Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 530 – Mountain after mountain (3)

Cale lifted his index finger and pointed at himself.


He then pointed toward the black bird.

“… And you are friends?”

The black bird’s eyes curled up.


Cale flinched after seeing a black aura filling the room.


The black bird suddenly cracked into pieces. Once those pieces disappeared…


Duke Fredo in his child’s form gently stepped down on the ground. He then looked up at Cale and started to speak.

“Of course we are friends. Actually, it’d be fine to call us brothers too.”


The boy started to smile. For being a child’s smile, there was a sense of cruelty visible in it. His innocent voice filled the room.

“Yes, brothers might be a better expression. Doesn’t brothers sound good since we are people who will share blood?”

‘This crazy bastard!’


Cale took a step toward Duke Fredo.



Cale then took a step back in shock. Cale looked toward the sparkling silver item.


Red blood dripped down the sword touching Duke Fredo’s skin. The silver light Cale had seen was the blade of a sword.

He looked at the sword touching Duke Fredo’s neck. He then slowly moved his gaze to the owner of the sword.

‘… So vicious!’

There were no emotions visible on Choi Han’s face as he held the sword against Duke Fredo’s neck.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not in a good mood right now. It’d be best to stop with the nonsense.”

Choi Han’s voice sounded calm but firm.

‘But his tone is still innocent!’

Cale thought that it was the same innocent Choi Han, but he could tell that Choi Han was seriously angry.

‘… This is nice. ’

Cale found it nice to see Choi Han baring his fangs at someone he found to be annoying instead of him. Cale was thinking that Choi Han was very good at dealing with crazy people like Clopeh and now this guy.

“That’s right! Hey, Vampire! Our human’s blood is not tasty! Don’t drink it!”

Even Raon revealed himself at that moment and viciously glared at Duke Fredo. Cale smiled with satisfaction while walking toward these two black beings.

– A wise decision, Cale. You will faint for a long time if you use an ancient power one more time in your current state. That’s why you should stick next to strong individuals like them until you get to rest a day or two.

The Super Rock praised Cale as if he was satisfied with Cale’s decision.

– Cale, very sly of you to take advantage of the people around you.

Cale ignored the Super Rock’s comments and sat down on the chair next to Choi Han.

He then started to speak toward Duke Fredo.

“Why did you suddenly come looking for me like this?”
“I’d appreciate it if you’d move this sword away first.”

Cale looked toward Choi Han after hearing Fredo’s comment and Choi Han finally withdrew his sword and stood next to Cale.

Duke Fredo walked over and sat down on the chair opposite Cale.

“Tsk, you all must not know how valuable blood is.”


He touched his neck. It was a light injury so the blood had already stopped.

‘… He definitely is amazing. ’

Fredo made sure to remember that Choi Han’s sword draw was so quick that even he had missed it before starting to speak again. He had been the one to request this chat after all.

“Currently, I am in seclusion in my grand residence at the Endable Kingdom’s capital as I am unconscious.”

Cale had assumed this based on what he had heard. He remained silent as he wanted to hear more details and Fredo continued to speak.

“It was to trick the nobles who were on the northern snowy mountain and the members of the Endable Kingdom.”

Fredo continued to speak. In order to avoid being called a Duke who did not do anything in the battle at the northern snowy mountains, he faked a battle against Cale before they reached the snowy region.

“Disguises are our specialty.”

Vampires needed to live in hiding even more than Dark Elves. The fact that they needed blood from living beings every so often required them to live such lives. That was why they were talented in camouflage and disguise. This was how Fredo was able to make it look as if he was in critical condition.

“Of course, it was not simply to dodge negative attention from the nobles. I did it to also avoid the White Star’s suspicion. That bastard trusts me more than you would expect.”

Cale nodded his head.

‘The White Star said that this bastard was loyal. ’

It was at that moment.


Duke Fredo let out a deep sigh. Cale turned toward him.

“I was planning on feigning unconsciousness for a little longer before continuing my act as the White Star’s loyal noble.”
“… Won’t the White Star rush back to the Endable Kingdom to see his loyal subordinate?”

Was it okay for Fredo to be relaxing like this here?

Cale asked the question and Fredo nonchalantly responded.

