Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 382 – Easy Peasy (4)

The spear made of rock crumbled into pieces.


The small pieces of rock shot out in all directions.


A pillar of fire shot up into the air.
Cale could see a sword made of fire.

He could see the White Star glaring at him from behind the fire sword that was shooting up toward the sky.

The stone spear Cale shot out had broken.
However, Cale was not affected very much because it was just one small stone spear.

Cale who made eye contact with the White Star shouted out.


The White Star had let go of the wind whip.
The wind whip started to move on its own.


The wind whip turned into a whirlwind much stronger than before as it followed the path of the whip like a wave over the white pebbles.
The path of the whip was slightly to the side of Choi Han and the white shield as it aimed for someone behind them.

Choi Han followed the wind whip wave, but the wind was faster.
The true appearance of the White Star’s wind attribute ancient power was revealed.
The strength and speed of this whirlwind were incomparable to Cale’s usual whirlwind.

Hong who was next to Raon shouted in shock.


The wind whip, the whirlwind that was in the shape of a large snake, overwhelmed Ron and the mage.


They heard another explosion.


Beacrox shouted and Choi Han who had been running toward Ron flinched.
Something shot into the air at that moment.

It was Ron.
There was a white shield underneath his foot.
The white shield was helping Ron float in the air.


However, Ron did not look very happy.
He frowned after looking at his empty hands.

“…Cough! M, my liege……!”

The mage was out of Ron’s hands now.


The wind whip cut through the white pebbles and moved the mage away from Ron.


The mage poured some potion on his cut wrist before he placed a magic scroll there.
It seemed as if he was trying to stop the bleeding.


Ron clicked his tongue while watching the mage’s actions.

‘Too bad.’

The one the White Star was aiming for with the whip the whole time was the mage. That was why Ron could not help but lose the mage as he shot up into the air along with the white shield.

“…My liege!”

The mage’s eyes were full of admiration.
His liege the White Star was someone who did not care much for his subordinates. His loyalty could not help but become stronger having such a person rescue him.

However, the mage’s pupils quickly started to shake.


The White Star was coughing up blood.
He had been paying attention to Cale the whole time he was saving his subordinate.

It was quiet for a very short duration of time.
Nobody dared to say anything.

Drip. Drip.

The drops of blood that trickled down the side of the White Star’s mouth and rolled down to his chin before falling to the ground dyed the white pebbles red.
The White Star could see something dark red.

“He, hehe…….”

He could see a person laughing with their mouth opened wide.
The inside of that person’s mouth was completely covered in dark red blood such that you could not tell which part was the tongue and which part was the teeth.
That blood was flowing out in much heavier amounts than the White Star and dyed the person’s clothes and everything else around him dark red as well.

“Looks like both of us cough up blood when we use our powers.”

The White Star could see Cale looking at him and laughing.
On the other hand, there was someone who could not see Cale’s face at all right now.

Drip. Drip.

Mercenary King Bud Illis continued to observe the White Star as the dark red liquid fell from Cale’s mouth to his shoulder.

Cale had explained the plan to the group on the way back here. That explanation was delivered to everyone’s minds once more with Raon’s magic.

‘Ron will attack the mage’s hands and feet to interrupt the teleportation magic.’

It went according to plan until that point.

‘Then I will strike the White Star with a stone spear.’

Bud had asked about the plan as he ran with Cale on his back.

‘What about after that?’

There was no way the White Star would be so easily defeated.

‘Who knows? The White Star would probably run away?’

Cale had nonchalantly responded to Bud’s question.

‘We are not strong enough to kill the White Star right now. That is why it is enough to simply watch him escape while we hide.’

Bud bit down on his lips while thinking about that conversation.

‘Escape my ass!’

The White Star who was staring at Cale did not show any signs of wanting to escape. Maybe it was an obvious reaction.

‘There’s no way he would run away after that stone spear.’

There was only one large sharp stone spear.
Why would someone who could control the wind whip and a fire sword be afraid of a single stone spear?

Bud was starting to get a headache thinking about how to deal with this situation.


However, his shoulder soon shook slightly.


Bud Illis opened his eyes wide.


Cale was getting off of his back. Of course, he did not come down as if he was fine. Cale’s hands were shaking as he grabbed onto Bud’s arm to get down.
Both of his legs were slightly shaking as he stood up as well.

‘…This isn’t an act!’

Bud could tell that Cale’s shaking hands and feet were not an act. This was because the shaking he felt was not something you could fake.


Bud subconsciously called out to Cale in a quiet voice.
Cale and Bud made eye contact at that moment.

“I didn’t use it yet.”


Bud did not understand what Cale was trying to say.

‘Didn’t use it?
What didn’t he use?’

However, Bud quickly recalled the plan that Cale explained.

If Cale was to use his powers during this battle…
It would only be the stone spear.

‘…Didn’t he just use the stone spear?’

It happened the moment Bud’s eyes became full of confusion.

“You stupid idiot!”

He heard someone’s voice.
Bud turned his head.

He looked toward the hole at the top of the large boulder dome. Ancient Dragon Eruhaben who was floating above the hole was the one who shouted.


Bud could also see Raon and Choi Han who moved next to him, no, next to Cale at some point.
Bud then realized what Cale meant by stone spears.

He was not the only one who realized it.
Everybody here realized it at this point.
It could not be helped.


A strong vibration dispersed in all directions.


The sound of something cracking filled the battlefield.

The large boulder dome.
That dome was starting to crack.
However, it was not breaking apart.


