Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 239 – I Will … You (4)

However, although he was smiling, Cale’s mind was working faster than ever before.

He needed to hurry.

Raon was unable to fight.
Cale was someone who always thought about the worst-case scenario. He looked down at the video communication device in his hand. It was still connected to crown prince Alberu Crossman.

Cale started to speak to Alberu, who should have heard his conversation with Rosalyn.

“Your highness.”
– …Hahaha-

Laughter was coming from the video communication device. Alberu looked at Cale from the other side of the screen.

The Flame Dwarves, their enemies, were trying to destroy one of the five Forbidden Regions.
The Gorge of Death cut through a portion of the continent. They were trying to destroy that gap between the two portions.

Normally, he would be thinking that the enemy was crazy.

‘But it’s nothing compared to the bastard who already installed the pillar of fire into the gorge.’

Alberu had been shocked by Cale’s scale before he could be shocked by the enemy’s scale. However, he still understood it.

‘Yes, this bastard has always been crazy.’

He was something who was trying to destroy the Gorge of Death before the enemy could do it.
And there was someone who had the same thought that Cale had.

‘And I’m the same.’

Alberu immediately started to speak.
There was no need to listen to Cale anymore. There was a card that the Roan Kingdom, specifically, Alberu, could put to use after the pillar of fire was activated. It was already set in stone.

– I will make sure it is ready. I will wait for your signal. Stop bleeding every time. You’re rich, use some potions or something.
“I understand, your highness.”

Rosalyn’s mouth opened and closed a few times after watching Cale and Alberu casually chat with each other, however, she could not get any words out.

‘Has crown prince Alberu always been like this?
Furthermore, aren’t the two of them too calm?’

Is it because it is not happening in the Roan Kingdom?’ However, Rosalyn knew she could not think like that.
Cale had been the one who had bled the most until now.

Baaaaang! Bang! Baaaaang!

The wings continued to bang against the shield.

“Ah, really.”

Cale wiped the blood off of his mouth each time as he sent out an even thicker silver strand of light from his hand.
The shield was not shaking, even without the help of Raon’s shield.

– Looks like I don’t need to eat more yet.
– Are you trying to sacrifice yourself?

Cale listened to the disappointed glutton priestess and the repetitive Super Rock before purposely putting on an expression of struggle.
However, there was still calmness in his voice.

“Miss Rosalyn, please hurry. Activate your magic as soon as I give you the signal.”

Rosalyn finally managed to say something.


She agreed and turned her head. One of the knights who were waiting near her quickly approached her after seeing her looking at him. Rosalyn quickly gave an order to the knight.

Cale, who was listening to her give the order, had a look of struggle on his face as he said a few things as well. That made Rosalyn start to chuckle. She could manage to laugh even though they were in the middle of a battle.
She looked at Cale with an expression that was full of mischief.

“You’re trying to make me use everything I have.”
“Please give me your best, Rosalyn.”

Rosalyn canceled the attack magic spell that were ready to go in her hands. She then moved her hand toward the pouch with the highest-grade magic stones.

She had become obsessed with magic after seeing the Royal Mage cast some spells when she was a little girl.
She then quickly realized that she was talented in magic. She could feel mana even when she was just standing still. She had decided to bet everything on that feeling.

That was why she had taken the courses to become a queen during the day and studied magic all night until she reached a certain level.
Finally, she had earned her freedom through magic.

Furthermore, she had seen a miracle during that freedom.


Raon and Eruhaben.
Rosalyn had focused on each of Eruhaben’s lessons, as well as the magic that the Dragons used.

They were using spells that went beyond the limits of human mages.
Although she too was human, Rosalyn wanted to surpass that limit.

‘I am a very greedy person.’

Rosalyn knew that she was a very greedy person.

Because she wanted to surpass the limits of humans.

After experiencing that miracle, her goal was to reach that same level before she died. After escaping from a burden called royalty, having a goal of overcoming a giant hurdle was worth challenging for her entire life.

‘Please give me your best, Rosalyn.’

Cale had said that while calling her Rosalyn instead of Miss Rosalyn.
She decided to follow the words of the only person to realize her greed.

‘Forget Eruhaben-nim, my current skills are not even enough to reach the level of Raon’s paws.’