“Yes, I’m sure he went to see me. But the White Star won’t be able to see me right away. My household’s Vampire healers are not allowing anyone to enter as they are focused on treating me.”
“But it’s not like the treatment will continue for days. Shouldn’t you hurry back to show yourself to the White Star?”

The White Star would become suspicious and wonder if Duke Fredo was really in critical condition if he didn’t show himself for multiple days while claiming to be in treatment. There was no way a loyal subordinate would continue to reject his liege who came to visit him because he was injured.

“Correct. I need to hurry back, but I ended up learning about the White Star’s crazy plan.”

‘What? Crazy plan?’

Cale recalled how Duke Fredo had said that the situation had changed.

“… I mean that the situation has changed.”

Duke Fredo said that one more time. Cale could see that Duke Fredo looked serious.

“What kind of situation is it that you are acting like this?”

Duke Fredo’s purple eyes looked toward Cale.

“You know that the Demonic race is planning something, right?”
“Yes, I know, but I don’t know what they are planning.”

Cale nonchalantly responded to Fredo’s question.

“Then this should be easy to explain.”


Duke Fredo undid a button on his well-pressed shirt’s sleeve as he continued to speak.

“The Demon World wants to turn this Natural World into their land.”


He undid both of his sleeve buttons.

“Furthermore, they want the Demonic race to run freely on this land.”

Fredo stared at Cale. Cale who looked right back at him started to speak.

“Are they really planning on opening The Gate to the Demon World?”

The Demonic race needed to open the Gate to the Demon World to climb over to the Natural World.

‘Is the White Star really trying to open the Gate to the Demon World on this land? Was that his contact with the Demonic race?’

Cale’s mind quickly started to move. But his thoughts were quickly stopped.


Fredo sternly rejected that claim.

“There are no plans to open the Gate to the Demon World right now. It is possible that we may open it in the future. But that’s not the plan right now.”
“… Then what is he trying to do now?”
“Cale Henituse.”

Fredo called his name but was looking to the side. Raon and Fredo made eye contact.

“The moment the Gate to the Demon World is opened, the Divine World would notice and inform the Dragons.”

Cale knew about this because Dragon Lord Sheritt had told him.

“That is why they don’t dare to barge in from the Demon World. Why? Both sides would receive serious damage if the Demonic race and the Divine race were to fight. The Demonic race simply desires this land, they have no desire to fight a battle of life and death with the Divine race.”

That didn’t make sense. They didn’t want to fight, but the Demon World had signed a contract with the White Star to plot something in this world.

Cale’s expression changed after hearing what Fredo said next.

“Now then. There’s something here. There’s a loophole among the things I just said.”

‘A loophole?’

Cale recalled the things Fredo just said as Fredo continued to speak.

“Cale Henituse. The only way that the gods and the Divine race know when the Demon World is trying to invade this world is-”
“… The Gate to the Demon World.”

“That’s right!”

Fredo started to smile brightly.

“You noticed it right away. That’s right! It is from the odd dimensional twist that should not appear in nature! The gods and Divine race will know that the Demonic race is trying to come over based on the dimensional twist caused by the Gate to the Demon World.”

Something flashed through Cale’s mind at that moment.

‘Then does that mean they wouldn’t notice if the Demonic race found a way here without using the Gate to the Demon World?’

Duke Fredo continued to speak as if he knew Cale’s question.

“Of course, the gods and the Divine race will realize it as soon as a Demonic race uses their powers in this Natural World.”

Cale’s eyes clouded over.

‘Doesn’t that mean that the gods and the Divine race won’t know if the Demonic race walks around here without using their powers?’

Cale’s expression had turned pale.

“Human, are you shocked?”
“Cale-nim, are you okay?”

Raon and Choi Han approached Cale in shock. It was because his complexion had suddenly changed.


Cale could see Fredo grabbing his hand with both hands.

“What are you doing?”

Cale stopped Choi Han who was about to draw his sword.

“It’s fine. Let him be.”

Cale then saw Fredo opening his palm. Fredo then covered that open palm with his arm so that Raon and Choi Han won’t be able to see.

“Close your eyes.”

Cale’s pale complexion recovered a bit and he started to smile after hearing Fredo’s comment.

‘This bastard knows. ’

The moment he closed his eyes and had that thought… Fredo started to write on Cale’s palm with his finger.

