Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 531 – Mountain after mountain (4)

“…The White Star is the Eldest Uncle?”

Cale subconsciously mumbled and lowered his head.
Choi Han flinched at this reaction before approaching him and quietly whispering.

“Cale-nim, should I do it?”
“Excuse me?”

Choi Han was shocked at Cale’s response and then noticed Cale slowly raise his head.
There was a bright smile on Cale’s face as it became visible.

“It sounds fun.”

‘The White Star cherishes Fredo the Second?’


‘It’ll be fun to act like a spoiled nephew in front of him.’

It was giving him the chills, but it sounded fun.
The corners of Cale’s lips kept twitching and trying to go up. But they were trying to go up in a very twisted way.

He looked toward Duke Fredo.

‘He was an arrogant and rude young boy.’

The young Duke Fredo’s appearance seemed like the type to be arrogant and rude, a kid who did as he pleased.

“What kind of personality did Duke Fredo the Second have?”

A small smile appeared on Fredo’s face.

“My son is very respectful and full of class.”


“He’s smart and he respects all adults regardless of their title.”


“All parents inside the Endable Kingdom go, ‘Be more like Naru-nim! Can’t you see how well he grew up?’ ”


“Ah. I called him Fredo the Second, but his actual name is Naru Von Ejellan. He’s a very shy and nice little kid.”

‘…This is different than what I expected?’

Cale heard Choi Han mumbling next to him.

“…A model student?”

“Oh, Choi Han, that is the perfect description. He is a model student. He is also pure and his heart is tender.”

Choi Han peeked toward Cale.

‘…He seems frozen in shock.’

Cale looked stiff as he blankly stared at Fredo the Second.

“That is why many of the top individuals in the Endable Kingdom are quite concerned. They keep asking how someone who will lead the Duchy in the future could be so good and tender. Let’s give it our best.”

Cale suddenly got upset.

‘Give it our best my ass.’

“Ah. My son is 153 years old. It would be around 12 – 13 years old in human years.”

– Human! You’ll become similar to us in age!

‘…I know, I’ll be the same age as On.’

Cale weakly lowered his head and had to listen to Fredo’s calm voice.

“You’ll become a cute and good little kid.”

‘Damn it.’

Cale’s hand was shaking as it held the band.

* * *

“Your highness. Young master Cale-nim has left.”

The Mage Captain informed Alberu while peeking at Alberu’s expression.

‘Young master Cale returned in less than one hour after chatting with his highness to report something and then left. He only told his highness his reason for leaving.’

The Mage Captain thought about it before cautiously asking a question.

“Your highness.”
“What is it?”
“…May I ask what young master Cale-nim went to do?”

The Mage Captain’s fists were clenched as he looked toward Alberu with a nervous gaze.

‘I must know.’

The captain had heard from the knights that Cale had looked very serious.

‘I’m sure that it’s not something normal.’

That was why he had to know.

The captain could not help but think that, although he was the captain of the Mage Brigade, he was extremely weak after this battle at the Stan territory.

That was why he had set his resolve to get stronger and do whatever he needed to do to help.

“I’m sure your highness may not think that I am reliable, but…”

He was lacking quite a bit compared to young master Cale, but…
Captain Lishie still wanted to do something.

That was why he had to ask that question even though it went against proper etiquette.

“What are you talking about? Captain Lishie, why would you think you are not reliable? Do not say such things.”

Captain Lishie became emotional after hearing Alberu say that in a warm voice, but he held himself back from tearing up and continued to look at him.

‘May I ask what young master Cale-nim went to do?’

He still had not heard a response to that question.
The captain focused on Alberu’s lips.

It was at that moment.



The Mage Captain’s eyes opened wide. He wondered if he had seen correctly.
However, he slightly frowned after seeing that Alberu had a serious expression on his face.

‘I thought his highness was smiling just a moment ago?’

He felt certain that he had seen Alberu smiling.
But the Mage Captain just quietly stood there after seeing an extremely serious expression on Alberu’s face.

Alberu started to speak after a few seconds of silence.

“I cannot tell you everything, however…”


The Mage Captain focused as he waited for Alberu to continue talking.
Alberu who stopped talking for a moment felt as if he could still hear Cale’s voice in the distance.

‘Haaaaa. Your highness. Apparently I need to pretend to be a good and respectful twelve years old! Does that make any sense?’
‘I also need to smile at the White Star and call him ‘Eldest Uncle!’ My goodness!’
‘Do you know how frustrated I must be to come rant to you like this?’


Alberu stopped himself from almost smiling again.
A punk who was known for being trash just a few years ago was going to act like a respectful young master?