The boulders that made up the dome started to split.
Each boulder turned into a large stone spear.
The sharp spears all started to point toward the White Star.

“…Ha, haha.”

The White Star was laughing in disbelief.
He had at least a one percent suspicion that Cale was faking it as he coughed up all that blood.
However, he had no reason to be suspicious anymore.

“You really, really want to try to end things today.”

The way Cale’s body was shaking was not something you could fake.

The White Star clenched his fist. It was because his hand was shaking as well.
He had clenched his fist to hide this shaking.

He then wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth with the back of his fist.
Cale started to speak to him.

“Of course. We need to end it now.”

The White Star and Cale made eye contact.

“Before you manage to obtain an earth attribute ancient power.”

The White Star started to smirk. He looked toward the Mercenary King who was standing next to Cale.

“Did you hear about that from the Mercenary King?”
“Of course.”

Cale had no issues admitting to this. He then confidently added on.

“So, shouldn’t we kill you before that?”

The White Star’s right hand started to move.
The wind whip started to move as well.

“My liege……”

The wind whip lowered the mage next to the Bears. It then returned to the White Star’s side.
The fire sword was still in his right hand and the large wind snake started to roar next to him.


The large dome had disappeared.
Instead, numerous stone spears were aiming at the White Star’s fire and wind.


Cale could hear Raon’s voice behind him.
He also heard Bud’s urgent whisper.

“Hey, you little punk! You didn’t explain that this was the stone spear! Are you not thinking about your own body? I thought you were going to let the White Star escape! But, but-!”

But what the hell was up with this situation?
It didn’t seem like it would end easily.

However, Bud could not say anything else. Choi Han had grabbed his shoulder. Choi Han then whispered in his ear.

“…Everything you heard. You remember all of it, right?”

The things they had heard from Cale.
Bud’s expression changed. He knew what Choi Han was talking about.

It was at that moment.
Cale’s slightly shaking foot stomped on the ground.


White pebbles shot up as the ground started to shake. Cale started to speak.

“All of you step back.”

Cale moved his hand from Bud’s arm and stood up straight on his own.
He pointed both of his arms toward the White Star.


The wind surrounding the White Star became even stronger.

Cale started to smile while looking at that wind.
He heard the Super Rock’s voice in his mind.

– Are you really going to do it?

‘Of course.’

Cale recalled Choi Jung Gun’s ‘The Birth of a Hero.’

What he was thinking about was the information that had been on one of the pages.
This part had been written in the Eastern continent’s common language.

< The final battle against the White Star who wanted to become a god. >
< That battle would have been impossible without the guardian. >

There had been information on the final battle.
The guardian was definitely talking about the Scary Giant Cobblestone.

< Although the sky looks down at everything from above, the place where everything lives on is the ground. Even the birds in the sky end up sleeping in their homes on the ground. >
< Thunderbolts, rain, and even meteors all fall to the ground. Yet the ground stays firm without breaking. >
< We were able to defeat the White Star after the Guardian of Boulder blocked all of the White Star's sky attribute attacks. >

Then there were the things Choi Jung Gun had written in Korean underneath it.
Those words were Choi Jung Gun’s thoughts and feelings about the final battle.

< This battle was extremely difficult because the White Star had both the sky attribute and earth attribute ancient powers. >
< However, if... >

< ...Hypothetically speaking... >
< If the White Star did not have the earth attribute ancient power... >
< If Mr. Super Rock had both of the earth attribute ancient powers in the world... >

The current White Star only had the sky attribute without the earth attribute.
Cale had a single earth attribute power.

There were only two earth attribute ancient powers in this world.

Bud had asked Cale a question.

‘…Did you find it?’

He had asked Cale if he had found the White Star’s weakness.

This had been Cale’s response.


Cale clearly recalled something else that had been written in Korean.

< Although the earth cannot defeat the sky alone, an easier battle would have been possible with the help of people who possessed the other attributes. >

This battle.
Cale needed to get the confirmation about the thing that he was currently uncertain about in this battle.

If he got the earth…
Would he be able to defeat the White Star’s sky if he monopolized the earth attribute ancient powers?

He needed to find out.

Because Cale had the other attribute ancient powers as well.

Furthermore, his friends were strong even without ancient powers.

Cale stomped his foot once more.


The ground continued to shake.

Choi Jung Gun had recorded the following.

< The sky can look down on the ground, but cannot destroy it. >
< The ground may look up at the sky, but will never bend its will. >

Cale started to speak.


The large stone spears headed toward the White Star.
He started to speak once again.
He was not the only one.
The White Star started to speak as well.



The children averaging nine-years-old, Bud, and Choi Han all moved in different directions with the others following behind them after hearing that statement. The others followed the children averaging nine-years-old.
Cale had told them the following.

‘We are not strong enough to kill the White Star right now. That is why it is enough to simply watch him escape while we hide.’


The group started to hide inside the white castle according to Cale’s orders from before.

Cale and the White Star made eye contact.
The White Star had acted as if he was going to fight.

His wind whip created a large barrier.
It was a shield to defend against the stone spears.
A water wall was created underneath it.
The fire sword had disappeared.

Cale and the White Star.
The two of them looked at each other as they started to speak.

“You sly bastard.”

That was what the White Star said.
Cale responded back.

“Good luck running away.”

He then stomped his foot and ordered the stone spears.

“Chase them to the end of the world!”

The spear and the shield.
The roles were reversed this time.

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