Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 566 – Night of Potential (2)

The moment Cale thought that this testing ground might be a real world…

He started to think.

‘If this is a different world and I need to leave this place to return home…’

Then there was only one answer.

‘Let’s teach them.’

Teach the people here how to do it.

Originally, the twenty years old Kim Rok Soo was pretty useless.

However, as he passed 25, 30, and then 35, Kim Rok Soo became a decent person.

He had grown.

If even he had grown, what if these people who were supposed to die here ended up surviving and growing?

‘They’ll all be better than me.’

Just thinking about it was making him laugh.

That was what Cale wanted.

For that reason, he had started this first lesson.

“Screeeech- screeeeeeech!”

Cale moved even faster toward the 3-meter tall mummy-like skeleton monster charging toward him.

Jang Man Soo had barely managed to crawl over to the ledge and peeked out while holding onto the railing.

He could see the wind surrounding Cale and the reddish-gold light in his hands.

But Jang Man Soo started to shout.

“Rok Soo! Dodge!”

He could see a black animal charging toward Cale.

The black snake wolf.

Jang Man Soo had seen people being eaten by this black wolf that was covered in snakeskin.

He had also heard that people who said goodbye to him as they went hunting were squashed by that bastard’s front paw.

That bastard was a source of fear and hell.

Kim Rok Soo looked too weak and tiny compared to this house-sized snake wolf.


The black snake wolf charged at him from the right with its jaw open.

Jang Man Soo’s eyes opened and his hands that were holding the railing started to shake.


Kim Rok Soo could not die.

“Rok Soo–!”


Jang Man Soo shouted as he heard a loud explosion.

A lot of dust shot up.

However, the dust soon subsided.

Jang Man Soo subconsciously opened his mouth.

“…A shield?”

A silver shield with two wings open was blocking the black wolf.

“…Holy crap. How many powers does this son of a bitch have?”

He heard Park Jin Tae mumbling, but Jang Man Soo could not say anything.

The shield was small compared to his shield.

It was only big enough to block the black wolf’s face and front paw.

But the way it was being used was different.

At least, that’s how Jang Man Soo felt.

Kim Rok Soo was not using the shield to block the enemy, but so that he could keep moving forward.

Jang Man Soo made eye contact with Cale who was on the other side of the shield.

He might be wrong, but it seemed as if Rok Soo was looking at him.

It was as if he was teaching him that this was how to use a shield even though he was in the middle of a battle.

It was as if he was showing how to do it.

“…Did I make a mistake?”
“Of course not!”

Jang Man Soo looked toward Park Jin Tae. But Park Jin Tae was not looking at him. He was speaking.

“He’s obviously using the shield like that for you to see, Mr. Jang Man Soo! Isn’t that obvious?”

Park Jin Tae stopped talking for a moment.

He still couldn’t take his eyes off the rose-gold light in Cale’s hands.

“Crazy bastard.”

Park Jin Tae realized that the pressure flowing out of Cale had disappeared at some point.

However, his hand was still full of sweat.


Cale, who had been looking at Jang Man Soo, started to walk again.


His shield slowly started to crack.

This Indestructible Shield was not even at half power after all.

“…And I can’t overdo it.”

Cale wasn’t using all of his powers.

Efficiency was the most important thing right now.


Cale rode the wind and shot forward before the shield broke.


The wolf’s roar echoed in Cale’s ear.

Someone landed on the roof at that moment.

“Huff, huff! I’m here!”

It was Bae Puh Rum.

Kim Min Ah walked over to Bae Puh Rum. To be more specific, she had walked over to her brother who was on his back.

“Mr. Kim Min Joon.”

Choi Han also walked over to Kim Min Joon and made eye contact with him.

Kim Min Ah flinched for a moment before stepping back. It was because she saw Grandma Kim standing behind Choi Han.

“I will get started.”

Grandma Kim immediately put her hand on Kim Min Joon’s infected wound.

A bright light surrounded his wound.

They heard a sharp voice at that moment.


The skeleton covered in bandages swung its arms at Cale.


