Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 568 – Night of Potential (4)

Cale could feel Bae Puh Rum and Kim Min Ah following behind him.

Boom. Boom. Boom!

The snake-headed giant was walking toward them with its large club. This monster was over 3 meters tall.


The snake-headed giant raised its arm.

The black club headed toward the sky.

Its movement didn’t look slow at all.

In fact, it was much quicker than the snake wolf and the skeleton from earlier.

It also seemed much stronger as well.

Cale started to speak as Kim Min Ah and Bae Puh Rum gulped after seeing the club being raised.

His voice sounded very sharp.

“Bae Puh Rum! Take Kim Min Ah and move 2 meters to the left!”

Bae Puh Rum subconsciously grabbed Kim Min Ah and quickly moved about 2 meters to the left as if he was possessed.

It was much faster to fly slightly off the ground than to run.

Bae Puh Rum saw Cale moving 2 meters to the right at the same time.

‘That’s the opposite direction.’

Bae Puh Rum and Cale were moving in opposite directions.

Cale shouted once more at that moment.

“Kim Min Ah! Stab!”


Kim Min Ah kicked off the ground as soon as she got away from Bae Puh Rum.

She could see Cale raising his spear on the right side as well.

His spear was heading for the giant’s right thigh.

In that short instant… Kim Min Ah and Cale made eye contact.

“Don’t think about the direction and just stab forward with all of your strength!”

Kim Min Ah finally understood what Cale meant when he told her she didn’t need to control her ability.

She clenched her spear with both hands.


Kim Min Ah could feel the immense amount of strength moving to her arms.

Her muscles became much firmer.


The half-transparent spear in her hands slowly started to crack.

She then heard Cale’s voice.


Kim Min Ah pushed her spear forward.

It was at that moment.


The giant’s club hit a spear.

Cale’s spear had struck the giant’s club to make that loud noise.

The snake-headed giant had a pretty quick reaction speed.

That was why it had changed the direction of its club that had been heading down to respond to Cale’s attack.


The water spear cracked before it was destroyed.


Cale’s body was pushed back.

But at that moment…


The monster’s body twisted and it screamed.

Kim Min Ah looked down at her spear.


The monster’s black blood dripped down from the spear that had pierced the giant’s thigh.

As long as it only had one club…

The monster could not dodge the attacks from both sides.

They came right after one another.

“…Holy shit… Isn’t that monster’s skin extremely thick?”

Lee Chul Min couldn’t hide his astonishment as he watched.

It was the same for the others.

The scary thing about this snake-headed giant was its skin that they could not damage no matter how many times they attacked.

But if there was a spear with enough strength to pierce through it…

It was possible.

Kim Min Ah looked toward Cale.

Cale, who had stood back up as if he was never pushed back in the first place, created another water spear as he started to speak.

“You pierce. I defend. Or vice versa.”

Cale started to smile.

“Easy, right?”
“It’s very hard.”

A smile appeared for the first time on the stoic Kim Min Ah’s face.

Cale charged toward the snake-headed giant again.


The monster headed for Kim Min Ah who had injured it.

She heard Cale’s voice in his ear at that moment.

“Kim Min Ah, I’m not going to say anything anymore, so follow me with your eyes.”

Cale trusted Kim Min Ah’s abilities.

“Stab as hard as you can without thinking about controlling it.”
“But it’s hard to control the direction.”
“Just stab when I tell you to stab.”

Kim Min Ah’s weakness was in direction control.

Her spear was so strong that Kim Min Ah couldn’t control it to go where she wanted it to go at this point in time.

It was quite difficult to fight against moving monsters.

She might accidentally harm her allies or attack nearby buildings and cause chaos.

But Kim Min Ah realized something while looking at Cale.

‘…If that person makes the monsters stop moving! If the monster is standing still where this person tells me to stab…!’

Then her attack would work.

Cale moved toward the giant’s back and stabbed with his water spear as Kim Min Ah had those thoughts on her mind.

“Forward! Stab!”

Kim Min Ah followed Cale’s voice and swung her spear from the front.

Their directions were opposite, but their movements were similar as if they were reflections.


The giant’s club struck Kim Min Ah’s spear.

Kim Min Ah was not pushed back.

In fact, it was the giant that was pushed back.

And on the pushed back giant’s back…


The water spear stabbed in.

“Hmm. I guess I really can’t do it?”

Cale’s spear did not manage to pierce the giant’s skin.

There definitely seemed to be some limits to this partial ancient power.


However, the giant’s black club started to crack.

It was unable to withstand Kim Min Ah’s power.

“Follow me.”

Cale immediately started to move again. His body was heading for the monster’s left ankle.

Kim Min Ah moved toward the right ankle.


Kim Min Ah’s spear stabbed deep into the giant’s right ankle.

Cale’s spear blocked the black club.


Bae Puh Rum was blankly staring at this sight.

He then made eye contact with the moving Cale.

“Go bring the bird-headed snake over. That thing only goes for one person at a time.”
“Excuse me?”
“It’s behind you.”

