Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 422 – Going Until the End (3)

– Human, are you okay?

Cale could see the black Dragon who was still talking in his mind even though he was no longer invisible. The smart child was showing his concern this way so that the enemy could not hear.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Cale could feel his heart beating wildly.


He kicked off the ground. His body shot forward. He then started to whisper.



The wind surrounded Cale again and he charged toward the enemies in front of him as a large gust of wind.


Dorph was amazed while looking at the approaching Cale. He brushed his face that had appeared out of the shadows because of the light from the burning golems.

“But not yet.”

His two hands each created large spears and threw them out.


The two long spears in the shape of an X crashed into the fiery thunderbolt.

Crackle, crackle.

The two spears and the fiery thunderbolt looked ready to gobble each other up as neither side retreated.

Dorph could see Cale past the spears who was continuing to cough up blood.


“You’re going to die if you keep coughing up blood like that. Is that okay?”


However, Dorph could see the human smiling as he continued to cough up blood, and then…


Dorph’s body started to shake. He felt a strong impact on his side. He urgently turned his head but did not see anything.


Dorph had been mesmerized by Cale who was surrounded by the fancy wind and fire that he had forgotten about someone else for a moment.

Dorph then saw the black Dragon who slowly revealed himself in the air by his waist. He made eye contact with the Dragon.


Once the black Dragon smiled the same way as Cale Henituse…

“Lift up.”

He heard Cale Henituse’s voice. Dorph flinched and quickly fixed his posture to defend against any attacks coming his way.

The black Dragon and the fiery thunderbolt. Neither of them was an easy opponent. However, he should have paid more attention to what Cale meant by, ‘lift up.’


Dorph started to frown.

Cale Henituse was flying up. He could also see the wind and fire that were surrounding Cale’s body and slowly getting bigger.

‘……The black wall!’

Cale Henituse was not aiming for Dorph. After taking care of the golems, he was now aiming for the black wall. He needed to get rid of it to use his ancient powers properly and for Raon and Choi Han’s abilities to return to normal as well.

The spear disappeared from Dorph’s hand. Then the black presence gathered in his hand again.



However, Dorph’s body started to shake again. He looked to the side. The young Dragon’s black mana was flying toward him.

“You can’t go.”

Raon’s black mana started to envelop Dorph. Dorph prepared for the explosion that would soon happen.


The black presence gathered around him. Raon’s black mana and Dorph’s black presence encountered each other.


Dorph started to frown.

Raon’s mana did not explode. They were like mud as they tried to tie down Dorph’s feet.

The black mana was impacting the area around Dorph so that he could not escape. Dorph looked toward Raon with a frown.

“You’re trying to tie me down!”

Raon started to smile.

“Our human needs to do as he pleases. That is what I want to let happen. You can’t go anywhere!”

“These punks……!”

Dorph tried to move his feet.

Unfortunately, the sticky black mana had covered up to his ankles, making him unable to move. He jerked his head to look up.


Cale was continuing to fly up. The fiery thunderbolt surrounding him was shining even brighter now. It was as if he had become a human thunderbolt and shot up from the ground to pierce through the black wall.


Dorph started to flail. The black mana was up to his waist by now.

“How can you gather mana so quickly underneath the black wall……?!”

He stared angrily at Raon. Raon snorted at his gaze and shouted back.

“It is because I am the great and mighty Raon Miru!”

Raon then peeked toward Cale as well.

The weak human who was surrounded by a fiery wind continued to cough up blood in the distance. He was worried Cale might die from a loss of blood.


It was at that moment.

“Kekeke, kahahahahaha!”

Raon turned his head. Dorph was laughing loudly even as the black mana was covering his body. Raon shared his honest sentiments.

“Hey Lion. Did you go nuts?”

“Hahahaha, mmph, keke, kahahahaha!”

Raon looked toward Dorph who just continued to laugh as if he was looking at a crazy lion. Dorph continued to laugh as he observed Raon.

He finally stopped after a bit and started to speak.

“How foolish.”

He was no longer laughing.

“Do you think you can destroy the black wall with that fire and wind?”

Dorph looked down at the mana that was up to his chest now and started to move his arms.

Plop, plop.

Raon’s mana easily fell off from Dorph’s arms like mud.

“This speed isn’t much even if you can gather mana quickly.”

“… How?”

Raon looked toward Dorph in shock.

“How did I do it?”

Dorph calmly responded as Raon’s mana easily fell away every time Dorph moved his arms or body.


The feeble-looking middle-aged man started to smile.

“I am the strongest under that wall.”


An eerie noise started to come out of Dorph’s body before his shoulders started to heat up.

Siiiiizzle. Siiiiizzle.