Alberu slowly started to speak.

“However, I’m sure that my little brother will face difficult battles once again today.”

This was probably harder than fighting in a war or scamming someone for Cale.

“So, Captain.”

The Captain noticed Alberu’s gaze turning sharp and tensed up.
Alberu spoke as if he was quietly whispering.

“Shouldn’t we do something as well? We can’t just sit still like this.”

The Mage Captain slowly bowed his head.

“That’s right, your highness.”

Alberu had a satisfied smile on his face after hearing that.

The Endable Kingdom.

If Cale was heading to the Endable Kingdom’s capital, then Alberu needed to return to the Roan Kingdom’s capital.

He had a lot of things to do.

* * *

The young boy’s steps looked weak.


The owner of the bakery watched the young boy’s back with a pitying gaze.

The boy’s grey hair weakly fluttered similarly to his steps and the purple eyes that the owner had seen as the boy passed by looked dreary.

Endable, the capital of the Endable Kingdom.

The capital that had the same name as the Kingdom was the center of the kingdom.
The residents of the merchants’ district on the northern part of the Endable Kingdom were whispering while looking at a young boy.

“…Look at young master Naru-nim. He looks so down.”
“How sad. I wonder if we can help in any way.”

They sounded full of concern.

“He looked extremely pale earlier too.”
“Exactly! How upset must a tender and good person like young master Naru-nim be feeling while thinking about what happened to Duke Fredo-nim?”
“I know, right? I hope Duke Fredo-nim wakes up soon.”

The miserable handsome boy’s name was Naru Von Ejellan.
He was the only son of Duke Fredo who lived in a grand residence in the northern part of the capital, as well as a good child who was loved by everyone in the Endable Kingdom.

“I’m just glad Solena-nim is at least by young master Naru-nim’s side.”

There was a woman in uniform walking next to the boy as if she was guarding him.
Her name was Solena.
She was the Vampire who was known as Duke Fredo’s right arm.

“Young master-nim.”

Solena started to talk to the young boy next to her.
She was speaking so quietly that only the boy could hear.

“Please look even more upset.”
“That looks wonderful.”

The boy slightly glared at Solena.

“Young master-nim. That expression does not suit you. Elite! Good! Tender! That’s how you should look! You should look like a pitiful boy that people can’t help but want to protect!”
“Damn it.”
“Such words do not suit you either.”

The boy decided to give up on glaring and just sighed as he started to speak.

“Do I just need to go to the residence like this?”
“Yes, young master-nim.”


Solena moved one step closer to the boy. She then whispered quietly.

“Cale-nim. The White Star will arrive soon.”

Cale’s eyes clouded over for a moment before clearing again.

‘Cale Henituse.’

Duke Fredo had said the following.

‘Currently, Fredo the Second… Naru is away from the capital for a bit. He is headed home after hearing that his father is in critical condition.’

‘Do I need to rush over?’

‘No, there’s no need to do so. People who have not received permission from the king cannot be on carriages nor horses inside the Endable Kingdom’s capital. They must all walk. So don’t run and just walk.’

He had also said the following.

‘And until you get to the residence, I will be there unconscious. The butler will make it so that the White Star visits right as you arrive.’

‘And then?’

‘Then the White Star won’t come for a while, so we can talk in detail about the Endable Kingdom and the thing we need to destroy.’

Cale stopped walking.
A large black residence appeared in front of him.

“This is home.”
“Even I know that much.”

Solena looked at the guards at the gate walking toward them and whispered to Cale.

“The Butler. Me. The Knight Captain. Only these three people know about Duke Fredo-nim and Cale-nim. Please keep that in mind.”

Cale held back a sigh and watched as the gates opened.


The gates slowly opened and the guards could see their young master Naru-nim and Solena walking in.


The guards who were bowing their heads to greet him subconsciously sighed.

‘The young master who always greeted us so brightly is……!’

Young master Naru-nim had always warmly greeted the guards, servants, and everyone else with a bright smile without caring about their status.
Such a person was walking into the residence with emptiness in his eyes today.

Solena, the Duke-nim’s right arm, was walking next to him with a concerned expression.

‘I’ve never seen him like this.’

The guards became sad.

Fredo Von Ejellan.

He was a Duke of the Endable Kingdom and the leader of the Vampires on the Eastern and Western continents.
He was the liege of all Vampires living in this residence.

But their liege’s son was entering with empty eyes.
He had returned to see his unconscious father.

The staff who saw this felt pained.

“Young master-nim, welcome home. Please let me escort you.”

Their young master-nim weakly nodded his head at the Butler and followed behind him.
The Butler watched for a bit before approaching Solena and quietly whispering.