The bandages on both of its arms instantly turned into sharp whips that struck down to split Cale in half.

The movement was elaborate.

However, there were no openings. Actually, even if there were any openings, they would only last a few short seconds. It swung its bandage whips around before striking down at Cale.

Park Jin Tae bit down on his lips.

“…Those damn bandages-”

Park Jin Tae who had escaped from that monster in the past to survive started to frown.

He heard Choi Han’s voice at that moment.

“Three steps to the left.”
“…What the hell are-”

Park Jin Tae’s eyes opened wide.

Cale quickly took three steps to the left.

“The blind spot of the two arm bandage attack.”

Everybody looked toward Choi Han at that moment.

“Please look at Rok Soo hyung. I’m just repeating what he told me.”

They heard Lee Chul Min’s voice at that moment.

“My goodness! It really is a blind spot!”

Park Jin Tae’s eyes opened wide as he quickly looked back at Cale.

‘It’s as Choi Han, no, as Kim Rok Soo said!’

Three steps to the left.

An area where the bandage whips could not reach was there.

“Five steps forward.”

Cale then quickly took five steps forward. He mumbled the things he had told Choi Han.

Choi Han continued to speak as well.

“The bandage monster will raise its left arm.”
“The bandage monster will raise its left arm.”

It was a pattern.

It was a monster’s unchanging pattern that all monsters Grade 1 and lower had.

Cale could see the bandage monster raise its left arm.

“The first weakness. The left armpit.”

Cale could see a red rock in the spot of the bandage monster’s armpit when it raised its arm.


Park Jin Tae was hearing Choi Han’s voice, but it felt as if Kim Rok Soo was talking to him.

That was not it.

It was actually Kim Rok Soo.

Choi Han was sharking Kim Rok Soo’s will.

Choi Han continued to speak.


The moment Park Jin Tae saw the bandage monster raise its arm… He saw a rose gold light shooting toward its left armpit.

It looked like a gun.

Park Jin Tae subconsciously took his gun out of his pocket.

“First weakness destroyed.”

He heard the monster’s scream and Choi Han’s voice at the same time.

Park Jin Tae’s eyes were still focused on Cale.

“Screeech, kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

The screeching monster looked toward Cale.

Sharp thorns shot out from on top of the bones that had been covered by the bandages and headed for Cale.

However, Cale was not there.

“Move through the legs.”

Cale’s body was already passing through the monster’s skeleton legs.

Park Jin Tae got the chills seeing him move so boldly.

Who would ever think about moving through a Grade 1 monster’s legs?

Especially a monster that swung bandage whips all around itself!

‘But Kim Rok Soo managed to do it.’

He passed through the legs as if he was lying down and sliding through before raising his arms.

“The second weakness.”

He would quickly take care of this monster.

“Inside the right thigh.”

Crack, crackle!

The Fire of Destruction, two strands of its fiery thunderbolt struck the leg bone by its thigh.



The fiery thunderbolts exploded. The skeleton monster’s screaming shook the area.


Its eyes inside the skull turned red.

“Approaching berserk state.”

This was a unique trait of the skeleton monster.

It would immediately enter berserk state once the second weakness was attacked and become twice as strong.

That was why this bastard was scary.

‘If you don’t know about it that is.’

But if you knew about it?

‘It’s very easy.’

The skeleton monster turned around.

Cale started to laugh.

He could see Park Jin Tae standing on the roof and looking at him with a focused gaze.

“Good, he’s paying attention.”

Cale quickly moved to the right.

Choi Han continued to speak.

“The black snake wolf’s second attack.”

The black wolf to the right jumped over the skeleton and charged for Cale.

“Aim for the ankle.”


The fourth fiery thunderbolt pierced through the black wolf’s right ankle.

Its skin was like a snake.

However, its weakness was fire.


The wolf roared as its body leaned to one side.

Choi Han continued to speak.


Cale kicked off the ground. He stepped on the wolf’s head and his body shot up.

Then he was able to make eye contact with the bandage monster.


