Jin Tae looked toward Kim Min Ah.

Kim Min Ah took out a hair tie and tied her straight hair into a ponytail as she continued to speak.

“I saw you fighting earlier, mister. I’m better than you.”

Bae Puh Rum scratched his head and walked in between Park Jin Tae and Kim Min Ah.

“Ahem, umm, hyung-nim? Min Ah, Min Joon-hyung, and I have survived with just the three of us. That should be all I need to say, right?”

Park Jin Tae started to smile after seeing Bae Puh Rum speak awkwardly but confidently.

“You pretended to be a fool on purpose.”

Bae Puh Rum awkwardly smiled in response. Kim Min Ah smacked Bae Puh Rum’s back.

“Let’s go down.”
“You’re going down together.”

Kim Min Ah looked to one side.

Choi Han had put his hand on the decently healed Kim Min Joon’s shoulder.

“I took care of the urgent parts. We can check on him later to make sure.”

Grandma Kim removed her hand from Kim Min Joon’s injury with a tired face.

Kim Min Ah’s eyes opened wide.

The infected wound that had been covered in pus and blood still had left a scar, but it looked much better.

Her healing ability was shocking.

This was the reason Park Jin Tae and the others all listened to Grandma Kim even as they expanded their level of influence in the central shelter.

“Thank you, grandma.”
“No need to thank me.”

Grandma Kim shook her head at Cale and reached her hand out toward him.

“I’m okay.”

Cale took a step back.

“…You too-”
“It’s just a bruise.”
“On the corner of your mouth-”
“That is an internal injury.”

Cale nonchalantly wiped away the dried blood by his mouth.

Grandma Kim looked at him with a concerned expression before stepping back.

“Thank you, Jin Joo. Seung Won.”

Lee Jin Joo and Lee Seung Won helped to support Grandma Kim.

Cale approached the siblings.

“Hey, Seung Won.”
“You come down too.”

Cale then looked toward Kim Min Joon.

“Mr. Kim Min Joon?”

He had heard about most of the situation while Bae Puh Rum carried him over. He had seen Kim Rok Soo take care of two Grade 1 monsters in less than thirty minutes while he was being healed.

“You’re able to use your ability, correct?”

Bae Puh Rum stepped forward after hearing Cale’s question.

“Excuse me. Hyung-nim should probably-”

But Kim Min Ah grabbed his arm. Bae Puh Rum could see the cold look in Kim Min Ah’s face.

She calmly started to speak.

“Oppa’s ability is not related to the injury at all. Also…”

She looked around the roof.

She could see the two approaching monsters and everybody looking at them.

“I don’t think it makes sense to try to get some rest in this situation.”

Kim Min Ah and Kim Min Joon made eye contact.

Kim Min Joon started to speak.

“That’s right. It’s an urgent situation.”

Park Jin Tae looked toward Kim Min Joon.

‘A military uniform.’

Although the clothes were a mess, he could tell it was a uniform. Even his shoes were military boots.

Kim Min Joon reached his hand out toward Choi Han.

Kim Min Joon had seen Choi Han’s sword art that had destroyed the Grade 3 monsters while on the other building with Kim Min Ah and Bae Puh Rum.

“Can you please help me?”
“Of course.”

Choi Han put Kim Min Joon on his back.

Cale looked toward Kim Min Joon and Lee Seung Won while starting to speak.

“Mr. Kim Min Joon and Mr. Lee Seung Won will move together during this battle.”

Cale continued to speak as Kim Min Joon looked toward Lee Seung Won.

“Lee Seung Won’s ability is recording…”

Kim Min Joon’s eyes clouded over at that moment.

“…And Mr. Kim Min Joon’s ability is message.”

Cale pointed to his neck.

“Voice delivery.”

Lee Seung Won and Lee Jin Joo looked toward Kim Min Joon.

Cale quietly watched the three people looking at each other before turning around.


The snake-headed giant’s club struck down on the ground.

The two monsters that were slowly approaching had gotten close.

The two monsters stepped on the burnt corpses of the monsters from earlier.


The corpses of the two monsters they had feared until now crumbled and turned into ashes.

People gulped while watching that before looking toward Cale.

Cale then patted someone’s shoulder as he walked back to the ledge.

“Please come down and wait with Lee Chul Min. You are up next.”


He then headed down while being surrounded by the wind once again.

Bae Puh Rum followed behind him while carrying Kim Min Ah.

“…Lee Chul Min!”
“Yes, leader-nim!”
“Follow me!”

Lee Chul Min hesitated after hearing Park Jin Tae’s order but followed behind him as if he had no choice.

Of course, Choi Han, Kim Min Joon, and Lee Seung Won were already going down the stairs.

Cale, Bae Puh Rum, and Kim Min Ah were already on the ground.


Bae Puh Rum became tense as soon as he saw the snake-headed monster and the snake-bodied monster getting closer.

‘They really are different.’

Unlike when he faced off against other monsters, just looking at these monsters made him fearful.

‘Can I win against that?’

Bae Puh Rum quickly started to think. He then looked toward Cale.