However, you did not need to follow the standard procedures all the time.


The sound of stones clanging against each other could be heard in her hand.
Her hand that was inside the bag of magic stones came back out. She then started to take out magic stone after magic stone.

She turned around after holding tens of magic stones in her hands. She then headed toward the Mage Brigade.

“I’ll be waiting for you.”
Cale nodded his head at Rosalyn’s statement before he looked toward the front.

“Y, young master-nim.”
“Stay behind me.”
“Yes, yes sir!”

Lock bit down on his lips after seeing Rosalyn with bloodshot eyes and a different atmosphere than usual, the bloodied Cale, and the sick Raon in his arms.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
Lock’s heart started to beat faster and stronger.

Fear and concern about the battle.

The tall Lock’s body could not be covered by the shorter Cale’s back. That was why he could see the beings that were crashing into Cale’s shield. Furthermore, he could also see the Tigers and Choi Han in the sky. They looked to be in dangerous situations.

“Stop paying attention to useless things. Focus on your tasks.”

Lock’s shoulders flinched at Cale’s comment.

‘My tasks.’

His tasks were to be behind Cale and to hold Raon.
Lock did not look at anything else other than Cale’s back. He held onto Raon a little tighter.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
Lock could hear his heart beating loudly even in the middle of the deafening battle.
He was slowly realizing it.

It was happening from deep inside his heart.
The feeling was slowly rising up from there.

Fear and concern. An emotion different than those was rising up as if it would eat up his wildly beating heart.
Lock’s eyes started to turn red as he watched Cale’s back.

Cale did not know about this as he poured more power into the shield. He was frowning so much and he did not seem to be doing well.

“Kehehe! Yes, keep defending like that!”

The Bears ruthlessly rammed into the shield as they continued to laugh. Their goal was to stall for time anyway. That was why they were actually thankful that Cale had used his shield to help them stall for time.

“Your face looks hilarious!”

The Bears could see Cale’s neck and uniform becoming wet from his blood. They could also see the serious frown on his face.

Of course, Cale was just acting.
He was also not wiping the blood off on purpose.

He was much better now than when he was bleeding from every orifice during the battle at the Henituse territory.
But the enemy had no way of knowing about this.

However, the hundreds of Bears in the sky were not just calm.

“…It is not breaking easily.”

The shield was sturdy as expected.
It only shook for a moment, even when hundreds of wings slammed into it. It was similar to a castle wall that was trying to stay firm no matter what.

‘Will it block the bomb as well?’

Some of the Bears suddenly got the chills. Although it was not likely, the fact that Cale had defeated the Dragon half-blood made the Bears from Arm think about the, ‘what ifs.’

Of course, Cale had no plan on being a castle wall or keeping this up for a long time. He was just going to stall for time until he reached his limits before making a run for it.
The Bears who did not know this were thinking that Cale might persist until the end. Some of the Bears raised their voices to order their subordinates.

“Make sure to block the Whales no matter what!”

Boom! Boom!

The Bears who were flying landed back on the ground.
Flame Dwarves, Bears, and knights got in the way of three individuals.

They were naturally the three Whales.

It was difficult for Bears to defeat Whales. Whether it was in weight or strength, they were no match for the Whales.
However, the Bears seemed relaxed compared to the hesitating knights and soldiers of the Indomitable Alliance.
The Bears quickly shouted the reason that they were relaxed.

“We are not afraid of Whales that cannot go berserk!”

Bears lived on land. Whales lived in the ocean.
That difference was preventing the Whales from going berserk.

Whales needed water in order to go berserk. Not a small amount of water made from magic, but large quantities of water, such as during a hail, to go berserk.

The Whales were strong.
However, although the Whales that could not go berserk made the Bears feel fear, they were not in despair.


The Bears could hear the Killer Whale Archie starting to laugh at that moment. He then slammed his fists against each other.


The sound of bare fists slamming was chilling.
Archie’s gaze headed toward the hundreds of Flame Dwarves, Bears, and knights in his way.

“It feels terrible to be ignored by a stupid Bear.”

Archie was known for being a Whale with a terrible personality. He leaned on one foot and frowned as he started to speak.