Steam started to rise from his shoulders.

“Hehe, I am the darkness and death.”

The young Dragon’s dark blue eyes could see Dorph started to get bigger.

Crack, crack.

He could see the appearance of a Lion in its berserk transformation. It was different than when the Wolf boy Lock entered his berserk transformation. Raon took a step back.


Dorph’s body grew oddly large. His face turned vicious as well.


The ground shook once Dorph took a step. Dorph started to take step after step toward Raon.


His clothes had already ripped off because they could not handle his large body. The feeble middle-aged man was gone and replaced with a large wild beast with sparkling pupils.

“Young Dragon, have you ever seen a dead Elemental?”


Raon’s wings touched a tree. Dorph was standing in front of him.


Hot steam continued to rise from Dorph’s body as the Lion King asked this tiny young Dragon another question.

“What about eating one?”

Raon’s pupils opened wide before he lowered his small head. Dorph watched Raon’s actions as he started to whisper.

“It is delicious.”


A large black presence started to gather around his large arm that looked vicious because of the muscles and veins.

“Young Dragon, you may be a Dragon, but you are still a child who has lived for less than 10 years. I am an existence that has become special after living for hundreds of years. You cannot win against that time and special nature. I wonder how a young Dragon would taste.”

The black presence turned into an orb and the vicious hand grabbed onto it before heading toward Raon. Dorph smiled as he commented.

“Darkness and death do not have forms. Wind and fire cannot destroy them. Only my liege and I can handle them.”

“I know.”


Dorph flinched after hearing the quiet voice. As the fist heading toward Raon flinched…

“I already told you.”

The small Dragon raised his head. He was smiling.

“I am the great and mighty Raon Miru.”


Dorph felt chills on his back. He turned his head.

Raon had retreated to a spot with many trees. It was a part of the forest where there were a lot of shadows. This was a spot that was still dark, unlike the areas where the golems were flailing. That was why Dorph could run more wildly here. However, Raon had hidden his powers inside that darkness.

The leaves, the grass… Raon’s black mana that had been hiding under these tiny shadows had suddenly surrounded Dorph. Dorph and Raon made eye contact.

“I am a great and mighty Dragon who knows how to instantly use something I learned.”


Raon was smiling brightly.

“By watching me do it!”


Dorph could not finish his sentence. The black mana charged toward him.

“Hey Lion, by the way.”

Dorph could hear Raon speaking as this extremely pure black mana that could not compare to the mud-like mana from before started to bind him.

“We are not trying to destroy the black wall.”


An alarm went off in Dorph’s mind. He finally understood Raon and Cale’s actions.

“Dorph, you look funny like that.”

Once he heard the Bear King’s voice…

“The Dragon is quite strong.”

As the Bear King who had been fighting against Choi Han had escaped and threw a spear of light toward Raon to help Dorph while coming over… Dorph started to shout.

“No! Don’t come!”


Dorph shouted while trying his best to break the black mana that was binding him. The black mana was much harder to break than before, making Dorph unable to move quickly. He continued to shout toward the Bear King as he did that.

“Sayeru! Not here!”


Bear King Sayeru flinched as he ran over.


He soon changed the direction of the spear and the spear of light reached its destination.


An explosion rang out but Bear King Sayeru bit down on his lips.

“Damn it!”

He could see Choi Han shooting up into the air. Raon had reached him at some point as well.

“They were aiming for the airships!”

They could also see the red whirlwind that had stopped at the center of the airships that were floating under the black wall. It was Cale Henituse. Choi Han and Raon quickly approached Cale.

“All of you, dodge! Fly up!”

Sayeru urgently took a video communication device out of his pocket and the airships quickly started to move.

“Hurry up and get on! Get on now!”

“We are moving!”

Even the airship that had stealthily lowered a rope to the top of the Northern Alchemists’ Tower to rescue the Lions, black mages and other allies quickly tried to move away from Cale.


Sayeru shouted as the airships quickly flew up.

“Not the sky! You can’t fly up into the sky!”


The fiery thunderbolts would strike down if they flew up past the black wall.

– Sayeru-nim, then what should we do?

He heard the pilot’s urgent voice but Sayeru started to frown.

‘Cale Henituse would definitely burn the airships like he did to the golems if they don’t run far away.’

The airships had nowhere to run. Someone grabbed Sayeru by the back of his collar as he realized that fact.

“We need to get them.”

Dorph grabbed him by the back of the collar and shot up into the air. They were heading toward where Cale Henituse, Choi Han, and Raon were floating.

“…. I will grab the fire.”

A strong force of light started to gather in Sayeru’s hand. This light shined even brighter and hotter than the fire.

Cale looked toward that light, the Bear King, and Dorph as he commented.

