Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 532 – Mountain after mountain (5)

The son’s shoulders were slightly shaking as he looked at his loving father, his only family member, being in pain like this.
Naru had this thought on his mind.

‘…My poor life.’

He felt as if he would laugh in disbelief.
Holding back that laughter was making his shoulders shake.

But the people who did not know this were just looking at him with pitying eyes.
The eyes of the two people who were standing in the hallway just outside the bedroom were extremely teary.

The people who came with the White Star were people Cale knew as well.
It was the woman wearing the black armor and riding on the black horse.
The other was the Dark Elf old man.
The two of them were in their regular outfits instead of their battle outfits.

The Dark Elf old man started to speak.

“I always feel this way, but Naru does not seem to be like Duke Fredo-nim at all.”

There was a bit of sneer in his eyes as he said that before it disappeared.


The woman sneered at the Dark Elf old man.

“Why don’t you just say it outright instead of beating around the bush?”
“Beating around the bush? I am just telling it as is.”

The two of them looked at each other for a moment before looking back at Naru Von Ejellan whose head the White Star was patting.
The two of them had the same thought.

‘He’s weak.’

His foundation was weak.

The Future Duke Ejellan who would lead the Vampires…
Naru Von Ejellan…
This young boy’s body had been weak since he was young, which was why Duke Fredo ordered him to stay in a villa for healing and resting instead of staying in the Endable Kingdom.

There was a hidden sneer in the Dark Elf old man’s mouth.

‘The Kingdom has been here for 20 years. Naru has always been weak during that time.’

Twenty years was a short period of time for Vampires who lived for hundreds of years, but this was the time that the future Vampire leader should be growing.
However, Naru was the same as the first time they met and had not grown at all.

His body was weak, so his physique was less developed as well.

This was why the Vampires and the citizens of the Endable Kingdom loved Naru’s pure innocence and warm demeanor but worried about the kingdom’s future.

However, Naru’s weakness was a source of joy for at least these two people.
They were all in competition with each other.
The thought of their enemy’s future slipping away was enjoyable.

“Let’s go in.”

The two of them then entered the bedroom.
No matter how they truly felt, they had to look as if they were concerned and upset about the status of their comrade, Duke Fredo.


A person who was watching the two of their backs as well as the sight inside the bedroom subconsciously rubbed the back of his hand.
He had slight goosebumps on his hands.

This man was Melundo, the Butler of this residence and one of Duke Fredo’s hidden trusted subordinates.

‘What an amazing human.’

His gaze had been focused on Cale’s back since a while ago.
Vampires were born with talent in stealth and camouflage.

‘Even if it is easier to camouflage because he changed his appearance with the Duke-nim’s treasure… I didn’t expect him to be so talented.’

He could not hide his shock at Cale who had transformed into their young master Naru.

Cale Henituse and the White Star.

The two of their relationships could be said to be the worst of the worst.

‘But he’s able to act so sad as if Duke Fredo-nim really is his father even in front of his bitter enemy!’

His mental strength was surprising.
He heard that this human was twenty years old this year, but how could such a young human use such clever methods?

He turned to look at Solena.
She was already looking at Melundo as well.
The two of them made eye contact and realized that they were both shocked by Cale.

Both of them started to smile.

‘We picked the right card.’
‘This is beneficial for us.’

Duke Fredo’s two trusted subordinates became certain that they had made the right decision.

They slowly turned their gazes back toward the back of Naru Von Ejellan, the boy known as Duke Fredo’s son… Well, Cale Henituse who had become him.

These two Vampire allies were looking at Cale…
Two enemies were looking at Cale while sneering as well.
Cale who was receiving all these gazes gasped in amazement internally without knowing what was going on behind him.

‘How amazing.’

Cale thought about the armband that should be hidden inside his clothes.
Duke Fredo had said the following about this band.

‘This treasure changes my outer appearance and hides all the internal stuff as well. The White Star will not be able to notice your ancient powers.’

The White Star truly did not seem to notice his ancient powers as Fredo had mentioned.

‘That’s why he’s patting my head like this.’

He was extremely upset.
It was obvious why, given the situation.

The White Star was patting Cale’s head not with the left hand that Cale had sent flying in the battle at the Caro Kingdom’s Land of Death, but with a new hand.

‘…It’d be weird if I wasn’t upset.’

Alberu Crossman would probably be laughing if he saw what was going on.
Cale suddenly recalled the crown prince who barely managed to hold back his laughter and told him to have a safe trip with a pitying gaze in his eyes when Cale went to report to him prior to leaving.

Cale subconsciously tensed up.
It was because he became extremely annoyed.

The White Star calmly looked down at him and watched before starting to speak.