Bae Puh Rum shot up into the air in shock.


Bae Puh Rum could see a bird-head opening its beak and sticking out its snake tongue to where he had just been standing.

The bird’s eyes looked toward Bae Puh Rum.

Bae Puh Rum got chills all over his body.

“Come toward me!”

He quickly headed toward Cale after hearing that.

The bird-head chased behind Bae Puh Rum with its beak open.


The snake body moved very quickly. Bae Puh Rum felt as if the bird’s beak was right behind his back.

‘Faster…! Faster!’

Bae Puh Rum used everything he had to fly even a tiny bit faster.

He didn’t know what was going on, but his speed was slowly starting to increase.

“…Holy shit!”

Bae Puh Rum arrived right in front of Cale who was holding his spear and aiming for the giant’s side.

Bae Puh Rum’s pupils started to shake.

‘Didn’t he tell me to come here?’

He had come as Cale had mentioned, but Cale was calm.

“I’m going to crash like this!”
“Yeah. Don’t stop and keep coming.”

Bae Puh Rum started to frown. His speed was too fast for him to stop.


It was at that moment.

“Ride the wind.”

Cale moved to the side after saying that short statement. Bae Puh Rum’s eyes opened wide.

The giant’s side was now in front of Bae Puh Rum instead of Cale.

‘Damn it!’

He couldn’t even speak out loud.

‘Crash into the giant? Into a monster with such thick skin? Am I going to die?’

All sorts of thoughts filled Bae Puh Rum’s mind.


He heard the sound of the wind.


Bae Puh Rum felt a whirlwind surrounding his body.

The wind was covering him.

‘Ride the wind.’

Bae Puh Rum noticed multiple whirlwinds gathering in front of him as he thought about what Cale had said.

They looked like shields surrounding Bae Puh Rum…

But also like arrows aiming for the enemy.

He was charging toward the giant as if he had become an arrow.

Bae Puh Rum’s instincts were telling him something.

‘I’m not going to get hurt.’

The wind, this large wind arrow, was giving Bae Puh Rum both relief and courage.

He only focused on the wind for now.

He focused on this free but firm and sharp wind.

Bae Puh Rum curled up.

It was at that moment.


The wind arrow cradling Bae Puh Rum struck the giant.


As both Bae Puh Rum and the giant both groaned…

Cale shouted.

“Kim Min Ah!”

The giant and the Bae Puh Rum bounced off in different directions after crashing.

And in the spot where the two of them had disappeared…

There was another figure that was charging forward without being able to slow down.

And as for the person who had been standing still as Cale had told her to follow him…

Kim Min Ah’s eyes clouded over.


Kim Min Ah stabbed her spear forward with everything she had as soon as she heard Cale’s voice.


She used so much strength that the cement underneath her feet started to crack.


And the spear stabbed accurately into the mouth of the open bird’s beak.

As Kim Min Ah watched it happen…

Cale had approached her at some point, grabbed her, and quietly whispered as he moved her back.


She pushed the spear.

“Let go.”

She let go of the spear.

The spear pierced the bird-headed snake.


The bird-headed snake fell on the ground without even being able to scream properly.

Blood was dripping out of its beak.

It then soon stopped moving.

Kim Min Ah quietly watched what had just happened.


‘Did I defeat that monster?’

Kim Min Ah’s pupils started to shake.

Cale recalled some of his memories about Kim Min Ah.

Mother, brother, and Kim Min Ah.

That was her family.

Her mother had died from a monster attack.

“You won.”

She looked to the side after hearing Cale’s voice.

Kim Min Ah looked toward the angry snake-headed giant that was getting back up after falling down when Bae Puh Rum crashed into it.

“Now we just need to get rid of that thing?”
“That’s right. Let’s go.”

Cale took the lead and Kim Min Ah pulled out the spear that was sticking out of the monster’s body and followed behind him.

“Oh, I’m fine?”

Bae Puh Rum looked at his body that didn’t have a single injury in shock as he followed behind them.

Actually, he moved in front of them.

The Sound of the Wind that Cale had created… Those whirlwinds were still by his side.

‘I knew he would figure it out quickly.’

Bae Puh Rum was slowly starting to understand the method of controlling the wind.

Kim Min Ah followed behind Bae Puh Rum who was moving in front of them.

Cale quietly watched the two of their backs.

Bae Puh Rum had quick speed, could change directions quickly, and act as a tanker.

Then there was Kim Min Ah who couldn’t control the direction of her ability but the power behind it was scary.

These two were a great combination.

They would support each other.

Cale looked at their backs and started to speak.

“The two of you… If you are thankful for the things you learned from me… Help me out and go somewhere with me.”

Bae Puh Rum asked and Kim Min Ah slightly looked back.


The snake-headed giant was charging toward them.

But the two of them were not scared at all.

It was already injured in multiple places and looked ready to fall at any moment.

Cale opened his mouth to speak.