“Too late.”

Boom. Boom!

Cale’s wildly beating heart was telling him.

This was the last time. This was the last power he could use.

Using any more would put him in danger.

Cale knew this was the case and happily offered his body. He then started to speak.


“Human, what is it?!”
“I think I’m going to faint if I use this power.”

Raon flinched before quickly responding.

“I’ll let it go this once! I’ll let it go this time!”

Cale subconsciously started to smile as he asked a question.

“What should you do once I faint?”
“Run away! It is fine because you already landed a hit, human!”

That was the right answer.

“I will defeat that Bear and Lion next time! …It is difficult for us right now, but it will be different next time!”

This was also true. There was no benefit in harming the Bear King and Dorph right now if they weren’t going to kill them. Those two would not stop just because they got injured. They had Elemental Arts and ancient powers on them. Those would only disappear once they were dead.

In that case…

“That is why we are destroying everything!”

Shouldn’t they at least destroy everything that has value? Who cares if they are strong? What could they do if they had no money? They would have no airships, no dead mana, and no golems, and where would they get the money to replace all of these things?

Cale smiled as he looked toward someone.



An eerie noise mixed in with Cale’s wind and fiery thunderbolt.

“I will take the lead.”

“You smart bastard, no, punk.”

‘Ah, that’s not it either.’

– You can say such things when you are at your limit?

He could hear the Super Rock’s voice and could almost imagine him shaking his head, but Cale just nodded his head.

Drip, drip.

Blood continued to fall. He didn’t even have the strength to respond anymore.

Underneath the black wall… Even if the wind was free and the fire shone brightly… The hurdles in this battle had placed a burden on his body. Furthermore, he had used three different ancient powers by using the wood, wind, and fire powers.

Choi Han stood in front of Cale and lifted his sword.

“No! You think we will let you do as you please?!”

They could hear Sayeru’s voice coming from below. Choi Han extended his sword forward after seeing the numerous spears of light shooting up at them.

His power that was a mix of half despair and half happiness. He was able to use his powers under this black wall because of that despair.

“Run wild.”

The black Yong shot out from Choi Han’s sword.


The East Asian Yong that did not exist in this world opened its jaws as it started to cause chaos underneath the black wall. However, the black Yong that was half made of happiness could not show its full strength.

Nonetheless, Choi Han turned his head without any hesitation.

Blink. Blink.

He could see Cale slowly blinking his eyes. Choi Han supported his body and Cale pointed to the black Yong trying to gobble up the airships as he started to speak.

“Follow that thing.”

And then…

“Burn them all up.”


The red whirlwind followed behind the black Yong. The black Yong and the red whirlwind mixed together to create a strong force.

Baaaaaang! Baaaaang! Baaaaaang!

The airships started to break. Nothing could stop this black Yong that was riding on this violent fiery whirlwind.

“Cale Henituse!”

Cale could hear Sayeru’s angry shout, but he slowly closed his eyes as he watched the black Yong and the fiery whirlwind destroy the airships.

‘We have to destroy all the expensive things.’

Cale, who felt a bit better after destroying these expensive things, could see that the black Yong disappeared after using all of its strength while the fiery thunderbolt and wind were still running wild together.

Then a large spear of light struck where he had just been standing.

“Where do you think you are going?!”

Cale started to think as he heard Sayeru’s shout.

‘Who says that you guys are the only ones that can run away? Let me run away too!’


Cale had an oddly satisfied smile on his face as the world turned black. His body slumped once he became unconscious.


The spear of light exploded. It was so strong that it created a hole in the black wall. This was an extremely pure light that was much stronger than Dorph’s power.


Bear King Sayeru coughed up blood. He then shouted in anger.

“Damn it!”

The spot where the spear of light had struck. There was nobody there.

Cale, Choi Han, and Raon had already escaped. The only thing left in their place were the golems and airships that they had destroyed.

Tap, tap.

Cale flinched after feeling someone tapping his cheek.

‘Am I waking up after fainting?’

Was he not dreaming this time? Cale felt a bit more relaxed and decided he should open his eyes.

“Kim Rok Soo.”

However, Cale stopped opening his eyes once he heard team leader Lee Soo Hyuk’s voice.

“I already know you are awake.”

It was another dream. A dream that showed him the past. He didn’t want to face this kind of dream when his head was already a complicated mess from the Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo issue.

“Hmm, you’re not going to open your eyes? Then I have another method as well.”

Cale almost felt his heart stop after hearing what came next.

“Cale Henituse. Will you wake up if I call you by that name?”

‘Damn it.’

Cale ended up opening his eyes. He could see team leader Lee Soo Hyuk smiling in front of him.

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