< The gods have eyes in many places around the world. It's best to be stealthy. >

Cale started to smile even more.

Fredo knew about the eyes of the gods. Cale had turned pale earlier because of this one question.

‘… If the Demonic race is plotting something in this world… How can the gods who have eyes all around the world not know about it?’

It would have been difficult for the White Star to avoid those eyes during these past 1,000 years.

Even Cale’s body was touched by the powers of the God of Death because of the Vow of death.

‘In my case, they said it was a location tracker. ’

They couldn’t see or hear anything going on around Cale but he could locate him.

< The eyes of the gods cannot reach the Endable Kingdom. The powers of the gods do not reach there at all. The gods know about it, of course. >

‘Ah. ’

Cale now realized one of the reasons the gods did not know about what the Endable Kingdom was plotting.

< And the information that I know are things only those with titles know about. >

< Only five people, including the White Star, know about it. >

< You are the sixth person. >

Cale was silent as he continued to keep his eyes closed.

It was fine to ask questions after hearing everything.

More things continued to be written on his palm.

< Cale Henituse. I'm sure you are curious to know how the Demonic race plans on entering this world without using the Gate to the Demon World. >

Yes, he was curious.

It was a big problem if that was possible.

The World Tree had said the following.

‘Gods cannot interfere with the happenings of the world. They cannot change nor modify the fate people were born with. ’

That was why they used Saints and Holy Maidens, as well as Dragons if it involved the Demonic race, to stop them. If it got really bad, then they sent the Divine race.

That was why if the Demonic race found a way to stealthily enter this world and cause a ruckus, the entire world might end up in the Demonic race’s hands before anybody could do anything about it.

‘Then how will the Demonic race make it over?’

Fredo continued to write at that moment.

There were no traces left behind as he was using his finger on Cale’s palm.


Cale gasped.

< Why do you think the Demonic race must come over from the Demon World? >

< Won't it be solved if they can ‘create’ the Demonic race here? >

Create the Demonic race. But who?

Cale thought about the White Star.

‘… The White Star is planning on becoming a part of the Demonic race!’

He was not subservient to the Demonic race.

Cale’s heart thumped loudly.

< The White Star, he, against Dragons, humans... He plans to become a ruler who has transcended all limits of this world. >

< He will no longer be an existence of this world. >

Cale opened his closed eyes. He looked right at the purple eyes looking at him and started to speak.

“Sounds like we need to destroy it.”

They wanted to create it. Then they needed to destroy it to stop it.

“Duke Fredo, you knew about all this already. Why are you suddenly thinking it is crazy?”


Fredo finally let go of Cale’s hand. He confirmed that Choi Han and Raon looked confused before starting to speak.

“He’s rushing it.”
“Yes, the White Star is rushing things.”

Originally, this was supposed to happen later.

That was why Fredo had planned on slowly taking over the Endable Kingdom and turning the White Star into a scarecrow or getting rid of him.

“Cale Henituse. That man is rushing things because of you.”
“… Because of me?”
“Yes. You are someone who has received the will-”


Raon suddenly slammed down on the table with his chubby front paw.


The table cracked in half.

Raon looked angry and started to shout as Cale turned toward him.

“No! Our human is not even a tiny bit interested in a god! He is a good human whose only dream is to be a slacker!”
“I know.”
“… You know?”
“… I don’t believe in the slacker part but I know that he is not someone who has received the will of a god. I told Cale Henituse everything because I know that that is the case. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to tell him. They would hear everything.”

They didn’t need to ask who would hear. They knew that Fredo must be talking about the gods.

“To be honest with you, I hate both the gods and the Demonic race. I hate having anybody above me.”

His goal was the most important.

An arrogant smile appeared on Fredo’s face.

“Anyway, you’ll need to come to the Endable Kingdom with me.”

Fredo grabbed Cale’s hand again and quickly started to write.

< The device to turn the White Star into a member of the Demonic race is located at the deepest spot of the Endable Kingdom. I cannot destroy it. I need your help. >

“I will tell you more details at the Endable Kingdom.”

The device to change a human into a member of the Demonic race existed inside the Endable Kingdom.

‘Is he telling the truth?’

Cale stared at Duke Fredo.

The Endable Kingdom. That was the enemy headquarters. It was quite dangerous to go there.