He made eye contact with Cale who was looking at him.


Cale chuckled while looking at Bae Puh Rum.

Cale was having this thought while looking at Bae Puh Rum.

‘It’s interesting seeing him this naive too.’

Bae Puh Rum.

He was a government worker in the newly created Korean Seoul Central Shelter ‘Ga’ Precinct.

Cale recalled what Kim Min Ah had told him in the past.

‘Bae Puh Rum? He’s on paternity leave right now.’

Unlike the past where mayors and aldermen were elected, a new system of government officials was created after the cataclysms with the central shelters at the core.

Each precinct appointed a leader who was in charge of the administration.

Each leader of the central shelter was called the ‘Precinct Leader.’

“Umm, what do you want me to do?”

Cale put his hand on Bae Puh Rum who was cautiously asking him a question.

‘They said he’d be at the Precinct Leader level in ten years.’

Cale remembered that Bae Puh Rum was in charge of the Seoul Central Shelter ‘Ga’ Precinct’s region defense as a section chief.

“…Something about bringing in the wind.”
“Excuse me?”

People had said that Bae Puh Rum controlled the wind as he moved.

“Bae Puh Rum.”
“You use the wind to fly in the sky, right?”

Bae Puh Rum flinched at Cale’s question before awkwardly responding.

“Have you not thought about using the wind in a different way?”
“I did, but it didn’t work too well. Haha.”

Pat. Pat.

Cale patted Bae Puh Rum’s shoulder.

“Then watch what I do and try to do the same thing.”
“Excuse me?”

Bae Puh Rum asked back, but Cale didn’t pay him any attention.

Instead, he turned toward Kim Min Ah.

Kim Min Ah was observing the Grade 1 monsters with a sharp gaze. She seemed to be inspecting them.

Cale stood next to her as he started to speak.

“Use your ability to its maximum level.”

Kim Min Ah’s shoulders started to shake.

She was still looking at the monsters as she started to speak.

“…But I can’t control it.”

The corners of Cale’s lips started to go up.

Kim Min Ah could not control her ability at this time.

She didn’t know how to use it properly either.

That was why she could not fend off a single monster properly.

There was a requirement to be in charge of an attack team in the vanguard at the company where Kim Rok Soo was a team leader.

A Grade 1 Ability user specialized in attacking.

Kim Min Ah easily met that requirement.

Cale quietly continued to speak to her.

“I will control it for you.”

Kim Min Ah looked toward Cale.

Cale looked into her shaking pupils and continued to speak.

“All you need to do is use your ability as much as you want.”

Her shaking pupils calmed down.

Kim Min Ah quietly nodded her head.

“I’ll give it a try.”

It was at that moment.

“W, what?”

Lee Chul Min’s eyes opened wide as he was about to walk out of the building through a window on the second floor.

He was looking at Kim Min Ah.


The ground shook at that moment.

It was not because of the monsters’ footsteps.

A huge half-transparent spear had struck down on the ground.

There was a person holding onto that spear.

It was Kim Min Ah.

She was easily grabbing this spear that was three-times her height.

“Who is she?”

Lee Chul Min gasped in astonishment.

However, he couldn’t say anything after seeing what happened next.

All he could do was stand there with his jaw dropped.

“…Crazy bastard.”

Park Jin Tae couldn’t help but swear.

Kim Min Ah looked to her side.

Her pupils started to shake.


Kim Min Ah couldn’t help but ask.

“Just who are you?”

She could see Cale in front of her.


Another large spear struck down on the ground and caused the dust to rise.


Water was swirling to create a large spear.

The spear was pointing its sharp blade toward the sky as if it was going to pierce the sky.

A portion of the Sky Eating Water’s power was being activated in Cale’s hand.

‘It really is weak.’

Cale could once again feel that only a portion of the ancient powers had been absorbed by his soul.

But he was not disappointed that it was weaker than usual.

The method the ancient powers gave him to make them stronger…

‘Gobble up our existences. Each time one of these voices disappears… You’ll become stronger.’

Cale had rejected that method.

That was why he could feel the wills of the owners of the ancient powers and he could always be with them.

‘I’m sure they’ll throw a fit when I go back.’

Cale thought about how the Super Rock and the other owners of the ancient powers would be concerned about him once he returned to his original world.


Cale chuckled as he grabbed the spear.


The water covered his hand and then pointed at the enemies instead of the sky.

Kim Min Ah was blankly staring at him.

She made eye contact with Cale at that moment.

“Follow me.”

Cale kicked off the ground and said one more thing.

“This is attribute tutoring, so watch carefully and do what I do.”

This was the second lesson.

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    ‘I’m sure they’ll throw a fit when I go back.’

    Cale thought about how the Super Rock and the other owners of the ancient powers would be concerned about him once he returned to his original world.


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      noun: precinct; plural noun: precincts

      North American
      a district of a city or town as defined for police purposes.
      the police station situated in a precinct.
      “at the precinct, a desk sergeant ran through her ID”
      an electoral district of a city or town served by a single polling place.
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      the area within the walls or perceived boundaries of a particular building or place.


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