“Seomyeon, Busan. Go there with me.”

Cale was drawing an image in his mind.

Choi Han.

Lee Soo Hyuk.

Choi Jung Soo.

Kim Min Ah.

Bae Puh Rum.

Park Jin Tae.

The images of his allies who would take care of the attacking was slowly being created.

The couple looked confused after hearing an unexpected location. Cale shared his thoughts with them.

“I won’t make you do anything dangerous. Think about it.”

The two of them tilted their heads in confusion before charging toward the snake-headed giant as dealing with this monster came first.

Cale also kicked off the ground and followed behind them.

‘It should end quickly.’

The snake-headed giant should soon fall to these two who were getting a feel for how to take care of it.

Cale looked farther south past the snake-headed giant.

The leader of the seven Grade 1 taster monsters.

The Dark Tiger that was a mix of a lion and a tiger was looking at Cale with a piercing gaze.

It was scary and looked as if it wanted to rip Cale up into pieces right now.

Cale looked right into its eyes as he started to speak.

“You know how to speak the human language, right?”

The Dark Tiger’s eyes opened wide as if it had read Cale’s lips.


Cale smiled while looking at its reaction.

Another record popped up in his mind.

< The leader of the Grade 1 taster monsters is 1.5 times stronger than regular Grade 1 monsters and has a unique trait. >
< This was a trait that was only found in the leader of the taster monsters since the start of the cataclysm. >

Since the cataclysm…

Only at this moment…

A trait only shown by the leader of the taster monsters.

A special power that would never appear again.

< It was able to communicate. >

The leader of the taster monsters was the only monster that could communicate with humans.

Cale smiled toward the Dark Tiger.

Cale then added the Dark Tiger to his list of allies that would make up the attack team to fight against the unranked monster.

* * *

Alberu Crossman looked toward the person sitting across from him.

His eyes looked tired.

He also looked anxious.

The situation… An unexpected situation had happened.

‘…Damn it.’

The White Star had smacked him from behind.

Alberu Crossman had to come to a decision quickly.

Would he withdraw from the Endable Kingdom?

Or would he stay here until the end?

He then started to speak to the person who had come to see him.

“They want to make a deal?”

The person nodded their head.

“Yes, your highness.”
“…What’s the cost?”
“The curse that the Sun God placed on the Crossman blood.”

Alberu’s eyes opened wide.

The curse that the Sun God placed on the Crossman household.

< Descendants of the cursed blood. >

< The touch of the Sun God will always be by your side. >

< Never set your eyes on taking over the sky. >

< The Sun will always rise. >

< The moment darkness is planted in your bodies... >

< The moment a person with that darkness becomes the head of the household, the sky will be destroyed and the ground will tremble. >

Alberu recalled the words he had read thousands of times.

His voice sounded very low.

“…How did you?”
“I happened to find out because of this incident.”

The person put on an awkward smile.

“Please don’t worry as I will keep it a secret.”

Alberu was at a loss for words.

However, the person calmly continued to speak.

“Anyway, I was told you would receive an equivalent compensation if you place that on the scale for the deal.”
“…Is that what the God of Death told you?”
“Yes, your highness.”

Excommunicated priestess Cage nodded her head.

Alberu hesitated for a moment before starting to speak.

“But that’s beneficial for me.”

It was extremely beneficial if this curse was taken away.

Cage ended up learning his secret, but it would not matter if the curse was removed.

What could Cage do about a curse that did not exist?

That was why he found it odd.

“Why does the God of Death want such a thing?”

His eyes looked confused.

He knew that Choi Han had made a deal with the God of Death. He didn’t know the details and Choi Han didn’t tell him what he had offered in return, but it couldn’t have been something small.

“What benefit does the God of Death get by taking the curse of my bloodline?”
“Gods are unable to personally help. That is why he wants to help in a different way.”

She shrugged her shoulders and mischievously responded.

“Gods love and cherish heroes. Especially heroes who have escaped their fate.”

She then quickly added on.

“But why do you think it is the God of Death who is offering this deal?”
“The God of Death is only a messenger.”

Cage turned around and headed toward the entrance of the tent.


She lifted the flap and someone walked in.

“…Saint Jack.”

Saint Jack smiled at Alberu after hearing his name.

“The Sun God wishes to take the curse back.”

Saint Jack shook his head.

“I do not know the answer, however, he did tell me one thing.”

Jack repeated what the Sun God had told him.

“He said that, ‘I need to fix my mistake, the path that went wrong a long time ago.’ He also said that right now was the only time to do it. This is his only chance to do so.”

Cage handed Alberu a video communication device.

This video communication device looked different than regular ones as it had a perfect split of black and white.

“Should you agree to the deal, only you will be able to use this video communication device as the person making the deal. You’ll be connected right away.”
“…You mean to Cale Henituse?”
“Yes, your highness.”

Cage gave a short response.

“This video communication device will become the only way to communicate with young master Cale.”

Alberu reached his hand out toward the video communication device.

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