Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 381 – Easy Peasy (3)

First up was Choi Han.


The White Star scoffed.
Anger and shock appeared on the White Star’s pale face.


The sparkling black aura that extended a few meters longer than Choi Han’s sword was shooting toward the White Star.
Choi Han’s body was charging toward the White Star’s heart like an arrow.

“You don’t know your place.”

Large gusts of wind appeared on both of the White Star’s arms.

Choi Han’s eyes clouded over.

Water wall.
Fire sword.

The White Star had fire, water, wood, and wind attribute ancient powers. However, they had only seen the water and fire powers until now.
This was the first time they faced the wind power.

What would this bastard’s wind power be like?

The young Dragon’s voice was sounding off in Choi Han’s mind even at that moment.

– He said to aim for the hands and feet.

Cale’s orders.
Aim for the White Star’s hands and feet.

The tip of Choi Han’s sword moved toward the White Star’s hand.

Flap. Flap.

The White Star’s sleeves were fluttering from the wind.
Then a large whip appeared in his hand.
The wild whirlwind turned into a whip and wrapped around the White Star’s right hand.


The wind whip surrounded the White Star. Choi Han’s hair fluttered from the wind coming out of the whip as he charged forward.
Choi Han made eye contact with the White Star.

The White Star started to speak.

“…You weakling.”

Choi Han’s expression slowly started to change.

“Why are you so weak when time is warped for you?”

Time is warped.

Choi Han started to frown after hearing what the White Star was saying to him.
The White Star raised his whip into the air. He then swung it down.


The wind whip cut through the air.
It charged toward Choi Han while making a vicious sound. The White Star continued to speak stoically as he did that.

“Who are you?”

The wind whip slammed into the sparkling black aura.


The white pebbles on the ground shot up with a loud explosion and caused a giant dust storm.

The White Star saw it at that moment.
He saw the punk who was still charging toward him through the white dust storm.

It was Choi Han.
Choi Han was smiling as he charged toward the White Star.


The whip was flicked toward Choi Han once again.


The blade that was surrounded in black aura slammed against the whip.


Choi Han’s body could not handle the power of the whip and was pushed back. The White Star’s eyebrows lifted up for a moment.


Choi Han’s right hand that was surrounded by aura grabbed onto the wind whip.


The aura and the wind made the chilling screech as they came into contact with each other.

“You fool.”

The White Star flicked the whip in order to force Choi Han to let go. However, Choi Han grabbed onto the whip even tighter.
He then started to smile.

The White Star made eye contact with Choi Han who was smiling while looking at him.

“Who am I?”

Choi Han smiled as he continued to speak.

“I’m not going to tell you.”


The White Star wanted to say something back but did not have the time to do so.
The White Star opened up his left hand and looked in that direction.


A white shield crashed into the White Star’s water wall. He looked toward the source of the shield.

“…You stupid illusion.”

Lord Sheritt who was on top of the dome was glaring at the White Star. White gold mana arrows and more white shields charged toward the White Star at the same time.

They were all aiming for the White Star’s hands and feet.

“T, the liege!”

The mage watched all of this with his eyes wide open.

The ancient Dragon that had launched the white gold mana arrows truly looked tired. However, his eyes were still glaring at the White Star.
Lord Sheritt was also creating shields without stopping.


The mage gulped.

Bang! Baaaaang! Bang!

The two Dragons and the swordsman continued to attack the White Star. Explosions happened one after another. However, the White Star didn’t falter even though his face was completely pale.
It was at that moment.


A strong gust of wind cut through the air every time the White Star flicked his wind whip.
The mage finally realized what he needed to do.

“Attack the enemies!”

He gave the order to their forces who were gathered behind his wind wall to avoid the poisonous fog.
The subordinates immediately dispersed into the battlefield without fearing the poison.

“…As expected of the liege!”

The poisonous fog shook every time he swung the wind whip. He was forcing the poisonous fog to go toward the two Dragons and the swordsman instead of the enemies.
That was why the red poisonous fog disappeared.

“I got rid of one.”

The White Star watched the poisonous fog disappear before leisurely flicking the whip again.

“…It’s about time you let go.”

Choi Han was being swung around by the whip but was still holding on. His entire body was covered in small cuts.

That was why the red fog disappeared every time Choi Han got close.
On and Hong couldn’t let the poison seep in through his cuts.

The White Star watched this and started to laugh.
It could not be helped.

Three beings were staring at him once the fog disappeared.
Two small Kittens and one black Dragon.

He could not help but laugh in disbelief at these young children who were aiming for him.

“Aww, are you going to attack?”

He gently spoke as if he was talking to a child.
Black mana fluctuated around Raon as if to respond to his question.


Numerous black shields became covered in red fog.
They looked ready to charge toward the White Star at any moment.


The White Star sighed.
He looked around. The Bear tribe, Lion Tribe, Cat tribe, and the Arm members were all getting into formation and moving toward the enemies now that the poisonous fog was gone.

Cale’s group would soon have to fight against the subordinates instead of being able to focus on the White Star.

They seemed to know this was the case as well.

“Move away!”

Beacrox stood in front of the Mercenary King and Cale as he shouted.
His greatsword pointed toward the White Star at the same time.
He was not the only one.

The two Dragons, the assassin, the Cats, and the young Dragon. All of them pointed their attacks toward the White Star.
And Choi Han.


He shouted out as he grabbed the whip with both hands.


The wind and black aura mixed together to create a terrible sound.

“…How annoying.”

The White Star watched as numerous colors charged toward him.