“You useless idiots.”

That was all he said.
Then he started to move.

Archie moved quickly toward the enemies.
However, there was someone who was moving even faster than him.


Archie sighed while looking at the water whip that was brushing past him. Some people have said that he has a bad personality, however, in Archie’s opinion, the royal Humpback Whale Beast people were even worse.


The areas that the two water whips went through ended up destroyed as if a sword master’s aura had cut through the area. The shocked knights of the Indomitable Alliance moved back while the mages activated shields in front of the large container.

“Defend it no matter what it takes! Just three more minutes!”

One of the Flame Dwarves shouted as loudly as possible.


Light started to fill up the container even more. Steam then started to appear from the large container with the magic bombs.

Two large containers were pointed at the same spot.

They were pointed toward the Breck Kingdom, specifically, the shield on their side.

3 minutes.
It was a short yet long duration of time.


They could hear things starting to burn. The knights of the Indomitable Alliance looked toward the water whips. The whips that had split into two were being held by the Bears.


Whales were the strongest of the Beast people. The Bears who were holding onto the whip of the future Whale Queen felt as if their palms were being cut by a blade, but they continued to hold on.

Grrrrrrr, grrrr.
The rough breathing of the berserk Bears could be heard as they held onto Witira’s whips for dear life.

However, someone suddenly appeared between them.

To be specific, the person fell onto the Bears’ heads.
The Bears immediately let go of the whips and stepped back.


The ground broke as if it was a window from Archie’s fist.
At the same time, Paseton’s sword used that opening to attack the Bears.

“2 minutes!”

The pupils of the Flame Dwarf that was shouting the time remaining were shaking.
Witira was running toward him in a straight line.

Bang, bang!
When he looked up, the black-haired sword master who used black aura was freely flying in the air with the help of the crows as he killed Bear after Bear.

Riiiiiip- Riiiiiip!
The wings were ripped.


The Tigers were laughing even though they showed signs of being scratched by the Bears claws.
The Tigers did not care that their white dojo uniforms were being stained with blood as they rushed toward the Bears. They made sure to grab onto a Bear and rip their wings off to make them fall into the gorge.

The Flame Dwarf bit down on his lips.
They truly were strong. There were too many strong individuals on the enemy side.

However, all of this only worked for short battles.
Longer battles would always be won by the side with overwhelming numbers.

In that case, they just needed to make as long a battle as possible.
They needed to destroy the Gorge of Death.

“1 more minute!”

The Flame Dwarf shouted once again. The knights stepped back at that moment. The knights and beginner mages retreated backward, even with the Whales rushing toward them.

Instead, the ones with the wings blocked against the Whales with all they had. The berserk Bears were using their numbers to barely hold off the three Whales.

The Flame Dwarves put on their wings and started to fly.
“30 seconds!”

30 seconds.
The Dwarf calling out the time prepared to fly up and looked to the other side.

Cale Henituse.
Number one on the Indomitable Alliance’s kill list.

He could see Cale barely holding the Bears off with his shield. He had already defended against the Bears for five minutes.
It was shocking.

However, it would be difficult for him to defend against these bombs.
It was because his shield was not large enough to defend the entire gorge. The Gorge of Death was much larger than Castle Leona.

They just needed to destroy one spot.
Then the enemy would fall.


The Flame Dwarf called out as he started to move his wings.

He could feel the container starting to shake underneath his feet. A heat as hot as what he felt when blacksmithing crawled up his legs.

“Block it! Activate the defensive magic circles!”

The Flame Dwarf could see the movement of Cale’s lips. Cale was shouting louder than ever.
The Flame Dwarf scoffed.

Two of the containers were directed toward Cale’s shield.


The Bears who were fighting against the Whales kicked off the ground. One of the Bears mocked the Whales as he flew up.

“It looks like you’re not so great when you can’t go berserk!”

The Flame Dwarf’s voice could be heard.
There should be an explosion in one second now.

The Bear who had mocked their ways suddenly flinched.
He could see the Whales smiling as he kicked off the ground and flew up.

“…What the…?”

He could see the shape of Witira’s mouth.

‘It’s not enough.’

‘…Not enough?
What is not enough?’

He then saw the Whales jumping into the air.
They were moving very quickly.

