Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 380 – Easy Peasy (2)

“Haaaa. Haaaa.”

The White Star could see Cale Henituse struggling to breathe. His back was moving up and down with each breath.

The area around Cale’s nose and mouth was full of blood.
The Mercenary King’s back was dyed red, probably from the blood flowing out of Cale’s mouth.

Even the color of the blood was dark red instead of a clear red. Cale Henituse’s were also slumped down as if he didn’t even have the energy to hold onto Bud’s shoulders.
Just his chin was around Bud’s shoulder area.

Cale’s eyes blinked.
His half-open eyes seemed extremely weak.

However, the White Star could still see Cale Henituse’s cold gaze looking at him.
It was the same gaze Cale always had toward him.

The White Star started to smirk.


If Cale Henituse’s eyes were different than normal and tried to avoid his gaze or were full of pain, then the White Star would have been suspicious.

However, Cale was looking directly at him with his usual hostility.

He could see the desire in Cale’s eyes to bite and not let go.

“Ha, haha- are you really hurt?”

The White Star could not help but laugh after seeing Cale’s condition.

It made him recall something from the first Dragon Slayer Nelan Barrow’s records. The information he repeated to himself for the past 1,000 years was extremely clear as if it was now etched in his soul.

< The White Star only gathered the strongest of the five natural attribute ancient powers. The earth, fire, water, wind, and wood ancient powers in his possession were some of the strongest ancient powers, making it difficult for those going up against him. For example, if someone with a water attribute ancient power aimed for him, the White Star used his stronger water attribute ancient power to easily defeat the enemy. That is one example of how strong his natural attribute ancient powers were. >

The smile on the White Star’s face grew bigger.

He had struggled for 1,000 years to find the ancient powers described in the records.

He didn’t consider all that time to have been wasted.
He was able to gather all of these strong powers thanks to that.

Once he gathers the earth attribute power which is the last ancient power for him to gather…
He would become extremely strong to the point where Cale Henituse could not even compare to him.

He would truly become the White Star and rule the world.

The White Star heard a familiar voice at that moment.

“What are you looking at?”

The White Star turned around.

“Shouldn’t you be looking at me?”

It was Choi Han.

“My liege!”

The mage created a mana arrow as soon as he saw the tip of Choi Han’s sword pointing toward the still pale White Star.
The arrow was pointed at Choi Han.


However, it could not reach him.
It hit something else first and exploded.


The mage moved away from the sudden explosion before noticing the black Dragon glaring at him through the dust.
It was Raon.


Then they heard some meowing in the middle of the battlefield.
The Bear tribe, the Lion tribe, and the Arm members looked around. The Cats amongst them flinched after hearing the meow.

Raon instantly became covered in fog at that moment.

Then a red fog started to appear from within the white fog.
The red fog enveloped the White Star’s subordinates like a giant wave.

“This is poison!”

The Cats were the first to respond to the red fog.

“These damn trash……!”

The Fog Cat Tribe members activated their fogs as well to surround themselves.
Many warriors who knew how to control fog had shown up to this battle. That was why the poison within the red fog should not be able to affect them at all.

However, the Cats were in a state of urgency.

“Move away from the fog!”

There were Lions, Bears, and Arm members here as well.
They didn’t know how to handle fog, nor did they have any resistance to poison.


The Cat Chief gave a short response toward his tribe members who were looking at him.

“Excuse me?”

The Chief started to smile.
It didn’t matter whether the Bears, Lions, and Arm members died or lived.

The Fog Cat Tribe had just moved over to the Western continent from the Eastern continent.
Their relationship with the White Star was the result of a deal.

That was why the Chief stopped caring about the death of the White Star’s subordinates and started to selfishly think about himself and his tribe. He hid within the fog and gave an order in a quiet voice that only other Cats around him could hear.

“The shame of the Fog Cat Tribe has finally come outside.”

The Cats finally understood what the Chief meant when he said, ‘good.’

“Start the hunt.”

The Cats looked around.

“Ugh! This, this seems to be paralysis poison!”
“Step back! Avoid the fog!”

Some people managed to come to their senses and start running away from the red fog. However, the majority of the people were in shock at the sudden development.

On the other hand, the Cats were not shocked anymore. Half of the Cats stealthily disappeared into the fog.

It was so that they could hunt.

The other half moved like the rest of the White Star’s subordinates.


The mage on the White Star’s side cast a wind spell as he faced the poison head-on. The wind gathered like a wall in front of him and started to move.


The large wind started to push away the poisonous fog.

“Snap out of it!”

The others who were in a state of chaos quickly snapped out of it and headed behind the wind wall that was pushing the poisonous fog away.
The poisonous fog just spread to other areas without the wind wall as it got pushed away.

“Damn it!”

The mage started to frown.

This poisonous fog.
He could not do anything because of this poisonous fog.


The teleportation magic circle was ready to go as soon as the mage cast a spell.
However, he would need to get rid of this wind wall suppressing the poisonous fog to be able to activate the teleportation magic circle. In that case, some of his subordinates would succumb to the poison.

Of course, he could cast two spells at once.
However, it was not easy to multicast a teleportation spell for close to 150 people with another spell.
It took a lot of focus to move living lifeforms to a different location.

“…These damn children!”