“He’s doing well.”
“I know, right?”

Solena hid her shock as well before keeping up with Cale, who had become young master Naru.
As for Cale who became young master Naru…

‘Haaaaa. I’m sure Choi Han and Raon are already in the secret room relaxing and eating delicious food.’

He did not have many thoughts.
He was just grumbling aimlessly as he walked.

‘The residence looks nice, I wonder if dinner will be delicious.’

He did think about dinner.

“Y, young master-nim. It’s over here!”

That was why Cale had walked past Duke Fredo’s bedroom.


Cale thought he made a mistake.

“I’m sorry.”
“Not at all.”

The Butler who knew about Cale’s identity quickly looked around.

The guards outside the Duke’s bedroom were looking at Cale with sad expressions.
Their expressions seemed to be asking how shocked he must be to even forget the location of his father’s bedroom.

“I will open the door.”

The knight cautiously told Cale and the now grey-white haired Cale nodded his head.


The door opened and Cale could smell a strong odor of medicine as he noticed Duke Fredo lying on his bed as if he was dead.

“…I wish to be alone with my father.”
“I understand.”

The Vampire healer next to Duke Fredo left the room. Cale slowly entered the room alone.
His slow steps made the staff and knights all look at him with sorrow.


The door slowly closed.
But before it closed…


The last thing they saw was a young boy kneeling next to the bed and holding his father’s hand.

The knight closing the door bit down on his lips to prevent himself from tearing up and quickly closed the door.
He didn’t want to interrupt this family moment between a father and his son.


The door finally closed.

The young boy held the unconscious Duke Fredo’s hand and looked toward his closed eyes.
He then moved his face toward Fredo’s ear and started to whisper.

“Hey, I thought you said the White Star is coming soon. What’s the plan?”

The unconscious Duke Fredo started to speak at that moment.

“Heh. Son, what is the issue?”
“Son, my ass.”

Duke Fredo slightly opened his eyes after hearing Cale’s grumbling. He then warmly started to speak to Cale.

“Cale Henituse, just trust me.”


Cale snorted.
But at that moment…

Knock knock knock.

“His majesty has arrived.”

His majesty.

The King of the Endable Kingdom. He was not the true king yet, but there was still only one person who was called that.

The White Star was here.

The door would open soon.
Cale who looked toward the door for a moment looked back at Duke Fredo.

This was the moment he would appear in front of the White Star as Naru and not as Cale.
Cale was naturally nervous, so he looked toward Fredo who said to just trust him.

Fredo quickly started to speak.

“But you’ll need to take care of this one on your own.”


“I laid down many different types of bait so you can relax and do as you please.”

‘What kind of nonsense is this Vampire bastard spewing? Relax? He wants me to relax and do as I please?’


However, the door opened.

Cale turned away from Duke Fredo and looked toward the door.

The White Star was walking in through the open door with a serious expression on his face.
The White Star looked toward Cale and started to speak.

“Naru. This must be hard on you.”

Solena had said the following.

“You called him uncle.”

Cale opened his mouth to speak.


Cale started to speak with honesty.

“It’s too hard.”

‘My dream is to be a slacker, so why do I have to do all these difficult and complicated things? Why was this bastard, Duke Fredo, pretending to sleep and leaving everything to me? Ah. I’m starting to get annoyed.’

The face that just said it was hard was starting to frown in frustration.

The White Star and the people coming in behind him all flinched after seeing that expression.

‘Ah, was I found out?’

Cale subconsciously started to shout.
He did it to avoid any potential suspicion.

“…Cale Henituse. I will never forgive him. I will make him pay for this!”

Inside the bedroom and even in the hallway outside the open door… They were both filled with silence.

Cale cowered a bit at that suffocating silence.

‘Was that too much?’

The moment he had that thought…


The White Star approached him.
He then put a hand on Cale’s shoulder.

“How hard must it be for such a tender child like you to say such a thing.”

‘Uhh, mm. He said I’m tender?’

Cale just quietly stood there in shock.
The White Star rubbed Cale’s head and warmly continued to speak.

“My good little Naru. Feel free to lean on your uncle if you are sad.”


Cale was completely flabbergasted at this situation.


He could feel Fredo’s hand that he was grabbing flinching as well.
He slightly turned his head to look but he still had his eyes closed.

‘Hey bastard, are you not going to open your eyes? Are you not going to wake up? You’re laughing internally, aren’t you?’

Cale clenched his eyes shut because he was worried that he would glare at Duke Fredo.
However, it just seemed like a tender child trying to hold back his tears after being consoled by an adult to the others.

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