They were stepping on crows and using Gashan’s wind in order to head up into the sky.
The Tigers and Choi Han also quickly headed up to the sky.

The hundreds of crows all headed up into the sky as well.
Higher, and higher.
They kept going higher without looking back.

The Flame Dwarf calling the numbers out from above the container kicked off into the air.


Screeech, boom!
The direction of the two containers changed.

The containers that were pointed at the shield were now pointed underneath it.
They were headed toward the cliffs that were supporting the Breck Kingdom’s forces.

The Flame Dwarf and the middle-grade mages who were near the containers all flew up into the sky.


The containers started to make noises.
Extreme heat was coming out of them as well.

Finally, light shot out from the two large containers.

“Destroy it, destroy it!”

The Flame Dwarves cheered while looking at the containers.

Tens of strands of white light came out of the containers.
The numerous magic bombs all poured out toward the cliff.

“Kahaha, a bridge will end up being created no matter how much you defend!”

The cliffs would fall from the explosions!
The soldiers of the Indomitable Alliance were already far away, outside of the bombs’ range.
The Flame Dwarf tribe cheered while watching the tens of white light shooting out of the container.
It was at that moment.


The silver shield disappeared.
At the same time, Cale wiped the blood off of his mouth and said a single word.


Lock’s body started to quickly move following behind Cale. The Sound of the Wind was roaming around Cale’s feet.
Lock heard the ground rumbling at that moment.

Another loud noise shook the Breck Kingdom’s forces.

They could see the tens of white light shooting down. One woman reached her hand out toward the lights that held the magic stones inside them. Tens of mages from two Mage Brigades were behind her with their hands on the magic circle.
Tens of highest-grade magic stones created a circle around Rosalyn, who was standing at the center of the magic circle.

Rosalyn ignored the blood at the corner of her lips as she started to smile.

“Fire, stretch forth.”


A large fire shot out from the magic circle.
A fire that looked as if the sun had descended shot forward.

To be specific, they were heading toward the tens of white light.

“What the…?”
“What the…! Why are they attacking?!”
“It will be destroyed!”

The Flame Dwarves and Bears shouted and noticed the enemies rushing past them and into the air.
Choi Han, the Tigers, and the Whales. They were continuing to move higher up along with the crows and the wind. They continued to head higher up, as if that was the only way to survive.

“… Just what-”

The Flame Dwarves suddenly got the chills and looked down.

The white light and the large fire crashed.


The Gorge of Death.
A loud noise that seemed to be orchestrating death echoed in the area.

“Hahahaha! What do you think, young master Cale?”

Rosalyn laughed out loud even with blood on the corners of her lips. She looked toward Cale, who was carrying her and running.

Cale used more of the Sound of the Wind as he pointed behind him.
Rosalyn raised her head to see what was going on.

A large explosion.
There was a mix of the white light and the red flames.
She then felt the vibrations of the ground.

The Gorge of Death was going to be destroyed.
They could not avoid it.

However, something that ate up that light appeared from underneath the gorge.

Cale stopped moving once he reached the safe zone. He then turned around.

He looked toward where the white and red lights had disappeared.
He looked toward where the cliff was breaking.

Fire was shooting up from deep underneath the Gorge of Death.

Cale recalled a conversation between the ancient Dragon, Eruhaben, and the young Dragon, Raon.

‘What color should we make it? Little kid, what color do you like?’
‘You mean for the fire?’
‘Yes. I am greater than the Alchemists, so I can easily change the color of the flame as I wish. The natural powers of fire will not change just because you change the color.’
‘Goldie, then make it the majestic black color! It is majestic because it is my color!’
‘I don’t want to. I’m going to do whatever I want, little kid.’

Baaaaang! Baaaaang! Baaaaang!
The orbs with the liquid fire started to explode.
A large fire absorbed the white and red lights.

The Gorge of Death.
It appeared as if death was descending on the gorge.
The dark blue fire started to absorb everything else.

Cale started to laugh.

The dark blue fire shot up into the sky as if it wanted to eat up the sky as well.
The fire that was the same color as Raon’s eyes started to dominate the gorge.

Dragon’s Rage.

The battle was only just beginning.

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