He made eye contact with the skeleton monster that was swinging its bandages and thorny bones while looking at him.

The moment he looked into those eyes…

“Fire the last bullets.”

Choi Han made a comment. The word ‘bullet’ etched itself in Park Jin Tae’s mind.

The rose gold thunderbolts struck the skeleton’s two eyes.


They were not strong enough to destroy the skeleton’s head.

They were only strong enough to cause explosions where the monster’s eyes should be.

Cale used the explosion to move and his body rolled on the ground.

The skeleton monster’s last weakness was its eyes that had turned red.

It was a critical weakness that only appeared once it went berserk.

The skeleton monster’s body started to tilt without even being able to scream.


The skeleton monster’s body was starting to fall on the black wolf.

The black wolf that had one ankle ripped off was doing its best to dodge the skeleton’s body.

It was because there was fire coming out of where the skeleton’s red eyes had exploded.

The black snake wolf that had snake skin could not let that fire touch its body.

However, Choi Han’s voice reached Jang Man Soo’s ears at that moment.

“Use the shield.”

A silver shield blocked the black snake wolf’s path.

The snake wolf could not move forward. And on top of it…


A burning skeleton head, its sharp thorny bones, and bandages that would easily catch fire fell on the snake wolf.


Fire shot up.

The people on the roof heard Choi Han’s voice.

“I only managed to memorize the first battle. Rok Soo hyung will tell you about the rest.”

Park Jin Tae, Jang Man Soo, Kim Min Ah, and the others all looked away from the burning monsters and at Cale who was heading back to the building.

‘C, crazy bastard!’

Park Jin Tae’s voice was shaking.

He couldn’t even think straight long enough to try to hide it.

How long had it been?

How long had it taken him to take down those two monsters?

It didn’t seem to take very long.

“Damn it.”

Park Jin Tae’s hands were shaking.

‘I feel like I could do it.’

Damn it!

He felt as if he could take down the bandage monster. He felt as if he could take down the black snake wolf as well.

‘As long as I’m with Jang Man Soo that is.’

He turned toward Jang Man Soo.

Jang Man Soo’s hands were shaking as well. Jang Man Soo started to speak.

“Umm, umm, hey, Jin Tae. Don’t you think we could take care of the bandage monster and snake wolf when the Grade 1 monsters come to attack?”

Park Jin Tae chuckled while looking at Jang Man Soo who was speaking while looking at him with an awkward expression. That was all he could do.

He felt as if he could take down these monster bastards that he had run away from all this time as Jang Man Soo said.

‘Of course, we don’t have the experience.’

It was not easy to move around while attacking the monsters following the pattern with proper timing as Kim Rok Soo had done.

It would only be possible if they trained over and over to make that pattern feel normal.

‘But Kim Rok Soo did it.’

Was it possible?

Could a person move like that because they had foresight and used data?

‘…He couldn’t do it without a ton of experience.’

Park Jin Tae could not believe it.

He quietly looked at the approaching Kim Rok Soo.

However, Cale, who had memorized these patterns as if they were his own instincts and had tons of experience that Park Jin Tae did not know about, let out a small sigh.

‘My body is weak.’

His body felt slow compared to when he had been team leader Kim Rok Soo. He was weak.

He didn’t have enough muscles.

Even the ancient powers that weren’t even at half strength were difficult for this body to handle.

‘But I was still able to fight pretty easily.’


Cale wiped away the small amount of blood at the corner of his lip and looked up at the roof.

A corner of Park Jin Tae’s lips was up as he looked down at Cale with an odd expression. Cale chuckled at Park Jin Tae and started to speak.

“Kim Min Ah, Bae Puh Rum.”

He sounded extremely calm, as if he had just come back from a walk.

Kim Min Ah and Bae Puh Rum looked at Cale.

They weren’t the only ones.

Everybody inside the building was looking at Cale through the windows or on the roof.


They heard two more monsters approaching, but they were still focused on Cale.

Cale quietly took in their gazes and started to speak as if that was easy to do.

“Come down. I’ll teach you guys something this time.”

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