‘… But I need to go at least once. ’

Regardless of whether Fredo was telling the truth or lying… He needed to go to the Endable Kingdom at least once. That was a mysterious dimension where nothing was known about.

“I know what you are thinking about.”

Cale looked toward him after hearing Duke Fredo’s voice.

“You don’t trust me.”
“Of course.”
“Then let me show you some proof so that you can trust me.”

Fredo touched his wrist that was visible because he undid the buttons.

“The reason I was able to trick the White Star and move around so freely until now is because of a family treasure that has been passed down for generations.”
“… Are you going to give that treasure to me or something?”
“Yes, I’ll give it to you.”

Cale looked toward Fredo in shock as he had just asked that question without expecting much.

Fredo chuckled at him before continuing to speak.

“It is also how you will infiltrate the Endable Kingdom without hiding and causing any suspicion.”

Cale was wondering what the hell he was he talking about.

It was at that moment.

“You. How would you like to be me?”

Cale looked at the young Duke Fredo from head to toe.

‘Become Duke Fredo? That much is not possible with dye magic. It’s not like I’m a Dragon who is polymorphing. ’

Duke Fredo continued to speak at that moment.

“Do you know how I can take on this young boy’s appearance?”


He pulled up his sleeve.

There was a black band surrounding his arm.

“This treasure is able to record the current patriarch’s appearance from when he was young and help the patriarch turn into that young appearance whenever he wants until he dies.”


The black band started to glow red.


Cale could now see that Duke Fredo was in his adult form. Duke Fredo who returned to his original appearance crossed his legs and leaned on the chair. He looked very sluggish.

Cale, who was watching this, started to speak.

“Even if I go as the young Duke Fredo, there will at least be once when I have to meet the White Star as Duke Fredo. How do you plan on tricking him?”

Even if he could transform into young Duke Fredo’s appearance…He would get tangled up with the White Star and the other nobles. Most importantly, he would need to trick everyone inside the Endable Kingdom.

There was no way that would be easy.

“That’s not an issue.”

Fredo seemed very relaxed.

“I guess I didn’t explain properly.”

He touched his band as if he had forgotten a key detail.


He returned to his young appearance before continuing to speak.

“I am Fredo the Second in the Endable Kingdom.”

‘Fredo the Second? Duke Fredo’s son?’


The band flashed again.

Fredo returned to his adult form.

“I’m the father.”

The band flashed again. The young Fredo appeared.

“This appearance is the son. Everybody other than a few subordinates all believe that this is the case.”

Cale looked toward the smiling Vampire and started to speak.

“So you are saying that the people of the Endable Kingdom think that your young appearance is Fredo the Second?”
“Yes. They think this is my son.”
“… Then I will be going into the Endable Kingdom as your son?”
“Yes, you will go into the Endable Kingdom holding your father’s hand.”

Cale was flabbergasted.

How could he not be when one person had tricked everyone else while pretending to be both the father and the son?

‘But it is a good plan. ’

Cale didn’t know about the Endable Kingdom.

That was why there were chances that he would do something odd and people might find it weird.

‘But if I’m a child?’

Then they should be understanding of his actions.

‘And it won’t be weird for a son to be by his father’s side. ’

That was why Cale would be able to move with Duke Fredo and have him guide him around. It would be easy for him to get help as well.

‘This doesn’t sound bad. ’

Cale’s gaze headed toward the band on Duke Fredo’s arm.

The band changed size based on Fredo’s physique, so it fit the young Duke Fredo’s arm as well.

“Cale Henituse. Some of your allies have seen my appearances.”

Cale nodded his head.

The mercenaries, Elves, and the others had seen Duke Fredo’s two different appearances.

“I’m sure that you can keep them quiet? Don’t you have at least that much power?”

Cale did not respond. It was obvious that he could do that.

Duke Fredo seemed satisfied by his lack of response and took the band off his arm. He instantly returned to his adult form.

“Let’s go together, my son.”

Cale quietly watched him for a bit before grabbing the band from Fredo.


The corners of Cale’s lips started to go up.

“Should I call you father?”

Fredo smiled back and responded.

“By the way, you will need to call the White Star, Eldest Uncle.”

‘What? Eldest Uncle?’

Cale started to frown.

“The White Star cherishes Fredo the Second quite a bit.”

‘Damn it. ’

Cale was already getting chills.

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