Naru Von Ejellan, the boy who was known for being weak but also for being good.
That child was closing his eyes and shaking his shoulders in front of his uncle whom he usually followed very well.

Anybody would find this to be pitiful.
The White Star called out in a gentle and low voice.


The White Star could see his nephew’s purple eyes that barely managed to open and look up at him. He was not his blood nephew, but he followed the White Star as if he was his blood uncle.

The White Star started to speak to that child.

“I understand what you are thinking. This Eldest Uncle of yours will make Cale Henituse submit, so don’t worry.”

The boy’s voice was shaking.
The White Star nodded his head as if he understood everything.

“Yes, I can feel your heart even without you saying anything else. Cheer up.”

He then moved his hand away from Cale’s head and turned toward Duke Fredo.
He looked at Duke Fredo’s complexion for a while before starting to speak.

“Duke. I hope that you can recover quickly to join me in achieving our grand vision of the Endable Kingdom.”

His voice was calm but honest.

“I will work hard to achieve the great accomplishment that we have been working toward for so long while I wait for you to wake up. So, hurry up and get better.”

The White Star’s feelings about Duke Fredo seemed to be showing.


However, Cale scoffed internally while watching him.

‘My goodness, it’s not even funny.’

He was flabbergasted at the White Star’s actions.
The White Star was cursed after breaking the promise between Dragon Lord Sheritt and the Dragon Slayer that had been passed down for generations.
That curse was one that Lord Sheritt had made while making a deal with the God of Death.

He would eternally repeat life and was unable to have anything precious forever.
The White Star was cursed to lose anything he found precious.
Things that were precious to him had to disappear from this world.

‘But Duke Fredo and Naru aren’t dead.’

That could only mean one thing.


That wasn’t even funny.
The White Star did not truly cherish Duke Fredo and Naru.

‘He’s probably pretending to like them because a loyal Duke and a nephew who listens to him are both easy to use.’

That was why Cale did not trust anything the White Star said with a gentle smile on his face.

‘Of course, Duke Fredo thinks that the White Star truly cherishes Naru and himself.’

Cale did not fix Duke Fredo’s misunderstanding.

‘…He’s the enemy.’

Duke Fredo was not a trustworthy person.
They were just working together, so it wouldn’t be weird if their partnership stopped at any moment.

‘But there is still one thing I gained from this.’

Cale had realized something based on Duke Fredo’s attitude.

‘The White Star must not have told his subordinates about his curse.’

He felt as if he could use this information to his advantage in the future.

“Then Naru, Uncle is leaving now.”

Cale, who was debating how to use this information to smack the White Star from behind, looked toward him in shock.
The White Star opened his arms as if he felt pity for the blanking Cale.

“Naru. Let’s say goodbye before I leave.”

The White Star smiled brightly while opening his arms.


‘He wants to hug, right? Me hugging the White Star? …Should I kill him?’

This was the perfect opportunity in some ways.

– No! Cale! You will faint the moment you use an ancient power to try to kill the White Star! You will leave this world while you have fainted if you fail!

Cale lowered his head and walked toward the White Star after hearing the Super Rock urgently stop him.

He then hugged him.

“Aigoo. You have no strength.”

The White Star patted his nephew’s back as he received a weak hug and consoled him.

“Your Eldest Uncle will send over food you like, so make sure to take care of yourself as you are taking care of the Duke. Got it?”

‘Wow. I never expected there to be a day when I could eat food that the White Star sends me and relax.’

Cale had never felt this way before.

The White Star who didn’t know this stopped hugging Cale and turned around as if he was done here.

“Naru, there is no need to walk me out. Take care of yourself. All of you can speak to Naru and the Duke if you have anything to say before coming out.”
“Yes, my liege.”
“We will follow you soon, my liege.”

Cale could see the Dark Elf old man and the knight walking toward him.

‘Looks like they somehow survived the avalanche.’

Cale looked toward the two enemies who looked fine despite the large avalanche he sent toward them on the northern snowy mountain with disappointment.
However, he had to start speaking.

He used the information he heard from Solena and Duke Fredo to speak to them properly.

“Grandfather, aunt. Hello. It’s been very long.”

The Dark Elf old man grabbed Cale’s hand.

“This must be very hard on you. This grandfather will pray for you and your father.”

Cale recalled Duke Fredo’s thoughts on the old man as the old man said that.

‘That bastard is extremely desperate to push me out and become a Duke. It’s rare to see someone so old still being so greedy for power. He’s a cute old man.’

Next was the woman who had been in black armor.

“Cheer up.”

That was all she said.

‘She’s a decent person. She doesn’t show me any animosity, she just thinks I’m weird.’