The mage also had not forgotten the gaze of the black Dragon that had glared at him before disappearing into the red fog. He knew the black Dragon would aim for the moment he showed any openings.

However, none of these were the biggest concern on his mind right now.

‘My liege!’


A loud explosion could be heard. The mage’s gaze moved to a spot a bit away from him.

He could see a sparkling black aura trying to cut away at a large water wall.


The White Star looked toward Choi Han on the other side of this water wall.

“Even if I am not well…”

The sword headed toward the water wall.

“…You will not be able to defeat me.”

The wall parried the sword once again.


Choi Han’s body was pushed back along with a loud explosion.
However, Choi Han charged toward the White Star once again.

‘Choi Han.’

Choi Han recalled Cale’s order on their way here.

‘You don’t need to lie. You don’t need to act either. Just tell the truth. Just things that are appropriate for the situation. Got it?’

He opened his mouth to speak.
He was looking at the White Star.

“I will definitely see to your end.”

It was the truth.
It might not be now, but he would watch the White Star die.

His expression did not shake at all as he was telling the truth.
The White Star put on an odd smile.

“Is it Cale Henituse’s will?”

Choi Han laughed as he swung his aura once again.

“It is our will.”

I will definitely see to your end.
That was all of their desires.


However, Choi Han’s attack could not pierce through the White Star’s water wall once again. Choi Han had not been able to win against the White Star at all since the battle at the Empire.

It was at that moment.


He could feel the ground starting to shake.
The White Star turned his head.


A hole appeared on top of the large dome surrounding the white castle with a quick bang.
People were jumping out of the hole.

They were Ron and Beacrox.
The two of them jumped out and stood on top of the dome.

“Ha, haha.”

The White Star watched this and started to laugh. He then asked Choi Han a question.

“How were you able to get outside the castle?”

How were they able to appear behind him?
That was the White Star’s question.
However, Choi Han did not respond to him and a different voice filled the battlefield.

The voice sounded desperate.

“Receive Cale Henituse’s will!”

The Mercenary King was working hard to shout as loudly as possible. He did everything he could to be loud.

“We will go to the end! Kill at least one more bastard!”

His gaze headed toward Ron and Beacrox standing on top of the dome.

Bud was getting anxious.
Ron and Beacrox did not know about how Cale had ended up a bloody mess like this. It was true for the two Dragons inside as well.
Cale had not explained it to them before he left.

Bud was worried that Ron and Beacrox would go berserk and fight like crazy people.

That was why Bud was shouting as loudly as possible. He wanted his voice to reach Ron Molan who was standing at a distance.
Maybe that was why, but Bud honestly sounded desperate.

Cale who was on Bud’s back looked toward Bud with an odd gaze for a moment.
Bud took out his sword even with Cale on his back as he did that.

“I am Mercenary King Bud Illis! I will give my everything here!”

Cale looked toward Bud and started to think.

‘…This punk. Is he an actor?
He’s too good at acting.’

Even Cale could hear the desperation and concern for his friends in Bud’s voice.
However, Cale was not worried about Ron, Beacrox, nor the two Dragons like Bud.


“Dodge the dagger! Ugh!”

Ron threw a dagger down as he ran down the side of the dome. He was moving very quickly down the dome. Ron started to speak.

“Beacrox, kill as many of those bastards as possible.”
“Yes, father.”


Beacrox swung the greatsword vigorously before jumping off the dome.


Beacrox landed in front of the Bears who were hiding behind the wind wall.

“I will kill you all.”

Beacrox mimicked Choi Han as much as possible as he charged forward without looking back. Ron moved past him as he did that.
Beacrox made eye contact with his father. He was asking a question with his eyes.

‘Is this good?’

He was asking with a grumbling expression if this level of acting was enough.
Ron smirked before running into the horde of enemies.
His targets were the Cats.

Then Raon who was hidden in the fog cast spells on the group.
Behind them…

“They’re all coming out.”

The White Star watched as a fatigued Eruhaben came out with Lord Sheritt supporting him.

“…Are you really going to fight? Are you really going to fight to the end?”

The White Star turned his head as he asked.
His gaze was directed at Cale who was at a distance. The White Star was asking Cale a question even though he knew that Cale could not hear him from over there.
Was he really going to fight until the end?

The White Star could see Cale starting to open his mouth as if he was responding to him.
Cale raised his head while pretending to struggle.


He then coughed up some red liquid that had been in his mouth this whole time. He had gagged after holding it in there for so long that the dark red liquid naturally poured out of his mouth.

Cale pretended to struggle as he started to speak as loudly as he could in his weak state.

“…Aim for that bastard’s hands and feet.”

The White Star could see the gazes moving toward him at that moment.

“…How funny.”

However, the White Star could not laugh as he was flabbergasted.

Three Dragons. Two Cats. Three humans.

Some were visible while others were hidden inside the fog.
All of Cale’s people currently on the battlefield started to aim for the White Star.

“Are you all aiming for me because my body is weak? Really?”

A cold smile appeared on the White Star’s face.
The pale man reached both hands out.

Raon, who had been hiding inside the fog and using magic to deliver Cale’s messages to the others until now, cast another spell.
Everybody could hear Raon’s voice in their minds.

– You can attack when the human gives the signal!

Cale’s orders were clearly etched within everyone’s minds.
They started to direct all of their attacks toward the White Star.

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