Tens of white gold mana arrows were shooting down on him like rain.
At the same time, black shields surrounded in red poisonous fog tried to attack him from multiple directions.
The white shields that were in front of the black shields were charging toward him like spears.
The man with the greatsword and the assassin were behind them.

“I will protect Cale!”

Then the Mercenary King brought out his blue aura and fought against the White Star’s subordinates.

“M, my liege!”

The mage had a shield ready to cast as soon as all of Cale’s group’s attacks got near the White Star.
He was ready to protect the White Star at any moment.

“Ha, haha-”

However, the White Star was still laughing as these attacks moved toward him.

“You dare.”

His eyes were filled with anger contrary to his laugh.
The White Star’s water wall shot up to the sky.

Baaaaang! Bang! Bang!

The water wall crashed into the white gold arrows and exploded. A beautiful light shined down at everyone around the explosion.

However, the White Star just stoically flicked the whip.
It was different than before.


A wind as strong as a natural disaster came out of the whip this time. The strong winds crashed into Choi Han’s body as he held onto the whip.


A grunt louder than before came out of Choi Han’s mouth.


He had no choice but to remove one hand from the whip. However, Choi Han was still holding onto the whip with one hand.

It could not be helped.
The whip had been heading toward Beacrox and Ron.
Choi Han was trying to prevent that with his body.

“How touching.”

The White Star scoffed and started to squint.
He could see the shields flying toward him. There were both black and white shields.

“Dragons truly are selfish.”

The White Star chuckled.
He didn’t like how the Dragons were aiming for him when the human Choi Han was trying to save his friends.

The White Star changed the direction of the whip.
Choi Han was naturally dragged along with it.


The whip then ran into the shields.
It meant that Choi Han was about to run into the shields as well.

“Won’t it be fun to make you hurt your friend?”

The White Star laughed out loud before swinging the whip Choi Han was barely holding onto once again. Choi Han’s body shot up to the air before flying toward the shields along with the whip.

It was at that moment.


Ancient Dragon Eruhaben was the one who shouted.
Some white gold arrows exploded before they touched the water wall.

White gold light turned the entire area white.

“Activate your fog!”

Beacrox shouted toward On.
Fog started to spread in all directions.


Choi Han laughed as he let go of the whip. Raon then spoke into his mind.

– I’m about to cast an acceleration spell! Use it well!

Choi Han’s body that was in the air because of the whip regained its balance.


His two feet landed on a shield.
It was a white shield.
Choi Han stepped on the shield before his body quickly shot forward.


The White Star’s eyes opened wide.

Choi Han was moving at a formidable speed.
The White Star quickly determined where he was headed.

The mage.

Choi Han was charging toward the mage who could activate the teleportation magic circle.

“…Damn it!”

The White Star could see his mage subordinate. He realized that the mage must have been planning on casting a shield on him as he was in the middle of casting.
The mage had stopped casting a spell and was watching Choi Han charging toward him with eyes opened wide.

“You dare!”

The White Star subconsciously shouted and flicked the wind whip toward Choi Han.

He had ancient powers but was also able to cast a few spells. However, he was not as skilled in magic as his subordinate.
He needed that mage in order to complete his plans more efficiently.

‘…And my body is a mess right now!’

The White Star was fighting with formidable strength right now, however, his insides were a mess because he did not have a balance of ancient powers. He could not use mana in such a situation.
The balance in his body would become even worse because the mana would clash against the ancient powers.

“You dare! You think that I’ll let you do that?!”

The White Star used the wind whip at maximum power as he flicked it toward Choi Han.


The mage had stopped casting the spell after seeing Choi Han charging toward him.

Choi Han had his black aura in the shape of swords in both hands as he aimed for the mage’s neck. The mage had urgently canceled casting a shield around the White Star.

He changed the recipient for the shield.
He cast the shield on himself.

It was at that moment.

‘…He’s smiling?’

The mage could see Choi Han smiling.
He also noticed what Choi Han was mouthing.

‘You, are-’

‘You’re fast.’

Once Choi Han mouthed those words…


The mage looked down.
A dagger surrounded in red poison was stabbed into his ankle. The mage twisted his body at the same time.
However, there was another dagger climbing up his body as he twisted.


That dagger cut the mage’s wrist.
It was a poisoned dagger.

The mage moved his eyes.

Behind his back.

Once everything became white because of Eruhaben’s magic and On’s fog made it hard to see anything.
Raon’s acceleration spell was cast on someone.

“Unlike the Cats…”

That person whispered to the mage.

“…The Molan household kills the ones who look like they’re about to run away first.”

Ron Molan.
He was smiling toward the mage.
Cale had given an order to the group.

Aim for the White Star’s hands and feet.

“Cough, ugh!”

The mage heard an explosion as he groaned.


The wind whip that was slamming down toward Choi Han was stopped by a combination of white and black shields.
These two were going to be used for defense instead of offense from the beginning.

“My liege……”

The mage’s eyes opened wide.

“B… behind you!”

The White Star turned his head.

He saw a stone spear.

A sharp stone spear that managed to get right behind him looked ready to pierce through his head at any moment.
The White Star could see Cale Henituse’s smiling at him as he coughed up blood while shooting the stone spear toward him.


Cale did not hold back his laughter.
He had told the group in advance.

‘Let’s make the White Star run away in shock.’

Letting the White Star leisurely escape using teleportation?
Cale didn’t want to see such a sight.

The mage who was going to cast the spell had injured his hand and his body was poisoned.

Cale shot the stone spear toward the White Star who was looking at him and asked.

“What the hell are you looking at?”


The stone spear crashed into the White Star and let out a loud explosion.

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