She then looked at Duke Fredo once before turning around and heading out of the bedroom.

“I’ll be on my way as well.”

The Dark Elf old man said a few words of concern to the unconscious Duke Fredo before leaving as well.

The Butler followed them out and Solena was the only one left outside the door.
She bowed toward Cale and started to speak.

“Young master-nim, please chat.”

Screeech- boom!

The bedroom door closed.
Cale blankly looked at the door for a bit before turning around.

“You happy?”

He glared at Duke Fredo who was now sitting on the bed and leaning against the headrest.

“You think this is funny?”

Duke Fredo was smiling.

“Cale Henituse, you are very good at dealing with an unexpected situation.”
“You happy?”
“Yes. Seeing my old self cursing at me is quite new and enjoyable.”
“You crazy bastard.”

Cale plopped down on a corner of the bed.

“Anyway, now that the White Star and the other bastards saw us together, they shouldn’t say anything even if we are out and about together right?”
“That should be the case.”

Duke Fredo nodded his head and continued to speak.

“We should be able to start making our move once I wake up tomorrow night or the morning after that.”
“Then I guess that I can explore the area and observe the current atmosphere until then.”

Fredo and Cale made eye contact.

Fredo then started to speak again.

“We can focus on finding a way to destroy the facility that will turn the White Star into a member of the Demonic race starting two days from now.”

The facility that will turn the White Star into a member of the Demonic race.
It was said to be located in the deepest spot in the Endable Kingdom.

Cale nodded his head and started to speak.

“You’re freely saying those things now.”
“Of course. The gods have no eyes inside the Endable Kingdom.”

Fredo could say those secretive things freely as the gods could not see within the kingdom.
Of course, Cale could not relax.

‘The God of Death should know that I am in the Endable Kingdom.’

Cale’s body had a tracker known as the Vow of Death.

“Then I can now rest until you wake up, right?”

Cale looked toward Fredo and asked.

“Yes, you can rest.”

Cale felt a bit relaxed even though this was the enemy’s territory after hearing that he could rest a bit.
Duke Fredo started to speak at that moment.

“Ah. Also, this is for your reference. My Butler Melundo told me about this.”

‘Hmm? What could it be?’

“There is going to be a grand assembly at the palace tomorrow afternoon.”

‘What assembly?’

“It is a gathering of the Endable Kingdom’s nobles and high-ranking officials. It is an important meeting. You will need to go in my place. That’s what you’ve always done.”


“I’m sure it is a meeting regarding the Endable Kingdom’s festival in the fall.”


“Why do you look so shocked? People live here as well, so we should have things like festivals so they can enjoy themselves.”
“…I guess so?”
“Yes. That’s the situation.”

‘I see.’

Cale nodded his head, thinking that it shouldn’t affect him at all.
Of course, it was a big problem to attend the grand assembly.

Cale started to frown again.
Duke Fredo started to speak again after seeing that.

“Ah, also…”
“There’s more? Another, ‘also’?”

Fredo ignored Cale’s vicious gaze and pointed somewhere with his hand.

“Do you see that mirror over there?”

Cale noticed the full body mirror on the bedroom wall.

“The secret area is inside there.”

Cale’s eyes clouded over after hearing that.
The secret area inside the residence.

That meant that inside there-

“Your friends are in there.”

Choi Han and Raon who had stealthily come with him were on the other side of the mirror.

“You can come out now.”

Once Fredo looked toward the mirror and said that…

Screech. Screech. Screech.

Some odd noises filled the bedroom before a hole appeared at the center of the mirror until the mirror completely disappeared.
Cale could see a warm and simple room where the mirror used to be.


As Cale subconsciously gasped…


Raon opened his chubby front paws toward Cale who was outside the mirror.


Choi Han appeared behind him.
Cale looked toward the Dragon and the human walking toward him before starting to speak.

“…You were watching the whole thing?”

Had they seen everything from the other side of the mirror?
Could they hear the conversation in the bedroom from inside the mirror?

As Cale had those questions…


Raon flew over and patted his back with his front paw.


Raon sounded sad.

“I saw everything from inside there… Human…I know that was hard.”

Raon was consoling Cale.
Choi Han then walked up as well and raised his bowed head.


Choi Han barely managed to say the following with an emotional gaze.

“…That really must have been hard, holding back for the future when you could have slashed the enemy’s neck. I respect you.”

Raon and Choi Han were looking at Cale with pity and pride.

“That’s right! Human! I saw how you were holding back your anger as well! Human, you looked cool!”

‘…Ha. This is so hard.’

Cale avoided the emotional Raon and Choi Han and started to think that today had been harder than most of the battles he had faced.

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